[AU] Lost Dreams Characters
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    [AU] Lost Dreams Characters

    Okay here is the Character Gallery post. As far as character sheet just go with what ever.

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    Vand, Human (Unbound)
    5'6"; 125 lbs; Age 21
    Mindwitch 3

    14 STR +2
    14 DEX +2
    16 CON +3
    10 INT +0
    14 WIS +2
    8 CHA -1

    Fortitude: +4 (+1 Mindwitch, +3 Con)
    Reflex: +3 (+1 Mindwitch +2 Dex)
    Will: +5 (+3 Mindwitch, +2 Wis)

    Encumbrance: 58/116/175

    Armor Class: 10 +2 Dex + 2 armor (leather jack) = 14
    Touch: 12
    Flat-footed: 12
    Initiative: +2 Dex

    Languages: Common, Giant
    Armor: Light, Shield
    Weapons: Simple

    +0 Bluff (1 ranks, -1 Cha)
    +4 Concentration (1 ranks, +3 Con)
    +3 Heal (1 ranks, +2 Wis)
    +3 Innuendo (1 ranks, +2 Wis)
    +4 Intimidate (5 ranks, -1 Cha)
    +1 Knowledge: Arcana (1 ranks, +0 Int)
    +1 Search (1 ranks, +0 Int)
    +6 Sense Motive (4 ranks, +2 Wis)
    +5 Sneak (3 cc ranks, +2 Dex, -0 Armor)
    - Speak Language: Giant (1 cc ranks)
    +1 Spellcraft (1 ranks, +0 Int)
    +5 Use Magic Device (6 ranks, -1 Cha)

    Special Abilities:
    Witchery: Halve the duration of mind-influencing effects
    Mindblade: free action, 1d6+level subdual, touch attack

    (Talent - 1st) Unique Spell (Astral Armor)
    (Talent - 1st) Spell Affinity: Astral Armor (replace diminished version of spell with normal version)
    (General - 1st) Sturdy (double CON bonus for 1st level)
    (General - 3rd) Weapon Focus: Mind Blade

    HIT POINTS: 6 (max) +3 (Sturdy) + 7 (2d6) +9 (3xCon) = 25

    BAB = +2 (+2 Mindwitch)
    +5 to hit with Mind Blade (+2 BAB, +2 Str, +1 Weapon Focus)
    1d6+5 (1d6+1/level, +2 Str; subdual, touch attack)

    0th (4) Scent Bane, Read Magic, Glowglobe (Lesser), Seeker
    1st (3) Transfer Wounds (Lesser), Astral Armor, Scent Tracker
    0th:3, 1st: 3

    10 gp, Leather Jack (+2 AC, Max Dex: 6, 10% ASF, -0 ACP), 15 lb
    2 gp Dagger, 1 lb
    5 gp, Spell component pouch, 3 lb
    10 gp, Silk rope, 50', 5 lb
    1gp, Waterskin, 4 lb
    1 gp, Flint & steel, 0 lb
    25 gp scroll of Glowglobe (1st): 2, 0 lb
    100gp scroll of Mindstab (1st): 4, 0 lb
    750 gp Beastskin Woad (5th) This red pigment comes in a small clay jar. When this pigment is applied to a creature's skin it grants the creature +3 natural armor bonus for 12 hours.
    1200 gp Bag of Clay Stone (1st) This small tan leather bag contains small round clay bullets. 3/day when the user reaches into the bag they can draw out a stone. The stone can be thrown as a mudball spell, becoming a ball of mud as it flies towards its target.
    300 gp Advance Poultice (3rd) when you apply these herbs to a wound, they help the healing process as battle healing(lesser) for 1d6+3 hit points.
    250 gp Minor Poultices (1st): 5 When you apply these herbs to a wound, they help the healing process as transfer wounds(lesser). 1d10+1 hit points of damage are converted to half that amount of subdual damage.

    Gold: 40

    Note: Unique Spell (Astral Armor) is identical to Plant Armor in all ways, except it's special effect is to create a rippling sheet of astral energy (it is not a force effect in the normal sense) and it has the Psionic descriptor in lieu of the Plant descriptor.

    History: The streets of Ao-Manasa were a rough place to grow up for a smart-mouthed, no-talent shepherd. Vand was smart-mouthed based on the comments townies threw back at him in his frequent confrontations. He was no good as a herdsman based on his father's criticisms. Every time he went to town, Vand would get into a fight, so in time he was relegated to staying in the hills tending sheep and Pa would go in to town to barter.

    Vand never found out exactly what happend. Nobody was very forthcoming on the details, but Pa was the one in a fight for a change and whoever stabbed him made sure he wouldn't come back to complain about Vand's poor sheep-tending skills. True to form he abandonded the sheep to the hills and moved permanently to the city, to live off his "wits."

