Crucible of Faith Cast List [Full]
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    Crucible of Faith Cast List [Full]


    1. A vessel made of a refractory substance such as graphite or porcelain, used for melting and calcining materials at high temperatures.
    2. A severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial.
    3. A place, time, or situation characterized by the confluence of powerful intellectual, social, economic, or political forces.


    This is the cast in the Crucible of Faith Forgotten Realms/Planescape tale.

    "Fishing for Interest" recruitment thread:
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    Kosji Kepesk'Iejir, Sjach'isk, Karif'Austrata, Charir'Svent mrith'thric Vaex
    Pseudodragon Rogue8
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Patron Deity: Aasterinian
    Length: 1'2", with 2'2" tail
    Weight: 7.3 lbs
    Eyes: Glowing Amber
    Age: 65

    Str 8 (4 points, -4 racial)
    Dex 24 [30] (16 points, +4 racial, 2 level additions)
    Con 14 (4 points, +2 racial)
    Int 16 [18] (10 points)
    Wis 10 (0 points, +2 racial)
    Cha 14 (6 points)

    HD: 2d12+8d6+20
    HP: 62
    Initiative +10
    Speed 15 ft, fly 60 (good) [90]
    AC: 34, touch 23, flatfooted 34
    Base Attack/Grapple:+8/-1
    Attack +23 tail, 1d3-1 plus poison
    Full Attack +23 tail, 1d3-1 plus poison and bite +15, 1
    Saves: F+11 R+23 W+9

    Disable Device +17 (19) [13 ranks, +4 Int]
    Hide +35 [13 ranks, +10 Dex, +8 size, +4 racial]
    Knowledge (arcana) +17 [13 ranks, +4 Int]
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) +17 [13 ranks, +4 Int]
    Listen +14 [13 ranks]
    Move Silently +23 [13 ranks, +10 Dex]
    Open Lock +23 (25) [13 ranks, +10 Dex]
    Search +17 (22) [13 ranks, +4 Int]
    Sense Motive +13 [13 ranks]
    Spot +13 (18) [13 ranks]

    Feats: Weapon Finesse, Flyby Attack, Great Flyby Attack, Virulent Poison

    Racial abilities: Blindsense 60 ft, Darkvision 60 ft, immunity to Sleep and paralysis, low-light vision, poison (DC 17, initial damage sleep for one minute, secondary damage sleep for 1d3 hours), SR 19, telepathy 60 ft.

    Class Abilities: Trapfinding, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense +2, Sneak Attack 4d6.

    Familiar qualities: Provides Alertness to Quillia whenever within five feet, +7 to natural armor, Improved Evasion, Share Spells (within one mile), Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, Speak with Master, SR 18, may be scried on by Quillia once per day.

    EQ: Gloves of Man (12K), Pearl of Cunning (as Headband of Intellect +2, 4K), Cloak of Resistance +4 (16K), Anklets of Agility (+6 Dex for 36K, constant Cloud Wings effect for 2x3x1.5x2K=18K, total 54K), Lenses of Keen Vision (+5 circumstance to Search and Spot, 4.375K), +1 Ring of Protection, potion of gaseous form, Ring of Silence (Silence, command word activated, 3rd level caster, 16.2K) MW thieves' tools (100 gp), 7pp, 5gp. Permanent Greater Magic Fang (12th level caster).

    Appearance: Kosji is always impeccably groomed, his beautiful scarlet scales polished until they shine and his numerous items likewise kept in top condition. He is long and lean, and moves in a very catlike manner, always graceful, patient, and supremely arrogant. It is not uncommon to see his head slide out of Quillia's vest pocket, survey the scene with his glinting lenses, the brilliant white pearl set in his forehead seeming a third eye; such supervision is as often as not promptly followed by a retreat into the pocket for a well-deserved rest. When he does venture forth, his silver gloves, golden rings and anklets, and steel-gray cloak (matching Quillia's in color) seem that they should make him stand out, but unless he is grandstanding (a not infrequent occurrence), he disappears into the background the moment attention wavers.

    Personality: Kosji is extremely temperamental, even for a pseudodragon. He is capable of incredible affection, as evidenced by his deep relationship with Quillia, but is equally capable of long vendettas, based on as simple and pointless a reason as a dislike of the fellow's fashion sense. He loves practical jokes, tending towards the more physical, though he strives to avoid injuring even those he despises. When he wants attention, and this is often, Kosji is as insistent as the most pampered housecat.

    In adventuring, Kosji is terribly impetuous. Relying on his skill and magics to avoid danger, he gleefully races ahead of the party to explore every nook and cranny, but never, ever strays outside of the range of his empathic link, regardless of circumstances; this habit is so ingrained into him that he barely notices it.

    Background: Kosji was taken by adventurers as a hatchling, and sold to a gnomish illusionist by the name of Antergren Semmberyl Vastrinraf. Antergren was an old man, but still full enough of life to enjoy the young pseudodragon's antics. They shared a relationship more like father and son than master and servant, and Kosji (a diminutive used by Antergren so often that they both forgot what he had first been called) was content in the village where Antergren lived for decades, until the aging gnome finally passed on. In his will, he left Kosji's guardianship to his greatnephew Donabaj, a young wand-for-hire; he also bequeathed to the pseudodragon a substantial portion of his accumulated magical gear.

    With Donabaj, Kosji learned a great many things which his sheltered life hadn't taught him, and soon became so proficient in larceny that he entirely replaced the all-too-lightfingered halfling "scout" in the group; they could at least trust Kosji to return their valuables when he was done playing with them. Kosji became well known in the region, acquiring the sobriquets Stormblood and Farflyer; he revelled in the fame at least as much as in the wealth he acquired. Regrettably, Kosji soon learned why so few adventurers live to an old age.

