Of Vile Darkness
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    Of Vile Darkness

    Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be starting now. All OOC information that you need to tell me put at the end of your post in bracket like this:

    [OOC: Diplomacy +10 to try to calm him down]

    Of course the role-playing version of that would be further up the post, but if you need any rolls made, just make me aware of them.

    Also, please put your race, class, character name, and whatnot in the title of your posts so everyone doesn't have to keep running to the Rogue's Gallery to figure our who everyone is.

    Thoughts go in italics, speaking in "quotes," and actions go in *asterisks.* If you wish to use different colors for thoughts and speech, you may, but it must be light enough for me to read.

    Occasionally I'll be making use of the spoiler tags. If you see a blank spot in a paragraph or something, like this [spoiler]this is an example of spoiler text[/spoiler], please don't highlight it until you read the end of the post and get my recommendations as to who is supposed to read it.

    I'm using the Faerunian calendar, except with 7-day weeks.

    Our Vile Band of Villians
    Brother Shatterstone - Loviana Balsarat - NE Female Half-Nmyph (Human) Corrupter 4 (of Loviatar)/ Bondblade 4/Rogue 2
    Rybaer - Lord Torr Stormrider - NE Male Human (Shapechanger) Weretiger 9/Rogue 2/Fighter 1
    linnorm - Ralam "Darkhand" - LE Male Human Rogue 5/Assassin 7
    Wrahn - Aekir (formerly Eraithon Sordimin) - NE Male Earth Genasi Ranger 1/Fighter 4/Soul Eater 6
    Paxus Asclepius - Gwyn ap Fomor - CE Male Human Half-fiend Ranger 5 (non-casting variant)/Mortal Hunter 3
    Rhia - Lady Eradiel Danode'tner - Female Drow Wizard 5/Mindbender 5

    Inactive Players and Characters
    Corinthi - Roach, the Beggar King - LE Male Human Ranger 1/Fighter 2/Cancer Mage 9
    Galbraith - Able Catalan - NE Male Human Ranger 2 / Fighter 6 / Deep Wood Sniper 4

    Out of Character Thread
    Rouge's Gallery

    The World of Low’verok

    Capital – Andeluvay, in the northeast on the Tonver River. (See more information further down.)

    It is governed by a single king, King Xargo, and there are 48 high noble lords (mostly humans, genasi, and half-elves, but there are two gnomes and three halflings amongst them), three dwarven noble lords (from Silver Citadel, Citadel Amber, and Firegold Citadel), two elven noble lords (from the Farlight and Black Pine forests, respectively), and the current Council Speaker from the Sea of Song that govern their various parts of the country.

    Low'verok has very strong ties to the elemental, para-elemental, and quasi-elemental planes, and genasi of all types are common (though some more than others). Elemental and half-elemental creatures also are seen with relative frequency, and they are generally considered lucky.

    Small gods are quite frequent, and many trees and pools of water embody the essence of the divine. Signs that indicate the presence of a god are taken very seriously (some even include favored sacrifices). Particularly for gods of ponds or springs, a small sacrifice of coin or food is required before taking water. There are even a few small gods of berry bushes or fruit or nut trees, so small prayers before taking the fruits of the land are a part of everyday life. Also, there are gods of the various animals and other creatures, so short prayers after taking the life of a creature for food or in self-protection are routine.

    Because of the close ties to the land through the elemental planes and small gods and nature spirits, it is rare that settlements abuse the land. Logging, mining, hunting, trapping, etc. are usually done in a responsible manner (usually through treaties with local elven or gnome communities).

    The gods of Low'verok (and their domains) are:
    Alnaria – neutral good Protector of children, Goddess of Innocence, Unicorn Queen (Animal, Good, Luck, Protection)
    Akadi – neutral goddess of air (Air, Illusion, Travel, Trickery)
    Beshaba – chaotic evil goddess of bad luck (Chaos, Evil, Fate, Lucky, Trickery)
    Boccob – neutral god of magic (Knowledge, Magic, Trickery)
    Corellon Larethian – chaotic good god of music and the arts (protector of elves) (Chaos, Good, Protection, War)
    Ehlonna – neutral good nature goddess (Animal, Good, Plant, Sun)
    Erythnul – chaotic evil god of slaughter (Chaos Evil, Trickery, War)
    Fharlanghn – true neutral god of travel (Luck, Protection, Travel)
    Garl Glittergold – neutral good god of jokes and humor (protector of gnomes) (Good, Protection, Trickery)
    Ghaunadaur – chaotic neutral god of slimes, oozes, and aberrations (Cavern, Chaos, Earth, Slime, Water)
    Grumbar – neutral god of earth (Cavern, Earth, Metal, Time)
    Gruumsh – chaotic evil god of domination (protector of orcs) (Chaos, Evil Strength, War)
    Heironeous – lawful good god of valor (Good, Law, and War)
    Hextor – lawful evil god of tyranny (Destruction, Evil, Law, War)
    Hoar – lawful neutral god of retribution (Fate, Law, Retribution, Travel)
    Istishia – neutral god of water (Destruction, Ocean Storm, Travel, Water)
    Kelemvor – lawful neutral god of death (Fate, Law, Protection, Repose, Travel)
    Kord – chaotic good god of strength (Chaos, Good, Luck, Strength)
    Kossuth – neutral god of fire (Destruction, Fire, Renewal, Suffering)
    Lliira – chaotic good goddess of joy (Chaos, Charm, Family, Good, Travel)
    Loviatar – lawful evil goddess of pain (Evil, Law, Retribution, Strength, Suffering)
    Milil - neutral good god of musicians and music (Charm, Good, Knowledge, Nobility)
    Moradin – lawful good god of the forge (protector of the dwarves) (Earth, Good, Law, Protection)
    Nerull – neutral evil god of undead (Undeath, Death, Evil, Trickery)
    Obad-Hai – neutral god of nature (Air, Animal, Earth Fire, Plant, Water)
    Oghma - neutral god of knowledge (Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery)
    Olidammara – chaotic neutral god of thieves and tricks (Chaos, Luck, Trickery)
    Pelor – neutral good god of the sun (Good, Healing, Strength, Sun)
    Siamorphe – lawful neutral goddess of nobles (Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Planning)
    Sune – chaotic good goddess of beauty and love (Chaos, Charm, Good, Protection)
    Talona – chaotic evil goddess of disease and poison (Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Suffering)
    Talos – chaotic neutral god of storms (Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Storm)
    Tymora – chaotic good goddess of good luck (Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, Travel)
    Valkur – chaotic good god of sailors (Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, Protection)
    Vecna – neutral evil god of secrets (Evil, Knowledge, Magic)
    Wee Jas – lawful neutral goddess of death and magic (Death, Law, Magic)
    Yondalla – lawful good goddess of the hearth and family (protector of halflings) (Good, Family, Law, Protection)

