Of Vile Darkness Characters
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    Of Vile Darkness Characters

    In Character Thread

    Out of Character Thread

    Ok, post your characters here.

    Format as follows:

    Dorcha Vasson
    Male Human Fighter 6/Devoted Defender 3

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Height: 5' 8''
    Weight: 180lbs
    Hair: Gray
    Eyes: Gray
    Age: 25

    Str: 18 (+4) [6 points, +4 magical]
    Dex: 15 (+2) [8 points]
    Con: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Int: 16 (+3) [10 points]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [4 points, +2 levels]
    Cha: 10 (+0) [2 points]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level, Harm's Way, Defensive Strike, Deflect Attack +1.

    Hit Dice: 6d10 + 3d12
    HP: 75
    AC: 20 (+2 Dex, +5 Armor, +3 Shield, +2 to AC only when defending another)
    Init: +6 [+4 Improved Initiative, +2 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft (20ft in armor)
    Armor Check Penalty: -3

    Fortitude +10 [+8 base, +0 Con, +2 from cloak]
    Reflex +9 [+5 base, +2 Dex, +2 from cloak]
    Will +7 [+3 base, +2 Wis, +2 from cloak]

    BAB: +9/+4
    Melee Atk: +16/+11 (1d8+8, x3, +2 warhammer)
    Ranged Atk: +9/+3 (1d8+4, x3, 110ft. range, mighty composite longbow)

    Climb +7 [3 ranks, +4 Str]
    Handle Animal +10 [8 ranks, +2 Cha]
    Heal +3 [1 rank, +2 Wis]
    Intimidate +4 [4 ranks]
    Knowledge (religion) +7 [4 ranks, +3 Int]
    Listen +7 [3 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Profession (fisherman) +5 [3 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Search +10 [7 ranks, +3 Int]
    Sense Motive +9 [7 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Spot +12 [7 ranks, +3 Int, +2 Alertness]
    Swim +12 [8 ranks, +4 Str]

    Alertness (human)
    Weapon Focus: warhammer (1st level)
    Dodge (1st level fighter)
    Weapon Focus: composite longbow (2nd level fighter)
    Mobility (3rd level)
    Spring Attack (4th level fighter)
    Power Attack (6th level fighter)
    Quick Draw (6th level)
    Weapon Specialization: warhammer (9th level)

    Common, Chondathan, Elven, Dwarven, Giant.

    Belt of Giant Strength (+4) [16,000gp]
    +2 breastplate [4,350gp]
    +2 warhammer [8,312gp]
    +2 cloak of resistance [4,000gp]
    +1 mithral large sheild [2,020gp]
    MW mighty composite longbow (+4) [700gp]
    30 arrows [1gp, 5sp]
    potion of neutralize poison [750gp]
    2 potions of cure light wounds [100gp]
    backpack [2gp]
    bedroll [1sp]
    50ft. hemp rope [1gp]
    light war horse, bit and bridle, saddle [162gp]
    belt pouch [1gp]
    flint and steel [1gp]
    3 sunrods [6gp]
    two flasks of alchemist's fire [40gp]
    iron holy symbol of Kelemvor [5gp]
    fishing net [4gp]

    Dorcha is an evenly proportioned man that appears, at first glance, to be rather old. His hair is iron-gray and matches his eyes. His face is deeply lined, and it seems his face is set into an expression of sterness. He wears a simple, though well-crafted breastplate, a belt with iron studs, and a fine, silver-gray cloak. He carries a well-made mithral sheild that is emblazoned with Kelemvor's holy symbol, and a very sturdy-looking warhammer. His unstrong longbow is attached to his backpack.

    Dorcha is a somewhat deceptive man, though he himself rarely lies. He appears older than his years due to his prematurely gray hair and his deeply-lined face. Though he weilds a warhammer as his weapon of choice, typically a slow and ponderous weapon, he darts around the battlefield with the reflexes of a shark.

    He has a deeply-ingrained sense of duty both to the dead and the living. He feels the dead should rest in peace, and the living should remain unharmed until their time comes. He also has a powerful love for the sea, and like the wizard he guards, can't bear to be away from it for long.

    He tries to scare people off rather than confront them or fight them, and is a good judge of character. It's not advisable to try to pull something over on him, as he doesn't appreciate pranks. He's about a stone's throw away from being a stick-in-the-mud, and though he won't stop Halark from having some fun, he'll probably just try to blend into the background and sigh heavily.

    Dorcha was a poor fisherman's son living in Waterdeep. He was always a very strong lad, but he was but one of five sons, and the youngest to boot. His father fostered him out to a childless uncle to earn his keep. However, his uncle didn't fish for fish, but rather fished for bodies. He was part of an auxiliary layman's order in the church of Kelemvor that was responsible for retreiving the bodies of drowning victims from the harbor of Waterdeep for proper burial. It was a surprisingly tough profession, as unscrupulous people would try to steal the bodies away for either their possessions or for some illegal activities. Dorcha learned early how to be swift and to present a strong enough face to drive off those jackels that fed (figuratively) upon the dead.

    The church noticed his concern for the dead, as well as his strength and his clever hands. Though he did not have a vocation, he still had a strong sense of responsibility. The church took him in and trained him as a guard for the graveyards, in order to protect it from the bolder thieves and vandels that would try to exhume the dead or deface their monuments. However, his intelligence and utmost attention to duty convinced the head of the church guard to bring him in to guard the living rather than the dead.

    He was tutored in the dogma of Kelemvor as well as in special defensive techniques to protect high-ranking officials of the church. His somewhat deceiving appearance and quick feet made him an ideal guard. While learning about the church structure, Dorcha came into contact with Halark Greywave, an intensely religious half sea elf wizard in the service of the Lord of the Dead. Dorcha was very impressed with Halark's command of such powerful magic in the service of his chosen god, as well as feeling a kind of kinship for another who understood the lure of the ocean. He attached himself to Halark, and has been his bodyguard now for nearly a full year.
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    Roach, the Beggar King

    Roach, the Beggar King
    Male Human Ranger 1/Fighter 2/Cancer Mage 9
    Lawful Evil
    Height: 5' 9'' (Hunchbacked)
    Weight: 190lbs
    Hair: Brown, Stringy, and Falling Out.
    Eyes: Rheumy Reddish Brown
    Age: 29 (Appears older)

    Str: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Wis: 18 (+4) [8 points, +3 levels]
    Cha: 8 (-1) [0 points]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level, Ambidexterity, Two Weapon Fighting, Favored Enemy: Humans, 2 Bonus Feats, Disease Host, Contagion, Cancerous Companion, Tatterdemalion, Poison, Children of the Night, Viral Agent, Infected Wound, Insect Plague, Insect Armor, Viral Ally, 3d6 Sneak Attack, BlindSight 30', 10th Level Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, 50% chance for Mind Affecting Spells to Affect Cancerous Companion Rather than Cancer Mage, Cancerous Companion Can Activate Cancer Mage's Spell Like Abilities as a Standard Action 3x/day Without Effort on the Cancer Mage's Part, Cancerous Companion Can Extend 1' Tendril to Make Touch Attacks With, Said Touch Attacks Can Deliver Poison and Contagion.

    Hit Dice: 3d10 + 9d6 + 24 + 6
    HP: 90
    AC: 22 [+2 Dex, +6 Armor, +4 Natural Armor]
    Init: +2 [+2 Dex]
    Speed: 30ft
    Armor Check Penalty: -1

    Fortitude +18 [+11 base, +2 Con, +2 Great Fortitude, +3 from cloak]
    Reflex +11 [+6 base, +2 Dex, +3 from cloak]
    Will +10 [+3 base, +4 Wis, +3 from cloak]

    BAB: +9/+4
    Melee Atk: +13/+13/+8 (1d6+5, x2, +3 Claws, 1d6+3 off hand)
    Ranged Atk: +11/+6 (None Usually)

    Climb: +25 [+13 Ranks, +2 Strength, +10 Enhancement]
    Disguise +24 [+15 Ranks, -1 Charisma, +10 Change Self]
    Heal +15 [11 Ranks, +4 Wisdom]
    Hide +30 [+13 Ranks, +2 Dexterity, +15 Enhancement]
    Knowledge (Nature) +6 [+4 Ranks, +2 Intelligence]
    Listen +15 [+11 Ranks, +4 Wisdom]
    Move Silently +25 [+13 Ranks, +2 Dexterity, +10 Enhancement]
    Pick Pocket +15 [+13 Ranks, +2 Dexterity]
    Search +15 [+13 Ranks, +2 Intelligence]
    Tumble +7 [5 Ranks, +2 Dexterity]
    Wilderness Lore +8 [+4 Ranks, +4 Wisdom]
    (Note: Two Ranks Each of Hide and Move Silently were bought at Cross Class Cost. 1st Level Ranger=28 skpts, 2 levels Fighter=10 skpts, 9 levels Cancer Mage=81 Skill points)

    Poison Immunity: Spider Venom (Human)
    Great Fortitude (1st)
    Weapon Focus (Unarmed) (1st Fighter)
    Dwarf's Toughness (2nd Fighter)
    Willing Deformity (3rd)
    Deformity: Clawed Hands (6th)
    Boost Spell Like Ability (9th)
    Empower Spell Like Ability (12th)

    Common, Goblin, Abyssal

    Blessed Handwrappings of Disease and Decay (As Per Martial Gloves +3, Arms and Armor pg 42, 9,050gps), +2 Undetectable Tatterdemalion (Arms and Armor pg 74, 9,000gps), Ring of Chameleon Power (12,000gps), Ring of Climbing (2,000gps), Sandles of the Sombre Step(as per Boots of Elvenkind,2,000gps), Trailing Array of Soiled Tatters (As per Cloak of Resistance +3 (9,000gps), 950 gps remaining
    (Note: Gloves, Armor, Boots, and Vest and all really part of the same item, Roach's Tatterdemalion. Each individual effect does take up different slots, just like usual magical items.)

    Roach is a human male of indeterminant age with a twisted build. His body is malformed in a number of ways. First, his spine is twisted and he has an enormous growth upon his back giving him the classic appearance of a hunchback. His arms appear longer and thinner than they should be, and his fingers are indeed longer than ususual, tapering into narrow points. His nails are trimmed haphazardly into barbed points. Roach's features are also mismatched, with one eye protruding slightly from it's socket and an obvious hairlip.

    The misshapen man also displays numerous signs of illness. Foul colored mucus constantly flows from his nose, much like his eyes which are always watering. Boils and pustules cover his skin and occasionally pop audibly in sprays of yellowish bile. Dark rings surround his eyes, his stringy brown hair comes loose in clumps, and his remaining teeth are blackened with decay.