    It was a fairly typical dungeon run: a long-lost temple had been uncovered by a landslide, and when sheep and shepherds in the vicinity were attacked by fell beasts, the locals had put out a call for adventurers to deal with the problem. Kosji scouted the complex, disarming ancient traps and easily avoiding the undead wandering the halls. So successful was he that he barely noticed when he passed out of range of his link with Donabaj. Only when he had completely explored the temple and taken many of the choicer items did he emerge to find that, in his absence, the party had been engaged and slaughtered by the horned devil responsible for the earlier attacks. Overcome with fear and guilt (for it was his role to keep his master safe, and he had clearly failed), he fled the area, living claw-to-mouth in the wilderness and form petty larceny in small towns for several years. When his identity was learned by those seeking their lost valuables, they began to call the now masterless familiar the Red Arrow with no Bow. It was because of this reputation that he attracted the attention of the Cult of the Dragon; he was swiftly captured, for those accustomed to dealing with wyrms have little trouble ensnaring their smaller cousins. Only a tremendous stroke of luck, in the form of a passing gnomish wizardess named Quillia, preserved his life from the twisted curiousity of the Wearers of Purple.

    Kosji took this intervention to be nothing less than a sign from on high; the odds of any rescue were high enough, but that it would be by a gnomish wizard, seemed beyond coincidence to the terribly lonely, somewhat imbalanced pseudodragon. He swiftly attached himself to Quillia, never straying from her side and striving to protect her as he had failed to do with his last master.
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    Amara Sîrfalas
    Sun Elf Wizard (Enchanter) 9/ Planeshifter 4
    Believers of the Source Factotum
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Hair: Yellow gold
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 132

    Str: 8 (-1) (0 pts.)
    Dex: 12 (+1) (4 pts.)
    Con: 12 (+1) (6 pts., Elf -2)
    Int: 26 (+8) (16 pts., 2 level additions, Elf +2, headband of intellect +4)
    Wis: 14(+2) (6 pts.)
    Cha: 16 (+3) (8 pts, 1 level addition)

    HD: 13d4 + 13
    HP: 39
    Initiative +2
    Speed 30 ft,
    AC: 11, touch 11, flatfooted 10
    Base Attack/Grapple:+5/+0

    Fort: +8 (+14 with cloak, amulet)
    Ref: +5 (+9 with cloak)
    Will: +11 (+15 with cloak)

    Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven

    Diplomacy (cc first 9 levels) +15
    Knowledge (arcana) +24
    Knowledge (the planes) +24
    Gather Information (cc first 9 levels) +13
    Spellcraft +26
    Concentration +17
    Search (cc first 9 levels) +18

    Scribe Scroll (wizard bonus feat)
    Craft (Wonderous Item) (6th level feat)
    Eschew Materials (1st level feat)
    Skill Focus (Spellcraft) (3rd level feat)
    Spell Focus (Enchantment) (9th level feat)
    Spell Focus (Divination) (wizard bonus 5th level feat)
    Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment)

    Spells Per Day: 5/7/7/7/6/5/4 (one of each level has to be a Enchantment Spell)
    Barred Schools: Evocation, Necromancy

    Spells Prepared
    Save DC = Spell Level + 8 (or +10 for enchantments and +9 for divinations)

    0th - detect magic x2, mage hand, read magic,
    1st - comprehend languages, charm person x3, protection from evil, shield, hypnotism
    2nd - tasha's hidious laughter x2, web x2, mirror image x2, see invisibility
    3rd - clairaudience/clairvoyance x2, hold person x2, arcane sight, suggestion x2
    4th - dimension door x2, confusion, charm monster x2, stoneskin.
    5th - dominate person x3, prying eyes, teleport.
    6th - mass suggestion x2, greater dispel magic, true seeing

    0th - arcane mark, daze, detect magic, detect poison, ghost sound, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance,
    1st - identify, true strike, comprehend languages, charm person, enlarge person, protection from evil, hypnotism, shield, mage armor
    2nd - web, tasha's hidious laughter, mirror image, see invisibility, invisibility
    3rd - hold person, clairvoyance/clairaudience, suggestion, arcane sight
    4th - dimension door, confusion, charm monster, stoneskin
    5th - contact other plane, dominate person, prying eyes, teleport
    6th - legend lore, mass suggestion, greater dispel magic, true seeing

    1 weeks rations

    Magical Items:
    Headband of Intellect +4 (16,000)
    Bracers of Armor +4 (16,000)
    Cloak of Resistance +4 (16,000)
    Winged Boots (16,000)
    Ring of Protection +2 (8,000)
    Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (11,250)
    Wand of Bear's Endurance (4,500)
    Clear Spindle Ion Stone (4,000)
    2 Quall's Feather Tokens (Swan Boats) (900)

    200 gp (other money went to Society membership and dues)

    Appearance: Amara tends to dress in vibrant gold robes, with a matching gold headband and cloak. Around her head rotates a clear spindle ion stone. Her yellow gold hair is unbound, and falls to her waist. Her eyes are a pale green. She has no visible weapons. When traveling she wears a backpack.

    Personality: Amara is an inquisitive elf. Magic facinates her, and she journeys throughout the planes seeking new and interesting magics. She loves to engage in discussions of magic with similarly inclined individuals. Amara firmly believes in the tenets of the Believers of the Source, and that magic is her own pathway to evolving towards a divine being. She tries not look down on those who don't study magic though, as she believes that each being must find their own way towards divinity. Amara dislikes violence, and prefers magics that inconpacitate, or alter the attitudes of, potential enemies. She makes friends easily, and is inclined to believe the best about people.

    Background: Amara grew up in the busy Clerk's Ward of Sigil. Her parents were two gold elf adventurers from Evereska on Faerun. One day, while exploring some old ruins they accidently stepped through a portal, and found themselves in the Clerk's Ward of Sigil. Exploring a bit, they discovered the Civic Festhall and the Society of Sensation. They joined the Society, and decided to stay in Sigil. They bought a small house in the ward. Several years Amara was born.