    There are two important things that everyone in Low'verok knows. One is about the song pearls, and the other is about the Forbidden Lands.

    Song Pearls
    Song pearls or glass pearls are worth, at the bare minimum, ten times platinum for a single one. The rare, translucent pearls have many powerful magical properties, from allowing one to understand magic, to healing, to making one stronger, or other equally wonderful things. Song pearl beds are rigorously guarded by aquatic elves and often raided by kelpies or other aquatic monsters that like shiny things. At least one open war was fought to control the song pearl trade (the Pearl War, which led to the creation of the current “free trade zone” around the Sea of Song). No noble may control the trade, and no merchant may bargain with more than two aquatic elf communities for their supply. As a matter of fact, there are no nobles controlling any community near the Sea of Song. The towns and cities in that region each send a representative to Albon (the largest city of the region), and a leader is elected to represent the interests of the Sea of Song in the noble’s council in Andeluvay. Song pearls are frequently bought by the king for use in the army, but there are also some markets for adventurers and very wealthy wizards or nobles.

    Forbidden Lands
    The Forbidden Lands are in the far southwest of Low'verok. The coast around the peninsula is treacherous and rocky, and there is not a single good port around it, not that any sailor could be convinced to try. The land leading up to the Forbidden Lands is inhospitable desert, inhabited only by nomadic tribes. The edge of the Forbidden Lands is impossible to miss, as it is a shear cliff that drops straight down two hundred feet, as if the land had been cut by a knife. There’s a common expression that goes simply “Nothing good comes out of the Forbidden Lands.” And nothing ever has. The only things people have ever seen come out of the Forbidden Lands are strange and deadly monsters. The nomadic peoples of the Unwanted Desert (the border of the Forbidden Lands) have a strong warrior tradition and consider themselves the first line of defense against the horrors of the Forbidden Lands. So far, none who have gone into them have come back to tell tales of it. The phrase “I'll send you to the Forbidden Lands” (or various permutations thereof) is uttered between deadly enemies or by assassins.

    I'll try to give you a small mental picture of the world (as I have no digital map-making skills). Picture, if you will, a large oval country. There's a wide peninsula in the southwest. Where the peninsula meets the land, there is a 200 ft cliff. The entire peninsula is the Forbidden Lands. Bordering this is the Unwanted Desert. East of the desert is a mountain range known as the Dragonspine Mountains. The Firegold Citadel, one of the dwarfholds, is there. East of that is Skord's Swamp, a large marshy area that legend has it contains a black dragon. Much further east in the southeast portion of the country is the Black Pine forest. Running north to south in the eastern part of the country is the Tonver River, a major trade route. In the northeast, right on the Tonver, is Andeluvay, the capital.

    There's a large lake to the west and slightly south called Greenfire Lake, so called because it glows with a green fire at night. No one knows why, but most sorcerers tend to come from those shores. Just south of Greenfire Lake is a large expanse of plains, in the center of which is the city of Willow Grove. The people of the plains are known for their talent for raising horses.

    To the east and slightly north of Andeluvay is Ice Lake, thusly called because icebergs can be found in it all year round. South of Ice Lake is the Sea of Song. The area around the Sea is a free trade zone, so the trade capital of the country is in Albon, on the south shores of the Sea. Every single guild has their central Guild Hall here, rather than in the capital. Just west of the Sea of Song are the Firespine Mountains, home of the Silver Citadel and Citadel Amber dwarfholds. To the north is the Farlight Forest, home of the highest elven nobles. The Deepwater river runs from east to west, starting in the Firespine Mountains, running north of Skord's Swamp, and emptying into the Endless Sea just east of the Black Pine Forest. The Deepwater is swift, cold, and in a deep gorge for most of its length and is unsuitable for trade.

    From the peninsula of the Forbidden Lands to the Black Pine Forest is the shore of the Endless Sea. The major ports are: Benshay, in the Unwanted Desert, specializing in goods from the desert nomads; Fort Merdin, just east of Benshay, a major naval outpost for the king; Port Jarlo, just east of Fort Merdin, specializing in exotic goods from the southern isles; Port Lyalee, between the Dragonspine Mountains and Skord's Swamp, run exclusively by halfling traders running to Albon; Gajin, just south of Skord's Swamp, this place has a high concentration of lizardfolk and water genasi and has a somewhat unsavory reputation; Port Xialar, just east of the Black Pine Forest, run by elves. One hundred miles off the coast roughly south of Gajin is the island of Scuttlecove, known by only a few, and then only for its utterly unwholesome and depraved reputation. The rest of Low'verok is surrounded by what is collectively (and rather unimaginatively) called the Unexplored Lands. There's no taboo against exploring these lands as there is the Forbidden Lands.

