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Poll: What part of the world do you live in?

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    Originally posted by Thorvald Kviksverd

    Still is ...

    The Multi-National Force & Observers (MFO) in the Sinai. The arrangement goes back to the Camp David Peace Accord. The force records and reports any treaty violations, and basically acts as a buffer between Israel and Egypt. When you hear about the leaders of these two countries meeting in Sharm El'Sheik, this is the place.
    Ah, yes. Ahem. I just googled on that, and not only are there quite a few pages about the MFO and Camp David in general, but it turns out that Oz is also a contributor of forces.

    I knew that, of course. I was just testing you. Really.


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    Originally posted by Gez
    I wonder why Morrus separated the UK from the rest of Europe.
    He didn't, Piratecat did. And I believe that he said (earlier in this thread) that he divided things the way he did based on what he already knew about where board members were from.

    Maldur, what part of the southern states are you going through? Just the old South (Southeast) or all the way across to the west coast? If it's the former, the Great Smokey Mountains on the Tennesee/North Caroline border is a cool place to go. New Orleans is your destination for partying. If you're going through the Southwest then there's lots of cool options for canyons and desertscapes, and things like that.
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    Originally posted by TwoSix

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hates that highway. You want to go to Delaware and you end up halfway to New York. It's annoyed me ever since I moved near Trenton.

    Im not sure why you would WANT to go to Delaware but hey to each his own.

    And to you southeners, yes I guess I am a Yankee. Most of us aren't particularly proud of it beacuse we all learned the Civil War was over.

    I guess we aren't as united as you guys. People form NJ don't really feel connected to people from Ohio or Pennsylvania, or Vermont, or, heaven forbid, New York. We spend way to much time making fun of our neighboring states to remember to make fun of you Johny Rebs!
    I've been through five editions now, I don't think I really knew the rules for any of them. I do try to fake it though. Check out my butchering of the rules here and here/

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