    An inquisitive child, Amara was always interested in magic from an early age. Indulging their child's interests, Amara's parents found a mage who was willing to take her on as an apprentice. This mage was also a Godsman, and Amara learned about the Believers of the Source along with her magic studies. Her parents were surprised when Amara declared that she wanted to become a Godsman. After some protest ("are you very sure dear? Are you positively certain?"), they finally agreed. Amara joined the Believers of the Source at the age of 83, and has risen slowly through the ranks to her current position of factotum.

    Amara currently divides her time between exploring the planes (mostly the prime and outer planes) for interesting magic, and her faction duties. In addition, she is a member in good standing of the Society of the Luminiferous Aether, a gentlemen's club for mages. Amara maintains a small kip in the Lower Ward not to far from the Great Foundry.
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    On another note - I am graduating from college on the 30th. Also, on Monday the 26th, I am loading a moving van with the contents of my apartment and driving to Indianapolis from Mid-Michigan. As such, I will be out of touch for at least 1 week. The first week of May I should have access to an Internet connection, but it will be a bit sporadic until probably the 2nd week in May when I get everything together. Just a warning that I will not be posting again for at least 1 week. I will attempt to check in before then, but I can't promise.

    *This note posted in both threads to be sure everyone sees it*

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    Quillia Yrtree Alamble
    Female Gnome Wizard 13

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Patron Deity: Mystra
    Region: Lantan
    Height: 3' 5''
    Weight: 42lbs
    Hair: Sandy Brown
    Eyes: Dark Blue
    Age: 73

    Str: 10 (+0) [4 points, -2 racial]
    Dex: 16 (+3) [8 points, +1 level]
    Con: 11 (+0) [1 point, +2 racial]
    Int: 24 (+7) [16 points, +4 enhancement, +2 levels]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Cha: 13 (+1) [5 points]

    Class and Racial Abilities:
    +2 Con, -2 Str, Small (+1 to AC and attacks, +4 to Hide checks), Low-light vision, Weapon familiarity (gnome hooked hammer), +2 bonus vs. illusions, +1 to DC of illusions, +1 attack bonus vs. kobolds and goblinoids, +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants, +2 bonus to Listen and Craft (alchemy) checks, Spell-like abilities (speak with animals (burrowing mammals) 1/day, dancing lights, ghost sound, and prestidigitation 1/day, DC: 11, 12 for ghost sound).

    Hit Dice: 13d4 + 13
    HP: 41
    AC: 19 (+3 Dex, +1 size, +3 armor, +2 ring)
    Init: +3 (+3 Dex)
    Speed: 20ft

    Fortitude +6 [+4 base, +0 Con, +2 from cloak]
    Reflex +8 [+4 base, +3 Dex, +2 from cloak]
    Will +12 [+8 base, +2 Wis, +2 from cloak]

    BAB: +6/+1
    Melee Atk: +7/+2 (1d4+1+1d6 [all subdual]/x2/B, Headknocker, +1 merciful quarterstaff)
    Ranged Atk: +11/+6 (1d8+2+1d6 fire/x3/50 ft./P, Heat, +2 flaming pistol)

    Concentration +5 [5 ranks, +0 Con]
    Craft (alchemy) +17 [10 ranks, +7 Int]
    Decipher Script +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (arcana) +23 [16 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +15 [8 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (geography) +12 [5 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (history) +10 [3 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (nature) +17 [10 ranks, +7 Int]
    Knowledge (the planes) +23 [16 ranks, +7 Int]
    Spellcraft +24 [15 ranks, +7 Int, +2 synergy from Knowledge (arcana)]

    Exotic Weapon Proficiency (pistol) (1st level)
    Scribe Scroll (wizard bonus 1st level)
    Point Blank Shot (3rd level)
    Empower Spell (wizard bonus 5th level)
    Precise Shot (6th level)
    Improved Familiar (9th level)
    Energy Substitution (sonic) (wizard bonus 10th level)
    Enspell Familiar (12th level)

    Languages: Common, Gnome, Lantanese, Draconic, Sylvan, Alzedo

    Spells Prepared
    Save DC +5
    0th - detect magic, flare, read magic, prestidigitation.
    1st - comprehend languages, expeditious retreat, mount, true strike x2, unseen servant.
    2nd - darkvision, Gedlee's electric loop, Melf's acid arrow x2, rope trick, see invisibility.
    3rd - blindsight, dispel magic, sonic fireball x2 (from Energy Substitution), fireball, haste.
    4th - Empowered Melf's acid arrow, greater invisibility, polymorph, stone shape, stone skin.
    5th - major creation, overland flight, prying eyes, teleport.
    6th - analyze dweomer, chain lightning, disintegrate.
    7th – greater teleport, plane shift

    0th - acid splash, arcane mark, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, flare, ghost sound, light, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue
    1st - alarm, comprehend languages, expeditious retreat, identify, magic missile, mount, speed swim, true strike, unseen servant
    2nd - darkvision, Gedlee's electric loop, Melf's acid arrow, rope trick, see invisibility
    3rd - blindsight, daylight, dispel magic, greater magic weapon, fireball, haste
    4th - greater invisibility, polymorph, stone shape, stoneskin
    5th - major creation, overland flight, permanency, prying eyes, teleport
    6th - analyze dweomer, chain lightning, disintegrate, greater dispel magic, true seeing
    7th – greater teleport, plane shift


