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    Iuz loves an orgy...

    Iuz too will pursue unions to create Half-Dragon brethren if possible... announcing forced celebrations throughout his holdings... and present the finest stock to the Gem Dragons... perhaps engaging their strongest female.. to produce viable unions for the future...

    OOC: Not to piggyback... he just beat me to it... hey who does not like an orgy.... sheesh even us dark lords got to get some...

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    Originally posted by Edena_of_Neith
    The Gem Dragons love an orgy, Serpenteye.
    They eagerly participate, seducing the beautiful maids and proud warriors of the Union.

    Of course, I just KNOW Anabstercorian is going to show up, for the third time ...
    I think even he would know better than to crash this party. The participants total power outweighs his considerably and they are not without preparations for an attack. If he ,or Acererak, does come we are prepared for him. So please come, uninvited guest, perhaps you can be made a part of the entertainments.

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    The Moderator wonders idly how many of his players are going to flip their lids when they release that both 10th level magic and nuclear weapons will be in play during Turn 5 ...

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    William Ronald. Ally. Friend. Neighbor.

    I ask you to consider what your metallic dragon allies ask of you. I may have the weapons of a madman, but I myself am not insane. I will not utilize these weapons frizolously, as I have stated before. I will not use them recklessly. They will be used sparingly, if at all.

    However, I will not abandon my studies. We will continue our research into this field. Do you think that 10th level magic is going to be used in a less destructive manner, or that an attempt will be made to mimic nuclear weapons? Do you honestly think that they will sit on their newfound magical powers, and not utilize them to destroy us?

    You know me well, Archcleric Hazen, as I know you. I hope that you understand where I am coming from, and I will not back down. Any who attack me will be destroyed, utterly, ruthlessly, and with great precision. Nuclear weapons are, and will remain, a last resort. I trust you to tell your metallic dragon allies that.

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    Anabstercorian stares down the Gem Dragons with a glare. "You demand enormous payment, payment for a service that has not, and WILL not, be rendered to me. Your demand of full payment for a miniscule portion of your people will be discarded, as it SHOULD be. You will find, however, that you WILL receive a reward exactly proportional to your differing size."

    "You will all get the gnomes and dwarves, but they shall not be your helpless slaves. They shall be loyal servants of yours, paid by me, and ensured of their loyalty by a contract with me, with disloyalty paid for in death. I will teach you what I know of psionics, but you shall also teach me what you know, for there are no doubt secrets yet locked away in both of us that the other can learn from. You will retain the ENTIRETY of the mineral rights to the godspires and a force of slaves to mine them that is proportionally twice as large as what you each would have gotten should your entire people have joined me."

    "This is not only FAIR, it gets you significantly BETTER treatment. You will not get the ENTIRE dwarven and gnomish people, you will get the BEST dwarven and gnomish people. Our mages will copy over their lore, and you shall receive perfect copies of it in much neater handwriting. You shall get what you asked for and more, but in proportional amounts."

    "This is Law. This is Control. This is the way of Ilsensine. And I am not in the mood to argue with you for no other reason than to soothe your immense egos. You know this bargain is better for you than the original. Accept the extra with our compliments."

    I hope my hugigantinormous Diplomacy bonus (About +100) will help here, Edena?

    Oh, and the orgy. I'll show up.

    But I'll just watch and Tsk tsk.
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    I would think that my offer I sent to the good dragons when I selected them as my planars still stands. I would think that some of them, who have allies in my ranks, would have alligned with me. Of course I don't know what the situation with them is exactly...

    William... mayhaps you could partition some of the good alligned dragons to me... we have fought on the same sides for a long time. I doubt I will ever need to fight any of your Oerth Alliance nations, so it would still be an investment.

    Archcleric Hazen,

    My name is Sanctus Punitor. I have aided you in every conflict you have had. I have not once attacked any force of the Oerth Alliance. I may not bear your banner on the field, but Delrune considers you friends, so I ask a favor.

    Years ago I pledged my sword to the treasury of bahamut on the day that I pass on into the grave. I have been paying them tribute for fighting at my aid. I see that they have alligned themselves directly with your alliance nonetheless... so I must request that you allow me an audience with some of the Dragons. I wish to ask for their aid, especially with rebuilding my nation which is rotting away from the inside.
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    Opportunity knocks...

