Conversions Return to the Barrier Peaks or Tale of the Comet?

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    Return to the Barrier Peaks or Tale of the Comet?

    I have heard about these old modules, and from what I hear, they are pretty good. Does anybody know of a conversion for 3.0?
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    I haven't seen a conversion of either one. But just to help alleviate confusion, it's actually Expedition to the Barrier Peaks- occasional rumors of a RttBP keep popping up and teasing me!
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    I'm thinking about it. However the more I work on it the more the "its like Starcraft and Warcraft mixed together" thoughts start coming. I have my Dragonstar conversion to start with (I have blasters and a technical specialist class already written up). I also have the two Sheen articles for 2nd ed that I want to convert. But since I lack focus I am still working on my Cthulhupunk and WoD coversions, and then I need to turn around and start running my Mindshadows game and my friends want me to run my Modern d20, illithid invade the earth game again. This on top of the need to finish my thesis and graduate. Maybe one of these days. So far the only things I have finished were my Dark Sun conversion and my Masque of the Red Death (I do have a Ravenloft, but never put it on the web).
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