    Heat (+2 flaming pistol, 18,000gp)
    Headknocker (+1 merciful Small quarterstaff, 8,000)
    Hairpin of the Uncanny Wit (as headband of intellect +4, 16,000gp)
    Bracelets of Ironheart (as bracers of armor +3, 9,000gp)
    Warding Word (ring of protection +2, 8,000gp)
    Heward's Handy Haversack (2,000gp)
    wand of magic missile (5th level, 3,750gp)
    wand of invisibility (4,500gp)
    wand of detect secret doors (750gp)
    wand of detect magic (375gp)
    5 scrolls of alarm (125gp)
    scroll of detect undead (25gp)
    scroll of animate rope (25gp)
    Tymora's Favor (cloak of resistance +2, 4,000gp)
    broom of flying (17,000gp)
    Spellbook (400 pages of vellum, wooden cover, waterproof, levitating, pungent, major elemental resistance, glammered [to resemble a poetry book]) (10,240gp)
    Spell component pouch - Small sapphire in a gold loop (1,500gp, focus for analyze dweomer), small bell and length of silver wire (focus for alarm), small ball of wool (about 20 castings' worth, for daze), tiny pouch of earth from a grave (about 20 castings' worth, for disrupt undead), a small block of wax in waxed paper (about 10 castings worth, for ghost-sound), a small pouch of phosphorescent moss and a little jar of fireflies (about 10 castings' worth, for light, small pouch of powdered lime and carbon (20 castings' worth, for greater magic weapon), a short piece of copper wire (focus for message), a brass key (focus for open/close), a crystal prism (focus for [i]read magic), 5 miniature cloaks (material component for resistance), small pouch of soot and salt (20 castings' worth, for comprehend languages), 4 100gp white pearls and 4 snowy owl feathers (material components for identify), a braid of horse hair (20 castings' worth, for mount), a miniature wooden paddle (focus for speed swim), several bunches of string and slivers of wood (20 castings' worth, for unseen servant), 20 small agates (material components for darkvision), 20 small loops of copper wire and 20 small magnetic stones (material components for Gedlee's electric loop), a dart and a pouch of powdered rhubarb leaves and 20 adder's stomachs (focus and material components for 20 castings of Melf's acid arrow), powdered corn and twisted loops of parchment (20 castings' worth, for rope trick), a small pouch of talc and powdered silver (20 castings' worth, for see invisibility), a small pouch of wax paper-wrapped balls of bat guano and sulfur (20 castings' worth, for fireball), a small pouch of licorice root shavings (20 castings' worth, for haste), 10 empty cocoons (material component for polymorph), small pouch full of granite and diamond dust (2,500 worth, 10 castings of stoneskin), a pot full of soft clay (10 castings' worth, for stone shape), 10 handfuls of crystal marbles (10 castings' worth of prying eyes), small jar of ointment (made from mushroom powder, saffron, and fat, 2,500gp, 10 castings' worth, for true seeing), a small pouch with several loadstones and dust (20 castings' worth, for disintegrate), a small pouch containing a bit of ferret fur, a piece of amber, and 12 silver pins (focus for chain lightning). 6,500gp
    Powderkeg of smokepowder 400gp
    4 bags of bullets (40) 12gp
    Alchemist's lab 500gp
    Bedroll 5sp
    Everburning torch 110gp
    Acid (5 flasks) 50gp
    Alchemist's fire (3 flasks) 60gp
    Sunrods (5) 10gp
    Waterskin 1gp
    Wine (3 bottles) 30gp
    50 ft. silk rope 10gp
    Silver dagger 10gp
    Paper (10 sheets) 4gp
    Ink (two vials) 16gp
    Inkpen 1gp
    Trail rations (20 days worth) 10gp
    Belt pouch 1gp
    Scholar's outfit 5gp
    Cold weather outfit 8gp
    Courtier's outfit with jewelry 80gp
    Bag of raspberry candies (5 lbs) 2gp

    389gp, 5sp

    Familiar - Kosji, male pseudodragon Rogue 8, see above entry.

    Permanent Spells: greater magic fang (12th level caster) on Preena, familiar pocket on Quillia's inner vest pocket.

    Appearance: Quillia is gnome who has seen a great deal in her travels. Her skin is nut-brown from the sun, and her voice carries the faint echo of many accents. Her sandy brown hair falls to the middle of her back and is usually in a bun on her head, held in place with an elaborate hairpin. Her eyes are deep blue. She favors deep jewel tones of ruby red, emerald green, golden topaz, and indigo blue. She wears a tunic of emerald green, with indigo trews and shirt, and a golden topaz vest with many pockets. All have some ruby red embroidery, and she wears some red stone earrings and a necklace of the same.

    When traveling, she has Heat, her pistol, on her belt next to her potions. She carries Headknocker (her quarterstaff) in one hand, and keeps the other hand free. The handle of a broom pokes out of her backpack. She wears elaborately made iron bracelets, and a cloak that shimmers with a faint steel color. Occasionally Kosji will poke his head out of her large pocket in Quillia's vest, which has startled more than one person.

    Personality: Quillia is generally a happy person, willing to help others, particularly when it comes to something magical or alchemical. There's nothing Quillia likes more than conversing with another that finds magic and alchemy as fascinating as she does.

    Though she owes her allegiance to Mystra, Quillia prays to the gnome pantheon often, often invoking various names of those gods in many expressions.

    Quillia also loves getting letters from her family, and writes them all a newsy letter every couple of weeks. If she's within range, she'll teleport back for an afternoon with her family every couple of weeks instead. If not, she pays a premium to make certain her letters get to the Alamble family home.

    She hopes sometime soon to find a suitable husband so she can settle down. There have been several men, one of whom was (and still is) serious, in her life, but her wanderlust has broken up most of these relationships. Her one serious love, a bard called Yilltre Garlondo, was close to working out, but both weren't quite ready to settle down. She also writes him letters, often paying a wizard to scry out his current location so she can be sure where to send them. The two have been exchanging love letters for years, and Quillia has kept them all. Perhaps one day soon they will both be ready...