    Roach dresses in multiple layers of mismatched rags and tatters, all of which are stained with filth and blood. He has rags wrapped around his hands and face, along with the rest of his lean form, giving him the general appearance of a malformed leper. He carries no weapons and displays no obvious wealth.

    Looking deeper at this wretched display of subhumanity, the observant could notice a few more details. Although twisted, Roach's spine still supports him and gives him strength, a strength that has not been broken by his diseases. His bloodshot eyes are both alert and worldly rather than dimmed by pain and drugs. His shuffling movements contain both strength and grace. And his voice, for those who can bear his presence long enough to hear it, is a gravelly, grating whisper, full of phlegm and spite.


    Roach's psyche is just as twisted as his body. In his own mind, all the homeless, miserable souls in Andeluvay are his children and he tries to be thier father. He provides them medical care and tries to look after thier needs. Admittedly, he has far too many children to be able to care for each individually, but he does what he can. Crippled and diseased beggars tend to draw more alms than the merely unforetunate, so he isn't above amputating a limb or infecting a child with an incurable disease. In his own warped perceptions, he's done them a favor. Also, he grows very upset when someone mistreats his children. Young noble rowdies who entertain themselves by abusing the disenfranchised are taking thier lives in thier own hands. A wealthy family that refuses to give alms may suffer sudden tragedy as thier youngest comes down with a fatal disease, or the patriarch is found partially eaten in his bedchamber. Roach is also willing to sacrifice a few to aid the many. Should the necromancers wish a few test subjects, Roach would likely be willing to provide, so long as the necromancers donate handsomely in food and clothing for the other homeless.

    Roach is extremely vicious, but attempts to exercise his malevolence in ironic ways. There's a story whispered about burning dung pits at night about the Paladin who attempted to find and arrest the 'King of Beggars'. The Paladin searched the city from stem to stern, but simply couldn't place a face to the myth. One night while contemplating his quest on the privy, he felt a sudden, hideous, rending pain from below. The paladin tried to leap from the privy, but was held fast. After a wet ripping sound, he managed to fall away. Through his screams, he heard a rasping voice say, 'Stay out of my slums, sweetmeat.' The sound of noisy chewing would haunt the Paladin for years after clerics repaired the damage.


    Men like Roach aren't born, they are created. He began life as Darsan Eveningshade, the son of a farming family in the heartlands of Low'verok. The vast majority of his childhood was rather prosaic, with little excitement and no adventure. He was always fascinated by adventurers and soldiers going off to war. One year, the county was plagued by roaming goblins, and a bounty was placed on goblin heads. Mercenaries from around the kingdom came to his hamlet, hunting goblin ears. Darsan knew he one day wanted to be a wandering adventurer, getting money where and when he could. At 13, he ran away from home so he could apprentice himself to a travelling bounty hunter. The manhunter could see Darsan was fit and lean, clean of body and mind. He was also overeager and ambitious. Darsan spent 3 years with the man, learning woodcraft, tracking, even how to keep your mark alive after bagging them. Darsan felt he was ready for his first hunt.

    He was wrong.

    Darsan's first task was to look for a band of cultists that were supposedly sacrificing livestock to some dark god. He was to find them and report them to the watch for a reward. Finding them was easy...getting away not. He was discovered before making his retreat and with a few spoken words, was rendered paralyzed. Frozen in a body that wouldn't obey him, he watched as a woman with a horribly scarred face stalked forward and smashed a mace into his skull.

    He awoke in a place of unspeakable horror. A dungeon, consecrated to Talona, where all manner of depraved and despicable experiments were performed on the inhabitants. In was in this dungeon that Darsan was transformed from a handsome, strapping young man to a foul monstrosity only distantly human. Normally those experimented upon are destroyed, but Roach (As his captors had deemed him) was remarkably adaptable. Although he was irredeemably insane, his body refused to submit to the various diseases warring with his flesh. Rather there seemed to develop a truce between his tissue and the parasitic infestations. He could contract and carry any disease, but suffered only cosmetic disfiguration. Obviously this man was blessed by Talona and could not be destroyed. The priests were not brave enough to keep this strange creature around though. Rather, they threw him from an moving carriage into a street in the slums of Andeluvay.

    Lost, with only the enormous cancerous growth on his back for companionship, Roach set about finding himself a life. Knowing full well that he could never go home, or be acceptable in civilized society, he opted to throw his lot in with the path fate had set for him. He became a beggar. His physical deformities were so great that many good souls took pity on him. The ones that sought to enjoy themselves at Roach's expense...well they oftimes 'fed' him. Seeing the abuse that was regularly heep upon the homeless set Roach's soul to seething, causing him to launch a crusade against those who would harm the homeless. He styled himself as the King of Beggars and exactly bloody retribution on those he felt deserved his wrath.

    The Black Butterfly recognized the worth of a Beggar King and at first thought to support Roach's efforts. He was disappointed to learn that Roach apparently had little interest in mining the vast web of information the beggars could provide. He was surprised to find such a good assassin and terrorist in such a twisted man. From time to time Roach has been contacted to perform services that require either a certain amount of finesse or a certain amount of horror. His abilities as an infiltrator and spy are considerable. Who pays attention to just another beggar? For his assistance in certain criminal endeavors, Roach has asked for medical supplies, items enchanted, and diseased blood. Spurred on by the alien voice of his disease, Roach continues to experiment with new diseases, both on himself and others. Unforetunately, it's just a matter of time before his experiements unleash a virulent plague amoung his 'children'. Then he'll have to find a new family.
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    Lord Torr Stormrider

    (Lord) Torr Stormrider
    Male Human (Shapechanger) Weretiger 9/Rogue 2/Fighter 1

    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Height: 6' 1" (human); size L 7' 6" (hybrid); size L 5'x10'/5' (tiger)
    Weight: 210 lbs (human); 365 lbs (hybrid); 620 lbs (tiger)
    Hair: Black; orange/black striped
    Eyes: Yellowish brown
    Age: 32

    Human form stats
    Str: 20 (+5) [8 points, +4 magical, +1 level]
    Dex: 16 (+3) [8 points, +1 level]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [4 points, +2 weretiger]
    Cha: 12 (+1) [2 points, +2 symbiont]

    Hybrid and tiger form stats
    Str: 32 (+11)
    Dex: 18 (+4)
    Con: 18 (+4)
    Int: 12 (+1)
    Wis: 14 (+2)
    Cha: 12 (+1)

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    1 bonus feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level, Alternate forms (weretiger hybrid, tiger), Natural attacks (claw/claw/bite), Scent (all forms), tiger empathy (all forms), DR 10/silver (hybrid/tiger), Natural armor (+2 human, +5 hybrid/tiger), Curse of lycanthropy, Low-light vision (all forms), bonus feat (Iron Will), +4 bonus to Balance, Move Silent and Hide, +8 bonus to Hide (tiger form in grass/underbrush), Improved Grab (tiger), Pounce (tiger), Rake (tiger), Sneak attack +1d6, Evasion.

    Hit Dice: 6d8 + 3d8 (level adjustment) + 2d6 + 1d10 + 48
    HP: 120
    AC: 22 (human) [+3 Dex, +2 Natural, +4 magic collar, +3 symbiont deflection], 25 (hybrid/tiger) [+4 Dex, +5 Natural, +4 magic collar armor, +3 symbiont deflection, -1 Size]
    Init: +3 (human), +4 (hybrid/tiger) [+3/4 Dex]
    Speed: 30ft (human), 40ft (hybrid/tiger)
    Armor Check Penalty: none

    Fortitude +9/+11 [+7 base, +2/4 Con]
    Reflex +11/+12 (Evasion) [+8 base, +3/4 Dex]
    Will +6 [+2 base, +2 Wis, +2 Iron Will]

    BAB: +6/+1
    Melee Atk: +12/+7 (1d4+5, 19-20/x2, human - MW dagger)
    Melee Atk: +20/+20/+15 (2d6+14*, x2 - 2 claws; 3d6+6*, x2 - bite) [hybrid and tiger forms]
    Melee Atk: +20/+20/+15/+18/+18 (2d6+14* - 2 claws; 3d6+6* - bite; 2d6+8* - 2 rake claws)

    Ranged Atk: +9/+10 (1d8+5 electrical, ranged touch attack, 30' range - symbiont)
    Opposed grapple check: +21 (+6 base, +11 Str, +4 size)
    * - 1 point of Vile damage with each natural attack

    Balance +10/+11 [3 ranks, +3/4 Dex, +4 racial]
    Climb +6/+12 [1 rank, +5/+11 Str]
    Hide +17/+14/+18 [10 ranks, +3/4 Dex, +4 racial (+8 tiger in grass), -1 size (hybrid/tiger forms)]
    Intimidate +3 [2 ranks, +1 Cha]
    Jump +35/+41/+11 [0 ranks, +5/11 Str, +30 ring]
    Listen +14 [10 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Move Silently +17/+18 [10 ranks, +3/4 Dex, +4 racial]
    Profession (sailor) +4 [2 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Spot +12 [8 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Swim +7/+13 [2 ranks, +5/11 Str]

    Multiattack (secondary attacks at -2) [human]
    Alertness [1st level/class req.]
    Improved Natural Attack (claw - dmg d8 becomes 2d6) [4th level/class req.]
    Iron Will [Weretiger 6 bonus]
    Improved Natural Attack (bite - dmg 2d6 becomes 3d6) [8th level/class req.]
    Vile Natural Attack (+1 vile damage) [12th level]
    Weapon focus (claw) [Fighter 1 bonus]

    Common, Dwarvish.


    Titan's Mark (unremovable bracer's slot, +4 Enh to Str) [21,000gp] - Tattoos were scribed on Torr as payment from a wizard for the removal of his rival.

    Yzzar's Warding Collar (as Bracers of Armor +4) [16,000gp] - Claimed from the slain champion hound of Count Yzzar. This is a heavy gold chain with interwoven engraved plate depicting the hunt of powerful beasts.

    Ring of the Grasshopper (as Ring of Jumping) [2,000gp] - A simple band of platinum with three small emeralds inset.