    Forests of Low'verok
    While there are several wooded areas of Low'verok, the largest and most intimidating forests are the Farlight and the Black Pine. These forests haven't been logged in centuries, and to the outside eye, remain virgin woods. All elves come from one of the two forests. While many elven communities exist in other areas of Low'verok, all elves are born in one of the two great forests. A pregnant elven woman would make every effort to get back to her home forest (or the other, if her time is close) in order to give birth in one of the great elven communities. The rare elf that is born outside the protection of the great forests (and its attending spirits) is considered unlucky or even cursed. It's fairly obvious when an elf is born outside the great forests; a normal elf's eyes are green, a "outborn" elf's eyes are bright blue.

    Other intelligent races generally do not enter the great forests without permission. While the great forests are not exactly closed to outsiders, one needs a potent reason to come inside, and an even better one to come to one of the elven communities therein. Some of the fringe communities of humans, gnomes, or half-elves have standing permission to a certain amount of hunting and gathering on the edges of the forest, and most consider these to be lucky. A word from them carries weight when an outsider tries to gain entry to the great forests.

    Black Pine - The Black Pine forest borders the coast in parts, and is subject the coastal raids that are part of life along the ocean. The elves from this region run Port Xialar, which is open to all species, though they have their own ports deeper into the forest. To hide their own ports, the elves employ obscuring magic, but sorcerers or wizards with pirate bands have brought down the elven defenses before. In reaction to this, the elves of the Black Pine forest concentrate not on more powerful magic, but on skillful archers, frequently combined with magic. The archers and arcane archers of the Black Pine forest are the best in Low'verok. An elf from this region typically has a somewhat martial and practical outlook. They're close to human and halfling trade routes as well, and generally get along with traders very well.

    Farlight - If the Black Pine forest is said to represent the martial and warlike side of elves, than the Farlight forest represents the mystical and magical side. Many centuries ago, human, half-elven, genasi, and others raised great magician's towers and created deep underground complexes. The Farlight forest was a strange, isolated collection of communities bent on studying the arcane mysteries. The elves permitted this because they too were fascinated by the magic, and hoped that with many others (particularly non-elves, that might have a different way of looking at things), the mysteries could be unraveled. For reasons unknown, several strange areas of slightly warped magic exist in the Farlight forest, along with the odd portal. Because of these strange magical fields, the Farlight forest contains several odd creatures, infused with the odd magical currents. The mysteries of the Farlight forest have prevented any kind of major invasion, despite the fact that it borders the Unexplored Lands. Orc hoards have simply been swallowed up by it, as evidenced by left-behind shields, weapons, and armor as they tried to run.

    However, a few centuries ago, the great towers and complexes began to fall into ruin. The arcanists and magisters with their strange experiments had simply vanished without a trace. The elves were uncertain of how this happened, but visions from Corellon Larethian convinced them that it had been folly to allow the raising (and descending) of towers into the great forests, particularly by non-elves.

    The forest today is dotted by crumbling ruins of once-great towers, usually in close proximity to one strange magic field or another. The elves shun them, and continue to live in their natural cities. However, they know that some strange things still reside in the old complexes. They occasionally let well-trusted adventuring groups clean out some of the more troublesome ones.

    The elves of the Farlight forest still carry on a strong magical tradition. The most powerful wizards tend to come from the Farlight, as well as many unique spells and magical items.

    Other interesting world tidbits that you should know
    Andeluvay: The capital city of Low'verok may not be the trade capital, but it does boast something else aside from the king's palace. There are portals in Andeluvay to every single one of the Inner Planes, and genasi that may be extremely rare elsewhere are much more common. Andeluvay does brisk business in planar travel as well as goods that help one traverse the planes. Thus the Wayfarer's Guild is the only Guild with their main Guild Hall in Andeluvay rather than Albon.

    Also each temple has its head temple in the capital city, so it is also the religious center of Low'verok. However, there are no public temples to most evil deities, nor Hoar, Olidamarra, or Ghaunadaur. But there are temples to Beshaba (connected to Tymora's temple, rare is the sight of one temple with the other), and Talona. Their presence is scarcely tolerated by some of the other churches, but one never mentions one luck goddess without her sister and Talona's clergy's ability to diagnose and remove disease is better even than Pelor's so their public presence is tolerated. In reality, all temples have a strong presence here, but those who are disapproved of or persecuted stay hidden from the public eye.

    Guilds: Each Guild and several organizations have their own seal. Inns and other establishments with the guild seal on the door offer discounts or additional services to members of that guild. Here's a few descriptions of the various guild seals:

    Adventurer's Guild: A crossed sword and bone, with a starburst behind.
    Weaver's Guild: Six by six crosshatch.
    Miner's Guild: Pickaxe.
    Jeweler's Guild: Faceted gem.
    Tailor's Guild: Spool and threaded needle.
    Tanner's Guild: A hide.
    Trader's Guild: A coin above a wagon wheel.
    Diver's Guild: Open clam shell with pearl in it (see only around the Sea of Song).
    Shipwright's Guild: Simple ship with billowing sail.
    Locksmith's Guild: Keyhold and key.
    Moneychanger's Guild: Three different sized coins.
    Cooper's Guild: A barrel.
    Cobbler's Guild: A boot.
    Horse Trainer's Guild: Horse head.
    Healer's Guild: A hand, palm forward, behind a mortar and pestle.
    Elemental Guild: Leaping flames, round circle (pebble), waves, and three wavy lines (wind) (for genasi that wish to learn more about how to use their unique heritage).
    Gravecrawler's Guild: (morticians) Skull and a stone
    Mage's Guild: Starburst.
    Messenger's Guild: A winged foot.
    Wayfarer's Guild: A door.
    Brotherhood of Alchemy: A circle, split in two horizontally. The bottom half is dark, the top light with a mortar and pestle.