    In lieu of a husband and children of her own, Quillia lavishes her love on Kosji. She adores the little pseudodragon and lavishes attention on him. She considers him more like a little son rather than a familiar. Kosji has his own special pocket in Quillia's vest to allow him to travel in complete comfort, in addition to a fine assortment of shiny gems to amuse himself with. Quillia always keeps a small bag of tidbits for the pseudodragon to eat.

    In response to the trust and affection, Kosji is fiercely loyal and protective of Quillia. The pseudodragon prevailed on the gnome to have greater magic fang permanently cast on him so he would be better able to protect her or fight in his own defense, should the need arise. Rendered invisible, there's almost nothing Kosji wouldn't do for the wizard, and almost nothing Quillia wouldn't do for him. They both have a great love for practical jokes and keep a small book of their greatest accomplishments of humor.

    Quillia makes friends easily, and once her trust is gained, her loyalty is unshakeable. Though she likes to say she fears nothing, she would be devastated if her family or friends were taken from her. That is probably her one deepest fear.

    Background: Quillia grew up in Lantan, where the wonders that most would give their teeth to see once was the stuff of common life. Her father, Beldebarble, was a fine gunsmith, while her mother, Narilly, both decorated the gunstocks with carvings and fine metals as well as making the smokepowder. As a young girl, Quillia spent a lot of time with her mother in her alchemy lab, and learned to love the mixing and experimentation. She also helped her father in demonstrating his firearms, as it was apparent she was a crack shot. Her younger brother, Gilbaril, helped her mother do the fancy work on the guns, while both older sisters learned their father's craft. The Alamble family was prosperous and lived a comfortable life.

    When it became apparent that Quillia was an incredibly bright young woman, her parents suggested that she might find wizardry worthy of her talents. She had a much more mystical bent than anyone else in the family, and engineering, while interesting, didn't capture her attention as much as sporadic mentions of magic in books she read. They look her to a wizard academy in Myratma in Tethyr, where she was tested and found worthy. Quillia found the mysteries of magic to hold even more of her attention that alchemy, though she kept at it.

    The great wealth of information that could be found at the academy whetted her appetite to see the rest of the world. After leaving the academy, she traveled widely, eager to see magic in many parts of Toril. She experimented with different types of magic, learning to make her spells more powerful, as well as bringing the potent power of sound to her more destructive spells. She credits her development of her sonic magic to Yilltre, her boyfriend, as his bard's appreciation for the power of sound was something she hadn't considered before.

