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Thread: Faerie Dragon's

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    Faerie Dragon's

    I know that the draconomicon has the faerie dragon in it, however it is a severley nerfed version of the old. I was wondering if anyone had converted this beloved creature, and if so would you post it or provide a link. Thanks in advance.

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    I had converted it into 3.0 terms.. If you want I can dig it up and update it for 3.5 before I post it.

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    Happy Day!!

    I would love to get the conversion, 3.0 works for me. I'm not lazy enough that converting it to 3.5 would be that hard. On the other hand if you're really wanting to do it who am I to stand in your way?

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    Enjoy man. Here is my Faerie Dragon conversion for D&D 3.0
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    I like the version in the Tome of Horrors. I think Scott did a fantastic job with it.


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    There's also one in the Draconomicon. It's nice. I can't tell you how accurate it is, though.

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