    Guilds that are not generally seen in public
    The illegal guilds are generally not widespread organizations, and may only be confined to large cities or even only certain cities or regions. Their symbols are rarely seen except for the worst of neighborhoods (barring Scuttlecove of course)

    Thieves' Guild - There are many thieves' guilds, each with their own individual symbol, but all tend to include some kind of open portal (window or door) and a hand.
    Whore's Guild - A skirt.
    Executioner's Guild - An axe. While not illegal, this is a very small guild that is generally only one or two individuals working for a noble family. Their guild duties generally consist of recording the names of the people killed, what crime caused them to be executed, how they were executed, their last words or request, and if anything noteworthy happened at the execution.
    Torturer's Guild - Iron maiden. A skilled profession requiring a certain amount of learning to be good at it, this guild is not entirely illegal. While some torturers are employed by nobles to get information from criminals, some are rogues that only desire to hurt others.
    Fence' Guild - A fence. Most fences (those who buy and sell stolen goods) are independent, but they have a network to help move particularly troublesome items.
    Assassin's Guild - Dagger with a droplet on the end.
    Addendum to Alchemist's Guild - If you see what looks like a drop of water below or somewhere within a symbol of the Brotherhood of Alchemy, then the alchemist knows how to make poison and their antidotes. In public, it's always the antidotes, but for less scrupulous customers with gold enough to pay, poison can be bought. Sometimes certain drugs can be had too, but that's more rare.

    Names: In Low'verok, it is reasonably common for a person to change their name if they change careers, signaling that the person wishes to be free of their past. Calling someone by a former name is considered an insult, unless the former personality of that name is sorely needed. Old adventurers have been called to arms by their old names before. Many will take great pains to conceal their past so that they cannot be called by their former names.

    Laws: One of the quirks of Low'verok law is that necromancy is not illegal. Bodies of executed lawbreakers are given to necromancers so that they can be animated for public service, such as cleaning sewers.

    Magic Item Names: All magic items have some kind of name. Also, if owned long enough, additional powers can be discovered about them. For example, an amulet of natural armor +1 known as Yelfark's Shield after the druid that created it, might become a +2 and grant electricity resistance 10 as its owner increases in level. Discarding it or giving it to another allows the item to revert to its base power.


    And now, on to the story:


    All of you would know the following bits of history and rumors:

    Years ago the Yillinda, wife and Queen of King Xargo, was struck down by a magical poison, yet did not die. She remains in a kind of eternal sleep, and Xargo remains faithful to her. Because of this, there is no royal heir. This much is public knowledge. Rumors fly as to who did it and why the most potent magic or prayers cannot restore the Queen to true life. Several assassins would have loved to take credit for this, but no one has come forward. Since her poisoning, King Xargo has withdrawn from nearly all public appearances, only appearing at the most necessary and sacred public functions. When she was "alive," Queen Yillinda was a champion of the poor, while King Xargo handled the nobles. The strangest rumors circulate about the fact that Kind Xargo has had visions from his comatose wife, requesting that he form an order of knights dedicated to her, to carry out her wishes.Along with these rumors of these new "Yillindan Knights," have been a rash of vigilante-style justice on the streets. The City Watch officially suspects the church of Hoar (an outlawed faith).

    Amongst the religious side of things are clashes amongst the clergy, as the laws concerning necromancy are up for debate again. All of the good faiths are against the laws, but are opposed by the churches of Siamorphe, Wee Jas, Talona, and Boccob. Boccob and Wee Jas' churches are backed by both the Mage's Guild and the Gravecrawler's Guild (who are responsible for animating bodies of executed law-breakers for public service), both powerful guilds with backing by many noble families as well as powerful wizards. Talona's church is usually responsible for supplying the poisons used in execution (it's more difficult to reanimate a beheaded or hung body), and would hate to their markets dwindle. And Siamorphe's church claims that the necromantic laws help keep order by warding off some law-breakers. They are, of course, backed by a large portion of the noble houses. Both sets of churches are at odds, while the neutral faiths simply fight to keep from falling asleep in council.

    On general religious information, the following faiths are outlawed: Nerull, Vecna, Hextor, Grummsh, Loviatar, Olidammara, Hoar (due to vigilantism), and Ghaunadaur (due to its worshippers being rampant destructive forces most of the time). Talona's church is legal because their ability to diagnose and cure diseases and poisons better than Pelor's church. Beshaba's faith is allowed because no one ever mentions her sister, Tymora, without her.

    Andeluvay is the largest city in Low'verok, a nexus of over a two dozen portals, and a center for all religions. Even those faiths that are outlawed have a strong presence here, to the dismay of the City Watch. The capital is a city of extremes, holding the King's palace and houses of the high noble lords, the central temples, and the Nexus Hall (where the portals are) as well as shockingly decadent districts of unsavory vices (Firelight Walk) and industrial areas of grinding poverty (Dragon's Breath Hollow, or simply The Hollow).

    Firelight Walk is the place where one can find the kinds of things one can't buy in the market. Here the Thieves' Guild has their headquarters, as do Assassin's and Whore's Guilds. The current Guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild is a lightning genasi called Darsilni Silenthand. Known as a clever roofwalker and excellent safe-cracker, Darsilni doesn't tolerate sloppiness in his employees. Rogue thieves that don't present themselves to him, or refuse to abide by guild laws find their stay in Andeluvay shortened considerably.

    The current Grandmaster Assassin's name is not known (it rarely is), but the person you talk to to arrange for such things is a halfling called Wode. No one's sure if this person is a male or female, but Wode is a virtually colorless individual that's a master of disguise. It's particularly adept at pretending to be a beggar child. If you want a job done, it's best to be at The Hydra's Glass tavern on certain days and times, which change weekly. If you're a new assassin in town, it's best to report to Wode before taking out your target or trying to find work.

    Most of the pleasure houses on Firelight Walk are run through the Whore's Guild, but there are a few independent houses and many independent whores. A guild-run whorehouse has fair, fixed prices, guarantees a certain level of cleanliness and experience in their employees, and protects both parties from spying or cohesion.