    Several years ago, Quillia rescued a trapped and frightened pseudodragon from a the Cult of Dragon, where they were bent on doing some hideous experiments. Though she let him go the minute he was well, the little beast continued to follow Quillia around for the next few days. Finally the pseudodragon said he wanted to be Quillia's friend and companion. Touched, Quillia cared for Kosji (as that was him name) for several months. Kosji brought a great deal of love and happiness into her life, and on the one-year anniversary of their meeting, both decided to make their association even closer. Kosji underwent the ceremony of becoming Quillia's familiar, and the two have become a force to be reckoned with.
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    "Pumbar Littletoes"
    Paladin 5/Halfling Outrider 7/Cavalier 1
    Male Strongheart Halfling
    Region: Luiren
    Deity: Yondalla
    Align: Lawful Good
    Age: 25
    Height: 2'10"
    Weight: 40#
    Str 21 +5 (10 Pts -2 Halfling +4 Belt +3 Levels)
    Dex 22 +6 (10 Pts +2 Halfling +4 Gloves)
    Con 16 +3 (6 Pts +2 Amulet)
    Int 12 +1 (4 Pts)
    Wis  8 -1 (0 Pts)
    Cha 18 +4 (10 Pts +2 Headband)
    HD 6d10 +7d8 +39
    HP 102
    Init: +6
    Speed: 15 (Base 20)
    AC: 35 (39 Riding Defensively), Touch 23, Flat 25
      (+1 Size, +6 Armor, +1 Vest, +5 Shield, +2 Ring, +6 Dex, +4 Outrider)
    BAB +13/+8/+3
    Grapple +14
    Lance +24 (1d6+9, x3) 
      Attack: +1 Size, +1 Focus, +1 Cav, +1 Mounted, +5 Str, +2 Lance
      Damage: +7 Str, +2 Lance
    Lance, Charge +26 ((1d6+9)x3 +2d6, crit (1d6+9)x5) 
      Damage: +2d6 Rhino Hide
    Javelin +20 (1d4+5, x2, 30r)
      Attack: +1 Size, +6 Dex, +1 Halfling
      Damage: +5 Str
    Composite Longbow +20 (1d6+5, x2, 110r)
      Attack: +1 Size, +6 Dex, +1 Bow
      Damage: +5 Str
    Fort +17, Ref +18 (+20 Riding Defensively), Will +10
      Immune to Disease, Fear
      Fort +4 Pal, +2 Out, +2 Cav, +3 Con, +4 Cha, +2 Cloak
      Ref +1 Pal, +5 Out, +0 Cav, +6 Dex, +4 Cha, +2 Cloak
      Will +1 Pal, +2 Out, +2 Cav, -1 Wis, +4 Cha, +2 Cloak
    Skills: (Pal 3x8, Out 5x7, Cav 3x1) -1 ACP
      Climb              + 6 (0 Ranks +5 Str +2 Halfling, -1 ACP)
      Diplomacy          +14 (8 Ranks +4 Cha +2 Know Nobil Synergy)
      Handle Animal      + 9 (5 Ranks +4 Cha)
      Hide               + 9 (0 Ranks +6 Dex +4 Size, -1 ACP)
      Jump               + 2 (0 Ranks +5 Str -4 Speed +2 Halfling, -1 ACP)
      Knowledge Nobility + 7 (5 Ranks +1 Int +1 Cav)
      Listen             +19 (13 +3cc Ranks -1 Wis +2 Halfling +2 Alertness)
      Move Silently      + 7 (0 Ranks +6 Dex +2 Halfling, -1 ACP)
      Ride               +25 (6 Ranks +6 Dex +2 Handle Animal Synergy
                              +7 Outrider +2 Cavalier +2 Saddle)
      Spot               +22 (13 +3cc Ranks -1 Wis +2 Alertness +5 Eyes)
      Mounted Combat (Strongheart)
      Mounted Archery (Lev 1)
      Ride-by Attack (Lev 3)
      Leadership (Lev 6)
      Spirited Charge (Lev 9)
      Weapon Focus Lance (Lev 12)
    Languages: Common, Halfling, Luiren Region, Elven
    Strongheart Halfling Traits
      +2 Dexterity, -2 Strength
      Small: +1 to AC, +1 attack, +4 Hide, uses smaller weapons,
        carrying limits are 3/4 of a Medium character
      Base speed: 20 ft
      +2 racial bonus on Climb, Jump, Listen, and Move Silently checks
      Bonus feat at first level
      +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear
      +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings
      Automatic Languages: Halfling, Common, Home Region
      Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Gnoll, Goblin, Halruaan, Shaaran
      Favored Class: Rogue
    Region Languages
      Automatic Language: Halfling
      Bonus Languages: Dambrathan, Durpari, Dwarven, Elven, Gnoll, 
        Halruaan, Saaran
    Paladin Abilities
      Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 2/day, Divine Grace,
      Lay on Hands (20hp/day), Aura of Courage, Divine Health, 
      Turn Undead, Special Mount (House Rule - cannot be dismissed)
    Halfling Outrider Abilities
      Special Mount (House Rule - cannot be dismissed), 
      Alertness, Ride Bonus, Defensive Riding, Unbroken Charge, 
      Stand on Mount, Leap from the Saddle, Evasion
    Cavalier Abilities
      Special Mount (House Rule - cannot be dismissed), 
      Mounted Weapon Bonus (lance) +1, Ride Bonus +2,
      Courtly Knowledge
      Rhino Hide Armor +3 (10,165gp, 12.25#, -1 ACP)
      Darkwood Large Shield +3 (9,000gp +Regional Equipment, 2.5#)
      Darkwood Lance +2 (8,360gp, 2.5#)
      Longsword (15gp, 2#)
      Headband of Charisma +2 (4,000gp, -#)
      Eyes of the Eagle (2,500gp, -#)
      Amulet of Health +2 (4,000gp, -#)
      Vest of Natural Armor +1 (2,000gp, -#)
      Belt of Giant Strength +4 (16,000gp, -#)
      Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000gp, -#)
      Gloves of Dexterity +4 (16,000gp, -#)
      Ring of Protection +2 (8,000gp, -#)
      Wand of Cure Light, 50 charges (750gp, -#)
      1,000gp emerald, 30pp, 7gp, 4sp
    Carrying Capacity: Light 150/Medium 300/Heavy 450
      Equipment: 19.25#
    Pumbar's Special Mount "Wigglesnout" 
      Dire Boar: ten feet long, 1500#
      Paladin Mount Traits:
        +6 HD, +8 Natural Armor, +3 Str, 8 Int, Empathic Link, 
        Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Share Saving Throws, 
        Improved Speed, Command Creatures of its kind
      Large Animal
      HD 13d8+65+13 (134 hp)
      Initiative: +0
      Speed 80 (100 Riding Defensively), Run 400 (500 Riding Defensively)
        (40 base +10 Improved Speed +30 Shoes)
      AC 32 (36 Riding Defensively), 32 Flat, 10 Touch
        (-1 Size, +15 Natural [+6 +8 Mount +1 Bracers], +7 Armor, +1 Ring)
      Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+27
      Attack: Gore +16 melee (1d8+15)
      Full Attack: Gore +16 melee (1d8+15)  
      Space/Reach: 10 ft/5 ft
      Special Attacks: Ferocity
      Special Qualities: Low-light vision, Scent
      Saves: Fort +15, Ref +10, Will +11 (+13 Riding Defensively, +15 vs Fear)
      Abilities: Str 30, Dex 10, Con 21, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 8
      Skills: Jump +29 (+33 with running start), Listen +8, Spot +8, 
        Survival +11 (+15 tracking with scent)
      Feats:  Alertness, Improved Grapple, Improved Toughness, Run, Track
    Mount Equipment
      Wigglesnout's Equipment:
        Mithril Breast Plate Barding +2 (8,800gp, 30#, -1 ACP)
        Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000gp, -#)
        Eyes of Tracking, +5 Survival (2,500gp, -#)
        Bracers of Natural Armor +1 (2,000gp, -#)
