Ad/Review copy for "Alchemy & Herbalists" in Full Metal Alchemist
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    Ad/Review copy for "Alchemy & Herbalists" in Full Metal Alchemist

    So, I'm watching episodes of my favorite new show, Full Metal Alchemist. In episode 3, there is an Intro to Alchemy book displayed onscreen, in large size. Anyone recognize this review (I'm pretty sure it's a review, though my first impression was ad copy)? Because whoever it is is getting displayed on Japanese TV's nationwide, or was several weeks ago, and is now across TV monitors across America...

    "DM's Haven... improvement and listening to... here or on other sites). I and others..."

    "...woodsy tome, with a leaf, leather and wood motif. The pages are thick and durable, Border size is very good and text density is exceptional. Artwoork is good throughout, and all in full color. Border art is very attractive and also includes section headers for easy navigation. dozens of interesting NPCs (with however only race, class, and sex as stats), a beautiful full-color rendition/map of the school..."

    "...very good table of contents but no... headers are easy to find and.... colored and easy..."

    "Chapter two....describes an Alchemical School called "Saragn's Alcheminary" where students are taught the finer points of alchemy and stand a good chance of meeting the requirements for some of the special Prestige Classes. The school is described in great detail, populated with..."

    So I'm betting the guys who did the animation for FullMetal Alchemist did a websearch for Alchemy and came up with a review for Alchemy & Herbalists... This is more curiosity than anything. Oh, and I highly recommend the series, blah blah blah (creepy... you shoudl see what happens when you try a Rez spell...)

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    Got a screencap, but it's not so great quality. I just noticed that the caption under the diagram is: "Bastion Press: Alchemy & Herbalists by Jeff [something I can't read but would know if I went to the site right now]"
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    Another Screenshot

    Better than the other one, I think. It shows the smaller column of text more clearly.
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    And yeah, FMA is pretty darn cool.

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