    Vand learned a few skills here and there, and discovered quite by accident he has an aptitude for magic. His knowledge of spells is rather limited, but his 'witchery' is pretty strong. He tends to use his mind blade almost constantly and reserves his spells for defensive purposes. Vand likes to think of himself as something of a man of mystery and a tough appearing customer.
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    Character Name:	Sharilan GlitterMane (truename)
    Player Name:	SubMensa
    Dungeon Master:	Erekose13
    Race&Gender:	Faen Loresong Female
    Class&Level:	Magister3
    Deity:		Yes Many
    Size:		Small
    Age:		33
    Height:		3'7"
    Weight:		60
    Skin&Eyes:	Dark tanned skin, Brown eyes
    Hair: 		Long shimmering brown, tied in a pony tail down the back
    Statistics	Start:	Finish:	   Explanation:
    Strength	10	8(-1)	   (-2 Loresong Faen)
    Dexexterity	14	14(+2)	
    Constitution	8	10	   2pts
    Intelligence	15	17(+3)	   (+2 loresong Faen)
    Wisdom		13	14(+2)	   1pts
    Charisma	12	14(+2)	   2pts
    Fortitude Save:	+1 	(+1base)
    Reflex Save:	+3 	(+1base, +2Dex)
    Will Save:	+5 	(+3base, +2Wis)
    Melee Attack:	+2	(+1base, +1Size)
    Ranged Attack:	+4 	(+1base, +2Dex, +1Size)
    Initiative:	+2 	(+2Dex)
    Armor Class:	13 	(+1size, +2Dex)
    Hit Points:	13	(6base, +7levels, +0Con)
    Experience: 	3301 	(need 6601)
    Movement:	Light	Med	Heavy	MaxLift	Drag
    Speed:		20/x4, 	15/x4, 	15/x3	5'/rnd	5'/rnd
    Max Weight:		19.5	39.75	60	120	300
    Skills: 30pts total
    Alchemy 		7	(+4pts, +3Int)	
    Concentration		5	(+5pts)	
    Diplomacy		3	(+1pts/cc, +2Cha)	
    Knowledge-Magic		10	(+5pts, +3Int, +1Feat, +1Competance)	
    Knowledge-Nobility	7	(+3pts, +3Int, +1Feat)		
    Knowledge-Ceremony	6	(+2pts, +3Int, +1Feat)	
    Sense Motive		4	(+2pts/cc, +2Cha)	
    Sneak			8	(+0pts, +2Dex, +4Size, +2Racial)
    Spellcraft		11	(+5Pts, +3Int, +1Competance, +2Racial)
    Untrained Charisma	2	(raw statistic)
    Race Abilities:
    •+2 racial bonus to Intelligence and a -2 racial penalty to Strength.
    •Small: Because they are Small creatures, all faen gain a +1 size bonus to Armor 
    Class and attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus to all Sneak checks. They must use 
    smaller-sized weapons and equipment, and can lift and carry only three quarters 
    as much as a Medium character.
    •Faen are light-footed and quiet when they wish to be, earning them a +2 racial 
    bonus on Sneak checks.
    •Faen base speed is 20 feet.
    •Loresong faen have an affinity for magic, which grants them a +2 racial bonus 
    to Spellcraft.
    •Innate Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day detect magic, ghost sound, and lesser 
    glowglobe. Use the loresong faen’s character level as the caster level.
    •Low-Light Vision
    Class Abilities:
    •Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Magisters are skilled with no weapons except 
    staves; at 5th level, magisters acquire proficiency in sword staves as well. 
    •Magisters are not proficient with any type of armor, nor with shields.
    •Spells: A magister’s primary focus is casting spells.
    •The Magister’s Staff:	hardness 13, 56 hit points, and a break DC of 31.
    •Bonus Feats: Every five levels, a magister gains a bonus feat.
    •Eidetic Memory: +1Bonus to all knowlege skills, +4 to Int checks to remember past events
    •Eldritch Training: May apply Eldritch template to spells, 
    +1Competance bonus to Spellcraft and Knowlege-Magic
    •Energy Mage (electricity): May apply Electricity template to damaging spells
    Common, Faen, Giant, Celestial, Draconic
    Name		Attack 	Damage	Crit	Range	Type	Weight
    Faenstaff	+2	1d6	x2	--	B	2lbs
    Crossbow,Light	--	--	--	--	--	6lbs	**Unskilled**
    Bolts (30)	+0	1d8	19-20	80'	P	3lb	**Unskilled**
    Other Equipment:
    Item			Cost	Weight
    Bedroll			0.1	3.75
    Winter Blanket		0.5	2.25
    Scrollcase (2)		2	0.5
    Parchment (10)		2	**
    Ink (2oz)		18	**
    Inkpen (5)		0.5	**
    Backpack		2	1.5
    Belt pouch		1	0.375
    Book (+1,general magic)	10	1
    Scholars outfit		**	4.5
    Travellers outfit	1	3.75
    Adventurers outfit	5	1.5
    Rations (6 days)	3	6
    Dog, riding		150	
    Riding saddle		30	
    Saddlebags		4	
    Small blue gemstones(5)	150	**
    Magical Equipment:
    •Amulet of Spell Knowledge (eldritch armor) 1000gp
    •Headband of Mists The headband is made of one long brown leather strap which is
    wrapped multiple times around the head when worn.  By concentrating on the currents of
    air flowing around her, the wearer can use any of the following spells, in any combination
    3/day: obscuring mist, predict weather, wind churn. 
    Faint Evocation; Caster Level 1th; Craft Constant Item, obscuring mist, predict weather,
    wind churn; Price: 1200gp
    Total Weight:
    Worn:			19
    Carried by riding dog:	17
    Money: 0pp, 82gp, 9sp, 0cp
    Spells per day:
    0:5	Save DC 14
    1:3	Save DC 15
    2:2	Save DC 16
    Spells Readied:
    0(7):Bash, contact, enchanting flavor, hygene, seeker, appropriate size, telekenesis-lesser
    1(5):Safe fall, darkness, fireburst, conjure elemental creature I, eldritch armor
    2(3):Control temp, mark allies, energy blade
    Sharilan most of the time can be found wearing various shades of blue. Her long brown hair usually will be tied back in a ponytail down to the middle of her back. At other times her hair is simply swept back off of her face with a leather strap embossed with weather related images. 'Lan wears loose blousey shirts tucked into loose breeches.

    Sharilan, 'Lan for short grew up in the library at the Brightborn School in Thayn. Always underfoot, her low ranking librarian father quickly gave her cleaning duties. Not one to do as she was told Sharilan quickly learned the easiest way to shirk those duties was to quietly read in one of the libraries many lofts and generally remain unseen by her elders.

    Old enough to finally enter the school proper Sharilan outpaced her classmates in many classes requiring rote memorization. She had read most of the schools textbooks several times by then. Her studies brought her great satisfaction and the years of apprenticeship seemed to fly by.

    Finally the day of her graduation passed and 'Lan found herself without guidance for once in her life. The small Faen took on odd jobs teaching the curious minor magic tricks. Then recently she recieved a strangely worded letter from relatives living near Ao-Manasa. Sharilan decided to give into wanderlust and make the longest trip of her life so far and check up on them.
    GP spent=417.1 on equipment
    Leave 100gp for travelling money (noted in char sheet above)
    that leaves 2185 left for a wish list. As to what's on the wish list one thing I would be very interested in is the amulet of spell knowlege for magic armor (exotic) from the Diamond Throne setting. other than that any kind of protective equipment/healing as Zhure said would be welcome.

    Please feel free to comment on the character, I did take little liberty in the background. So if you want I can work a little there. Or if there is a number I misscalculated please let me know.

    I look forward to starting the game, thanks again for the opportunity!

    Changes made per instructions to fix errors/clarify info.
    Also added Magical items per instructions.
    Added description just after char sheet.
    Fixed some spelling and changed spells memorized to account for magic items.
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    I thought I'd run a 3rd level human runethane - Any objections?

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    Malarky, loresong akashic

    Malarky Winddancer (truename)

    Male loresong faen akashic 3: CR 3; small humanoid (faen);
    HD 3d6;
    hp 13;
    Init +2;
    Spd 20 ft.;
    AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 15 [+1 size, +2 dex, +4 chain shirt];
    Atk +4 melee (1d6+1, 19-20/x2, short sword)] or +6 ranged (1d6+2, x3, 70', shortbow);
    Bab/Grapple: +2/-1;
    SQ Skill memory, perfect recall, delve into collective memor, loresong traits;
    SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +3; Str 12, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 14.

