For some reason I cant think of an interesting way to portray my druid character in the new campaign I have become involved in. He is a young human. The character is most comfortable himself out in the wild, but recognizes the human instinct to gather together into cities and develop them as perfectly natural. Humans are a part of nature and therefore cities are no less natural than a beehive. The character is now level three, but I still cant think of how to role play him.

The campaign is a pretty standard fantasy homebrew and I think the DM would cooperate with whatever I came up with in terms of background for the character yes he has a background, but it hasnt really come up yet so im still free to change it, plus its boring as heck anyway, the old I really liked hanging out in the woods, then I met this guy who also likes hanging out in the woods and he taught me to cast these groovy spells unfortunately I dont have any real details about the world itself, so I cant share them with you. I dont know why the DM wont share these details but he hasnt.

I have wanted t play a Druid for a while and even though I think the class concept is interesting enough I have no idea what to do to make this character unique. Its frustrating but if I cant think of anything to do to bring him to life Im just going to have to scrap the character and start over with something else.

So Im just asking for help from anyone out there with a cool concept for a human druid or anyone who has had some experience playing druids, I need a background for him and something that makes him unique as a druid. I dont want to be just another tree hugger

Thanks in advance.