    There are also several dens where one can experience a wide variety of mostly-illegal substances, or indulge in other, darker vices. The Blind Woman is a popular place to get certain drugs, while The Shattered Sister is run by a rogue member of the Torturer's Guild. It is also suspected that Sivi, the propritor of the Shattered Sister, either is or has connections to the church of Loviatar.

    A place of a great deal of trade, much of it interplanar, Andeluvay has a great deal of inns, taverns, trading halls, and markets. There's a place for every kind of purse, so sleeping on the streets is not tolerated aside from the most destitute of beggars. However, if one is lacking coin, there are several charity houses that one can go to for a pallet of straw, a bowl of soup, a bit of healing, and some spiritual guidance. The charity houses are mostly run by the church of Pelor, though Alnaria's faith has three that only care for beggar children, in addition to their usual orphanages. Several of the other good faiths have charity houses too, though several are joint endeavors.

    Andeluvay is also very unique in the fact that is actually straddles the Tonver River. The King's Palace is literally built right over it, held up with great pillars that rise over a hundred feet into the air, held up with both mortar and magic. The massive pillars are, in fact, hollow, and part of the palace lies underneath the river as well as above it.

    There are over a dozen bridges that span the Tonver River, from an old wooden foot bridge, to various stone bridges of differing ages and styles. One bridge seems to be made of a silvery metal and appears as insubstantial as a spider web, though it is, in actuality, the strongest of all the bridges. Known as the Royal Favor, or simply the Royal, only nobles may pass over this bridge, and it is guarded at all times by members of the royal guard. All of the bridges charge some kind of toll, from a few coppers to a silver, depending on the area, traffic, and size of the bridge.

    A place so rich in magic and riches of the planes also has great centers of learning. The Darcandis Wizard Academy is the most prestigious in Low'verok, and stands near the temple of Boccob. Exclusive, rich, and powerful, this academy has been producing excellent wizards for over three hundred years. To claim that one is from the Darcandis school is a mark of social superiority. Most court wizards have attended the Darcandis academy. Also in the city is Varland's School of Magic, a small academy specializing in transmutation, Libri Falyarrow, a school run elves for those interested in elven wizardry, and Ekzerikal's Worlds of Wonder, a gnome-run academy specializing in illusion magic. Also the main academy for those who learn from the Mage's Guild is here, and is the largest school of magic in Low'verok.

    There are several great libraries here, run by clerics of Oghma, Boccob, Siamorphe, as well as other scholars. The Hall of Knowledge is the largest library, containing tomes covering hundreds if not thousands of subjects. For a fee of a few coppers, one can browse books for hours. For a bit more, one can have the help of skilled scholars in searching for certain types of books. It takes much more to look at the books of magic, which are in a section of the library known as The Well, guarded by warriors sworn to Boccob.

    The Hall of Records is part of the temple of Siamorphe, a place where the bloodlines of all nobles are recorded, including what bastard children they've managed to locate and record. A fee of a few silver will allow one to peruse these books. The Hall of the Dead is part of the temple of Kelemvor, with records of the fallen added daily so that prayers might be said for them. Extensive graveyards and catacombs characterize the temple of the Lord of the Dead.

    Every church has their high temples here, as the High Priest or Priestess of each religion has a say on the King's Council. The temple district, known as the Godswalk, contains the splendid temples, each decorated in their own very unique way. The air here smells of incense, and sounds of chanting can be heard at all hours of the day.


    It is twilight on Firstday, during the fourth week of Highsun. Each of you either already is in Andeluvay or have arrived at some point within the last couple of weeks. What has brought you here if this isn't your home? And what are you doing tonight?
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    Aekir, Male Earth Genasi, Ranger/Fighter/Soul Eater

    Aekir sat in The Hydra’s Glass, waiting. Wode would not be in for many hours yet, but he wanted to know the feel of the place before he met the assassin. He slowly sipped his ale and reviewed what had brought him here.

    Three weeks ago, he had received a letter, orders from the Black Butterfly to come to Andeluvay. No explanations, just that simple order. Aekir had complied, as he always did. He had traveled here in a little under two weeks and rented a small room in a boarding house in the Hollow. He had spent the last week getting to know the layout of the city and the ends and outs of it, while waiting for further word from his employer.

    A week later he was still waiting. He knew that he had begun to get a reputation for some of the work he had done for the Black Butterfly, if anyone had recognized him, which was unlikely, but possible, then it would be best to placate the local guild before it became a killing issue. Besides, they may prove useful, if he ever found out why he was here.

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    Loviana: Half-Nymph/Female (Rogue/Corruptor/Bondblade)

    Loviana had been in the city for a few weeks and was quite surprised at how much was left unturned by her. Her orders from her church had been slightly vague as someone known as the “black butterfly” had made inquiries into someone who could "handle" men of faith.

    The vagueness of the request made her sigh, There are always men of faith to be handled. This butterfly must be highly connected and/or paying a fortune to have my talents sent here... She frowns at the negativity in her own thoughts as nothing really disheartening had happened to her, her quarters at one of the better inns in town had been prepared well enough, and the city had as a whole had a new set of cultures Loviana had not seen before.

    All in all, the city of Andeluvay had enough to keep Loviana from being bored out of her mind but her desire to server her goddess was making the wait a unique form of suffering... She frowned at the thought wondering, Maybe this is a test of my devotion, my Goddess of Suffering? If it is, my goddess, I shall exceed your greatest expectation. She thought again of the city and what it had to offer, a new batch of faithful in deepest need for conversion. A slight chill of pleasure coursed threw her body as she thought of converting one, or some, of them, Loviatar, my goddess, my maiden of pain, do you wish me to suffer in your name or do you want me to make others suffer in your name bring more sheep into your flock?