    Skills: (66 skill points)
    Alchemy (1pt+3) +4, 		Appraise (1pt+3) +4, 		Balance (1pt+2-1acp) +2, 
    Bluff (5pt+2) +7, 		Climb (1pt+1-1acp) +1, 		Craft (Jeweler) (2pt+3) +5, 
    Diplomacy (4pt+2) +6, 		Disable Device (3pt+3) +6, 	Escape Artist (1pt+2-1acp) +2, 	
    Forgery (1pt+3) +4,		Gather Information (4pt+2) +6, 	Heal (1pt) +1, 
    Jump (1pt+1) +2, 		Know(Architecture) (3pt+6) +9, 	Know(Ceremony) (3pt+6) +9, 
    Know(Cosmology) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Beasts) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Engineering) (1pt+6) +7, 
    Know(Geography) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(History) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Magic) (1pt+6) +7, 
    Know(Nature) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Nobiliy) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Religion) (1pt+6) +7, 
    Know(Runes) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Sailing) (1pt+6) +7, 	Know(Science) (1pt+6) +7, 
    Listen (1pt) +1, 		Open Lock (3pt+2) +5, 		Perform (Flute) (1pt+2) +3, 
    Ride (1pt+2) +3, 		Search (3pt+3) +6, 		Sleight of Hand (1pt+2-1acp) +2, 
    Sneak (1pt+2+6-1acp) +8, 	Speak Language (1pt), 		Spot (1pt) +1, 
    Swim (1pt+1-7gear) -5, 		Tumble (1pt+2) +3, 		Use Magic Device (6pt+2) +8, 
    Use Rope (1pt+2) +3
    Feats: Tattooed Spell (obscuring mist) (ceremonial 1st), Defensive Move (general 3rd), Natural Archer (talent 1st)

    Languages: Common, Faen, Verrik, Giant, Letorian, Draconic

    Skill Memory (Su): +2 to one skill check per day.
    Perfect Recall (Ex): add Int bonus to knowledge checks.
    Delve Into Collective Memory (Su): +6 to knowledge roll. 3/day, takes 10min.

    Loresong Traits: small (+1 AC, +1 attack bonus, +4 sneak), +2 sneak & spellcraft, spell-like abilities.
    Spell-like Abilities (Sp): cast detect magic, glowglobe (lesser), ghost sound each 1/day, caster level 3.

    Gear (904.1gp): chain shirt MW, short sword, backpack, flint and steel, MW flute, traveler's outfit, 3 sunrods, MW MC Shortbow (+1str), arrows (Bodkin) 20, bedroll.

    Eyepiece of Precise Vision This elaborate eyepiece was crafted by the faen Malarky and enchanted by a member of the University of Sanmar in Ao Manasa. It allows the wearer to use precise vision 1/day by putting the lense on. Faint Transmutation; Caster Level 1th; Craft Constant Item, precise vision;

    Cloth of Lore This small 12"x12" peice of cloth is embroidered with the words "Loresight" in Faen. 2/day this cloth can be placed over a creature or object. Whisper the embroidered phrase and the words will change to a significant piece of information about that which was covered. It functions as if a creature loresight or object loresight spell were cast, as appropriate.
    Faint Divination; Caster Level 1th; Craft Constant Item, creature loresight, object loresight;

    Mask of Distance When this simple white mask is place over the face of the user, it allows them to see up to 30' in one direction despite any obstacles as a diminished claivoyance. It disintegrates into a fine powder when used.
    Faint Divination; Caster Level 3th; Craft Singe-Use Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance; Price: 300gp
    Minor Poultices (4) when you apply these herbs to a wound, they help the healing process as transfer wounds(lesser). 1d10+1 hit points of damage are converted to half that amount of subdual damage.
    Faint Transmutation; Caster Level 1th; Craft Single-Use Item, transfer wounds(lesser)

    Coins: 1795 gp, 9 sp


    Malarky was born and raised in the edges of the Harrowdeep but set out at a fairly early age to travel. Impossibly curious, he traveled first to Thayn to perfect his crafting skills and to establish contacts with fellow akashics, and then set out to travel the land for a span of several years. He sought to learn more about different cultures, acquire their languages and learn from their local crafting traditions, and only stopped his wandering to go into Ao Manasa and spend some time at the local Akashic guild there, visiting some old friends. He has since settled in the city.

    Malarky passes mostly unremarked in the market place where he routinely sets up a stall to ply his trade as jeweller and craftsman. He ekes out a decent living enough, having an eye for details and unique designs in a city flooded by newly made rich wishing to convert their gold into things. Here a bauble for a lady, there a pommel engraving… all in all, he’s done fairly well for himself. He rents a room at one of the local inns, and what time is not spent in crafting he can be found at the local Akashic guild or at the library. Mostly, he keeps to himself except for his occasional incursions into the tavern below the inn he’s lodged at.


    Physically, he doesn’t particularly stand out from the many faen that live in the city. Relatively well built for his race, he’s a bit shorter than the average loresong. He has light yellowish eyes that border on lime green, and dark red hair which he usually keeps tied in a ponytail, although it has the inopportune habit of getting on his face often.

    Rough sketch can be found here:
    Quickie portrait


    Malarky is a bit of an oddity in that he doesn’t normally offer his family name at all. Like most faen, he’s easy going and approachable, and more than willing to swap a tale or share an ale at the tavern after work. He’s fond of music in general and usually ends up buying bards a round when they happen to play in his tavern. His own chosen instrument is the flute, and he can carry a fair tune with it.
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    Aadin Lofgred
    Description: Aadin is a tall, wiry young human, whose green eyes seem to cautiously survey his surroundings. He wears his black hair cut short, almost shorn, save for a long, thin braid which is tied to fall over his left cheek. He wears simple clothes, a white shirt which leaves his arms bare from the shoulders, loose tan trousers, a crimson cloak over his left side, and sturdy walking shoes. On his right shoulder, a strange tattoo is inked in black, a small circle with two crescents above it. On his left cheek, the elemental rune for fire is etched in shimmering, reddish ink. He moves with some caution – his left leg is slightly twisted. He carries an old-style spear, which he leans heavily on.

    Life History: Aadin was born in the city of Ka-Rone, the son of a merchant factor in one of the city’s many docks. As a young boy, he was always fascinated by the ocean and the stories of the sailors who had sailed her. He regarded the giants, who had come from across such a broad expanse of water, with a great deal of respect and awe. Unfortunately, Aadin’s limp meant he could never be a sailor – he was just too clumsy. Putting aside his dreams, he worked hard at the lessons his father set for him, and eventually was taken in by a tutor, Nadiena Surhet, who also happened to be a Runethane. Aadin immediately grasped the subtleties of these sigils, and he began to develop his own skills as a rune-caster, and also learned how to tattoo. Aadin also began to develop real feelings for Nadiena, who was ten years his senior. Nadiena was, however, very committed to her magic, so much so that she became a mojh to further develop her powers. Aadin took this very hard – though she only viewed him as a friend, he had believed it was something more. Karintar – Nadiena’s new form – still wished to continue Aadin’s lessons, but he struck out on his own. Though he couldn’t gain passage on a ship, Aadin managed to join a band of entertainers, and worked his passage north to Ao-Manasa, tattooing as a sideshow at the various stops along the way. He has arrived in the city with no set goals, and is simply exploring this new place.

    Personality: Aadin is very polite. Though he is somewhat reluctant to talk about his humble background, he’s more than willing to discuss nearly anything else. He’s also very quick mentally, and often makes jokes about his twisted leg. He does have a rather cool opinion of mojh, however, and distrusts them – not too the point of violence, but enough so that they must work to gain his approval. He still is slightly naïve, though he tells stories about his journey north, feeling that he’s now a quite experienced traveller.