    Gran's Morphing Juice (potion: Alter Self) [300gp]
    Doppleganger Juice (potion: Alter Self) x2 [720gp]
    Blurring Tonic (potion: Blur) [300gp]
    Elixer of Health (potion: Cure Moderate) x3 [900gp]
    Limpet's Lightning Brew (potion: Haste) [750gp]
    Masterwork Dagger w/Tiger's Eye in pommel [500gp]

    [2450gp remaining - tied up in assorted mundane jewelry, gems, coin, and wardrobe]

    [700gp in gold trade bars]

    Stormrider - Emotional Symbiont:
    As long as Torr gives in to the powerful emotional desires of the Symbiont, it will grant him the following abilities: +3 deflection AC, +2 enhancement to claws, +2 Charisma, electric bolt (ranged touch, 1d8+5 dmg, 30' range; 3x/day), and cast Charm Monster 1/day as a 12th level sorcerer (Will DC 15). See below for more details.


    In human form, Torr is a striking, tall, and muscular man. His wavy black hair is worn loose, coming to just above the shoulder. He wears a well-trimmed goatee. His eyes are on the yellow side of brown, somewhat unnatural for an ordinary human. When his arms are bare, matching red tattoos can be seen on the forearms. The tattoos are quite obviously arcane in nature.

    Much of the time, Torr dresses as befits a minor noble. He keeps current with the latest court fashions and frequents a number of top tailors to make sure his clothing is always impeccably cut. In addition to the heavy gold chain he wears around his neck (Yzzar’s Warding Collar – the only unfashionable item he visibly wears), Torr always is adorned with an assortment of jewelry – necklaces and rings, usually of gold. He is impeccable about his cleanliness and appearance at all times.

    In hybrid form, Torr assumes a large, bestial appearance. The black and orange/yellow striped fur replaces his clothing. His feet become more paw-like and both feet and fingers sprout wicked claws. Torr’s face acquires some feline traits, including ears, fur, and elongated snout. In this form, his Collar and tattoos remain visible.

    In tiger form, Torr becomes a typical tiger – perhaps on the larger end of the spectrum for the species. Again, the Collar and tattoos are visible, marking him as something other than an ordinary beast.


    Torr was born a weretiger and adopted the family mold of superiority and nobility at a young age. His family, while not of actual noble blood, was still powerful and wealthy. Torr always assumed his kind was superior to ordinary humans and therefore he should grow into a position of power and authority.

    Though arrogant, Torr was also a generally good soul in his youth. He played fair in business dealings and counted many friends. It was in his mid-twenties when Stormrider, the symbiont, fused with Torr that everything changed.

    In Torr, Stormrider sensed the weretiger’s arrogance and played off it mercilessly. The symbiont fed on powerful emotions – hatred, jealousy, pleasure, fear, lust, and desire. It prodded Torr into behavior that would heighten these emotions, both in Torr and in others nearby. Torr was promised and given innate powers by Stormrider in exchange for obedience. Over time, Torr’s very personality has been twisted into an amoral and power-hungry individual.

    Recently, Torr has been portraying himself as a lord of a minor holding from distant lands. He’s ingrained himself into the political scene of Andeluvay, surrounding himself with the trappings of the upper class and indulging every whim – be it his own or Stormrider’s. Having no actual income producing properties, Torr takes on heavy muscle jobs for the Black Butterfly, and generally commands a healthy fee.

    On occasion, Torr has a moment of clear lucidity, becoming the person he once was. In these moments, he laments that which he has lost and is tortured by the heinous crimes he has committed. He strongly suspects that Stormrider facilitates these brief moments, if only to feed on Torr’s anguish.


    Atorrian Rythus was born to a small, wealthy merchant family in the city of Jazarra. The weretiger community was unusually large there, and Atorrian enjoyed an elevated place in society - as though born to lesser nobility. Throughout his youth, he was instructed in the basics of business and hunting.

    In his teens, it became apparent that Atorrian was not quite as gifted as his older siblings in wits or charm. His personality was more pre-disposed to indulging his impulses and engaging in hunts than in forging a merchant empire. His father recognized this and steered his son away from the trade end of the business and more into working the small fleet of ships that plied their goods up and down the coast. The change of pace suited the young weretiger and he thoroughly enjoyed spending his wealth in the various ports of call.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Silver
    Several years ago, Atorrian was in the city of Firehaven on business, he stopped in a fine House to have some company for the night. His companion for the evening was almost supernaturally lovely, with a brilliant fire in her eyes. He spent the night with this woman, who called herself Synflower. She was quite skilled, and after the entertainment for the evening, Atorrian could do little other than sleep. But in the morning, Synflower lay quite dead beside him, strangled to death, her beauty dimmed, her face nearly unrecognizeable. Initially frightened as to what had happened, Atorrian fled before she could be discovered.

    It was in dreams that he began to understand what happened. An insideous voice began to speak in his mind, whispering of power, of pleasure, of all things that could be his if he gave in to his desires. The voice was seductive, the powers it offered were real, and for each time Atorrian gave into an urge to simply do as he willed, rather than what was right, more rewards were his.

    Finally, the force within him showed what had happened the night with Synflower. It had been inside the courtesan, but had seen that Atorrian was more powerful and could bring the force to greater heights. As he had lay with her, it had entered him, and as it did so, had him destroy the shell that was all that was left of Synflower. The force called itself Stormrider, as it rides the storm of powerful emotions of hate, pleasure, lust, and desire.
    Atorrian fled Firehaven on foot. He feared that someone would have been able to identify him as the last to be seen with the murdered Synflower. Overland, he traveled far in an effort to reach lands where his family had no trading interests. For the first time in his life, he was out of money and desperate. Stormrider saw this as an opportunity, however, and began its seductive whispers.

    Feeling he had little choice, Atorrian listened to Stormrider. He assumed a new identity, that of Torr Stormrider - a minor noble, heir to an estate in a distant land. Much to his surprise, this cover worked remarkably well. With the symbiont's guidance (and judicious use of its ability to Charm), Torr ingratiated himself as a guest to a long string of noble houses. In each, he would enjoy the best of their food, wine, and women.

    As a guest to Count Yzzar's court, Torr found a kindred spirit. The young Count lived only for hunting and enjoying the finest things money could buy. Yzzar had even commissioned a local wizard to craft a protective collar for his favorite hunting dog - a giant mastiff named Thorn. After a month of developing a close companionship with the young Count, the symbiont decided it was time to feast. It directed Torr to hunt and slay a number of local peasants and cattle, leaving behind the tracks of a large cat. After a week of Yzzar's fruitless hunting, Torr finally confronted the Count alone in the woods. Torr revealed his true nature and the two battled to a bloody end. Stormrider fed greedily upon the powerful emotions of betrayal, hatred and fear while Torr claimed the slain mastiff's magical collar for his own.

    The last shreds of Torr's original personality mourned the loss of a friend in Count Yzzar. A greater part of Torr savored the kill, thus completing his transformation into Stormrider's pawn. Torr and his symbiont now work in tandem, rarely coming into conflict with one another's desires. For just over a year, Torr has been working for the Black Butterfly. Torr's jobs generally involve stalking and killing physically tough targets, particularly when there is a desire for the prey to know fear prior to his or her demise. The work suits Torr and the money is good enough to maintain his cover as a decadent minor noble. One particular job, eliminating a wizard's rival, was paid for with the powerful Titan's Mark tattoos that he now bears on his forearms.
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    Ralam "Darkhand"

    Ralam "Darkhand"
    Male Human Rogue 5/Assassin 7
    : Lawful Evil
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Gray
    Age: 28

    Str: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Dex: 20 (+5) [10 points, +2 levels, +2 Necklace of the Cat]
    Con: 11 (+0) [3 points]
    Int: 14 (+2) [5 points, +1 level]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Cha: 14 (+2) [6 points]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level, Death attack (DC: 19), Evasion, Poison use, Save vs Poison +3, Sneak attack 7d6, Uncanny Dodge (+1 against traps, can't be flanked, DEX bonus to AC).

    Hit Dice: 12d6
    HP: 50
    AC: 22 (+5 Dex, +3 Armor, +3 Ring of Protection)
    Init: +9 [+4 Improved Initiative, +5 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft (30ft in armor)
    Armor Check Penalty: -0

    Fortitude +3 [+3 base, +0 Con]
    Reflex +14 [+9 base, +5 Dex]
    Will +3 [+3 base, +0 Wis]

    BAB: +8/+3
    Melee Atk: +15/+10 (1d4+4, 19-20 x2, Assassin's Dagger)
    Melee Atk: +14/+9 (1d4+3, 19-20 x2, Dagger of Venom)
    Melee Atk: +11/+6 (1d6+4, 18-20 x2, Dread Lord's Touch [Vile Rapier +1])

    Balance +20 [8 ranks, +5 Dex, +2 Tumble synergy, +5 Necklace of the Cat]
    Bluff +8 [6 ranks, +2 Cha]
    Climb +10 [8 ranks, +2 Str]
    Disable Device +17 [15 ranks, +2 Int]
    Disguise +7 [5 ranks, +2 Cha]
    Gather Information +4 [2 ranks, +2 Cha]
    Hide +25 [15 ranks, +5 Dex, +5 Necklace of the Cat]
    Intimidate +9 [5 ranks, +2 Cha, +2 Bluff synergy]
    Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) +5 [3 ranks, +2 Int]
    Listen +7 [5 ranks, +2 Alertness]
    Move Silently +25 [15 ranks, +5 Dex, +5 Necklace of the Cat]
    Open Lock +20 [15 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Pick Pocket +12 [5 ranks, +5 Dex, +2 Bluff synergy]
    Spot +10 [8 ranks, +2 Alertness]
    Tumble +10 [5 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Use Rope +9 [4 ranks, +5 Dex]

    Alertness (human)
    Dodge (1st level)
    Mobility (3rd level)
    Weapon Finesse (Dagger) (6th level)
    Improved Initiative (9th level)
    Disciple of Darkness (12th level)
    Lightning Reflexes (Necklace of the Cat)

    Common, Elven, Infernal

    Assassin's Dagger [10,302gp], Dagger of Venom [9,302gp], Dread Lord's Touch (Vile Rapier +1) [8,320gp], Fleshshifter Armor [13,160gp], Ring of Protection +3 [16,000gp], Never Eyes (as Ring of Invisibility) [20,000gp], Necklace of the Cat [7,500gp], Poison (Slow Bleed) (x2) [20gp], Potion of Sneaking [150gp], Potion of Spider Climb (x2) [100gp] Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (x3) [900gp], Flint & Steel [1gp], Grappling Hook [1gp], Bedroll [1sp], Horse (Light) [75gp], Lantern (Hooded) [7gp], Mirror (Small/Steel) [10gp], Oil (x4) [4sp], Outfit (Courtier's) [30gp], Outfit (Traveler's) [1gp], **Outfit (Thief's) [10gp], Pouch (Belt) [1gp], Rations (Trail/per day) (x4) [2gp], Rope (Silk 50') [10gp], Saddle (Riding) [10gp], Saddlebags [4gp], Signet Ring [5gp], Spade [2gp], Thieves' Tools (Masterwork) [80gp], Waterskin [1gp], Whetstone [2cp]

    Cash: 2000gp, 40sp, 8cp

    ** I wanted something to represent what Ralam would wear if he was doing "thiefy" type stuff, i.e. climbing walls, hiding, sneaking around, etc.. So I took the stats for the Explorer's Outfit for this to represent all of the extra muffling on the straps and buckles. Let me know if you have a different way to handle this.

