First off, I'd like to talk about what people have done with converting White Wolf's World of Darkness to d20 rules. I'm not wanting to start a debate over whether it is a stupid or interesting idea; that is an unconstructive debate that would get unnecessarily ugly. This is also not a thread to start false rumors of the World of Darkness going d20; it is not going to be published in a d20 format; I'm just kinda having fun with some alternatives here.

So, now that I have that out of the way, who has messed with this and what have you done? There are a number of mechanical issues to handle, whether additional mechanics are used from other products or you create your own.

A lot of my ideas have been influenced by the Spycraft/Stargate mechanics. To start off, I'd say that a grittier system should be adopted. Wounds/Vitality should be used instead of regular Hit Points. I would also use a variant of Spycraft's "Departments" to give characters' background mechanics to build from (for those that have not read it, Spycraft's Departments (character background origins) replace D&D's races-mechanic; it reflects natural aptitudes given in early character development).

Each clan of vampires would be a separate template (jokes about being 5th level Brujah/3rd level Toreador are solved ), and classes could be something a bit more generic than in most other d20 games. To simulate the versatile rates of advnacement in WW games, each time a character goes up in level, he could choose to either 1) increase base attack, 2) obtain extra skill points, 3) get an extra feat, etc etc etc. Something like that.

Anyways, let me see what sort of intrest there might be in this and I'll check back and elaborate later.