DMs - premade or homemade modules?

View Poll Results: What kind of modules do you use?

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  • Only pre-made (store bought) modules

    13 8.84%
  • I write all my own campaign material myself.

    47 31.97%
  • A combination of unique and pre-made material.

    74 50.34%
  • I use pre-made material that I modify heavily.

    13 8.84%
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    DMs - premade or homemade modules?

    Was just curious, based on a discussion in another thread, how many DMs used store-bought (premade) modules or made everything up from scratch.

    I'm trying to make this a poll, but it doesn't seem overtly intuitive. So, if it doesn't work. Just consider it another thread.


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    I like modules for the maps. I'm not that good making large maps that make sense. I also like to use the classic modules from the early 80's. I take the module and try to keep the original intent there, but I redefine most of the rooms and the treasue to fit perfestly in with were the PCs are and what is needed to challenge them.

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    I almost never do my own maps. I'm not artistically inclined and it's very time consuming. Thus premade stuff provides the majority of my maps. Beyond that I may use some other stuff, but I can't remember the last time I ran a premade adventure without changing at least 25% of the content.
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    I write myself.


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    I usually use pre-made stuff with lots of modifications to fit it to my players. I also use just the maps sometimes, filling in the rooms with my own encounters and treasures.

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    I either do my own stuff (my campaign is too non-tradtional)

    or take stuff available free on the internet and modify to fit. For instance I've just used Sharkbait (WOTC site) as a side mission for my PCs

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    I voted for writing my own stuff, but rarely do I write down what the adventure will be like. I just wing it most of the time, it seems to work well.
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    The poll did not appear to have enough graduations describe my DMing. Lately I've been using store bought, but in the past I have modified things. Sometimes I'm made up my own stuff as well. I voted for store bought since it is the majority, and I don't modify them all that heavily.


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    I primarily used homegrown stuff. I find that it is often too difficult to make a prewritten module fit my world and the situation, though sometimes I do it, about 15% I would guess.

    I have run the following 3e/d20 adventures as part of my game:
    - The Ghost Machine (tweaked so that the doom machine has not been built yet; I am working it in later in the campaign.)
    - Sundered faith (modified to become a temple of my drow death deity.)
    - The Sorcerer's Citadel (the sorcerer became a deceased member of the arcane alliance, a villainous group in my game.)
    - I will probably run Kambranex's Machinations this weekend, tweaked of course.
    - I ran the dungeon of the fire opal, adjusted to be a fallen order of one of my own monkish orders.
    - I ran RA 1 & 2 on off nights.

    I have also nicked maps and stat blocks from some adventures.
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    I write all my own stuff.

    And I don't use maps.

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