Best multiclass for a rogue?

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    Best multiclass for a rogue?

    im pretty bored with going mainstream with just a single class, so i wanna make my new rogue (lvl3) something different and interesting. what are some ideas for classes and combos with them? PS: dm has banned Sorcerer class for some strange reason

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    Re: Best multiclass for a rogue?

    Originally posted by -Ekimus-
    im pretty bored with going mainstream with just a single class, so i wanna make my new rogue (lvl3) something different and interesting. what are some ideas for classes and combos with them? PS: dm has banned Sorcerer class for some strange reason
    Sorc -- oh. Whoops, never mind, then.

    What sort of character concept do you have in mind? Many of the combos can be pretty good at doing certain things. You just have to be sure that these things are what you want to do.

    Fighter/rogue -- swashbuckler/light fighter type. Good in combat, and has a ton of diplomacy skills when you're not fighting.

    Ranger/rogue -- TWF all the way. Extra sneak attack goodness. Be different and take more than 1 level of ranger, please.

    Wizard/rogue -- who needs to hide when you've got invisibility spells? Combine with knock, spider climb, expeditious retreat and fly to make a superlative cat burglar. Not quite as good as a sorc/rogue, but good enough.

    Monk/rogue -- if you can't sneak attack them to death, run away at high speed. Your sword or bow will probably be more useful than your fists, though.

    Paladin/rogue -- not so strange; just think of Frodo. You're a scout, not a thief, and you go on quests like any other paladin. Your quests just happen to require stealth rather than a big sword.

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    Here are some ideas:

    Rogue/Fighter- A duelist-type. Wear light armor, but be able to fight as well as the tank and yet leap, tumble, and use magic items.

    Rogue/Wizard- Hey, some of these spells are usefull... If your rogue already has a good intelligence, you can use a bunch of simple spells like Mage Hand and Arcane Mark in creative, rogue-like ways.

    Rogue/Monk- No armor, no problem- You'll just flip through the air, catch the orc by surprise, and plant a side kick through his throat.

    Rogue/Cleric- Is the needle trap poisoned? Pray to your god to tell! And if you fail to disarm, just heal yourself back up!

    Rogue/Paladin- You're an enforcer of the law with a vile history. You know the best way to kill a man- now you've just got to do it with honor.

    Anyway, I hope those give you some ideas!
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    Not mentioned yet: Barbarian/Rogue.

    There is a fair amount of synergy between the skill lists, both get good skill points, and the Uncanny Dodge stacks. The thing that most differentiates it from Rogue/Ranger is the Uncanny Dodge vs. an even better skill matchup.

    You don't loose much off the rogue and gain quite a bit from the Barbarian levels.

    Biggest benefits of the barbarian are the increased movement rate and great hit dice. The boost to BAB is good too.

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    Also worth considering:

    Ranger/Rogue (or fighter/rogue): Bounty hunter and scout. You track down the enemies of your king and bring them to justice. (Dual wield saps for massive sneak attack subdual damage if the king wants them alive). If you want to be a church bounty hunter (or inquisitor) with Holy powers, toss in cleric and/or paladin levels for added fun. (This is also a great way to qualify for the Consecrated Harrier prestige class in DotF).

    Rogue/Wizard: This is actually a superlative combination--particularly if you know what you're getting into. IMHO, wizard actually multiclasses better than sorceror. Play a specialist and you'll have almost as many spells per day as a sorceror but much more flexibility in which ones you cast. (Consider a level 2/3 rogue/illusionist with Mage Armor, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Spider Climb, Cat's Grace, Invisibility, and change self (for impersonating a guard on the way out) prepared. As a rogue/sorceror, he'd be limited to three first level spells and no second levels. Message is also worth considering as a spell since it will allow you to communicate your findings to your party if scouting ahead in a dungeon or coordinate with a lookout if breaking into a building.