    "If any Gem Dragons are looking for an opportunity to live as they see fit... I am sure Iuz can accomodate them... for the humans are merely chattel to be herded... they serve the greater Balance by submitting to their betters... for Iuz understands the acute and rather discriminating tastes of the Draconic species..." another of Iuz's ambassador's proclaim... hopefully he does better then the last.

    Iuz smiles... from his throne... mildly amused... watching the orgy in full swing...

    OOC: If they bail on the Anabstercorian, I want them...

    For William

    The ambassador in the lands of the Kellendon League replies, "Mighty Iuz, he that makes the Earth and Sky tremble is pleased with this treaty, and he shall honor it. I trust that we shall have access to the Metallic Dragons if we have need as allies in the alliance?" he sips at his wine slowly....

    OOC: Last bit for William
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    OOC: Sorry for being away. Edena and some of the rest of you know the reasons.

    Archcleric Hazen addresses the leader of the good dragons.

    "Friend -brother I should say, for are not we all of Oerth's children - I think Kessel Gnomeworks realizes that nuclear weapons are horrific. His heart is good. I believe he would only use them as a last resort. I am far less certain of others."

    "You and your kin have come to aid us in our hour of need. May you and they be forever blessed for it. However, it is perhaps the wisdom of dragons that may avert a fate more terrible than what we suffered. I ask that you share that wisdom. Some of your brothers may not know it, so perhaps they can learn what I have known. For many years. Many years of hidden fear."

    "I know better than most mortals about Oerth's distant past. I have seen carvings in Erypt, millenia old. They depict people of that land, or much like them, living in a city like the City of the Gods. Yet the last panel of an ancient wall shows a cloud of fire I now know far too well."

    "Tell of Oerth in your youth. It's glory. It's beauty. And how it came to an end. I have learned as much of the story that I can. However, you are a living witness to history."

    "Perhaps the tale will give the sane amongst us pause. However, I fear that there are those who because of their hate will not listen. Still the tale should be told. Perhaps the wisdom of dragons, and not just their might, may now save Oerth from what befell long ago."

    Edena, please share the tale. Perhaps it will save us from another bout of world destruction.

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    In veils far beyond the events, the enigmatic being watches the events unfold unfold inside the swirling dark vortex, noticing the deals and pacts made by the torillian and Oerthians with the dragons of gems.

    "Greed the road to damnation, Power the road to Corruption"
    "Dragons of Self, Darkness, and Others gives their hand."
    "Dragons of the gems Damnation and Corruption take."
    "Tools of destruction and pain gems gain."
    "Care for Life has yet to swim."
    "gems of the damned and corrupted take their road"
    "Life shall be but a memory."
    "Soon our time will come."

    The being watches with interest noticing Anabstercorian at the orgy.

    "Being of the Mind, Lust for feast."
    "Games will last, many will die."
    "The mind serves well, perish it shall."

    The being nods to itself and continues its watch.

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    Sitting at the northernmost seat of the round table, Sanctus Punitor. Alligned around him are the Mages, Warriors, and Nobles that make up the round table. Dedicated to protection, and protection alone, makes them sit together. Duergar with Storm Giant, Elf with Human, they all seem to be far to concerned...

    Sanctus Punitor:The world is in danger of death from the blood metal, but the shade have been driven back... So what can we do?

    Regina Canities:I believe higher level magic is in order to accomplish these means... the one called Kalanyr who has alligned himself with the forces of good could do it no doubt. He already is in possession of magic greater than that of the 9th order...

    Sanctus Punitor:True... we should ask him if he has these intentions... I will send a messenger...

    Cadaudric the Stealth:Wait one second... you are going to give someone else power over us? You are a damnably too trusting!

    Etendaldan the Wild Elven:Yes... what in all the layers of the abyss are you thinking Sanctus! Do you care nothing for your own people's strengths? We have lost the Grandwoods and Celadon Forest... what in damnation makes you think that you have the right to order us to lay down our lives for a transmogrified good source!

    Baeron the Paladin:Brother I trust you... whatever you decide...

    Sanctus Punitor:No it is correct, I am in the wrong. I will not aid another in the research of magic... we will have to decide what our intentions are, however. It is odd how well behaved the Union of Oerth and the Hellmaster's forces have behaved. I find that they are incredibly silent... The question is, did someone split there tounges (OOC- looks over at forrester ) or are they simply looking at something else...
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