    Class: 4th Level Runethane.
    Proficient with all Simple weapons Five Lesser Runes. Erase Rune, Sense Rune. All Simple Spells.

    Race: Human
    One Bonus Feat. +4 skill points at lvl 1, +1 skill point each lvl.

    Strength: 10 (+0)
    Dexterity: 8 (-1)
    Constitution: 14 (+2)
    Intelligence: 18 (+4)
    Wisdom: 12 (+1)
    Charisma: 13 (+1)

    True-Name: Naras Tu-Ennis.
    Hair: Short, black, one long braid.
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 6 ft, 3 in.
    Weight: 178 lb.
    Age: 22

    Languages Spoken. Common, Faen, Giant, Draconic.

    Feats: Tattooed Spell (Fireburst), Power of the Name, Skill Focus (Search), Sensitive.

    Skills -
    Appraise +9 (5 ranks+4),
    Concentration +9 (7 ranks +2)
    Craft (Tattoo) +7 (3 ranks +4)
    Decipher Script +7 (3 ranks +4)
    Disable Device +11 (7 ranks +4)
    Gather Information +4 (3 ranks +1)
    Open Lock +7 (7 ranks - 1 +1 MW)
    Spellcraft +11 (7 ranks +4)
    Knowledge (Runes) +16 (7 ranks +4 +5 Book)
    Search - CC - +10 (3.5 ranks +4 +3 Feats)

    Hit Points: 23
    AC: 10 - 1 (Dex) + 0 (armour) + 0 (shield) = 9 armour, 9 touch.
    Spd: 30 ft. unarmoured. Armour Check Penalty: 0
    Saves: Fortitude +3
    Will +5
    Reflex +0
    Initiative Modifier: -1

    Attacks: Shortspear, 1d8, +3 M (+2 BAB, +0 STR, +1 MW) x2

    Runes and Spells:
    Level---------#/Day--------DC--# Readied allowed
    1-------------3------------ 15-------4

    Spells Prepared
    0 – Detect Magic, Contact, Glowglobe (Lesser), Read Magic.
    1 – Mudball, Animate Weapon, Transfer Wounds (Lesser).
    2 - Blinding Light.

    Runes – 4 Runes at once. Currently has inscribed rune of conjuring upon a stone in his belt pouch, and casts it when nessecary.

    Runes Learned - Rune of Armor, Rune of Conjuring, Rune of Affliction, Rune of Knowledge, Rune of Warding.

    Possessions: (26.5 lb.)
    1. MW Shortspear (5 lb, 302 gp)– This shortspear’s jet-black handle is crafted from oak, and its blade is fashioned from black wrought-iron. Aadin found this weapon on his journeys north, and learned from an Akashic that it dates to the dramojh era, and was probably used by men before the coming of the giants.

    2. MW Thieves Tools (2 lb, 100 gp).

    3. Belt Pouch (0.5 lb, 1 gp)
    Smooth round stone with Rune of Conjuring inscribed (N/A).
    18 Silver pieces (1.8 gp).
    0.2 lbs of loose tobacco (0.1 gp).
    Black Ashwood Pipe.

    4. Backpack (2 lb, 2 gp)
    Lothan’s Treatise of Runes and Their Properties (+5 Book, 3lb, 250 gp)
    Bedroll (5 lb, 1 sp)
    2 day of rations (2 lb, 1 gp)
    Waterskin (4 lb, 1 gp)
    Three Sunrods (3 lb, 6 gp)
    36 golds, 6 silver. (36.6 gp)

    Magical Items - Wooden Bracer of Tem'nar This stiff oaken bracer fitss tightly to the wearer's arm. Upon command (command word - "Oak Tree" in Draconic) the bracer slowly begins to transform. The transformation takes one full round. Pieces of wood seem to fold out of it until a full shield sits attached in place of the bracer. Etched into the surface of the shield is the symbol of Tem'nar, at twined circle surrounding a strong oak tree. This shield provides a +2 shield bonus while conferring no armor check penalty, spell failure chance, or maximum dexterity. Each use drains a charge from the bracers eventually they will become brittle and break off. The shield lasts for 2 hours/charge. Normally they are made with 50 charges. Rumor tells of a companion bracer for the other arm which grows into a suit of bark armor for the wearer.
    Faint Conjuration; Caster Level: 2nd; Craft Charged Item, plant armor. Price: 1700gp

    Gloom Woad This pigment comes in a small ceramic jar. When applied to a creature's face it's eyes become shaded as if shadows moved across their surface. For the next 3 hours the creature can see 60 feet in the dark as darkvision.
    Faint Transmutation; Caster Level: 3rd; Craft Single Use Item, darkvision. Price: 300gp
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    Gren - Unbound Human Wolf Warrior-3


    Gren is a wild man and looks the part. His frame is compact and dense, standing only 5'4" with an extremely wiry and athletic build. His skin is a dusky and appears weathered, and his soft brown hair is wrong long and loose, often with bits of leaves, twigs, and burrs mixed into the thick strands. His brown eyes are sharp and alert, but not hostile. He dresses very practically, favoring tough leathers and fabrics dyed in a foresty pattern. A standard feature is a long leather coat, torn and soiled from his hard life. The leather has been patched in many places by a semiskilled artisan. Outside of civilized areas, Gren is very rarely seen without a vicious looking steel swordstaff, it's blade adorned with all manner of extraneous cutting edges, small hooks, and barbs.

    Life History:
    Gren wasn't raised by wolves, but he might as well have been. He was a bastard child, his mother a barmaid in a location favored by travelling adventurers. What's worse, his mother died during delivery, leaving the Innkeeper and his wife in possession of a small, crying, and unwanted child. The couple reluctantly looked after the child for almost a year before his father came and claimed him.

    Gren's resemblance to his father is unmistakable. Even as a babe, he began to develop his father's copious body hair. While his feature were slightly less coarse, he's definately his father's son. Bratek recognized the child as his immediately, and asked after the mother. Discovering the truth, he was guiltstricken, both for the maid's demise, and having fathered a bastard. He claimed the child as his own, and swore to raise him to be a better man. The inn keeper was dubious, but in no position to argue with the wilderness warrior.

    Bratek raises his son, with the help of Marissa, his wolven companion who took to Gren as if he would one of her own pups. Gren was raised in the ways of the forest, learning to protect and preserve the Green and it's Greenbonds from any who would threaten it. Of course, such an unorthodox upbringing has unusual side effects. Gren has little understanding or patience for high talk. He's never intentionally rude, but he's not especially tactful. He seems more comfortable in the wilderness than around people, especially when it comes to his boon companion, Rinaldo. Rinaldo is one of the largest and strongest of Marissa's children. He and Gren have been friends since his birth.

    Gren has been sent out into the world to find his own path, his own pack. Frankly, he's a bit worried.


