Tiamat stats?

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Thread: Tiamat stats?

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    Tiamat stats?

    Are there official 3.0/3.5 stats for Tiamat somewhere?


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    Sure. The Manual of the Planes (3.0) has "avatar"-type stats, CR ~25. Deities and Demigods (3.0) has stats as a god.

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    The 3.5 update booklet also outlines the changes to make to the Tiamat of both books to bring her in line with 3.5E.

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    As an aside, there are also stats for "aspects" of various dieties (Tiamat among them) in the Miniatures Handbook, which are encounters more in line with high- but not epic-level parties. Typically around CR11. Think of an aspect as sort of a pale shadow version of an avatar, with just one or two special abilities (hence, representing just a particular aspect of the diety).

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    Hmm, any info about Venger?

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    Yeah, I saw the aspects in the MH but I thought they were a pretty lame attempt to make avatars that a lower level party could face w/o a TPK. Now the Tiamat avatar in the MotP, THAT's an avatar!

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    I always though that tiamat was kinda lacking (and bahamut as well) For The respective rules of dragon kind thr normal dragons just had more tricks up their sleeves.

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