    Barbarian/Roge: This tribesman from the far North doesn't lose his wits when he loses his temper. He's always got a dirty trick up his sleeve. If need be, he can talk his way out of trouble too. (Plus, he can run away quickly if both fighting and talking fail).

    Rogue/Bard: A charismatic performer and con-man who doesn't use much magic but can handle himself in a fight. His razor sharp wit encourages his companions in a fight (if your DM allows peform (witty reparte) and you've got the savior faire to manage it).

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    The ideas already stated are good ones - I am just adding to them.

    It really does come down to the type of character you want. But just some random ramblings ...

    Ranger/Rogue - (and, yes, please don't just take one level of the damn ranger ) Why?
    *You maintain class-access to stealth and scouting skills
    *higher BAB & HD than straight rogue
    *Compared to straight rogue, however, you loose increased sneak attack damage and access to those skills like Use Magic Device
    *If the group does not have a wilderness person yet (a druid or a ranger or another class but focus in those woodsy skills) your access to Wilderness Lore, Track, and such would be a great boon to your group's overland traveling

    Bard / Rogue - great people skills for when you aren't sneak-attacking them continued access to skills like Use Magic Device and ability to cast some spells (like invisibility i believe is on the bard list ? but i could be wrong about that - but other spells in general like cure light wounds could be nice and spontaneous casting is always a boon

    Fighter / Rogue - if you are a real sneak-attack kind of guy, or find yourself in the thick of battle more often than you care to admit, go this route. Using some combat feats related to your attacks / defenses of choice could make you a formidable opponent. In essense you would be an assasian without the assassain PrC

    Wiz (specialist) / Rogue - Instead of just thinking in terms of a wizard rogue, think of a particular specialist / rogue. Perhaps a Diviner / Rogue - then you'd be like an archeologist or something (of course, you could retain that title with bard instead). Illusionist / Rogue seems a little painful for your enemies but at the same time that may be too predictable.

    Other option? Stay as a rogue just don't choose such sterotypical rogue things - for instance, with your feats go in the direction of feats related to knowledge or simply taking skill focus in skills that are cross-class. Or, maybe even using that ABUNDANCE of skill points given to rogues and spend them on skills other than the sterotypical ones (search/disable device/etc). Some cross-class skills...
    wilderness lore would make you more proficienct in overland travel and could help if you picked up the track feat
    Profession (Sailor) - get some ranks in this and be a boater; perhaps all your adventuring is to save up money to get your own boat? okay, a little corny and probably not a good idea if your DM doesn't generally go off in these directions... but it's an idea none the less

    must stop now as I am just rambling - lack of sleep i guess
    But the point in this is to say even if you don't actually take a different class, you can still mix things up by not taking what is stereotypcailly expected of a rogue.

    Oh, if you do multi-class, watch out for multi-class XP penalties.. you said you were 3rd so you might run into some trouble if rogue (or your other chosen class) isn't a favored class for your race.
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    If you want to take more than one level as a Ranger, then use the "Urban Ranger" variant in Masters of the Wild. Check out the Defensive Options for favored foe as well, they would blend well with Uncanny Dodge and Evasion.

    Also, if your DM will allow psionics, (no sorcerer, so I would assume no psionics) Psychic Warrior is good combo with a rogue. He gets the feats and the rogue gets the skills
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    Paladin multiclass.

    just kidding.

    I think that's a terrible idea, as discussed in the Paladin thread - the values just don't mesh that well.
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    Originally posted by reapersaurus
    Paladin multiclass.

    just kidding.

    I think that's a terrible idea, as discussed in the Paladin thread - the values just don't mesh that well.
    A class is a skillset. Being a paladin is a state of mind. There's no reason the two can't be compatible.

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    Regarding the wizard/rogue, which is a great combo, consider the Transmutation specialty, with Knock, Animate Rope, Feather Fall, Keen Edge, others. Also, most of these effect objects or yourself, so no trouble with low DCs.

    --- John

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