    Gren is a man of few words and often comes off as not too bright to people who are more worldly. He's intensely loyal to those he deems friends and is more than willing to fight to protect them. He has little concept of social graces, yet is easily embarassed and can be genuinely ashamed if he offends with his manners. Gren's basically a down to earth, genuinely decent guy who's never really have any interreaction with normal people.

    Class & Abilities:

    3rd Level Wolf Totem Warrior; Speed of the Wolf +10 Ground Speed, Bonus Feat, Wolf Companion, +1 Will Saves, Knowledge (Geography) and Sneak as Class Skills


    One Bonus Feat. +4 skill points at lvl 1, +1 skill point each lvl.

    Strength: 16 (+3)
    Dexterity: 15 (+2)
    Constitution: 14 (+2)
    Intelligence: 10 (0)
    Wisdom: 12 (+1)
    Charisma: 8 (-1)

    Hair: Long, black, bushy and wild.
    Eyes: Soft Brown.
    Height: 5 ft, 4 in.
    Weight: 152 lbs.
    Age: 17

    Languages Spoken.

    Ambidexterity (Talent), Two Weapon Fighting (Human Bonus), Track, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Heavy) (Bonus Feat), Two Weapon Defense

    Skills -
    Heal: +7 (6 ranks + 1 Wis)
    Listen: +7 (6 ranks +1 Wis)
    Spot: +7 (6 ranks + 1 Wis)
    Wilderness Survival: +7 (6 ranks + 1 Wis)
    Sneak: +8 (6 ranks + 2 Dex)

    Hit Points: 27
    AC: 10 + 2 (Dex) + 4 (armour) + 1 (shield) = 17 armour, 12 touch.
    Spd: 40 ft. Lt. Armor. Armour Check Penalty: -1
    Saves: Fortitude +5
    Will +3
    Reflex +3
    Initiative Modifier: +2

    Attacks: 2x MW, Dire Swordstaff: +7 to hit (+3 BA, +3 Str, +1 Enhance)
    Primary Hand: 1d8+5 (+3 Str, +2 Dire), Secondary: 1d8+3 (+1 Str, +2 Dire)
    Composite LongBow w/ 20 Bodkin Arrows: +5 to Hit (+3 BA, +2 Dex) 1d8 Dam

    Possessions: (63 lbs)
    1. MW Dire SwordStaff (12.5 lbs, 700gp)
    2. Leather Coat (20 lbs, 200gps)
    3. Belt Pouch (0.5 lb, 1gp)
    12 gp
    1 sp
    4. Backpack (2 lbs, 2gps)
    Bedroll (5 lbs, 1sp)
    2 day of rations (2 lbs, 1gp)
    Waterskin (4 lb, 1gp)
    Healer's Kit (1 lb, 50gps)
    10 Fishhooks (N/A, 1gp)
    Flint and Steel (N/A, 1gp)
    100' Silk Rope (10lbs, 20 gp)
    Signal Whistle (N/A, 8sps)
    5. Composite Longbow ( 3 lbs, 100gps)
    6. Quiver w/ 20 Bodkin Arrows (3 lbs, 10 gps)
    7. Lupine Mask of Umetoth This stylised porcelain mask is adorned with small patches of fur and when activated it melds with the user's face giving them a very lupine cast. When this mask is placed upon the face and the command word ("Wolf" in Auran) is spoken it grants the wearer a heightened sense of smell. The effects last for 10 minutes as scent tracker. Each time it is used the mask is drained of 1 charge. When created these masks have 50 charges and can be used by any one.
    Faint Transmutation; Caster Level: 1st; Craft Charged Item, scent tracker. Price: 850gp
    8. Fugitive's Root When this bitter peice of root is chewed it grants the user respite from any predator tracking it by scent. This effect lasts for 10 minutes as a heightened scent bane.
    Faint Abjuration; Caster Level: 1st; Craft Single Use Item, scent bane. Price: 50gp
    9. Whistle of Respite When this small silver-blue wistle is blown it grants the user a diministed form of protection from elements (air). This protection lasts 3 minutes and absorbs a maximum of 18 hit points of air damage.
    Faint Abjuration; Caster Level: 3rd; Craft Single Use Item, protection from elements. Price: 300gp
    10. Shard of Kjhom This is a small shard of pale blue-white crystal that constantly feels cool to the touch. When thrown at a target it acts as an ice bolt though it has a range increment of 10 and deviates as a grenade. If it inflicts damage, the target's movements become impeded. The target must make an additional Fort save or be slowed for 1 round per 5 points of damage as if under the effects of the Cold Spell Template.
    Faint Evocation; Caster Level: 3rd; Craft Single Use Item, Energy Mage (Cold) ice bolt. Price: 400gp

    [Rinaldo's stats will go down here]
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    Yajarn (Truename : Iknis Morrok meaning Fated One in draconic)
    Mojh Warmain 3rd level
    Experience : 3301
    Hero points : 0

    At 6’9’’, Yajarn towers over most humans and is even taller than some Giants (but to Yajarn, they are all nonmojh). His scaly body, his sharp teeth, his red eyes and the look of his sword (see below) make an intimidating portrait for those not used to deal with mojh. As if to add to his already dreadful appearance, Yajarn wears jet black clothing.

    Through Yajarn now hardly remember it, he (it) was once a young human boy living in a small farming community near the hedge of the harrowdeep. He was the oldest of his family and, during winter, his father would take him along for long hunting trips in the harrowdeep. On a black night, they were attacked by a roaming band of rhodins. His father fought bravely but he fell under the assaults of the foul creatures. The human who became Yajarn was captured. He served them for a short time as a slave but the rhodin found it more profitable to sell him to a small enclave of vile mojh, hidden deep within the woods. Here, they were conducting all sort of foul experiments and rituals and one of them needed a human sacrifice.

    The day before the sacrifice, the seer of the enclave consulted the omens for the ritual and discovered that it would bring great woe to kill this human and that he would somehow be important for the future of the enclave. So the leaders decided to give the nonmojh a choice: he would become a mojh and join them or he would die. The young lad was a bit disgusted at the idea of becoming a mojh but he also had no desire to die. So he accepted and went through with the ritual.

    For days (or was it weeks ? or months ?), he painfully felt his body change and he thought he was dying. Eventually, the pain ended and he was reborn as Yajarn. It was also during this painful event that Yajarn became aware of his truename: Iknis Morrok, the Fated One. Yajarn wasn’t comfortable in this new body but his mind was full of new ideas and every thing felt different around him. Once he was back on his feet, Yajarn was put under the care of Scalis, a mojh mage blade and weapon master of the enclave. Scalis was a good but harsh teacher. From him, Yajarn learned the way of the sword but also to value strength and to hate weakness. Scalis soon found that Yajarn had no interest in magic but that he could become a great swordsman.

    The years went past for the new mojh, years mostly spent training with Scalis. But, for Yajarn, it was now time to move on. First, Yajarn had learned more about the enclave experiments and he wanted no part in this. Second, Yajarn felt like he had learn all he could from Scalis. Finaly, both the prediction of the seer and his truename seem to indicate that he was destined for greatness. Gathering his gear, he fled the enclave, hoping to never see this place again. He’s now in Ao-Manasa, trying to enlist in one of the renowned Giant warmain schools or else just try to make a name for himself.

