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    (Judge) The Archivomatic

    This is a thread where I'm going to list all threads in Living EN World. This information should make it possible for me to quickly sort through the information if and when we can split it into subforums. Judges see my next post.

    (Adventure) Tracking Down Sullivan
    (Adventure) A hunting trip
    (Adventure) A Merry Chase
    (Adventure) A Tidy Profit...
    (Adventure) Dwarven Golems and Old Ruins
    (Adventure) eK-1 The Tower of Koltifineous
    (Adventure) Feral Smackdown Battle Royale
    (Adventure) Goblin Ears and the MTG
    (Adventure) Heroes of The Vesper Peaks
    (Adventure) Hunt for the Cirya de Pietro
    (Adventure) In Service of Orussus
    (Adventure) Retrieval of Fallon's Key
    (Adventure) Rivenblight's Castaway
    (Adventure) Slaying the Dreamer
    (Adventure) The bastards of XXXXXX Bluerun
    (Adventure) The Haunted Halls of Stonepike
    (Adventure) The Monestary of Saint Feragon
    (Adventure) Tiggle's Order
    (Adventure) To Delmon's Aid
    (Adventure) Trek to the Vinyard...

    Legends and Lore
    (Legend) The Elemental Towers Arcane
    (Legend) The Tale of the Darksoul

    (Proposal) All things Ayratha Approved, with Modification
    (Proposal) All things Chennet'. Approved
    (Proposal) All things Geoth Approved
    (Proposal) All things Ieranth - New and Improved! Unapproved
    (Proposal) All things Phyrah Approved
    (Proposal) All things Taurusk Unapproved
    (Proposal) Brotherhood of the Crimson Cross Skipped
    (Proposal) Craft Points [OGC] Skipped
    (Proposal) druid/ranger spell Approved
    (Proposal) EvilEeyore's Proposals Veto
    (Proposal) Exorcist PrC Unapproved
    (Proposal) History of the Goblins (and all associated details) Unapproved
    (Proposal) Janosien, the two faced god Skipped
    (Proposal) Jareth, God of Gaming Approved
    (Proposal) Learner Prestige Class Unapproved
    (Proposal) Let's build the LEW Pantheon!
    (Proposal) Little Sneak PrC... Approved
    (Proposal) Mercurial Initiate Unapproved
    (Proposal) Mongrel, Demigod of Wanderers... Approved
    (Proposal) Order of the Wooden Sword Missing
    (Proposal) Sela, sister of stone Approved
    (Proposal) Stonefist Smackdown Veto
    (Proposal) Taka, Deity of Thieves and Dishonesty Approved
    (Proposal) The Ventrid Swordsman Approved
    (Proposal) The merciful PrC (and feat)
    (Proposal) The Secretseeker of Jareth PrC
    (Proposal) The Wildings - ecl +1 race
    (Proposal) Trader PrC Approved
    (Proposal) Unfettered Core Class

    (Tavern) City of Orussus, The Red Dragon Inn I
    (Tavern) City of Orussus, The Red Dragon Inn II
    (Tavern) City of Orussus, The Red Dragon Inn III
    (Tavern) City of Orussus, The Red Dragon Inn IV
    (Tavern) City of Orussus, The Red Dragon Inn V

    Record Threads
    (Record) Atlas and Almanac - Updated 8/20/03
    (Record) Official Character Thread
    (Record) Pantheon of Deities and Demigods
    (Record) Red Dragon Inn Trading-Post
    (Record) Who is Where in LEW?
    (Record) Your Guide to Enworld

    (Announcement) Help me organize all of the LEW world information!
    (Announcement) The First City Has a Name!
    (Announcement) Volidar the Bard's tales of ENworld

    (Discussion) Characters in need of supervision....
    (Discussion) Chatroom Living Enworld Games
    (Discussion) DMs needed..
    (Discussion) Enworld Physics and World Concept
    (Discussion) Etiquette at the Red Dragon Inn...
    (Discussion) General Part I
    (Discussion) General Part II
    (Discussion) General Part III
    (Discussion) General Part IV
    (Discussion) General Part V
    (Discussion) General Part VI
    (Discussion) How to organize LEW?
    (Discussion) Map?
    (Discussion) Red Wizards and Paladins Code of Ethics Issue
    Last edited by Creamsteak; Sunday, 20th June, 2004 at 10:01 PM.
    Red Hand of Doom: IC I, IC II, OOC, RG
    Princes of Elemental Evil: IC, IC II, OOC I, OOC II, RG I, RG II
    Storm King's Thunder: Waterdeep, Triboar, Goldenfields, OOC, RG
    Castle Illvithar: IC, OOC, RG
    Ashwell: IC, OOC, RG

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    Link to Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Creamsteak
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member.
    *Post a Link to your thread, NOT the contents.*
    Lol, note to self: 'do not make decisions at 5 am'

    Anyway, here is the link to my thread (Proposal)[race] Newtype Human
    Last edited by Otakkun; Monday, 31st May, 2004 at 02:16 PM.

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    Hello all,

    I have a link here to two new races and a discussion about level adjusted races. I'm sure that you just want the link, but one thing really quick.

    I propose the two new races because the PHB doesn't have any basic race that gives a bonus to any of the cerebral abilities, INT, WIS, CHR. Even the Psionic handbook extended only has a few and they have so much other crap listed on them they are level adjusted. These two new races are meant to be level adjustment of 0 to fill in the gap for players who want to have a bonus to INT, WIS, or CHR. Going along the lines of the future of this world and the near introduction of Psionics, they are moduled after those classes, however, I feel that they can be used for any of the spell casting classes as well in the PHB. One can even be used by rogues or warriors who like high DEX.

    Thanks for listening.


    *edited, this link now only goes to the new race proposal for the Mercane Spawn (Merci), I have moved the others to others thread per advice from others. See below on new post for more.
    Last edited by DM-Rocco; Monday, 31st May, 2004 at 05:23 PM.

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    The Tireless Journey spell
    The merciful PrC and associated feat
    and The Wildings
    have all had some final tweaks made and are ready to be considered in the Judgerific marathon. Janosien got enough 'no' votes to let stay dead, since the mechanical changes needed to reconsider would destroy the flavor entirely.

    Kahuna Burger

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    This is the link to the level adjusted thread


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    This is the link to the new race proposal thread for the Illithni


    whew, that was a bunch of work. thanks for the time guys.

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    All things Ieranth needs deleted, CS.

    All things Shurassa needs added. As do All things Ulura, All things Russna, and All things Tyorlah. The latter three are coming soon.
    Last edited by Sparky; Monday, 31st May, 2004 at 06:24 PM.

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    You should remove the thread, "Mountain Goblins and Deities," from the list, since you deleted it.

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    I have been kicking some stuff around in my head for a while. I guess this is as good a time as any to post it.

    City of Severus
    City of Woodstock

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    The Buccanneer has been changed to The Ventrid Swordsman PrC after core classes were voted down. I know it will take a while to make it that far down the list, but its there

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