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    (IR) IR Interlude Turn 4 - 5 (thread 4)

    Edena here.
    With thread 3 full, here is yet another Interlude thread.
    Unless you cram more than 200 posts into it in the next 13 hours, it should be the last Interlude.

    The people of AnaKeri are friendly now to the visitors representing Alyx, Anabstercorian, Mr Draco and Serpenteye, Kaboom, and William.

    Kaboom finds the merfolk particularly friendly.

    They are very curious about their brethren around Oerik, and about Oerik itself.

    The people of AnaKeri are as varied as the people of Oerik.
    The area in which the people from Oerik have arrived is only a small area of the continent.
    They now entertain the visitors, treat them well, treat them as honored guests.

    The land is lush, and unusually friendly for a tropical land.
    There is a notable lack of poisonous snakes and other such dangers, and most of the trees and plants are harmless.
    Many of the trees bear lush fruits of every kind.
    These people have access to a ready foodsource that is twenty times what they need, and that foodsource is easily obtained.

    Eventually, emissaries of both the Alliance of Oerth and the Union of Oerth are taken into the deep forest, and journey for 3 days through it.
    And there it is.
    Still 2 miles distant, is a great stone structure, with people moving around inside it and outside it.
    Surrounding it are numerous lesser structures, and machines of various sorts.
    Around all that is a defensive perimeter, and a Disintigration Fence.
    The native people explain that they did not take the observers any closer because invisible watchers scry the area are the perimeter.

    The banner of the Eternal Empire of Oerth flies above the great structure's topmost point, suspended on a high pole.

    Other teams are led to the two other invaders.

    However, when the scouts and visitors get close to where it is stated Saermont is, a Confusion effect - apparently cast in conjunction with Permanency over a vast area - stops them.
    The forests ahead are totally bewildering.
    Attempting to push into this, the search party finds itself back where it started, after several hours of trying to get through.
    This happens again, when they try a second time, and once more they arrive back where they started.

    Those sent searching for Inor Taladost meet with no luck.
    They come upon something quickly enough.
    A huge pool of water, is what they come upon.
    There is nothing here now but that pool of water.
    No magic, no left over trash, no nothing!
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