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    Got a weird email...

    I don't know whether I should make this public. What do you guys think?

    Basically, this is from my contact at WotC (you know the guy I mean), and he's told me that Hasbro are selling WotC - they've been made an offer they can't refuse. He didn't tell me who it was (said it was "proprietary information"), but it is to a rival game company who have plans to make some pretty big changes (one of the suggestions was that D&D be folded into their own product line, and the name used only as a "sub-title", kinda like WotC uses "d20" now).

    Anyway, my contact asked me not to tell anyone, but I'm finding it hard justifying why I shouldn't put it in the news. It's not like I have to name him, so he should be safe.

    Thoughts? Anyone else heard anything like this (I know a couple of you have our own "ins" at WotC).
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