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    Quote Originally Posted by 81Dagon View Post
    **Pokes the dead carcass of the thread**

    Any luck Shem?
    While I've written enough to update the Storyhour, the scene I wrote doesn't happen till after the current plot arc. Need to back up and pick up where I last left off, not what bit of plot snagged my brain but which wouldn't make sense to anyone else till the intervening stuff is detailed. I write like that -a lot-; I jump around and end up going back and filling in the spaces depending on what sounds cool to me at the moment to write. I have pages dealing with A'kin written well into the future of the campaign, stuff set in Baator, and even a scene set in the inner planes of all places, but not any of the stuff ultimately linking them into the coherent storyhour yet.

    As me again in a week's time or so, and we'll see where we are. I don't have any current freelance projects in progress, but been taking it relatively easy on the creative bits of my brain lately, aside from a few random bits of fiction not posted around here, and some planning for starting to run for my group again in a month or two.
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    You asked us to ask you so here is my round of poking. I've truly enjoyed this story hour and pray to the gods Shemeska will keep going at it. If you write something new elsewhere, just post the link up here if you like because your planescape is such a big inspiration to us all. I'm trying to get a player of mine to change his chaotic neutral ways by threatening him with an eternity in Pandemonium and your story hour scares him out of his wits. He has been raised three times so I make him dream of the place and he knows that there won't be a fourth time. If you're description of the place gets any more desolate and creepy I'm sure I'll scare him into taking some CG cleric levels (he is a level 16 rogue).

    Your fan,

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    I really miss my quasi-regular installments of Planescape lothy goodness...

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    We all do.

    Come back to us, Shemmy!

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    **Starts beginning some esoteric blood rite for summoning fiends, complete with razorvine**

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    Quote Originally Posted by 81Dagon View Post
    **Starts beginning some esoteric blood rite for summoning fiends, complete with razorvine**
    **contributes heart flesh from a score of sentient species to the ritual**

    Your work stands head and shoulders above the rest, oh Marauding One.

    **sweeping bow**

    I'm active on the BioWare forums, but this is my first post here. I've been enthralled by your planar tales and very much desire them to continue as Wankers of the Crotch aren't likely to ever revisit the Planescape milieu. Write on, Shemeska, write on...

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    I can't believe that I've been reading (and rereading) this storyhour since halfway through high school until the end of my sophomore year of college now. Worth every minute.

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    *Pokes the Thread*

    We're not going to let this die ... this story is too awesome.

    Just be glad you have devoted fans if we ever start driving you nuts

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    Well this is the 5th time I have read through the Story Hour in the last few years. It is the first time in a year or so and I must say I am still amazed by it. I hope Shemmy posts again soon

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    I have to agree, Shemeska, come back, here and in the other thread, its a shame your under the dust atm.

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