    3 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd

    Known Spells:
    Change Self [PHB]
    Detect Poison [PHB]
    Death Grimace (A black handprint over the victim's heart.) [BoVD]
    Silent Portal [Magic of Farun]
    Spring Sheath [Song & Silence]

    Alter Self [PHB]
    Darkness [PHB]
    Getaway [Song & Silence]
    Pass without Trace [PHB]
    Undetectable Alignment [PHB]

    Absorb Weapon [Song & Silence]
    Sadism [BoVD]
    Invisibility [PHB]
    Misdirection [PHB]
    Nondetection [PHB]

    Dimension Door [PHB]
    Improved Invisibility [PHB]
    Stop Heart [BoVD]

    Ralam is 5'9" tall and around 150 pounds. He has short, black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. Ralam is most often encountered in elaborate courtly clothes, always the height of fashion. While travelling, he wears more common travelling clothes and appears as any other common traveller.

    Ralam is very clean and very proper. He thinks of himself as a genteel nobleman, cultured and refined. He enjoys fine wine, pleasant conversation, and killing people. Ralam is also a sadist. He discovered during his time on the street that torturing his victims before killing them left more of an impact. After a time he found that he grew to enjoy the torture almost as much as the killing. Ralam is always a perfect gentleman to those he percieves as his social betters or equals, even going so far as to apologise to female victims during torture for inconveniencing them.

    Ralam, known as "Darkhand" professionally, is an assassin in the employ of the Black Butterfly. He comes from a middle class family, the son of a prosporus merchant. His parents were killed by a minor noble in retribution for wresting a lucrative trade agreement away. Ralam awoke to the sound of his parents screaming as they were consumed by ghouls. Ralam barely escaped and developed a deep fear of undead at that time. He took to the street and quickly learned how to make money thieving, discipline and ruthlessness. After achieving some skill as a thief he was aproached by someone representing the Black Butterfly who claimed to know who had his parents killed. After disposing of his assigned target he was given formal assassination training and the identity of his parent's killer. Ralam took great care in planning the demise of his parent's killer, finally finishing the deed only a few months ago. The skin of his victim provided some of the raw material for his newest posession, Fleshshifter armor. Ralam also made a pact with the Dark Lord, Asmodeus to help accomplish his goal as well as to help furthur his ambitions at attaining a place in the aristocracy.
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    Able Catalan

    Able Catalan
    Male Human Ranger 2 / Fighter 6 / Deep Wood Sniper 4

    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Height: 6’ 3”
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Hair: Blond, shoulder length and a little greasy looking
    Eyes: Icy Blue
    Age: 28

    Str: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Dex: 20 (+5) [10 points, +2 levels, +2 Feat – Gaunt]
    Con: 14 (+2) [8 points, +1 level, -2 Feat – Gaunt]
    Int: 10 (---) [2 points]
    Wis: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Chr: 10 (---) [2 points]

    Class and Racial Abilities:
    Feats 10 (1 Human, 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 4 Fighter Bonus), Skill points 63 (lvl 1 & 2 Ranger 25 pts, lvl 3-8 Fighter 18 pts, lvl 9-12 DWS 20 pts), Track, Favored Enemy – Human, Keen Arrows, Range increment bonus 40’, Target Concealment reduction 10%, Magic Weapon 1/day as 4th level cleric, Projectile Improved Critical +1, Safe Poison Use, Take Aim +2.

    Hit Dice: 2d8 + 6d10 + 4d8
    HP: 107
    AC: 23 (+5 Dex, +6 Armor,+2 Amulet)
    Init: +5 (+5 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft
    Armor Check Penalty: 0

    {+1 vs. mind effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning and disease, Feat – Lich Loved}

    Fortitude: +11 [+7 base, +2 Con, +2 from Cloak]
    Reflex: +13 [+6 base, +5 Dex, +2 from Cloak]
    Will: +6 [+3 base, +1 Wis, +2 from Cloak]

    BAB: +12 / +7 / +2
    Melee Attack Rapier: +14 / +9 / +4
    Melee Damage Rapier: 1d6 +2 – Critical 18-20/x2
    Melee Attack Spider Fang: +15 / +10 / +5
    Melee Damage Spider Fang: 1d4 +1
    Ranged Attack: Mighty Composite Longbow, Range Increment 225’, Taking Aim +2, No Concealment
    Over 30’: +21 / +16 / +11 With Rapid Shot: +19 / +19 / +14 / +9
    Under 30’: +22 / +17 / +12 With Rapid Shot: +20 / +20 / +15 / +10
    Ranged Damage: Critical 19-20, x4
    Over 30’: 1d8 +5 (1 point is Vile) Under 30’: 1d8 +8 (1 point is Vile)

    Balance +13 [8 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Climb +14 [11 Ranks, +2 Str]
    Hide +13 [8 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Jump +10 [8 ranks, +2 Str]
    Move Silently +13 [8 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Ride +13 [8 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Spot +9 [8 ranks, +1 Wis]
    Use Rope +9 [4 ranks, +5 Dex]
    +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made against evil creatures

    Evil Brand [Human]
    Lich Loved [1st Level]
    Weapon Focus, Long Bow [3rd Level]
    Point Blank Shot [Fighter bonus, Level 1]
    Precise Shot [Fighter bonus, Level 2]
    Far Shot [6th Level]
    Weapon Specialization, Long Bow [Fighter Bonus, Level 4]
    Rapid Shot [Fighter Bonus, Level 6]
    Willing Deformity [9th Level]
    Deformity, Gaunt [12th Level]

    Language – Common

    Father’s Love (+2 Mighty Composite Vile Seeking Longbow – 1 vile damage, +2 Str Bonus Max) 32,600gp
    Father’s Embrace (as Cloak of Resistance, +2) 4,000 gp
    Amulet of the Son (bestows “thick skin against Father”, as Amulet Natural Armor, +2) 8,000 gp
    Nightslayer’s Pride (+3 Studded Leather Armor – Black) 4,000 gp
    Hubrik's Handy Hand (Glove of Storing) 2,200gp
    The Snake (Rope of Climbing) 3,000gp
    Loviatar's Blessing (Ring of Sustenance) 2,500gp
    Cold Embrace (Ring of Elemental Resistance, cold - minor) 16,000 gp
    Father's Shield (Stone of Alarm) 1,000 gp
    Slayer's Sight (Eyes of the Eagle) 1,000 gp
    Spider Fang (+1 dagger,dark purple, quickly cuts through webs magical or otherwise without getting stuck, allowing the wielder to move through an existing web at half her normal speed. The wielder can use the dagger to create a web once per day. Once per day it can also create a curtain of cobwebs, a 10-foot-square plane of whispy strands that grants one-half concealment to creatures hiding behind it. Any creature that touches the curtain causes it to collapse upon the creature and deal 2d4 points of acid damage.) 11,782 gp
    3 - Potion Cure Moderate, 900 gp

    Rapier, Backpack, Waterskin, flint and steel, blanket, Masterwork Arrows (50)[350gp], Dagger, iron holy symbol of Loviatar, 3 bowstrings, 668 gp

    The first impression of Able is a gangly scarecrow of a man. How could he possibly be as graceful as he is with those long, skinny, arms and legs flailing about? The hair is shoulder length and a bit greasy… you can see where he constantly runs his right hand through it. The look on his face calm, yet it is one of watchfulness. You think he doesn’t miss much. He carries a quiver of arrows, but no bow is in sight; yet he often provides a deer to the inn keeper in exchange for a pallet for the night and a meal. Write him off as a transient that lives off the land and what he can scrounge from the city. Just a beggar with a few quirks who barely earns enough money to keep himself fed.

    Quiet. Tell him to do something, how much it pays, and a nod is all you will often get in return. He enjoys sitting quietly and watching those around him. He sees where the power plays are being made and stays clear. He has no ambition – no drive. There is a sense of calm and foreboding danger around him. People of like mind understand him and know he is not to be feared for ambition but for his talent. Don’t piss him off and leave him behind or you will soon have an arrow in the back. He has a habit of referring to his bow as “Father.”

    “There are some rumors about Able that are disturbing,” Jaden, a member of the Assasin’s Guild, was once overheard saying. “He is incredibly reliable when someone needs to be “removed”. In fact, the Black Butterfly has used him when he wants to send a special message. Our friend not only makes the bodies he, uses them when they are dead – if you get my meaning. I think it is revolting, but who am I to judge. You see, I knew of his family – but I have never told him. A right good hunter his Da was. His mother died giving birth to him. His father never did release the grudge against Able for that. When his Da got too much wine in him he would go give Able a good beating. Well, they say it was a beating. I think his father used him for things, well, how do I say it…used him for the duties that a wife would normally take care of for a husband. Molested. About 15 years ago the father was found naked – dead. His head had been beaten in so bad that they couldn’t recognize him. They always assumed that the boy was taken off. Trolls they said. His bed clothes where all ripped up and bloody. But I have it on good authority that there were some old blood stains on the sheets, too.”

    Jaden was found dead two days later. He had been pierced through both eyes with arrows, his tongue was cut out and his body had been sexually assaulted.
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    Loviana: half-nymph/female (Corruptor/Bondblade/Rogue)

    Loviana Balsarat
    Female Half-Nmyph (Human) Corrupter/4 Bondblade/4 Rogue 2

    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Height: 5' 8''
    Weight: 117 lbs
    Hair: Coppery Red
    Eyes: Sea Green
    Age: 22

    Str: 12 (+1) [Points 4]
    Dex: 18 (+4) [6 points +2 Magical]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 16 (+3) [6 points]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [4 points]
    Cha: 20 (+5) [6 points. + 2 Levels]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    Awesome Beauty, Fey Bloodline, Low-Light Vision, Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty +3, Knowledge: Religion +3, 1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level, 1 skill point at each additional level, Sneak Attack +1d6, Simple Weapons, Material Weapons, Exotic Weapon: Scourge, Light Armor, Medium Armor, shields (Minus Tower), Evasion, Divine Grace, Aura of Fear (10 feet), Immune to Fear, Aura of Evil, Detect Good (At will), Smite Heathen 1/day, Hidden Faith, Rebuke Divine Magic, Disguise Self, as spell (5/Day), Intercession (9/Day), Awaken the Blade II, It's a Kind of Magic II, Weapon Specialization, Brothers in Arms, Soul of Steel.

