Tyrzra'eln---The World's Garden
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    Tyrzra'eln---The World's Garden

    The past two weeks aboard the Skie Arrow have (save for the brief encounter with an unexpected thunderstorm) been stress free, almost boring. Yesterday’s notice from Captain Sheeria that all would have an opportunity to stretch their legs tomorrow brought a quick cheer from crew & passenger alike, for tomorrow the ship would make an eight hour layover at the island of Seafarer’s Rest to take on additional cargo & passengers bound for Tyrzra'eln. The island, owned by the naval & mercantile guild Coral Quest, has served as a stop for seafarers for serveral years now offering gambling & other vices for the weary & money laden traveler, as well as offering some of the newer marketable items coming out of Tyrzra'eln.

    The dawn bell has already sounded &, after getting dressed, you head through the halls of the passenger deck……the warning bell rings & you quicken your step----you exit out onto the top deck just as two large bats ridden by quickling faen head toward the horizon----you get to the rail of the ship & see the green & shadowed mass of Seafarer’s Rest----smoke rises from the island, marring what would have been a spectacular sunrise……

    The bat riders return & speak quietly with the captain who, after sending the riders to tend to their mounts, orders the ship to hold its position. Several of the crew members begin to open weapon racks as others begin to assemble ballista at several points along the ship. Captain Sheeria, followed by Cherra, then approaches the gathering of passengers, “It seems that someone or something has attacked the island. There are several fires still burning on the island & they hint that we may have just missed them…..I am not equipped with a large enough crew to afford to dispatch some to check out whats going on down below without leaving the ship undermanned, especially with the threat of an attack. So, I’m looking for volunteers…..”

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    Quote Originally Posted by NarlethDrider
    So, I’m looking for volunteers…..”
    Vorcinax steps forward, his tongue lolling out in a grin. "I'd like a chance to stretch my legs, take a look around. I'll go."
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    Rathan grimaced, breathing in the smell of smoke and blood on the wind. He had intended to show off his skills and make a few contacts at Seafarer's Rest, but now that seemed out of the question. He looked at the Sibbecai that was first to volunteer his services. It could probably hold its own, but this was not the place for a solo venture.

    "I'll come along," he directed at Vorcinax and hefted his warclub. "Maybe some unlucky soul stayed behind after the raid."

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    Drakhart Moved up with the other two. I too will offer what aid I can. I am fast and strong. and eager to get these booties off of my claws. It had been asked to keep the coverings on it's foot claws in order not to gouge the deck.

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    The very tall Giantess dressed in a simple white robe also moves forward to volunteer. Quite a motley crew we're forming here. she thinks with a slight smile. "I will also go down and see what can be done to help those who might still be alive. It's the least a disciple of the Shu-Rin can do. Besides, my armor is only gathering rust. It might prove useful now..."
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    Drakhart sees the giantess and bows, My Lady. I did not see you there. I humbly offer my services to you and your cause. The Mojh flicks it's tail and straightens up. Besides I hope there will be some fresh meat down there. I have eaten only breads and fruits since we left.

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    The Giantess looks at the Mojh with a mix of amusement and bemusement. She observes him (it ?) for a while, as if to size him, to see beneath his scales. Finally, with a smile, she talks back "It's not often that I can go unnoticed. But it is even rarer for someone to offer his service to my 'cause' after our first meeting, and this from a Mojh, no less !" She is intrigued by this Mojh, but it's now the time for action. "My name is Ayi-Morotik. I'm not sure what you are trying to do here but if you want to help me, lets take advantage that 'genderlessness' of yours. Come with me and assist me in strapping my armor on." She heads for her cabin, waiting a little to see if the Mojh will follow her. The one thing we can be sure about the Mojhs is that they're not pervert.

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    It tilt's it's head at being asked to be the Giantess' squire but it wants to see where this story will go. As you wish. I have little skill with armors but I am well versed in knowledge. I had thought to ally myself with you for mutual strength. I will help as I can with your armor but I will not be held responcible for how you feel in it. It grins a 'smile' with far to many pionted teeth and gurgles what may be a laugh from it's saurian gullet.
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    Lo Derak was watching the scene quietly. With an amused smile, he looks at the Giantess: Lucky Mojh! and winks at her innocently.

    I'm coming along too. I think my skills may prove to be useful.

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    Drakhart sees the newcomer and starts swishing it's tail. Who are you to invite yourself to a ladies apartments? It's teath are bared and your sure the Mojh could break bones easily with a maw like that. Ack! Begging your forgiveness milord. I had not realised you are of the great race as well. Drakhart says fawning just a bit but still not letting you in the door to the Ladie's rooms.
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