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    And have some art of various characters from the storyhour:

    Disclaimers by each picture if needed (and standard disclaimer warning of omgfurry in the case of some of the 'loth antagonists). I have some Nisha art on the way as well, as well as art of the Dire Shepherd at some point.

    Chibi Marauder - by NervousAcidDrinker
    Shylara - by Kalamu (NSFW: bloody)
    Shylara - by Azelyn (NSFW: bloody, very risque clothing, partial nudity)
    Shemeska the Marauder - by Azelyn
    Vorkannis the Ebon - by Azelyn


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    First! (And no Clueless's were harmed in the creation of Shylara pic #1)
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    Second! (Yay?)

    And great as always, Shemy.

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    nice update...
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    Nicely done!

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    Late with the cheers, but finally back to reading too.



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    Finally caught up. Great work as usual Shemmy!

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    Very well done. I applaud your DMing and writing skills.

    I wish I had such excellent roleplayers as a group. If presented with a plot as rich such as this one, they'd draw blanks. " much XP is a baernaloth?" would be the general reaction...

    I love how in those dramatic fights, particulary the battle with Shylara, your players always seem to make the best roll, good or bad, to make a scene awesome.
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    Bravo very descriptive and hey what? maybe if you gave us more to work with you would see what happens not that you written anything like that at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by arcanaman View Post
    Bravo very descriptive and hey what? maybe if you gave us more to work with you would see what happens not that you written anything like that at all
    You might want to have referred that you were talking to me for that second sentence there, *insert your real name here*. And when I said my gaming group, I mean Buckley and Nelson and LeRoy-elder. You and LeRoy-younger roleplay. Kemple is what we refer to as a watcher.

    And of course I've never written anything as good as this. I really have never seen a campaign this well done.
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