    Hit Dice: 2d6 + 8d10 (ECL 2d8)
    HP: 106
    AC: 21 (+4 Dex, +7 Armor)
    Init: +4 [+4 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft (30ft in armor)
    Armor Check Penalty: -1

    Fortitude +12 [+5 base, +2 Con, +5 Divine Grace]
    Reflex +17 [+8 base, +4 Dex, +5 Divine Grace]
    Will +9 [+2 base, +2 Wis, +5 Divine Grace]

    BAB: +10/+5
    Melee Atk: +18/+13 (1d8+6, x2, +3* Scourge, +4 bypassing damage reduction)
    Ranged Atk: +14/+9 (None)

    Appraise +5 [2 ranks, +3 Int]
    Balance +5 [2 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Bluff +16 [5 ranks, +5 Cha, +6 Magic]
    Concentration +4 [2 ranks, +2 Con]
    Craft: Weaponsmith +14 [11 ranks, +3 Int]
    Decipher Script +8 [5 ranks, +3 Int]
    Diplomacy +17 [6 ranks, +5 Cha, +6 Magic]
    Disable Device +5 [2 ranks, +3 Int]
    Disguise +6 [1 Rank, +5 Cha]
    Escape Artist +5 [2 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Forgery 6 [3 ranks, +3 Int]
    Gather Information 15 [4 ranks, +5 Cha, +6 Magic]
    Handle Animal +8 [3 ranks, +5 Cha]
    Hide +17 [4 ranks, +3 Dex, +10 Magic]
    Innuendo +4 [2 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Intimidate +15 [4 ranks, +5 Cha, +6 Magic]
    Intuit Direction +6 [4 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Knowledge: History +7 [4 ranks, +3 Int]
    Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty +7 [4 ranks, +3 Int, +3 Racial]
    Knowledge (religion) +7 [1 ranks, +3 Int, +3 Racial]
    Listen +10 [6 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Move Silently +17 [4 ranks, +3 Dex + 10 Magic]
    Open Lock +6 [3 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Read Lips +8 [5 ranks, +3 Int]
    Search +8 [5 ranks, +3 Int]
    Sense Motive +8 [6 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Spot +10 [5 ranks, +3 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Tumble +5 [2 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Swim +12 [8 ranks, +4 Str]

    Vile Feat: Immunity to poison (Bliss)..[Human]
    Exotic Weapon Feat: Scourge…………[Unholy]
    Weapon Focus: Scourge ……………...[1st]
    Weapon Finesse: Scourge…………….[2nd]
    Quick Draw…………………………...[4th]

    Common, Abyssal, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Goblin, and Halfling.

    Loviatar’s Guardian [Mirthral Breastplate +2; Glamered, Shadow, Silent Moves (29250 GP)], Skada [Scourge +1(+3), Bloodfeeding, Defender, Vile, Nystul's Undetectable Aura (18720 GP)], Akin’s Last Resort [Adamantine Stiletto (3202 GP)], One’s Thoughts, [Ring of Mind Shielding] (8000 GP)], Second Skin, [Possum Pouch (1800 GP)], Moon's Secret, [Circlet of Persuasion (4,500)], Shadow Hands, [Gloves of Storing and Dexterity +2 (12,800 GP)], Light of Love, [Earring of Attraction (4,000 GP)], Potion Belt, Masterwork (60 gp), Potions: Cure Light Wounds, x10 (500 GP), Pouch, Belt (1 GP), Herb, Nararoot x 10 Doses (20 SP), Backpack, 2 lbs, Waterskin x 2 (2 GP), Thieves’ tools, Masterwork (100 GP), Trail Rations 6 Days (60 SP), Flint and Steel, (1 GP), Doses of Beautiful x1, nil lbs. (1,200 GP), Doses of Bliss x2, nil lbs. (2,000 GP), Doses of Smile x2, nil lbs. (200 GP), Scroll: Fallen Soul (844 GP), 614 gp

    With ample curves, toned muscles, and perfectly flawless porcelain pale skin Loviana physically, and literally, radiates beauty from her five and three-quarter foot half-nymph frame. To those who find a woman appealing her beauty is an unparalleled work of art and almost all of them find themselves smitten with her in some way. Loviana is aware of this and utilizes her beauty as a tool for her cause. The few people that have seen the true face of Loviana realize that even as she tantalizes them with her lush copper hair, her pouty full lips and her sea green eyes that she isn’t someone to ever take with indifference or carelessness.

    Loviana almost entirely wears black and most people see this as a simple fashion statement as it sets off her flawless pale skin rather than a reflection of her black soul. The truth is that the black is simply the hide effect that is left over when she uses the glamered effect and shifts her armor. This glamered effect is used for day-to-day use as Loviana is slightly paranoid when it comes to her protect.

    Sometimes her duties to her goddess do not allow for the full protection of her armor. In times like this she has many outfits given to her by suitors, both old and young, and in styles to match. One of her most popular outfits, for her and for others, is a black flowing gown, with sea green highlights and sequence, of exquisite design and it’s often rumored that a noble suitor spent a fortune having it crafted for Loviana as it fits her perfect down to the last curve and detail.

    Loviana is a two-sided coin with the public side being very much being a forgery as she appears to be nothing more than a charismatic member of society that catches the eye of many suitors and who isn’t above helping the deprived and the poor. The truth is Loviana is a fanatical follower of Loviatar, whom she was also named after. This obsession has driven her to mimic and model her life after her goddess; she is a cruel sadist who enjoys the torment of others, a masochist in her desire to suffer for her goddess, and lastly she has developed an obsessive-compulsive behavior when it comes to her goddess’ weapon of choice a scourge. Her behavior is quite extreme regarding this weapon, or her previous Skada as she calls it, confidant, and loyal companion Skada has been with her for almost the bringing of her training by her by the church. Her last obsession might come from both her linage and her training. Nymphs are fickle bunch who are attracted to charismatic males, and Loviana in her zeal to damage the good gods has developed a craving for corrupting the paladins of these gods, though she will corrupt the clerics on a slow day. Her “pastime” has evolved over time to the point where she has turned herself into a carrier of poison that hinders the powers of these holy warriors. Her preferred method for delivering the poison, and the way gives her the utmost pleasure, is in the form of a kiss. This delivers the poison but also means that it can cost the paladin his adoration of their god/goddess, as vows of chastity are not uncommon.

    Loviana (Pronounced: Loh-vee-on-a) Balsarat, grew up with little more than a first name in the church of Loviatar. The church of Loviatar has never been known for their compassion and Loviana story doesn’t show a more friendly side as she was always looked at as a possible tool and never as a young child that needed love and kindness, though for a time they where unsure how to best use her unique talents. Loviana wasn’t born evil and may never have been considered to be a great tool by Loviatar if her lineage has been any different than what it was. Her mother was a nymph and her father was a human. This is an unusually bond that leads to even fewer babies but all of these children seem destined for great things.

    A group of priestesses devoted to Loviatar stumbled across the Nymph in the forest of Drell Wood, which is on the western side of the Firespine Mountain range in southern Low'verok, not long after Loviana birth, but enough time had passed for the father to be gone as nymphs and their love is a fickle bunch. It’s unknown rather or not the Nymph was trying to protect its forest and underestimated the priestesses or that the priestesses where able to sneak up upon the nymph while she was distracted. Either way the nymph was captured in short work and the priestesses set up a make shift alter for a sacrifice to their goddess… Shortly after the ceremony had begun but before the final blow was delivered the sounds of a crying baby could be heard resonating threw the nearby woods. Figuring that the baby was not alone a few of the priestesses stalked the sound unsure what they would end up encountering. After a search a baby with an aura of beauty was located and the priestesses took the child back to the nymph. The nymph hoping that her life would be spared, or that at least the life of her baby would be told one of the priestess the truth, and admitted that the baby was indeed hers. The nymph got half of what she had hoped for, her baby was indeed spared, but if she could see what has to become of her child she might in retrospect have given an different answer, but the last thing the nymph saw as she bled out on that unholy altar was her smiling baby.

    The priestesses set out to the closest church of Loviatar for the baby was still too little to travel far. Lucky, while on the journey one of the younger priestess was able to provide nourishment for the young infant but there was no bond formed between the two. This was something that would continued on during Loviana’s childhood, as she would never experience the love and joy from another mortal, and the only love she would experience was from a god devoted to pain and suffering. Loviana grew up slowly as her half-fey blood stalled the aging process for a normal human and this almost caused the church to miss use her. During her very early years she was used mostly on the streets for she had the uncanny ability to always talk passersby out of an extra coin. The people giving the coins had no idea that the young street orphan, so poor and sad looking, wasn’t using the coins for her belly but to line her church’s coffers.

    That all changed when the church realized she was learning the languages she was being exposed too from her time on the street. No longer would she be expected to beg for coins in the street for her goddess. Now, she with formal training she would be expected to spy for her goddess. Though spying was far more dangerous than simple begging for coins she excelled at it.

    With the coming of womanhood the church realized that they had the makings of a very unique tool. Already devoted and intelligent, with the changes of womanhood came a tool that was by far the most unique tool they could have imagined, a woman who’s beauty of the flesh could corrupt even the most faithful of people. Upon discovery of this Loviana was placed in the ranks of Loviatar’s Corrupters, a group devoted to making other churches weaker by destroying their power base, their clerics and paladins, some lose the lose their faith but others find a new faith, Loviatar.

    Loviana as of late has done most of her work in the city of Albon, with it being the second biggest city and its free trade zone makes it a perfect place for someone to come and go as they please. Their Loviana is given free roam of the city, she does report via some means to her church but her work is mostly undercover and the need for security and her ability to get results gives her a freedom to roam where she fills her skills are needed the most. This allows her to do what she desires when she desires it. From roaming dungeons in search of objects of either rare or evil powerful magic, to the fields of small village and the almost forgotten clerics of small churches or her most favorite to the cities so large that one can be lost for days in them.

