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    2Simon Magalis
    4 from Comyr? Is that the adventure with the artifacts "Medal of Iron" and so on?
    Damn! those imps tricked us.


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    new person

    Heheh hello everyone

    My first post <hides>

    My players aren't very 'tactical' even though they usually play characters with military background. Wanting to stop the basic 'oh look a badie, rush him. I created a web effect thingy.....

    Basically there was a badguy on one side of the room, his name was Prengo, a not so nice Ranger that had been causing a bunch of trouble. They were inside his 'keep' at the time. The room they confronted him in was only 40 feet in diamater and was circular. Along the stone work work floor (in between like morter) was copper. The grid of copper went up onto the walls and made a band around teh room. Behind the band were 5 shocker lizards on each side of teh door. Prengo had them trained to release a shock into the copper at the blow of a whistle. The electricty of the lizards was dispursed but still very effective in the room. It kept them hopping as they also had to deal with Prengo's bow :-/ The wizard earned a lot of respect after that battle.

    I think that counts for this post :-/ I hope

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    For a long time ago, I found a monster on the web called Nilbog. It was a goblin who for some reason grew bigger and stronger the more damage you dealt. So in the end, my 2nd ed 10th level party ran away from a group of goblins..

    even though this was five years ago, my players are always extra cautious around goblins..

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    Kobolds are fun.

    I once had kobolds take over an abandoned dwarven/gnomish engineering college. Being a technologically adept race, they managed to figure out how to work a few of the old machines. The PCs were rather surprised when they encountered a kobold-manned cannon firing boulders the size of watermelons at them. Of course, that was nothing compared to when they found the single kobold in the clockwork mech stalking toward them, backed by sorcerers wielding wands of repair light damage.

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    Re: Kobolds are fun.

    Originally posted by Craer
    The PCs were rather surprised when they encountered a kobold-manned cannon firing boulders the size of watermelons at them.

    Reminds me of the time the PCs found themselves in a loooong corridor, facing a couple of catapults manned by gnolls, accompanied by a bunch of kobolds. It totally freaked them out when the gnolls loaded a couple of kobolds into the catapults and let fly at them
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    Originally posted by jollyninja
    using a drogon skeleton of the collosal variety will almost allways lead to characters running due to the surface similarity to a dracolich
    As if a Colossal skeleton wasn't trouble enough...

    And, welcome to the boards, LufiaLillystorm!

    I once had a doppelganger approach the party as a small girl. It just wanted the party's help in getting to the next city, where it could continue it's lazy living.
    However, when only one player was treating her badly, I killed him in his sleep (making all rolls for knocking the guard unconscious AND killing the PC) and had the doppelganger impersonate the PC for three sessions!
    Even though the PC was getting very lazy, and lost his spell-like abilities, the player never really suspected anything until I gave him the combat stats for the doppelganger


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