        Ring of Feather Falling (2,200gp, -#)
        Ring of Protection +1 (2,000gp, -#)
        Bit and Bridle (Mount, 1#)
        Shoes of Speed (3,000gp, -#) 
      Pumbar's Equipment:
        Exotic Saddle, Military (60gp, 30#)
        Saddlebags (4gp, 8#)
          Tanglefoot bags x3 (Regional Equipment, 4# ea)
          Sack (0.1gp, 0.5#)
          Flint and Steel (1gp, -#)
          Hooded lantern (7gp, 1#)
          Oil x3 (0.1gp, 1# ea))
          Bedroll (0.1gp, 2.5#)
        Javelins x10 (1gp, 1# ea)
        Composite Longbow (+5 Str) (600gp, 1.5#)
        Arrows x20 (1gp, 1.5#/20)
        Arrows, Cold Iron x20 (2gp, 1.5#/20)
        Arrows, Alchemical Silver x20 (21gp, 1.5#/20)
        Club (-gp, 1.5#)
      Xuxia's Equipment:
        Exotic Saddle, Military (60gp, 30#)
        Saddlebags (4gp, 8#)
          Sack (0.1gp, 0.5#)
          Flint and Steel (1gp, -#)
          Hooded lantern (7gp, 1#)
          Oil x3 (0.1gp, 1# ea))
          Bedroll (0.1gp, 5#)
          Tent (10gp, 20#)
        Shortsword (Regional Equipment, 2#)
        Javelins x10 (1gp, 1# ea)
        Composite Longbow (+2 Str) (300gp, 3#)
        Arrows x20 (1gp, 3#/20)
        Arrows, Cold Iron x20 (2gp, 3#/20)
        Arrows, Alchemical Silver x20 (21gp, 3#/20)
        Club (-gp, 3#)
    Carrying Capacity: Light 6,400/Medium 12,800/Heavy 19,200
      Wigglesnout's Equipment:   192.00#
      Pumbar:                     40.00#
      Pumbar's Carried Equipment: 19.25#
      Xuxia:                     100.00#
      Xuxia's Carried Equipment:  39.00#
      Total:                     390.25#
    Cohort "Xuxia"
    Ranger 1/Cleric 4/Hospitaler 6
    Female Human
    Region: Chessenta
    Deity: Hoar
    Align: Lawful Good
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 100#
    Str 14 +2 (6 Pts)
    Dex 14 +2 (6 Pts)
    Con 14 +2 (6 Pts)
    Int 14 +2 (6 Pts)
    Wis 20 +5 (10 Pts +2 Levels +2 Periapt)
    Cha 14 +2 (6 Pts)
    HD 11d8 +22
    HP 70
    Init: +2
    Speed: 20 (Base 30)
    AC: 23, Touch 14, Flat 23
      (+2 Dex, +1 Luck of Heroes, +5 Armor, +4 Shield, +1 Ring)
    BAB +10/+5
    Grapple +12
    Lance +14 (1d8+4, x3) 
      Attack: +1 Mounted, +2 Str, +1 Lance
      Damage: +3 Str, +1 Lance
    Lance, Charge +16 ((1d8+4)x3 +2d6, crit (1d8+4)x5)
      Damage: +2d6 Rhino Hide
    Javelin +12 (1d6+2, x2, 30r)
      Attack: +2 Dex
      Damage: +2 Str
    Composite Longbow +13 (1d8+2, x3, 110r)
      Attack: +2 Dex, +1 Bow
      Damage: +2 Str
    Fort +15, Ref +9, Will +13
      Fort +2 Rgr, +4 Cle, 5 Hos, Con +2, +1 Luck of Heroes, +1 Cloak
      Ref +2 Rgr, +1 Cle, 2 Hos, Dex +2, +1 Luck of Heroes, +1 Cloak
      Will +0 Rgr, +4 Cle, 2 Hos, Wis +5, +1 Luck of Heroes, +1 Cloak
    Skills: (9x4 + 5x10), -1 ACP
      Concentration        +16 (14 Ranks +2 Con)
      Diplomacy            +16 (14 Ranks +2 Cha)
      Handle Animal        + 7 (5 Ranks +2 Cha)
      Knowledge Religion   +16 (14 Ranks +2 Int)
      Heal                 + 9 (4 Ranks +5 Wis)
      Hide                 + 5 (4 Ranks +2 Dex -1 ACP)
      Listen               + 9 (4 Ranks +5 Wis)
      Ride                 + 9 (5 Ranks +2 Dex +2 Saddle)
      Spellcraft           +16 (14 Ranks +2 Int)
      Spot                 + 9 (4 Ranks +5 Wis)
      Survival             + 9 (4 Ranks +5 Wis)
      Mounted Combat (Human)
      Luck of Heroes (Lev 1 Regional, Human from Chessenta)  
      Ride-By Attack (Lev 3)
      Spirited Charge (Lev 6) 
      Mounted Archery (Hosp 3)
      Divine Vigor (Lev 9)
      Power Attack (Hosp 5)
    Spells DC 15 +spell level
      0 (6)    : Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Light x2, Read Magic, 
      1 (4+2+d): Bless, Comprehend Languages, Divine Favor, Endure Elements, 
                 Obscuring Mist, Shield of Faith, True Strike (d)
      2 (4+1+d): Align Weapon, Calm Emotions, Remove Paralysis, Resist Energy,
                 Silence, Augury (d)
      3 (3+1+d): Create Food and Water, Dispel Magic, Invisibility Purge, 
                 Stone Shape, Fly (d)
      4 (3+1+d): Air Walk, Death Ward x2, Restoration, Dimension Door (d)
      5 (2+1+d): Plane Shift, True Seeing, Spell Resistance, Teleport (d)
    Languages: Common, Chessentan, Elven, Halfling
    Human Traits
      1st Level Bonus Feat
      4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each 
        additional level.
      Automatic Language: Common. Bonus Languages: Any
      Favored Class: Any.
    Region Languages
      Automatic Language: Chessentan
      Bonus Languages: Aglarondan, Chondathan, Draconic, Mulhorandi,
        Turmic, Untheric
    Ranger Abilities
      Favored Enemy: Human
      Wild Empathy
    Cleric Abilities
      Turn Undead as Lvl 8 Cleric (+4 Cle, +6-2 Hosp)
      Domains: Fate, Travel
      Fate Domain: Uncanny Dodge
      Fate Domain Spells: 1-True Strike, 2-Augury, 3-Bestow Curse,
        4-Divination, 5-Mark of Justice, 6-Geas/Quest, 7-Vision, 
        8-Mind Blank, 9-Foresight
      Travel Domain
        Granted Powers: For a total time per day of 1 round per cleric
        level you possess, you can act normally regardless of
        magical effects that impede movement as if you were affected
        by the spell freedom of movement. This effect occurs
        automatically as soon as it applies, lasts until it runs out or is
        no longer needed, and can operate multiple times per day (up
        to the total daily limit of rounds). This granted power is a
        supernatural ability. Add Survival to your list of cleric class
      Travel Domain Spells: 1-Longstrider, 2-Locate Object, 3-Fly,
        4-Dimension Door, 5-Teleport, 6-Find the Path, 7-Teleport, Greater
        8-Phase Door, 9-Astral Projection 
    Hospitaler Abilities
      Lay on Hands 12hp/day
      Remove Disease 1/week
      Rhino Hide Armor +2 (5,165gp, 25#, -1 ACP)
      Darkwood Large Shield +2 (4,257gp, 5#)
      Darkwood Lance +1 (2,360gp, 5#)
      Longsword (15gp, 4#)
      Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000gp, -#)
      Periapt of Wisdom +2 (4,000gp, -#)
      Ring of Protection +1 (2,000gp, -#)
      Wand of Cure Light, 50 charges (750gp, -#)
      Holy Symbol, Wooden (1gp, -#)
      500gp emerald, 34pp, 1gp
    Carrying Capacity: Light 58/Medium 116/Heavy 175
      Equipment: 39#
    Appearance: Pumbar Littletoes hails from the Strongheart Halfling lands of Luiren. He has brown eyes and deeply tanned skin. His long, dark brown hair is tied in a ponytail. He is exceptionally fit and well-muscled for a halfling. He wears a forest green cloak over his hide armor. Most of his equipment is on his mount. Pumbar is almost always found mounted on Wigglesnout, his dire boar mount.