    Magical Items Histories

    Loviatar’s Guardian, this was a gift from her goddess, Loviatar, and her church when she was first starting out upon her mission to spread the faith of Loviatar and to corrupt the other faiths. This breastplate was design to being the wearer a lifetime of protection. As the wearer demonstrates her faith it provides more and more protection.

    Skada, Loviana has bonded to this scourge as they have been together since day one of her training. Loviana treats the scourge as her best friend, confident, and not as the weapon it is. She’s been known to carry out conversations with the weapon in site of others.

    Akin’s Last Resort, one of the few items of serious value that Loviana has ever had to buy herself. She had it commissioned after an incident in which everything went wrong and she was unarmed and unarmored. The stiletto and sheathe together are designed to look like an elegant hairpin. The hairpin can be removed from her hair without its true nature being apparent but if the stiletto is removed from the sheathe than Loviana’s hair is unbound.

    One’s Thoughts, another gift from her goddess this one was given for progression through the ranks. The reason for this gift is to show that evil can hide in plan sight and never be detected.

    Shadow Hands, Appearing as a pair of fine black silk gloves, these gloves enjoy a certain popularity amongst rich thieves and assassins. This pair is opera length and was commissioned by Keel Blackshadow, a less than scruples assassin that was a suitor many years ago, it was given as a goodbye gift after a successful mission.

    Moon's Secret, A fine tiara of silver set with moonstones, this was owned by a priestess of Sune, who gave it to Loviana as a gift for leading her to her new goddess, Loviatar.

    Second Skin, Made involuntary from the skin of a woman who’s only crime to mankind was her skin tone was a perfect match to Loviana’s, this pouch often carries Loviana poisons and the few scroll she has and allows her to conceal small items.

    Light of Love, An elegant set of silver earrings, delicately wrought into intertwining heart-shapes. These earrings have found memories for Loviana as they where a gift from Daelric Lovesword, a paladin of Sune, that was enthralled with Loviana and what he saw her as. Unfortunately, when he discovered the truth of what Loviana was he committed suicide rather than try to live with the truth.

    These earrings provide the wearer with a +4 circumstance bonus to all Charisma-based social skill checks, stackable with all other bonuses. The earring may also be used to attract a member of a similar race to the wearer's side. The target must make a Will save (DC 18), to resist the effect; otherwise the target finds the wearer irresistible and walks to her side. This power is effective up to 100 ft. (Earrings of Attraction from Materia Magica)
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    Aekir formerly Eraithon Sordimin
    Male Earth Genasi Ranger 1/Fighter 4/Soul Eater 6
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 195lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Black
    Age: 25

    Str: 24 (+7) [10pts, +2 Race, +2 Level, +4 Enhancement]
    Dex: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Con: 20 (+5) [6pts, +2 Race, +4 Enhancement]
    Int: 14 (+2) [6pts]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [4pts, -2 Race]
    Cha: 6 (-2) [0pts, -2 Race]

    Class and Racial Abilities:
    Darkvision 60'
    +2 Str
    +2 Con
    -2 Wis
    -2 Cha
    Pass Without Trace 1/day
    +3 racial bonus vs earth spells and effects
    Acid resistance 5.
    Favored Enemy: Human (+1 to damage, Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot and Wilderness Lore vs Humans)
    Energy Drain 1 (Natural attacks drain energy levels)
    Soul Strength (+4 Enhancement bonus to Strength for 24 hrs after inflicting energy drain damage)
    Soul Blast (6d6 100ft ray of force DC 14 for none, 1/day if he has inflicted energy drain damage)
    Soul Enhancement (+2 Enhancement bonus to Skills, Saving Throws, and ability checks. If he has inflicted energy damage)
    Soul Endurance (+4 Enhancement bonus to Constitution for 24 hrs after inflicting energy drain damage)
    Soul Radiance (Ability to assume to form (as shapechange) of anything he has drained to death for 24 hrs)

    Hit Dice: 1d8+1d10+4d10+6d8
    HP: 141
    AC: 24 [+7 Armor, +2 Natural Armor, +2 Deflection, +1 Luck, +2 Dex]
    Init: +6
    Speed: 30ft
    Armor Check Penalty: -1

    Fortitude: +20 [+11 Level, +5 Con, +2 Enhancement, +2 Resistance]
    Reflex: +12 [+6 Level, +2 Dex, +2 Enhancement, +2 Resistance]
    Will: +10 [+6 Level, +2 Enhancement, +2 Resistance]

    BAB: +11/+6/+1
    Melee Atk: +20/+20/+15/+15/+10 [1d6+12 + Energy Drain +1 Vile, 1d6+8 + Energy Drain +1 Vile, offhand]
    Melee Atk: +19/+14/+9 [1d4+8]
    Ranged Atk: +14/+9/+4 [1d8 +4]


    Knowledge: Arcana: +6 [2 Ranks, +2 Int, +2 Enhancement]
    Move Silently: +16 [12 Ranks, +2 Dex, +2 Enhancement]
    Hide: +15 [11 Ranks, +2 Dex, +2 Enhancement]
    Spot: +18 [14 Ranks, +2 Alertness, +2 Enhancement]
    Search: +15 [11 Ranks, +2 Int, +2 Enhancement]
    Listen: +18 [14 Ranks, +2 Alertness, +2 Enhancement]
    Wilderness Lore: +6 [4 Ranks, +2 Enhancement]


    Willing Deformity (1st Level)
    Ambidexterity (Ranger Virtual Feat)
    Two Weapon Fighting (Ranger Virtual Feat)
    Tracking (Ranger Free Feat)
    Improved Initiative (Bonus Fighter Feat)
    Weapon Focus: Claws (Bonus Fighter Feat)
    Deformity (Claws) (3 rd Level)
    Weapon Specialization: Claws (Bonus Fighter Feat)
    Alertness (6th level)
    Improved Two Weapon Fighting (9th level)



    Death On Swift Wings (As Per Martial Gloves +3, Arms and Armor pg 42, 9,050gp) These hand wraps are made to resemble black wings that fold and envelope the hands of the wearer. Aekir retrieved them from the hands of a particularly mouthy demon whom was protecting one of his marks

    Stone of Dark Tidings (Amulet, +2 Natural Armor and +1 Luck Bonus to AC, 13,000gp) This stone appears as a small chunk of obsidian about an inch in diameter, it seems to have a very faint reddish glow about it. A gift from the fallen goddess when she returned her creation to the prime.

    Window of the Damned (+2 Mithral Breatsplate 8,350gp) This highly polished breastplate does not reflect light as it should, instead appearing dull and gray. Sometimes faces, some half decayed, some completely normal appear as ghostly images in the mirrored surface, all with looks of horror or pleading if someone actually sees the face. They quickly fade away however. This Breastplate was the property of one of the members of the Order of the Olive Branch, after Aekir had killed him, it began to take on the odd traits it now exhibits.

    Safe Journey (+2 Ring of Protection 8,000gp) a simple iron band decorated with a gold. A gift from Eraithon’s father when he began riding with his outriders.

    Shelter Against the Storm (+2 Cloak of Protection 4,000gp) A black cloak with blue embroidery along the hem. If you look closely at the embroidery it is actually a prayer to Ehlonna written in elvish asking for shelter against the harms of the world aka the Storm. Aekir had been hired to eliminate a thief who thought he could operate independently. When he found him, he was in the process of raping a young priestess of Ehlonna. Aekir cut him down while he was in the act and left. Several weeks later the priestess hunted him down and presented him with the cloak for “saving” her.

    Life Song (+1 soul burner (4 soul limit) dagger 18,302gp) This dagger's gleaming surface occasionally seems to reflect tortured faces.

    Corroder's Touch (vile weapon ring, works for hands, 20,000gp)

    Slippers of Spider Climbing - 2,000gp
    Dust of Disappearance - 3,500gp
    Masterwork Composite Longbow (+4 strength) - 800
    Masterwork Warhammer - 312
    40 Arrows - 2gp
    Traveler's Outfit - 1gp
    Bedroll - 1sp
    Waterskin - 1gp
    Mirror, small, steel - 10gp
    150pp 671gp 9sp 2 250 trade rubies


    Slightly Shorter than average Aekir is thick and broad. His muscular body is pale, but still caries a slight tan color, denoting his elemental heritage. His eyes are dull and flat and completely black. He usually wears dark gray and black clothing that cover him from the neck down. The reason for this is his body is covered in blasphemous runes cut into his flesh that have never healed, though they do not bleed. His fingers end in bony blades, which are usually covered with padded gloves, until he uses them.


    Quiet and cold, Aekir shows no emotions. He is utterly ruthless, not letting anything stand between himself and whatever objective is set before him, usually in the most efficient manner. The only time he shows any emotion is when he finds something that reminds him of his former life, which he then hunts down and exterminates.

    He accepts money for the jobs he does, but in truth, he does not desire money or riches. He accepts the money because he would not be trusted if he did the jobs for free. He views himself as a weapon, death given form. The Black Butterfly is the hand that guides him

    Eraithon is not quite as gone as Aekir would like however. He tries to exorcise his memories by destroying anything associated with them, including Knights of the Olive Branch and his own family. He does not actively seek them out, but if he does see them he will hunt them down and kill them.

    He lives near water, because as part of his daily routine, he feeds on the life essence of a rat. He does this because it is expedient and useful, no bodies to hide, no animal gods to annoy and with his soul radiance ability he can assume the form of a rat, which can be extremely useful.


    Eriathon Sordimin was the youngest son of a very wealthy merchant house. He was shy and reserved growing up, though generally bright and happy. He showed little talent for business, but a great deal of talent for warfare, due to his prodigious strength.

    He originally began to train with his father’s caravan outriders, but one fateful night his caravan was ambushed by bandits. They discovered who he was and he was held for ransom. On the third day of his captivity a lone man rode into the bandit’s camp and convinced some of them to turn themselves over to the authorities. Some of the others attacked the man, but he dispatched them with ease, freeing the young man and made a very significant impression on him.

    He dedicated himself to the Order of the Olive Branch that the rider had belonged. Though he was not suited for either the clergy or the holy knights, he trained with them and protected those whom had made the sacred vow of pacifism. Generally he was tolerated in the temple as an over zealous lay follower, for he was a strong warrior, he donate heavily from his family fortune, and was generally quiet, pious and unassuming.

    Then six years ago, the order of the olive branch fell from grace. In that terrible night, the order’s goddess, descended to the lower planes, taking her loyal host, her temple and her overly zealous lay follower whom had been in the temple with her.

    Eraithon’s story ends there. Whatever happened to him in the lower planes changed him entirely.