    As if waiting for a response from her goddess she scans the crowd of what she had started to call in her mind the “jewels market“, for in this part of the city she had encountered a larger than normal number of vendors selling jewelry and gems, only to catch an attractive cleric of Sune steering at her with a perplexed look upon his face from across the market. She smiles at the cleric while twisting a stray locket of luscious red hair around her back gloved fingers that offset the pale color of her porcelain skin, Right now, I’m sure he is trying to figure out if I’m really here or an illusion of his goddess… If he does come on his own accord, my goddess, then I know what you want me to do. She grins cruelly at the thought dropping her gaze upon the necklaces and amulets in front of her looking at the various gemstones set in them.

    OOC: Everyone else, how does the color work for you? If it’s tedious to read please inform and I’ll change it, if it’s fine no need to reply.
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    Roach - Human Cancer Mage

    *A harsh wet hacking cough echoes off the walls of a dank, narrow alley. A slender figure, clad in rags, kneels on the ground, his head pressed against the slimy cobbles as his back contorts and spasms with the force of his coughs. With a gurgling hack, he brings up a garish orange globule, which he spits against a wall.*

    *His simple absolutions attended to, Roach shakily rises to his feet, loose rags swaying about his slim form like cloth serpents. He dries his forehead with the back of his arm, then stumbles from the alley into the darkness of the city. A busy evening awaits the feverish wretch. He reaches into a concealed pocket in his rags and fingers the shiny baubles within.*

    They were generous with thier alms last night. Yes... The money poured from them like ooze from a wound. *Roach thought to himself in a self satisfied manner.*

    You mean you were good with your fingers. Those wealthy curs wouldn't know generosity if it were a boil on thier arses. *The mental voice that answered Roach was... different. It burned in his mind like a wetstone scratched across a sheet of slate. The voice was unwholesome, alien, yet undeniably his.

    I'll have none of your naysaying tonight. Tonight we must distribute these alms to appease the hungers.

    Our hungers will not be satiated by your feeble attempts at charity, human. We crave flesh. Something supple and fresh. A child perhaps.

    *A thin trail of saliva begins to slide down Roach's chin even as he shakes his head, mumbing to noone.* "No, the little ones have enough problems without us feeding on them." *His stomach begins to growl angrily.*

    We don't need to kill the little kipper. We just need a taste. Something tender, something they don't need. A nose. Give us a nose and we'll be happy. And the little one will find more mercy with a minor disfigurement.

    *As always, Roach nods his head to the twisted wisdom of his own private demons. He heads out to make his donations. He tries to evenly split his 'alms' between the charity houses of Pelor, the churches of Talona and Wee Jas, and the Shattered Sister. Even if it's not a chirch of Loviatar, it does the goddess' good work. Also, should he find a tasty morsel along the way, one mother will never need to wipe her child's nose again.*

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    Lord Torr Stormbringer; human weretiger/rogue/fighter

    *As was his daily routine, Torr woke when rays of the late afternoon sun finally fell upon his face. He pulled the chain beside his bed, signaling to Rosalyn downstairs that he was ready to be brought breakfast. Groggy from sleep but suffering little from hangover, he slipped from out from under the sheets and stretched his arms and back cat-like.*

    *Torr slipped on his hose and then threw open the doors to the balcony overlooking a small but well-tended flower garden that several houses on this block shared. The sounds of Andeluvay commerce were distant in spite of his rental house's location near the heart of the city. He liked the house, though it paled next to some of the estates he had visited. Torr had started renting the small, well-furnished house six months ago when he had arrived in the city and for the moment it suited his purposes.*

    *Those purposes lately had included indulging his decadent lifestyle by performing a number of select jobs for this "Black Butterfly" and sating Stormrider's appetite for powerful emotions. So far, the move to the capitol had proven fruitful.*

    *Working for this Black Butterfly had become a simple and even enjoyable proposition. An intermediary agent, always a different person, would drop a note off once a month or so and request that he deal with a specific person in a specific way. Generally, it involved stalking and terrifying some poor schmuck. Twice, it had gone as far as murder. The intermediaries assured Torr that these cases had been cleared ahead of time with Assassin's Guild. Torr was arrogant enough to feel it didn't matter. The jobs almost always generated enough emotional juice that Stormrider would be satisfied for days, and that just made the generous pay gravy on the roast.*

    *Rosalyn, an attractive young lass who'd been tending his house for two months now, arrived on the balcony with a platter laden with ham, bread, cheese, and wine. She smiled and bowed her head deferentially as she set the food on the small table where he usually took his first meal.*

    "Good afternoon, milord," she said. "Is there anything else you might need?"

    *Torr's stomach grumbled eagerly at the smell of the honey-glazed ham and he was about to dismiss the servant. His eyes met Rosalyn's, deep blue and full of innocence. From there, they slid down to her low-cut blouse. She blushed and looked at the floor.*

    Yes, Stormrider spoke up. Yes, there is something else you need from her. I am hungry.

    *Torr briefly considered telling the symbiont to shove off, but he thought better of it. Stormrider, able to read his thoughts and emotions better than Torr himself could, chuckled in its own sort of way at his errant and rebellious impulse.*

    "Yes," Torr said to Rosalyn with a charming smile. "I will be needing something else from you."

    *He led the petite woman back into his room and to the bed. Stormrider fed upon the mixed emotional energy of the moment - passion, fear, lust, shame.*

    Complex emotions for such a simple girl, Stormrider whispered to Torr. Too young to know if she should be ashamed or excited. A delectable palate of emotions, to be sure, but not strong enough to be truly satisfying. I will need better fare this evening.
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    Ralam, Human Rogue 5 / Assassin 7

    Ralam stepped out into the twilight air. It felt cool after the heat of the ritual just completed. Lady Morrigan Arvnos's hand rested lightly on his arm as they strolled back toward her apartment. She had a tendancy to prattle on inanely that made her seem like a witless bimbo, but no one survived as one of The Dark Lord's disciples without a keen mind. Ralam nodded and gave the appearance of listening to her chatter, as his patron and sponsor in The Dark Lord's service he needed to avoid offending her, but inside he was still focused on the problem he'd been facing since exacting his revenge on Baron Gorinthal two months ago. What would he do now? What goal was there to achieve? It was then that something his companion said registered in his conciousness.