    Yajarn now fully embraces his mojh nature but he does not share all the views of those who created him. The mojh uses few words, favoring action over discussion. He values strength in all forms and has no respect for those who have none. However, Yajarn is not cruel and dislikes killing for no reasons. So, while he despises beggars and cowards, he doesn’t take any actions against them if they leave him alone. Yajarn respects the laws and authority figures, probably because those are in a position of strength. Yajarn makes no efforts to hide his identity, as he considers doing so is a weakness.

    Str 16 +3 (base 15, 2 pts applied for 16)
    Dex 14 +2 (base 12, 2 pts applied for 14)
    Con 12 +1 (base 14, -2 racial)
    Int 16 +3 (base 13, 1 pt applied for 14, +2 racial)
    Wis 10 +0 (base 10)
    Cha 8 -1 (base 8)

    HD : 3d12+2+4 (sturdy) ; Hit Points 31
    AC 22, Touch 12, Flat 20 (armor +7, shield +2, dex +2, natural +1, possibly +3 dodge with expertise)
    Init +2
    BAB +3, Grap +6
    Speed 20, run 60 (base 30, medium load : 112.5/76.7, heavy armor)
    Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1

    +8 Melee, masterwork dire bastard sword, 1d10+5, 19-20/x2.
    +5 Ranged, longbow, 1d8, x3, range 100 ft.
    +6 Melee, +5 Ranged, dagger, 1d4+3, 19-20/x2, range 10 ft.

    Medium, 6'9" tall, 190 lb, 37 yrs old (including nonmojh years)
    Rusty brown scales, red reptilian eyes,

    Speaks Common, Draconic, Giant, Ignan, Infernal

    Skills (30 sp) armor check penalty: -6 (-5 without shield)
    -2 Balance (+2 racial, -6 armor)
    +5 Climb (6 ranks, -6 armor, +2 equipment)
    +5 Intimidate (6 ranks)
    +1 Jump (4 ranks, -6 armor)
    +6 Knowledge (runes) (1 rank cc, +2 racial)
    +5 Knowledge (military tactics) (2 ranks)
    +6 Ride (4 ranks)
    +4 Search (1 ranks cc)
    +2 Spot (2 ranks cc)

    Weapon and armor proficiencies
    - Simple, martial and exotic (heavy) weapons
    - Light, medium and heavy armor
    - Shields.

    - Opportunist (ceremonial)
    - Weapon proficiency (exotic heavy) (talent – char 1)
    - Sturdy (warmain 1)
    - Weapon focus (bastard sword) (warmain 2)
    - Expertise (char 3).

    Mojh Traits
    - +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution.
    - Medium.
    - A mojh’s base land speed is 30 feet.
    - Darkvision 60’.
    - +2 racial bonus on Balance, Knowledge (runes) and Forgery checks.
    - +1 natural armor bonus to Armor Class.

    Chain and plates (worn, 40 lb.) 600gp
    Masterwork long shield (back or worn, 15 lb.) 170 gp
    Adventurer’s outfit (worn, 2 lb.)
    Dusk cloak (2/day, function as a diminished cloak of darkness spell) (worn) 800 gp

    Masterwork dire bastard sword (belt left, 12.5 lb.) 635 gp,
    This wicked-looking sword was forged by the mojh of the harrowdeep enclave. The sharp jagged edges are made to cause wounds that won’t heal easily but, amazingly, the blade is very well balanced. The pommel is carved in the form of a dragon head while the sword’s scabbard takes the form of an elongated dragon body.
    Dagger (belt right, 1 lb.) 2 gp
    Manacles (belt center, 2 lb.) 15 gp
    Whetstone (on scabbard, 1 lb.) 1 cp

    Longbow (left shoulder, 3 lb.) 75 gp
    Quiver containing 20 arrows (right shoulder, 3 lb.) 1 gp
    Arrow of hindrance (+2 enhancement, affects as a lesser speed drain, double range penalties) 250 gp
    Backpack (center back, 2 lb.) 2 gp
    Bedroll (below backpack, 5 lb.) 1 sp

    Sack (attach to backpack, 0.5 lb.) 1 sp
    50 feet of silk rope (attach to backpack, 5 lb.) 10 gp
    Grappling hook (on rope, 4 lb.) 1 gp

    2 Waterskins (backpack) 2 gp
    Climber’s Kit (backpack, 5 lb.) 80 gp
    Hammer (backpack, 2 lb.) 5 sp
    4 Pitons (backpack, 2 lb.) 4 sp
    Flint & Steel (backpack) 1 gp
    Trail Rations- 6 days (backpack, 6 lb.) 3 gp

    Belt pouch (belt, 0.5 lb.) 1 gp
    Coins (in pouch) : 50 gp, 8 sp, 9 cp (1 lb.)

    Last Edit: Added the DM items
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    Finn Redtip, Spryte Greenbond 3

    Finn Redtip
    Male Spryte Greenbond 3rd Level

    Str 6 -2 (8 base + 2 buy(2 pt) -2 Loresong -2 Spryte)
    Dex 14 +2 (12 base +2 Spryte)
    Con 14 +2 (14 base)
    Int 12 +1 (10 base +2 Loresong)
    Wis 16 +3 (15 base + 1 buy(2 pt))
    Cha 14 +2 (13 base + 1 buy(1 pt))

    Hit Points 19
    AC 14, Touch 14, Flat 12 (+2 size)
    Init +3
    BAB +1, Grap -9 (+1 -8 tiny -2 str)
    Speed 10 (base 10, fly 30 (ave), load 0/20)
    Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6

    +1 Melee (+1 bab, -2 str, +2 size), Tiny Dagger, 1d4-2, 19-20/x2
    +5 Ranged (+1 bab, +2 dex, +2 size), Tiny Dagger, 1d4-2, 19-20/x2, 10'r

    Tiny, 14", 12 lbs, 51 years old.
    Bright red hair, green eyes, deep gray skin
    Speaks Common and Faen

    +7 Concentrate (5)
    +6 Diplomacy (3)
    +7 Listen (4)
    +2 Perform, Flute (0cc)
    +4 Sleight of Hand (2cc)
    +10 Sneak (0cc + 8 racial)
    +3 Spot (0cc)
    +5 Wilderness Survival (2)

    - Modify Spell
    - Energy Mage: Sonic - Can use Sonic template and all complex Sonic spells.