    Two years ago, the Sordimin family was massacred in their mansion. Not a single living being was left when the authorities investigated. Around the same time a man named Aekir was recruited by the Black Butterfly. He has worked for them ever since, acting as an enforcer or assassin.
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    Bael (Schism'd, but dominant half of mind) and Synthia
    ? Ex-Human Telepath 6/Shadow Mind 6
    Alignment: Bael is Lawful Evil, Synthia is Chaotic Evil
    Height: Varies with body
    Weight: Varies with body
    Hair: Varies with body
    Eyes: Varies with body
    Age: ??

    Str: Varies with body/Originally: 6 [0 ponits, -2 Shadow Adept]
    Dex: Varies with body/Originally: 8 [0 points]
    Con: Varies with body/Originally: 14 [6 points]
    Int: 15 (+3) [8 points]
    Wis: 16 (+3) [8 points +1 level]
    Cha: 22 (+6) [10 points +2 levels, +4 magic]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    Human: 1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level.
    Shadow Mind: Control Shadow (Manifest control shadow 6/day free, add it to list of powers known even if the ability requirement is not met), Subpsionic Defense +2 to saving throws against powers from the Psychometabolism, Psychoportation, or Psychokinesis disciplines.), Subpsionic Power +2 (+2 DC and to manifester levels vs. PR for powers from the Metacreativity, Clairsentience, and Telepathy disciplines.), Subpsionic Shield (6 rounds/day).

    Hit Dice: 12d4+24
    HP: 61
    AC: Depends on Body/9 (-1 Dex)
    Init: Equal to body's dexterity modifier
    Speed: 30ft
    Armor Check Penalty: -0

    Fortitude Depends on Form [+4 base, +3 magic]
    Reflex Depends on Form [+4 base, +3 magic]
    Will +16 [+10 base, +3 Wis, +3 magic]

    BAB: +6/+1
    Melee Atk: Depends on Form
    Ranged Atk: Depends on Form

    Bluff +31 [15 ranks, +6 Cha, +10 item]
    Concentration +15+X [15 ranks, +X Con], +25 with Third Eye on
    Gather Information +15 [9 ranks, +6 Cha]
    Hide +21+X [6 ranks, +15 item, +X Dex)
    Intimidate +18 (+6 Cha, +2 synergy, +10 item)
    Knowledge (Psionics) +17 [15 ranks, +2 Int]
    Psicraft +17 [15 ranks, +2 Int]
    Sense Motive +15 [9 ranks, +3 cc ranks, +3 Wis]

    Feats: (Since you're using Mindscapes psionic combat, I used the bonus feats for 1st and 5th levels of psion, is that okay?)
    Psionic Focus (Telepathy) (Human)
    Greater Psionic Focus (Telepathy) (1st)
    Extend Power (Psion bonus feat for 1st)
    Mental Adversary (3rd)
    Persistant Power (Psion bonus feat for 5th)
    Conjunctive Mind (-2 to Str) (6th)
    Insidious Mind (7th, Shadow Mind bonus feat)
    Tenacious Mind (7th, Shadow Mind bonus feat)
    Overwhelm Buffer (9th)
    Tainted Construction (10th, Shadow Mind bonus feat)
    Transcend Limits (12th)
    Dark Speech (Bonus feat, BoVD)

    Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal

    Psionic Powers Known: (Secondary Disciplines: Psychoportation, Psymetabolism) (DC d20 +12 + power level to resist Telepathy powers)
    PP per Day: 84+40 = 124
    0-Burst, Catfall, Control Shadow (from Shadow Mind), Detect Psionics, Finger of Fire, Inkling, Missive, Teleport Auxilary*, Telempathic Projection, Trinket
    1-Attraction, Call Weaponry, Charm Person, Conceal Thoughts, Lesser Body Adjustment
    2-Brain Lock, Conditioning Relief*, Construct Toughness*, Psychic Bodyguard*, Suggestion
    3-Displacement, Fate Link, Mindlink, Schism
    4-Metallize*, Mindwipe, Fatal Attraction
    5-Ectoplasmic Armor, Mind Probe
    6-Mind Switch
    *From Mindscapes

    Bag of Holding (Type 1) (2,500 gold)
    Ring of Mind Shielding (8,000 gold)
    Ring of Sustenance (2,500 gold)
    Sash of Resistance +3 (9,000 gold)
    Synthia's Locket (+4 enhancement bonus to Charisma, +10 enhancement bonus to Bluff checks) (20,000 gold)
    Third Eye: Concentrate (2,000 gold)

    Shadow Mind PrC:

    Being a body snatcher, Bael/Synthia has no set appearance, except on the mental battlefield. Synthia appears as an old crone, with a glazed, aimless stare and a vacant smile upon her cracked face. In this form, she has long, gray hair that reaches to her bare feet and made into several braids with colorful ribbons. She wears a white, torn up nightgown and carries a doll in the shape of a young girl-with actual human eyes that dart back and forth in fear, as little needles twist and poke out of it at odd angles. Standing either beside her or behind her is a tall, imposing figure...Bael. Composed of shadowy wisps, he has a long, bat-like wingspan along with two pin pricks of gleaming red for eyes. Fearsome in appearance, his body winds down into a tail which seems to be attached to the back of Synthia, and when he attacks mentally, his form stretches to compensate this lack of mobility. They make a scary couple.

    Synthia, on one side is very child-like, she likes to be amused and plays with her toys, in a sense however, this is a mockery. She's very sadistic, with just a bit of patience, although not too much, and absolutely no conscience or fear of consequences what so ever. To her, everything is a game and everyone sooner or later are her toys. If she has the time, she likes to pitch people against each other, using trickery foremost and forcefulness the least, that's not to say she doesn't enjoy using her powers, however.

    Bael is the patient one. While he is the dominant personality, he rarely takes control unless the two are in serious danger as he perfers to be amused by the antics of Synthia. In a sense, he fits the teacher archetype, and he goads his other half into more sinister deeds. Taking the backstage in most deals, he basically lets Synthia be his reflection to the outer world, with very few, if any people knowing of his presence. He is fixated most of the time by some grand plot or scheme of his, and some how the currents events going on with the two tie into it, yet the outcome is currently unknown.

    Synthia was born about a hundred years ago from the current time to a small village, and a happy family. As a young child, she was possessed by a lesser devil for about a week, before having the evil spirit exorcised and slain before her very eyes by a group of heroes. The possession had scarred her, however, and even after the adventurers left, even after being cared for years from her parents, Synthia was never the same. Synthia eventually discovered that her mind was enhanced (on top of being imbalanced), believing it was from the possession, she was afraid of them, but soon grew used to exercising them, whether it was on her parents or her friends. Over time she grew more powerful, and with that she explored the darker recesses over her mind. She grew delusional, schizophrenic at times, hearing voices and believing that she was turning into a fiend-or, that she was a fiend. The taint of the devil that possessed her left a permanent imprint in her mind, and her psionic powers let it grow and manifest in half of the girl's mind.
    Synthia's mind wandered the lands for some time, wreaking havoc, destroying lives, exploring more vile acts of evil to ingraine the experience of evil into her mind. Over time, Bael's presence grew stronger and he sought for organization to further their power in the mortal world. Together, they became the perfect assassin, and soon grew the Black Butterfly's attention, accepting his invitation to join him just recently.
    Bael and Synthia, two halves of the same mind, delusioned into believing one is a fiend, and the other following in its footsteps.

    Female Human Druid 7/Ancient Mother 4
    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Str: 6 (-2) [2 points, -6 Aging]
    Dex: 6 (-2) [2 points, -6 Aging]
    Con: 11 (+0) [8 points, -6 Aging, +2 enhancement]
    Int: 13 (+1) [2 points, +3 Aging]
    Wis: 28 (+8) [13 points, +2 Level, +3 Aging, +4 enhancement, +2 sacred]
    Cha: 12 (+0) [1 point, +3 Aging]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    Human: 1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level.
    Mother's Wisdom (+2 sacred bonus to Wisdom, +5 to Spot/Listen checks)
    Tough Love (DR 3/-), raised to DR 4/- with Greater Resiliency
    Mother's Love (1/day, create 30' ward that gives all allies a +5 sacred bonus to AC)
    Mother's Eyes (True Seeing 1/day as an 11th level caster)

    Hit Dice: 11d8
    Speed: 30ft
    Armor Check Penalty: -0

    Fortitude +9 [+9 base]
    Reflex +1 [+3 base, -2 Dex]
    Will +20 [+9 base, +9 Wis, +2 feat]

    BAB: +9/+4
    Melee Atk:
    Ranged Atk:


    Blindfight (1st)
    Iron Will (1st)
    Eyes in the Back of Your Head (3rd)
    5 ft. Radius Blindsight (6th)
    Greater Resiliency (9th)


    Druid Spells Prepared (6/7/6/5/4/3):

    Possessions: (50,000)
    Amulet of Health +2 (4,000 gold)
    Headband of Wisdom +4 (16,000 gold)
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    Male Tiefling Fighter 7/Grim 4
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Height: 6'-5"
    Weight: 260lbs
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Light Blue
    Age: 25

    Str: ?? (+?) [? points]
    Dex: ?? (+?) [? points]
    Con: ?? (+?) [? points]
    Int: ?? (+?) [? points]
    Wis: ?? (+?) [? points]
    Cha: ?? (+?) [? points]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    1 feat at first level, 4 skill points at first level and 1 skill point at each additional level

    Hit Dice: 6d10 + 3d12
    HP: ??
    AC: ?? (+? Dex, +? Armor, +? Shield)
    Init: +? (+2 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft (20ft in armor)
    Armor Check Penalty: -?

