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    Ok, folks, that's enough. Take your bickering to Nutkinland. Thread closed.

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    Eric, you idiot, we're all moderators. That means we can post in a closed thread. AND reopen it.

    You've really lost it, haven't you?

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    I was at a point where I was doing things just to BLEEP off Eric, but it got too easy because he is so BLEEP sensitive.

    And Eridanis, you are such a BLEEPin' kiss BLEEP lick-spittle wimpy little BLEEP - Sure, Eric's dramatics made me take a lesss active role as moderator, but as I said back when you were recruited, I am not happy with you as a choice.

    What a slippery slope. It was letting you in here, that opened the door for real power-hungry little BLEEPs like Hypersmurf.

    -- I'm outta Here Nemm
    Last edited by EricNoah; Tuesday, 30th March, 2004 at 04:24 PM. Reason: added bleeps to draw attention to Nemm's potty mouth
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    ha! blood and souls blood and souls bloodandbloodandbloodandsoulshahaha

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    Knock it off, jerkwad. You and I are gonna really have it out later.

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