    "What?" His face puzzled as he wasn't sure of what he heard.
    "Oh yes, the whole familiy died. It's a shame really, they were of good breeding. You know, I've been...."

    Ralam lost interest in what she was saying again as the idea fully formed in his mind. Why stop with just the baron? He could kill all of the baron's family too! After all, the baron had killed his whole family. Why shouldn't he return the favor? Too bad the baron was already dead, he wouldn't be able to know the fear and dispair of having his family taken from him. Ralam grinned. Oh well, some things can't be helped.

    After seeing Lady Arvnos to her apartment and declining an invitation in, Ralam headed back towards his own apartment. Upon arriving, he found a letter instructing him not to leave Andeluvay; the Black Butterfly had need of his services. Ralam poured himself a drink and began laying out plans for the next day. A trip to the guild to verify that his plans would not step on any toes, and then off to The Hall of Records to look up the names, and any other information available, on his most hated enemy's family.
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    Able Catalan - Human - Ranger/Fighter/Deep Woods Sniper and all around Vile Guy

    Late morning again... I overslept. Who cares...I get up and rinse this taste out of my mouth. ~Does a bear crap in the woods?~ they say... no, he crapped in my mouth. Ugh... I need a drink.

    I think I'll wander down to the market and get some food from a vendor. Once again I haven't bought anything because I'm not sure how long I'll be here. No sense in wasting the money, right? Mmmm... getting low on money, now that I think of it. Maybe I'll drop by the Hydra and see if Wode has any business tonight. Normally does. I don't think you could have set up a guild like ours anywhere else. These damn portals make traveling right handy. Pop in, pop the mark, pop back. Normally I'm only gone a few days and I like that. Living in a house between Firelight Walk and Talona's temple is soooo convienent. Those people at the temple are so accomodating, too. Rarely do they not have the ~lubricant~ I need for my arrows. Helps to ~slip one in~ and the mark falls down. One shot, one kill... heh. I love this place! That trap door in the basement to the sewers keeps the busy body next door from seeing me leave when I don't WANT to be seen. Occasionally I even find a nice cold body for me in the sewers. Something undead. When I do I'll try and warm up a bit...a little friction. Hahahahahaha I'll just pop my bow into Hubrik's Handy and be on my way

    Stepping out into the sun. Shades eyes so they can get used to the light. Walks towards the market for food.

    Yeah, off for some food and drink. I'll buy some bread, cheese, meat and wine to take home this time, too. Then I think I'll wander around and people watch for a while then head to the Hydra about 5 minutes before Wode shows up. I haven't done any work for my guild for a while and I'm sure the butterfly has plenty of contracts out there. I'll have another drink and see what happens from there. Maybe off to the Blind Woman to get something for some fun for later tonight.

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    *Aekir, at this early hour the Hydra's Glass is still fairly quiet. There are four private booths, as well as about seven round tables with bolted-down stools around them. The balcony above contains another four tables, and the ceiling bears several simple chandeliers with a plethora of candles lighting the place. A long bar lines the west wall and a hearth anchors the north. There's a pot of some kind of stew bubbling over the hearth, and a large hunk of some kind of meat being turned on a spit. Behind the bar the kitchen sounds with the clanking of pots and pans and the smell of warm bread fills the air.*

    *The Hydra's Glass isn't the most classy establishment, but for a tavern at the edge of the Hollow, it's pretty good. The food won't kill you, and lodgings aren't much better than buying a space on the floor, unless you want to rent one of the rooms that comes with one of the girls inside. However, it's the conversation and drink that bring most people here. The location guarantees an interesting mix of patrons, which generates a great deal of revenue for Farris, the old human barkeeper. A former adventurer, he's able to spot trouble a mile away. He keeps the worst of the trouble-makers away, allowing business to go on as usual.*

    *However, the Hydra's main attraction is its famous drink sharing the same name as the bar. The drink comes in all sizes, from five-headed to twelve-headed. It's actually a series of drinks, from five to twelve, a clear, powerful drink that smells like lemons and burns like fire going down. The gimmick is that you have to drink one, wait at least ten breaths, then say the number of drinks you've had, then drink the second one, and so on until you've drunk all the "heads." However, the drink is so powerful that some people forget the day of the week past the third. If anyone manages to get through one "hydra" without messing up the count, they get the drink for free. There are also cyrohyras (served freezing cold), and pyrohydras (where the drink is lit on fire before drinking), though no one has yet survived the Lernaean hydra without passing out.*

    *Aekir, there are only about six people in the Hydra at this hour, two of which looks like rivermen, one that seems to be a whore with her pimp, a lone dwarf bearing a peace-bonded axe and nursing a beer, and a thin, cagey-looking man that screams "thief" to your experienced eyes. A serving wench comes around the bar every so often, refilling drinks and offering food.*

    *Loviana, the cleric of Sune gazes at you for a few more minutes as you peruse the jewelry. After a time, he slowly makes his way over to you, and tries to casually look at the jewelry in the case next to yours. He "accidentally" brushes your hand in looking, and turns to smile at you.*

    "My pardon, dear lady," he says, his smile bright. "I saw you from across the marketplace and I was struck by your beauty. Truly, Lady Firehair has blessed you as Her own. I am Brother Predel, in the service of Sune. Might I have the honor of knowing your name?" He says this gallantly, giving you a small bow.

