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    Originally posted by -Ekimus-
    what book is the arcane trickster in?
    Tome & Blood.


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    o ok
    thanks bret

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    Rogue3/Cleric7/Contemplative1/Rogue the rest...

    Cleric of Oldimmara
    Domains: Luck (always good to reroll that save or die roll), Trickery (invisibility 2nd level slot! Take scribe scroll and go to town)

    You vow to "liberate" holy artifacts from dungeons and such for the church... but you keep the other trinkets you find along the way Get in real good with your god, doing the godly stuff, exemplifying the trickyness, then become a contemplative taking the Celerity Domain from DotF. Oh yeah.

    Hide is still a class skill, so you won't lose too much. Hopefully you have a good int so you can still pick up most of your skills. You can also take Extend spell and such to make your invisibility and such last longer and longer...

    I love clerics...
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    What skills/feats/PrC would ppl recommend for a rogue/ranger?

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    Originally posted by madriel
    What skills/feats/PrC would ppl recommend for a rogue/ranger?
    I assume you mean a wilderness scout sorta character, as opposed to the standard 1 ranger/X rogue two-weapon-wielding sneak attack specialist? Alertness, the various archery feats, Endurance, Dodge, Mobility, Shot on the Run might all be good. Any of the rogue-related feats in S&S, and the ranger-related ones in MotW, could also work. Skills to max out would be Hide, Move Silently, Listen and Spot. Other good ones include Disable Device, Search, Wilderness Lore and Intuit Direction.

    Not too sure about PrCs, but any archery-related one might be good. I'm not a big fan of most of the published WOTC PrCs myself.

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    I played a Paladin/Rogue of Kelemvor once

    created after encountering one too many Lawful Stupid paladin players.

    Statistically, the race was hengeyokai, the GM was letting me play it as a wererat.

    I played her in a PbPost on Mythweavers for a year and a half and successfulyl had the other players thinking she was a human rogue with a high UMD and lots of stuff. I did this without ever lying or otherwise breaking the code.

    Also, a key feat for paladin/rogue exists for 3.5 in Complete Adventurer...I believe anyway, my books are in another country...think it was called "Divine Inquisitor" upshot, gave you a benefit of some sort forget what exactly, and allowed Paladin and Rogue levels to stack for smite and sneak attack.

    And somewhere, there was a feat that let sneak attack work vs undead.

    EDIT: Oh, I remember the benefit now, when you used a smite at the same time as a sneak attack, they combined for extra effect somehow
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    Am I seeing this right? An 11 year old thread necromancy? You sir, are very powerful!

    I had a blast playing an 11th level Rogue with 3 levels of Swashbuckler & 2 levels of Fighter in City of the Spider Queen (3.5 edition).

    I wanted a utility character, and playing this PC is when I learned just how powerful (and awesome) maxing out Use Magic Device actually is. He could cast utility spells from scrolls and use divine scrolls to remove nasty conditions (was really nice since we had no cleric). I also learned that if you want to dish out the most damage from melee attacks, then you focus on static bonus damage rather than extra dice damage to roll. Having +16 damage per attack with 6 attacks on a full attack, along with having Improved Critical feat for 2 rapiers meant I was getting quite a lot of crits and dishing out close to the same damage as the power attacking tank without sneak attacking. If I got to sneak attack, I was doing up to 300 points or more of damage in a full attack.

    Use Magic Device is really what made it fun though. Fighting a Beholder taught me a very nice lesson, I didn't need my magic items & spells to kill things as a Rogue. So I kept an Antimagic Field scroll on me and when I got hit with a high level save or die spell that requires new saves every round, the scroll saved my life. It also was great to run up to a buffed enemy or an arcane caster and stick him with the rapiers while in my Antimagic Field. Having a high Dex meant my AC was still better than theirs while neither of us benefited from magic.
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    In 3.5 my preferred rogue combo was the teleporting swashbuckler. Rogue/Swashbuckler/Wizard (Conjurer). I think it was Darling Outlaw that allowed the stacking of Sneak Attack for Rogue/Swashbuckler levels. You only needed 2 levels of rogue then it was Swashbuckler for a while, alternating with Wizard. After 10 it was pretty much all Wizard if I remember correctly. Lots of fun. No place he couldn't get and no one was safe. I think I took the familiar swap 10' teleport as well. There were a lot of alt builds put into the Character.
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    I like mixing in armored Mage types- Beguilers, Battle Sorcerers, duskblades, etc.- depending on what I'm going for. I also like Psionic multiclassing.
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    In my current campaign i'm a level 5 Rogue, I'm planning to multicast into a fighter simply for bonus feats, BAB and health for a few levels. My rolls were pretty bad I intend to use a couple feats to compensate. My Rogues primary weapon is a Bastard sword. I intend to-take Cleave as a bonus feat as well as weapon focus on my Bastard sword.

    The Goal- Deal sneak damage into cleave and kill two+ enemies in a flanking maneuver/ambush.

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