Ok, so one of my player's character is a paladin. This guy is a fantastic roleplayer, but his character isn't really good. Now I don't want to strip him of his powers until he's made a concious decision, but I don't think it's really fair to let him get away with it, so I was thinking of giving him a piece of paper after the party sleeps next which describes a dream to him.

The party is currently in a town flooded with refugees. They're begging on the streets, and the paladin is walking past, just ignoring them, not doing anything to aleviate the suffering all around him. He didn't even really show any regrets about their situation. Now, I see charity as an essential part of good, and so I want to send him a message. I want the dream to show him walking past the beggars who are all round them, because he's concentrating too much on the law (indicated by eclesiatical books) and accidentally walking into the arms of evil, turning him back on the crying old man who represents his god.

I guess the question is: is this too heavy handed? Am I interfeering to much in the RPing of the player? Or is this a kinda cool, in-game way of letting the player know something's up that will make the RPing more exciting?