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View Poll Results: What part of the world do you live in?

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  • United States

    369 64.74%
  • Canada

    52 9.12%
  • Mexico and Central America

    1 0.18%
  • South America

    7 1.23%
  • Great Britian

    20 3.51%
  • Western Europe

    75 13.16%
  • Eastern Europe

    2 0.35%
  • Central Asia

    2 0.35%
  • Indian Subcontinent

    0 0%
  • Middle East

    1 0.18%
  • Africa

    1 0.18%
  • Japan and Pacific Islands

    4 0.70%
  • Australia and New Zealand

    25 4.39%
  • Other (give details below!)

    11 1.93%
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    Good 'ol Texas here. Though, I've also done stints in California, Minnesota, and (primarily) Wisconsin.

    The gaming's been good everywhere except Minnesota .

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    Brazil, baby! Rio de Janeiro, Tropical Paradise Extraordinaire!

    (and 42 Celsius right now)

    Bronze Dragon, you're brazilian too! Drop me a line and we can talk about our communi... err... group down here! You can find my e-mail in my website at www.webspace.com.br/marciofiorito

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    Hey it ain't so bad here in Mn! And I'm a native of
    WI so it's gotta have some truth to it.

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    I'm from Worcester Mass.... (pronounced wuss-tah). In august i'm going to l9ive in boston. (going to college{ Wentworth})
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    I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have worked at the Alamo and have been christened 'The Alamo Ice God'. So I am a Southerner.

    I was born and raised in Northern Illinois (Rockford and Durand).
    Spent many hours adn days playing D&D in Chi Town, Baby!

    I lived in Summit County Colorado for five years. Still have my Mud Rucker card for not washing my truck for the entire time I lived there.

    I lived in Oregon for a few years. Picked a fifty gallon garbage bag full of shrooms outside of Eugene one time. Can't remember to much about Oregon after that.

    I lived in Southern Cali for a few years. Lived four blocks away from 'The Offspring'. Drove by their house one time and they were all on lawn chairs in the driveway hooked up to Nitrous Oxide bottles. You gotta keep em seperated.
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    My hat's off to you, Palcadon, that was some funny stuff.

    At any rate, I was born & bred here in Beantown, although I did a two year stint in Seattle ('98-'00)and am thinking about returning Greater Cascadia.
    Dave Speredelozzi

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    My communities:

    Like Tysr, northern MI but not the UP. I'm in Alpena, but it's not something I like to brag about.
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    Welll I put "United States" but I am actually in a two part situation... I live in Hawaii which is a Pacific Island, but is also a State in the Union.

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    Dude you included central asia but not CHINA>??????

    BTW i live in Hong Kong
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    I know Billy Beanbag lives in Lawrence which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from me, but does no one else live near Kansas City?

    Hey, don't laugh - huge Star Trek convention this weekend, apparently. (not a trek fan myself)

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