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    Here's a more recent one, of my fiancee and I at Universal Studios a few months ago.

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    Originally posted by Plane Sailing

    You need to use a JPG or GIF image (JPG is best for photographs).

    Your initial pictures are in the BMP format which browsers don't display.
    PNG format can be used too, though not all browsers support the format, as far as I know.

    As Plane Sailing said, JPG format is usually used for high color images like photos. JPG is a lossy format, which means that when your image is compressed into a jpg file it will lose some of it's detail. Some image editing programs allow you to adjust the amount of compression, so you can weigh quality vs size.
    GIFs are only 8-bit (compaired to the jpg's 24-bit support), but allow animation and single color transparency. They're lossless, but can only contain so many colors.
    PNG files use lossless compression and support 24-bit color, one alpha channel and alpha transparency. I really like this format as it generally turns out files that are smaller than BMP files, but with the same amount of detail. This format really shines when it is used for large high color images, but is a bit bloated when used on small pics.
    Try saving your picture in all of these formats and then use the one that looks the best but has the smallest file size. And of course, crop out the parts of the picture that aren't important.
    Paint Shop Pro 6 is a great image editing program and a free trial of it can be obtained at

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    Wow! I'm gone a few days and !POOF! this cool thread pops up!
    Everyoneĺs pictures are great! I better get mine in before it's archived!
    Here's a very old self-portrait... Ummů Not to scale.

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    here's me

    damn, how can i include a jpg...just too stupid i am, it seems...
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    Hehe, I am feeling evil, so I add here picture of my sometimes lurking boyfriend.

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    A brand new picture of me!

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    I almost put up my picture of a 64 pixel high stickfigure who I took the name Creamsteak from. I decided not...

    Instead I will post a picture of me as the star of my own, hilarious, but horribly filmed home -Resident Evil- Movie... May I recommend you all go see Resident Evil Friday?
    Red Hand of Doom: IC I, IC II, OOC, RG
    Princes of Elemental Evil: IC, IC II, OOC I, OOC II, RG I, RG II
    Storm King's Thunder: Waterdeep, Triboar, Goldenfields, OOC, RG
    Castle Illvithar: IC, OOC, RG
    Ashwell: IC, OOC, RG

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    if ya ain't guessed it before, that's me in the avatar to the left. (unless of course i've changed it by the time you're reading this, and i appear to be a flumph or something else.)

    Edit: of course, if avatars aren't displayed on this board, you'll have no idea what i'm talking about either way!
    go find a post on another board where i have an avatar! i'm to lazy to upload it again! LOL
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    Piratecat that is the cutest damn picture I've ever seen in my life.

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    OK well i guess i better post a pic of myself.

    Teflon you need to get a newer pic of yourself. You look much more dashing now. also youd make a good elminster if they ever made a move of it =)

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