[KenzerCo] Treasure Map contest!
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    [KenzerCo] Treasure Map contest!

    Hey all! It's time for the first Kenzer and Company treasure map contest!

    About the Contest

    Are you a creative GM? Can you hand-draw an ancient treasure map? Then enter our "Make a Treasure Map" contest! This contest is open for submission until midnight on the 15th of December 2003. Both amateurs and professionals are welcome.

    What You Can Win

    - The love and respect of your friends and neighbors – and the jealousy of your enemies!
    - Product credit! Creators of the best treasure map entries will receive Kenzer and Company product credit as noted below. All credit must be used in one lump sum, and within one month of notification of winning (sorry, no holding your credit and picking up new products one-by-one – but ALL in-print products are available).
    First Place (1 winner): $250 credit plus an autographed piece of KoDT artwork.
    Second Place (2 winners): $100 credit.
    Third Place (4 winners): $50 credit.
    Fourth Place (to be determined): $25 credit.
    - Your name in print! The winners will likely be published as PDF releases for your fellow fans, or even in future HackMaster or Kingdoms of Kalamar products.

    The Map

    Imagine yourself as a pirate or explorer who found (and/or buried) some long-lost treasure, and you drew a map to help you find your way back to it. That's the kind of map we're looking for: closeups showing landmarks hills, caves and other terrain features, even unusual trees. Markings could include warnings or notations of monsters (here be spyders!).

    If you want to be really artistic, you can draw a really beautiful, detailed map of the area, and then draw your treasure map on top of that – just as if a pirate captain drew his map over a professional cartographer's map.

    In either case, no large scale maps showing entire regions! After all, if you buried it, you should know how to get back to the same general area, right? These maps are for the finer specifics. "Twenty paces to Skull Rock," "Left at the Hanged Man," – that kind of thing.

    Submission Rules

    - Your map must be in by midnight, December 15th, 2003.
    - Your map must be your own hand-drawn, original creation.
    - You may submit up to 3 maps (and win up to 3 prizes!).
    - You must submit your map as a scanned 300-400 dpi TIFF or PSD image, on cd or zip disk, or as an original (originals will not be returned). Grayscale only – no color maps.
    - Any text on the map should also be hand-lettered, in rough scrawls, tight calligraphy, or whatever is appropriate to that particular map – written by the hand of the original treasure-owner/seeker. No computer lettering is allowed. Furthermore, do not sign the map with your name or alias.
    - All entries must include an "Assignment of Rights" form to receive their prize and to give us print rights to the map. After all, if we don't own it, we can't use it! We should have this available on our site for download shortly, or you can email me directly for one (mark@kenzerco.com).


    Mail your submission to:
    Kenzer & Company
    Treasure Map Contest
    511 W Greenwood Ave.
    Waukegan, IL 60087-5102

    Be sure to include your full name (first and last), mailing address, phone number and email address. And, of course, a printed copy of the release form.

    Final Results

    When the contest is over, winners will be listed on the website, as well as emailed personally.

    Mark Plemmons
    Kenzer and Company
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    Cool! I was just creating maps for my Hackmaster campaign. Perfect timing...

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    Three maps, coming up!

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