    Fortitude + [+ base, + Con]
    Reflex + [+ base, + Dex]
    Will + [+ base, + Wis]

    BAB: +/+
    Melee Atk: +/+ (1d?+?, x?, )
    Ranged Atk: +/+ (1d8+?, x3, 110ft. range, mighty composite longbow)

    Climb + [ ranks, + Str]
    Handle Animal + [ ranks, + Cha]
    Heal + [ rank, + Wis]
    Intimidate + [ ranks]
    Listen +7 [3 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Search + [ ranks, + Int]
    Spot + [ ranks, + Int]
    Swim + [ ranks, + Str]







    Sketch Link:

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    Gwyn ap Fomor
    Human Half-fiend Ranger 5 (non-casting variant)/Mortal Hunter 4
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Red
    Age: 22

    Str 24 (+7) [6 points, +4 template, +2 level, +4 item]
    Dex 20 (+5) [6 points, +4 template, +2 item]
    Con 16 (+3) [6 points, +2 template]
    Int 16 (+30 [4 points, +4 template]
    Wis 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Cha 16 (+3) [6 points, +2 template]

    Class Abilities: Favored enemy +4 (humans), +2 (elves), +2 (mortals); Wild Empathy (+8); Mortal Skin (any humanoid); Detect Mortals, Smite Mortals (+1 to hit, +8 to damage, 1/day)

    Racial Abilities: Spell-like abilities: (save DCs are 13+spell level, caster level 9th) Darkness 3/day, Desecrate 1/day, Unholy Blight 1/day, Poison 3/day, Contagion 1/day; 2 claws (1d4 damage), bite (1d6 damage), outsider (does not need to eat or sleep), natural armor +1, darkvision 60 feet, Smite Good (+9), immune to poison, acid, cold, electricity, and fire resistance 10, DR 5/magic, SR 19.

    Hit Dice: 8d8+4d10+36
    HP: 116
    AC: 20
    Init: +5 [+5 Dex]
    Speed: 30 ft
    Armor Check Penalty:0

    Fortitude: +13 (+8 base, +3 Con, +2 resistance)
    Reflex: +12 (+5 base, +5 Dex, +2 resistance)
    Will: +5 (+2 base, +1 Wis, +2 resistance)

    Melee Attacks: +18 Harrowheart (1d6+9, 18-20/x2);+16/+11 Harrowheart, + 15 Crows Beak (1d4+8, 20/x4), +11 bite (1d6+3+1 vile); or +18 Mercykiller, wielded two-handed (2d6+11 subdual)
    Ranged Attacks: +15 Little One (1d8+5 20/x3)

    Craft (bonecarving) +11 [8 ranks, +3 Int]
    Climb +17 [12 ranks, +5 Str]
    Heal +9 [8 ranks, +1 Wis]
    Hide +17 [12 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Intimidate +17 [12 ranks, +3 Cha, +2 Cosmopolitan]
    Listen +15 [12 ranks, +1 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Move Silently +17 [12 ranks, +5 Dex]
    Search +15 [12 ranks, +3 Int]
    Spot +15 [12 ranks, +1 Wis, +2 Alertness]
    Survival +13 [12 ranks, +1 Wis]

    Feats: Alertness (Human)
    Cosmopolitan: Intimidate (1st level) (FRCS, page 34)
    Mortalbane (3rd level) (BoVD, page 49)
    Vile Natural Attack (6th level) (BoVD, page 50)
    Improved Favored Enemy (9th level, Complete Warrior 101)
    Track (Ranger 1)
    Two-Weapon Fighting (Ranger 2)
    Endurance (Ranger 3)
    Boost Spell-Like Ability (Mortal Hunter 2)

    Languages: Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Elven

    Harrowheart: This +2 rapier, its elaborate guard carved into the appearance of a corpse-strewn rosebush, possesses a critical multiplier of x3 when used against good foes. (15,3200 gp) (BoVD, page 113)

    Flesh Ring of Scorn: This tarnished brass ring, dangling from Gwyn's left earlobe, allows him to automatically score a critical hit whenever he threatens one. - 8000 gp (BoVD, page 115)

    Spider Fingers (as Gloves of Dexterity +2)
    These elegant silken backless gloves were once white; they were dyed scarlet when Gwyn removed them from their last wearer, a priestess of Sune, and he has not chosen to bleach them. - 4000 gp

    Sinew of the Mountain: This belt is broad, made of linked steel and silver plates and carved with dwarven runes. The former owner learned that strength alone would not avail him when Gwyn ran him to death on the open plains. As Belt of Giant Strength +4 -16000 gp

    Mercykiller (As +1 merciful club, deals an extra 1d6 damage and all of the damage it deals is subdual. This club is an even polished length of wormwood, magicaly strengthed and stained a dark red.) - 8,300gp

    Crow's Beak (As +1 ioun blade light pick, this weapon has a socket for an ioun stone in its pommel; as long as the weilder holds the blade he gains the benefit of any ioun stone in the socket as if it were orbiting around his head. This light pick's sharpened head is slightly carved to suggest a bird's beak, and its shaft is stained black and carved slightly to resemple feathers. It takes its name from the tendency of the crow to peck out the eyes of its victims; the ioun stone in the pommel is supposed to suggest an eye.) - 6,304gp

    Demon's Warding (As ioun stone of resistance +4. This ioun stone gives the benefit of a cloak of resistance +2. It is deep orange in color, with a sliver of red in the center that gives it the impression of being an eye. It is a smooth egg in shape.) - 8,000gp

    Soul of Despair (As +1 fearsome mithril chain shirt [total armor bonus +5, Max Dex bonus +6, 0 armor check penalty, arcane spell failure 10%, 12.5 lbs]. This chain shirt allows the wearer to create an aura of fear around him in a 40 ft. radius. Everyone in this area must make a Will save (DC 16) or be affected by the fear spell. To those who make their save, the wearer appears as he normally is. To those who fail their save, they see the wearer as a creature from their worst nightmares... which may be no different in Gwyn's case.

    The wearer may activate this effect as a standard action, like activating a magic item, or dismiss the effect as a free action. This chain shirt seems very fine and elegant, made from mithril as it is, but along the neckline are tiny Infernal runes picked out in red metal. They seem just a decoration unless someone succeeds on a Spot check (DC 20) to recognize they are actually writing. Even then the person must be able to read Infernal before he realizes what their intent is. The shirt itself was quenched in the blood of those that died from fear, in a terrible ritual that cost ten people their lives.) - 10,350gp

    Little One (As +1 shrinking mighty (+4) composite longbow. Upon command ("vanish") this bow can shrink, as if affected by the shrink item spell. This is not a very spectacular weapon, but a rather practical one. This bow shrinks down to a tiny, bow-shaped patch that is easily hidden. Most would not think to remove this shread of cloth when disarming someone, even if they found it in the first place. And what is the point of taking someone's arrows if they have no bow? This bow is fairly normal, though near the grip there are carvings of bees, beetles, ants, and other tiny creatures.) - 8,800gp

    scroll of morality undone (This scroll is written on the parchment skin of a fallen paladin, and written in an ink of his powdered holy symbol, the blood of his brother paladin he betrayed during his fall from grace, and some of the ash from his temple he burned down. It is tied with his dried and tanned tongue, and contained in an elaborate scroll case made from his femur, capped with pieces of his skull, and decorated with his teeth. Hair from his mount keeps the scroll caps on. DC 16) - 700gp

    scroll of phantasmal killer (This scroll is very ancient, written on the preserved burial shroud of a madman that became an eye of fear and flame. It is inked with the blood of fifty of his victims along with the remnents of both of his crushed gem eyes. It is tied with a braid of the hair of his victims and contained in a stone scroll case that resembles a reliquary for Nerull. When the spell is cast, it deals an additional 2d6 worth of fire damage to the victim even if he makes his initial Will save, DC 16.) - 900gp

    scroll of charm person (This scroll was made by a cleric of Sune, a lovely redheaded woman Gwyn frightened to death, taking this scroll afterwards. It is written on pink paper made from rose petals, and inked with the juice of wine and passion fruit. It is tied with some of the hair he gently removed from her head, and is in a lovely scroll case made of persimmon wood and capped with rose quartz in the shape of open roses. As it was made by a rather powerful cleric, the DC is 18) - 200gp

    potion of love (Another little something Gwyn picked off of a cleric of Sune, this potion is in a bottle carved from rose quarz and engraved with Sune's symbol. A minor illusion on the bottle gives the symbol color and a semblance of life. It is stoppered with gold and the top of the stopper is stamped with a heart. The potion inside is very much like fine white wine, with a faint hint of roses. As this was made by a gifted cleric, the DC is 16.) - 200gp

    Spells: Save DC is 13+spell level, caster level 3rd
    Two spells of 1st level, one of 2nd level, chosen from the Mortal Hunter list (BoVD page 65)

    Appearance: Gwyn dresses in drab browns and greens when in the woods; in civilization, he prefers dark grays. He is the stereotypical hooded stranger in a bar, tall, dark-haired, and strangely handsome, at least initially. He appears sympathetic, almost friendly, to most strangers, but a perceptive individual will note that the smile never reaches his ruby eyes.

    Background: Gwyn was born of the violent union of a balor and a hapless milkmaid. At eight months, he tore his way free of his mother's womb, impatient to enter the world he already viewed as his playpen. Unsurprisingly, the villagers exposed him on a mountaintop, in the firm knowledge that the gods would dispose of this demonspawned monstrosity. Instead, he crawled his way to the nearest road, where he was found by pilgrims and brought to an orphanage. It took the monks, followers of the god of mercy, nine years before they admitted to themselves that Gwyn was irredeemably evil, during which time he had tortured and tormented the other three dozen orphans. When the paladin arrived to dispatch him (the monks being sworn to pacifism), Gwyn fled into the wilderness.

    For the next decade, Gwyn stayed out of civilized areas, wandering farmlands and lightly-traveled roads and preying upon isolated individuals for amusement rather than sustenance. He occasionally joined with bandits, but they usually fled him within weeks, apalled by his bloodlust and the terrible remains of his toys. His skills progressed, and before his twentieth birthday he had learned a magical means of assuming the forms of his victims, enabling him to reenter civilization, undetected by his foes.

    Gwyn has now been in Andeluvay for several years, and has done a handful of jobs for the Black Butterfly; on some occasions, it has been desirable to leave the mentally shattered victim alive as a reminder, or to give the target a tiny taste of the fear he will know should he fail to do as the Black Butterfly wishes. On his own time, he particularly enjoys amusing himself with clerics; the priestesses of Sune are his favorite playthings, but he also enjoys breaking the spirit of young paladins, driving them into panicked despair before ending their lives. He keeps fragments of the hides of his victims, sometimes to infiltrate the temples but more frequently to terrorize his latest victim in the shape of their deceased friends.

    Personality: To call Gwyn "sadistic" is as great an understatement as calling the tarrasque "capable in combat." He delights only in the unmitigated terror of others; physical suffering is amusing, but ultimately inadequate. As a result of his fiendish blood, he considers himself inherently superior to almost every humanoid, and this superiority gives him not only a right, but an obligation, to use lesser beings as his playthings. Oddly, he has a strong sense of beauty; while he delights in shattering minds, especially of young women, he refuses to mar their faces, and were he to burn down a cathedral, he would likely take the time to remove the stained glass windows, while leaving the screaming parishioners inside.
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