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    Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

    Has anyone done a converstion for the Antia Blake series of books? I am thinking of it but don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thank you in advance.

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    I havn't seen any conversions to date on the boards but I will admit the idea is intriging... I would be happy to help you with it if you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragoonm
    Has anyone done a converstion for the Antia Blake series of books? I am thinking of it but don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thank you in advance.
    I've toyed with idea using White Wolf rules. I didn't get far; my players weren't that interested. However, I think that a d20 conversion done correctly could work nicely. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me if you'd like.


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    I would love to see a conversion for this.

    I would also love a conversion for the Merideth Gentry books.

    Would 'Honeymouth' be a Feat of a Supernatual Ability?

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    Well, I came here hoping to find this particular conversion, Hoping to save myself some work. But it looks like I'll have to do it myself. I'll post it here as I get it done.


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    The hardest thing in my mind is the vampires. how do you come up with a cohesive game system on which to build them? It seems to me that they alone would have to be broken up into several vampire classes. And Anita herself. If even she doesn't know what she can do, let alone what she is becoming, how can you convert her to a class system?

    Now the werewolves and other weres seem pretty straight forward. The other magic systems are a bit whacked and don't seem to lend themselves very well to a level advancement system. They appear to me as very few powers that are far more powerful than what a d20 magic user can do. So they appear to me to be more like a sorceror, but with even fewer spells known, but more powerful.

    In other words, I haven't seen how to convert this and keep enough of its distinct "flavor" to be happy with doing it.

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    Very interrested in this

    I am also looking at making this conversion (d20). My wife loved this series and I'm thinkging this may finally be my chance to get her into role-playing. Please keep us posted (or reply to me directly) on your progress. If I can't find any conversion I'll have to do it myself so I'd rather collaborate.

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    If anything, you may want to look into the d20 Modern rulebook for it. Have her start off as a Dedicated Hero, then devise an advanced and/or prestige class for her to fall into.
    As for the vamps and weres in the series, that would take a bit of work to convert, I would think...

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    Things about vamps

    I would think you could use all the camp powers as feats. Another option is when a vamp is created you could randomly generate a number to represent their potential power (from the books some vampires will never be Masters while others have the potential). Or "Master" could have a stat requirement (Wis?).

    That might work. To be a Master Vamp you need to have a minimum Wis score. If you meet that minimum you can select feats from the Master Vamp list. Otherwise they can only select normal feats. One of the Master feats is to share power with his flock.

    Master Vamp could be a class, while Master of the City could be a prestige class requiring the defeat of the previous Master of the City.

    Same would work for lyncathropes. Minimum wisdom to be an Alpha.

    Feats: details to follow, this is just brainstorming. Some of these could also be "class" abilities achieved at certain levels for master vamps. I still like the idea of a random "master potential" value that would also place a limit on the number of feats or max level the master can obtain.

    Sample of Master vamp feats:
    Slash - Ability to cause minor wounds at a distance

    Call Beast - The type of beast the master can call is random. This feat can only be taken once.

    Share Power - The master can share one of his abilities with his flock. May be taken multiple times, each time a new ability is selected to share. Must be a "Master of the City".

    Cloud Minds - Ability to cloud minds, Will Save, DC 10+wis mod+cha mod+Master vamp level.

    Call Shadows - Ability to gather shadows about oneself or an area. The shadows act similarly to a smoke screen for visibility purposes.

    Know Fear - The ability to determine oponnents greatest fear.

    Sense Lie - Ability to tell if someone (human or vamp) is lying to the vamp.

    Mark Human Servant - Ability to create a human servant via "Marks".

    Mark Lycanthrope - Ability to "Mark" a lycantrhope as servant.

    Share Blood - Ability to share life energy with members of a master's flock via sharing of blood.

    Share Skin - Identical with Share Blood but only requires skin contact. Prerequisite: Share Blood

    Restrict Potential - Ability to hide a child vampire's potential, even from himself.

    Body Travel - Ability to use another vampire's body at a distance. Can only take over a non-Master vamp.

    Repair Damage - Ability to heal damage in himself or others. (May require share power as prequisite).

    This is just a sample. It would require good research through the books to list them all. A similar list could be made for Alpha lycanthropes. There would also be a list of abilities that would be "Unique Abilities". Once a vamp reached a certain level they could select or randomly roll against the list. Once a vamp selected one of these it would be removed from the list.

    If anyone would like to help me work on this please e-mail me at pukwudji@comcast.net. I have a group of players that is anxious to play in this world so I want to get it laid out within a month. I have access to all of her books but it would be nice to share the research to make it go more quickly.

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    Collaboration wanted

    I would really like to collaborate with someone on this. If you are interrested send me email or reply in this thread. My players are all fans of Anita Blake and are anxious to do this.

    I don't think I have a problem with the monsters, its magic I'd really like help with (Necormancy, Animators, Witches, Vaduan, clairvoyants, etc.)

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