    Spryte Traits
    - Creature type changes to Fey
    - Flight. 30 ft, average.
    - Low-Light Vision

    Greenbond Abilities
    - Spells: Knows all simple, and all spells (complex and exotic) with Positive Energy or Plant types.
    - Nature Sense: Can ID Plants and Animals with perfect accuracy. Auto-detect safety of drinking water.
    - Infuse with Life: Heal 1d8+level (wis bonus times/day)
    - Nature's Gift: 1/day, touch something natural and get a divine bonus of 1/2 level on a d20 roll in the next round, or give to a touched person.
    - Trackless Step: Cannot be tracked

    Spells Prepared
    Slots: 4/3/2
    0th- (7) Canny Effort, Contact, Enchanting Flavor, Hygiene, Ghost Sound, Sense Thoughts, Seeker
    1st- (5) Charm, Compelling Command, Conjure Energy Creature (Sonic), Mind Stab, Plant Armor
    2nd- (3) Conjure Energy Creature 2 (Sonic), Ice Bolt, Silent Sheath

    Finn Redtip was born a Loresong Faen, to a family living in a small Faen village just outside of Ao-Manasa. His family has a tradition going back centuries, requiring the eldest child to make the transition to Spryte. Finn was the eldest, and never had a problem with that tradition. On the contrary, he very much looked forward to abandoning his earthbound life. His young career was that of an assistant to the village Greenbond. From this wise Loresong, Vik Wildbeard, he learned the basics of his craft and caught the enthusiasm of the dear old man for the flow of life in the world. However, he is not a raving Greenbond fanatic, and fully appreciates the pleasures of a warm house and good food.

    While training with his mentor, he has worked with a variety of other faen, and once to his great delight, a Giant/Sibeccai team. He's always known that he is no fighter, and gladly lets his friends do the bashing. On the other hand, while he will use his Greenbond healing powers unselfishly, he strongly resents those who see his profession as that of a simple healer. In fact, he rarely bothers readying healing spells, instead preferring to explore the potentials of creative use of his Green powers, epecially when combined with his knack for Sonic enhancements.

    He has only rarely ventured into Ao-Manasa, though it is only a day's travel from his home village. Just recently, however, his mentor has been encouraging him to explore more of the world. So, he has left home for a time, and is travelling to the big city to learn what it has to teach him.

    Finn is an eager explorer, but is a bit protective of his new body. He's just getting over the strangeness of the gray tint to his skin; it was an oddity of some sort in his metamorphosis. As a result, he can be a bit touchy about it, though people rarely say much. He is friendly, except to people who defile things that he values, or to "Mean people", whom he likes to play tricks upon. Finn has always been a little "light-fingered", which he can't really explain or rationalize except (weakly) as "trickery". He just likes to take stuff and to get away with it. This is almost never anything "important", it is just done out of play and as a test for himself.

    Finn is a striking looking young Spryte, with a wild looking mane of bright red hair framing a dark gray face. He had a new set of green leathers made for him, shortly after his transformation, custom tailored from tanned dire-weasel leather. He does not carry much equipment, preferring to spend his days in the wilderness, and his nights in the homes of friends. Finn is almost always in flight, preferring to swoop about, even when talking to a stationary person. He claims that this is to put him at eye level with people, something that he never got to do in his life before his transformation. Seeing the delight he takes in his acrobatic stunts, most people conclude that he just loves to fly.

    Green leather clothing (ferret leather, not armor)
    Black leather belt.
    Black leather boots. (clothing weight totals 1 lb and 10gp)

    2 tiny daggers, on belt. (2 lbs, 2gp)
    1 dark green silk pouch on belt (.1 lb, 5 gp)
    2 Alchemist's frost vials, in pouch (2.5 lbs, 40gp)
    1 Flash Powder in pouch (1 lb, 35gp)

    1 excellent silver flute, carried on the back. (1 lb, 100gp)

    4 days rations (1 lb, 2 gp)

    Solarprism: This small multifaceted stone is a transparent yellowish color. 3/day this stone can be used to try and reflect the suns light into a targets eyes, blinding it. This can only be used during the daytime in areas of natural sunlight. It requires a ranged touch attack to direct the light properly. If the target fails its saving throw it is blinded for 2 rounds as a diminshed blinding light.
    Faint Evocation, Caster Level: 2nd, Craft Constant Item, blinding light, Price: 800gp.

    Wingstraps: These light brown straps of leather fit around a creature's body. Another two straps hinged at the center of the creatures chest pass over its shoulders and hang down the center of the back. It takes a move equivalent action to put them on or take them off. Once attached the harness can be activated by touching the engraved hinge in the front. Then the two straps lash out straight from the creaturesand transparent wings seem to grow from them granting the creature flight (30', average maneuvrability) as the spell flight. If a creature already has wings the straps attack to the tops granting greater control and speed (60', perfect maneuvrability) for 50 minutes. Onces used they fall off, useless.
    Faint Transmutation, Caster Level: 5th, Craft Single Use Item, flight, Price: 750gp

    Dazzletwig: This tiem looks like a standard tindertwig except for its bright blue and yellow head and the tiny word ("Dazzle" in draconic). No matter how hard it is struck the tindertwig will not light. Whisper the word however and the head will burst into multicoloured light and cast a diminished dazzlesphere. One target within 120 feet is dazed for 1d4 rounds if it has only 1 HD and fails its save.
    Faint Evocation, Caster Level: 2nd, Craft Single Use Item, dazzlesphere, Pricee: 150gp.

    Scroll of Transfer Wounds (Lesser) Price: 25gp.

    Ladening Potion Allows you to laden the next spell you cast without using an extra slot. (source: Diamond Throne). Price: 600gp.

    Coins- 39gp, 20sp, (pouch, .5 lb)
    5 small red gems - 150gp (pouch)

    Total Weight: 9.1 lbs
    Total Cost: 361


    Edit1 - correcting based on the initial feedback from Erekose13. Too bad my tiny dude doesn't have a +4 grapple. That would be quite a surprise for some poor schmoe, now wouldn't it?

    Edit 2 - Corrected INT/DEX, to reflect Loresong anscestry. Added size bonus to attacks.

    Edit 3 - Dropped a point of Init, added Giant to languages

    Edit 4 - Added magic items.
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    Kalythar, Litorian Mageblade 4

    Name Kalythar (Truename: Wythrowl meaning One Who Finds)
    Litorian Mageblade 3rd level
    Experience : 4401+
    Hero points : 0

    STR 16/+3 (15 base, +1 @4th)
    DEX 16/+3 (14 base, +2 racial)
    CON 14/+2 (12 base, +2 pts)
    INT 10/+0 (10 base)
    WIS 8/-1 (8 base, -2 racial, +2 pts)
    CHA 14/+2 (13 base, +1 pt)

    Combat Stats
    HD: 4d8+8; Hit Points: 29
    AC: 20*, Touch 13*, Flat 17 (+3 Dex, +5 armor, +2 shield), *+1 Dodge vs Swords
    Armor Check Penalty: -2
    Init: +3
    BAB/Grapple: +3/+5
    Speed: 30', run 120'
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +1

    +9 Melee, masterwork dire swordaxe (athame), 1d8+7, 19-20/x3
    +6 Ranged, longbow, bodkin arrows, 1d8, x3, range 100'
    +7 Melee/+7 Ranged, masterwork light hammers, 1d4+3, x2, range 20'

    Skills (ranks, ability mod, bonus)
    +9/+11* Concentration (7, +2, *+2 Battle Mage for Casting Defensively)
    +7 Intimidate (2, +3, +2 racial)
    +1 Listen (0, -1, +2 racial)
    +1 Knowledge: Arcana (1, +0)
    +4 Search (2, +0, +2 racial)
    +1 Spellcraft (1, +0)
    +2 Spot (1, -1, +2 racial)
    +1 Wilderness Survival (0, -1, +2 racial)

    - Battle Mage
    - Natural Swordsman
    - Weapon Proficiency, Exotic (Heavy)

    Litorian Traits
    - Low-Light Vision

    Mageblade Abilities
    - Athame: Chosen weapon equivalent to +2 weapon & eliminates somatic components while in the mageblade's hands; always aware of athame (distance & direction).
    - Shimmering Shield: +2 deflection to AC as a Standard Action, once/day lasting 1 round/level
    - Spells: Knows all simple spells and can apply the War Template to any spell that affects a target or targets, increasing that number times 1d3+1 at a cost of +2 spell levels.