    *Roach, Sister Raquel at the Light's Favor charity house of Pelor accepts your donations as always, with trepidation and touch of fear. She's the only one of Pelor's clergy to really want to approach you, as they all seem to fear you. Their attempts to offer healing or help cure your diseases in the past always have brought violent negations bordering on attacks, which baffles and confuses them. However, they will accept your alms.*

    *In the alley behind the House of the Ruby Sorceress, Wee Jas' temple, Lady Wedik takes your coins with cool aloofness, offering her usual blessings of, "May your deaths be quick and merciful." Sometimes you think she lets on more than she knows.*

    *And at Church of Talona a new young acolyte, bearing scars of the pox, takes your coins, her face both fascinated and resigned. She may have been a pretty one, but the scars upon her face have made her remarkably unlovely.*

    *Finally, at the Shattered Sister, you scratch upon the back door to request admittance. The door flings open, revealing a new young serving girl. She sees you in the light, screams, and shuts the door. You wait; this has happened once or twice before. The door opens after a minute, with Sivi herself holding the girl by the arm. Sivi is massively muscled, more so than most men, with her long braid of black hair wrapped around her waist. The serving girl's cheek is red with a hand print.*

    "Damn you, you weak little twist, I take you in and this is how you act toward someone who's willing to donate to the Sister?! You take his coin. Do it!" Sivi snarls, shaking the girl. Sobbing, the girl reaches out for your coins and takes them from your clawed hand. Sivi tightens her grip and the girl whimpers in pain. "You need anything else from her Roach? This one needs discipline, and we know what discipline comes from, don't we little girl?"

    *She continues to hold the young girl and raises an eyebrow at you inquiringly.*

    *Torr, after "tending" to Rosalyn, you walk downstairs to find a letter waiting for you. Ripping it open, you find it to be from Hasord, a frequent contact for jobs for the Black Butterfly. He requires your presence at the King's Head tavern, one not too far from your home, after dark, for some discussion of business.*

    *You feel Stormrider smile within you; work always brings good feeding.*

    *Ralam, you head over to one of the guild safehouses, a simple boarding house from the Hollow. As a respected and long-standing member of the Assassin's Guild, you don't have to go through Wode. You deal directly with Yill, one who is second in command to the Grandmaster assassin. A sleek and deadly outborn elf, he moves with the grace and reflexes of a cat. You've crossed swords with him a time or two during practice bouts, and he's not to be trifled with at any level. You tell him of your desire to continue your vengeance on Baron Gorinthal's family, and he shakes his head.*

    "The man killed your family, and now he's dead. You leave a trail of bodies behind for no reason and no pay, and you start to make all of us look bad. Tell you something Darkhand, you just wait. Hold your hand hard. Find their enemies, name your price, and take them out legal-like, so you don't look like an eight-sided loon. Aside being, the Butterfly's taken an interest in you. Dress pretty, go to King's Head tavern after dark, meet Hasord. Butterfly has some work that's come up, it'll take your own mind off things you shouldn't be thinking of. You do your work, I'll think of them for you instead," Yill says, in his usual strange way.

    *Able, heading over to one of the smaller markets, you can find the simple fare you want for a decent price, and can eat in relative peace. You have a few hours before full dark, and Wode never shows up before dark. The people watching in this part of the city is usually interesting, as there's quite a cross-section of people going between the temple alleys and Firelight Walk. People seem to be repenting of their sins in one place before going to sin again in the other.*

    *While waiting to go find Wode, you can go to the Blind Sister though. At twilight, it's still fairly quiet with only a few people smoking pipes of strange, thick, sweet-smelling smoke. Darana is the person you need to talk to to find the special things you need. She's the original Blind Sister, robbed of her sight after taking a particularly intense vision-inducing drug. However, blind or no she can tell any drug or poison from a brief sniff, taste, or feel. Sarwan, her brother, runs the tavern itself, while several loyally addicted guards protect the Vault, the room where most of the goods are kept. Darana smiles dreamily as you are brought back to the Vault by one of the guards, and sets her own pipe aside.*

    "I know you, yes, I see you, smell you, even through the vapors and over the sea, I sense you. Able, table, needy-greedy man. You came to see through my eyes? Smell through my ears? Something needed tonight for you, isn't that the truth?" she asks, her head lolling on her shoulders, her long hair obscuring her blind, dead eyes.

    [OOC: linnorm, Ralam needs two more languages.]
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    Able Catalan - Human - Ranger/Fighter/Deep Woods Sniper and all around Vile Guy

    Yes, beautiful Darana you know my tastes indeed.

    Chuckles softly

    Just something to take the edge off, though. Nothing to make me slumber or see what my imagination makes for me. I don't need to go chasing shadows tonight, but I need something smooooth the soul. Just some Medicine to let the night slip by. You know what I need. You always do.

    [OOC: When she presents what I need and has no other conversation, I'll continue to the Hydra and try to get one of the tables upstairs where I can watch the door. Good shooting from the balcony, you know...]

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    Loviana: Half-Nymph/Female (Rogue/Corruptor/Bondblade)

    *Loviana giggling like a school girl forces a blush upon her face while turning her head away from the cleric*

    *Inwardly She forces herself not to yawn, Oh Great, I can almost feel the wheat beneath my feet. This one is such a farm boy. Sighing to only herself she continues her thoughts, His technique with women seems clumsy in general and almost shameful for a Cleric of Sune but I suppose I shouldn’t destroy his confidence… Well at least not yet. Her thoughts finished she turns back towards her acting…*

    “Noble cleric you are making me blush…” She turns her head back to the cleric her large eyes are a bright emerald green. A delay in her answer allows the cleric to enjoy the eye contact but finally she replies with a small innocent smile on her face, “but I thank you for your complements. My name is Janela.”

    *Loviana abruptly drops her eyes as if something embarrassing had happened to her and at the same time she brings her gaze back to the amulets she had been admiring…*

    “Beautiful isn’t it?” Her eyes lock onto one of the more expensive ones that has a rather large emerald the same color as her eyes set in it.

    OOC: Ray, is that easier to read? Also, he would have a will save for my disguise self spell as my eye color has been changed. Paranoia is sometimes a bad thing.
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