    Spells Prepared
    Slots: 4/3/1
    0: (4) - Bash, Glowglobe (Lesser), Saving Grace, Seeker
    1: (4) - Obscuring Mist, Precise Vision, Scent Tracker, Transfer Wounds (Lesser)
    2: (1) - Gusting Wind

    Armor: Light, Shields
    Weapons: Simple, Martial
    Languages: Common & Litorian

    1,250 gp, Magical Chain Shirt +1 (+5 AC, Max Dex +4, ASF 20%, ACP -2), 15 lbs
    170 gp, Masterwork Long Shield (+2 AC, ACP -1, ASF 15%), 15 lbs
    720 gp, Masterwork Dire Swordaxe, 19 lbs
    100 gp, Composite Longbow, 3 lbs
    10 gp, Bodkin Arrows (20), 3 lbs
    602 gp, 2 Masterwork Light Hammers (Osyth, Nasuth), 4 lbs
    1 gp, Waterskin, 4 lbs
    1 gp, Flint & steel, 0 lbs

    Magic Items
    Shethswana's Chain Shirt +1: Enchanted by Shethswana the hag years ago in the Citadel of Ice, this fine mail was recovered from a band of raiding rhodin north of Ao-Manasa.

    Ring of the Frost Wraiths: This dark blue ring feels very cold to the touch, those who possess it often only put it on when they have need of its powers. 1/day when commanded too (command word 'Sunder the Strong' in Auran) the wearers hand momentarily glows with a deep malevolent blue before discharging in a streaking ray of cackling blue energy. The being struck feels their strength drain in numbing cold and takes 1d4 points of damage +1 point of Strength damage if they fail a Fortitude save, as a cold blast.
    Faint Evocation; Caster Level: 1; Craft Constant Item, cold blast; Price: 400gp.

    Mask of Secrets: This mask is made of a dark redish-purple cloth that feels very soft to the touch. A small rune is embroidered into the forehead of the mask depicting an open eye in bright orange thread. When this mask is put on it allows the user to spot doors and such things that have been concealed from view, as detect secret doors. The wearer must concentrate to reveal the information he seeks and may do so for up to 1 minute. Once the wearer finished using it, the mask becomes tattered and ripped, powerless.
    Faint Divination; Caster Level: 1; Craft Single Use Item, detect secret doors; Price: 100gp;

    3 Minor Poultices: when you apply these herbs to a wound, they help the healing process as transfer wounds(lesser). 1d10+1 hit points of damage are converted to half that amount of subdual damage.
    Faint Transmutation; Caster Level 1th; Craft Single-Use Item, transfer wounds(lesser); Price: 50gp. (*3=150gp)

    Encumbrance: 66/133/200
    Carried: 53 lbs

    Carried: 96 gp
    Equipment: 1,954 gp
    Magic Items: 650 gp

    Medium, 6'6" tall, 158 lb, 32 yrs old; typical litorian male except for whiter fur (almost light gray), with pure white fur around right foot (typical of his tribe)

    Kalythar's early years were spent trying to find his proper place in the White Claw tribe (range usually about a hundred miles from Ao-Manasa, on the frozen plains). He could handle a sword easily enough and while he was not weak in combat, he was never the warrior he wanted to be as he could not successfully compete for a place among the tribe's warriors. Similarly, his impetuous nature & limited abilities with magic made him unfit as an apprentice to the tribe's shaman. Thankfully the elders sought answers from various visitors to the tribe, and eventually a mageblade returning to Ao-Manasa recognized talents similar to his own. The tribal elders agreed to sponsor Kalythar's membership and training in the guild where he could hone his rare skills, unique among his tribe, over the next 5 years.

    Those years were mostly spent inside the guild's hall in Ao-Manasa and they were very happy years. Kalythar was extremely pleased to find an area where he actually excelled! While he never understood more than the most rudimentary basics of magic, he found he had a natural canniness for combining his magic with his combat prowess.

    At the end of the time allowed by his elders, Kalythar returned to his tribe in time to participate in the Summer Festival competitions. He had never before managed to win a single contest, let alone any of the most sought after prizes. This time his skillful mixing of swordplay & magic carried him through every contest he entered over several days. His prize -- 2 Light Hammers, crafted by the tribe's best weaponsmith, who have been dedicated to exceptional tribal warriors of the past. Osyth, who sacrificed himself defeating a behemoth plaguing the tribe, and Nasuth, who led the tribe to victory against a dramojh set on their destruction. Almost more importantly, the victories earned him respect from almost all of his tribe (though a handful accused him of cheating, presumably based on a lack of understanding of his abilities), and the elders allowed him to continue his training for another 10 years.

    That was over a year ago now, and his continued studies have recently allowed him to master some of the more deadly weapons, and also drew him to his newest athame, Glacial Wind. This beautifully made dire swordaxe was gifted him by the guild only a few weeks ago, at the successful completion of his magical combat trials. Since then he has been trying to figure out the next part of his journey. He has almost 9 years to further hone his abilities before returning to his tribe. His guild elders offer no opinions, saying his heart (or destiny, for those few who know his truename) will lead him in the right direction. Until then, he is more than welcome to stay at the guildhall and continue to use its facilities to continue his training. They've also made it abundantly clear that he's beyond the time of instruction and needs to teach himself from this point on to reach his fullest potential. They've warned him his lack of insight will likely continue to get him into trouble, but are also confident in his abilities to do well in adverse situations.

    Trying to make use of this advice, Kalythar has taken to wandering Ao-Manasa the last few days, waiting for opportunity to find him.

    EDIT: 4th level changes - +1 Strength, +6 hp, +1 BAB, +1 all Saves, +1 rank in Concentration & Spot, Athame now +2, Shimmering Shield ability, 2nd level spells. Athame attack increases by +3 to hit (Strength, BAB, Athame) and +2 damage (Strength, Athame). Added Chain Shirt +1.
    Last edited by DrSpunj; Sunday, 23rd May, 2004 at 04:42 AM.

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