    Accompanying Pumbar is his cohort Xuxia, a slender, tawny-skinned human girl with dark blonde hair and green eyes. Xuxia wears green hide armor, and is usually found mounted on Wigglesnout behind Pumbar. When in dangerous lands, both Pumbar and Xuxia carry their lances at the ready.


    Personality: Pumbar is generally friendly. As a paladin of Yondalla, he acts as best he can in his role of protector to his friends and family. He tries hard to keep a very stoic attitude, as he believes this is the proper way for a protector to behave, but sometimes he can't keep his emotions from bubbling up to the surface. Pumbar is working on mastering the hit-and-run combat style of the Halfling Outrider, but at the same time he is studying the ways of the hard-charging Cavalier. Pumbar's warrior spirit and willingness to fight may seem a little odd to those unused to Strongheart Halfling ways. Pumbar loves wrestling with Wigglesnout, although Wigglesnout almost always wins.

    Xuxia is a cheerful, happy girl, always seeking to support her leader in any way she can. Big folk are always surprised to see the halfling and the human, Pumbar and Xuxia, mounted on a dire boar and wielding lances.


    Background: Pumbar grew up participating in the many athletic contests held by the Strongheart Halflings of Luiren. He proved to be exceptionally strong and quick, and did fairly well. Whenever travellers visited Luiren, Pumbar was quick to challenge them to a contest. He would even challenge much bigger folk, who he knew he would not be able to beat. But he enjoyed the challenge! He met many travellers this way, and learned more of the world outside of Luiren. Pumbar learned that while Stronghearts dominated Luiren, they were rare in the rest of the world. Listening to the traveller's tales, wanderlust struck Pumbar. Wanderlust is normal for Lightfoots, but is a little unusual for the Strongheart Halflings, who prefer to live in and defend strong, stable communities. Pumbar did not want to abandon his friends and family, rather, he wanted to cultivate strong relationships with people of other lands, as Yondalla does. With his trusty mount Wigglesnout, Pumbar set off to explore Toril and beyond.

    Originally from Chessenta, Xuxia first saw Pumbar when he came to stop a force of marauding hill giants who had killed her parents. She had hoped for a more powerful hero to help her avenge her parents, but the little halfling was the only one who answered the call for help. She was charmed by the little halfling's determination to slay the giants, and offered to help him. She felt it was her duty as a cleric of Hoar to seek retribution, but she also thought that the little halfling looked like he would need her help. Pumbar happily agreed, and set a second saddle on Wigglesnout's back for her. Tracking the hill giants to their village, Xuxia was amazed to see that Pumbar needed little help. Wigglesnout ran circles around the hill giants, while Pumbar stood on his mount, firing arrows with amazing precision, slowly but surely cutting down the giants while easily evading their missiles. Shortly afterword Pumbar asked if Xuxia would like to join him in defending the poor and the weak, and Xuxia readily agreed. Xuxia has been following Pumbar for a couple years now, and she has continued to increase her skills, eventually becoming a Hospitaler. They're a happy, charming pair, making friends wherever they go.
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    Shariau, devout of Shaundalkul

    Shariau devout of Shaundakur Human Cleric 8/ Thaumaturge 5
    HD 8d8 +5d4 +13 HP 55
    AC 22 (+8 armor, +3 magic, +1 dex, +2 bracers) Touch 11 Flatfooted 21
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral

    Attribute Value Mod
    Str 11 0
    Int 14 +2
    Wis 24 +7
    Dex 12 +1
    Con 12 +1
    Cha 16 +3
    Note: Wis +3 from levels, + 4 from Periapt

    Fort: +8 Reflex +6 Wil +17

    BAB +8/+8
    Attack: Melee Great Sword +11 dmg 2d6 +3 (+13, dmg 4d6 +5 vs lawful outsiders)
    Full Attack: Melee Great Sword +11/+6 dmg 2d6 +5 (+13/+8, dmg 4d6 + 5vs lawful outsiders)

    Common, Auran, Celestial, Abyssal

    Knowledge (religion) 16 (18), Knowledge (planes) 14 (16), Survival 10 (17), Diplomacy 8 (11), Heal 6 (13), Spellcraft 10 (12), Concentration 15 (16), Speak languages (Auran)

    Spell penetration, Spell focus (Conjuration), Martial Weapon Proficiency (Great Sword), Lightning reflexes, Still Spell, Silent spell, Augment Summoning (from Thaumaturge),

    Weapon and armor proficiencies
    Simple weapons, Light, Medium and heavy armor, Shields (except tower shields)

    Turns and Spontaneous casts as a good cleric

    Spells/day 6, 7+1, 7+1, 6+1, 5+1, 4+1, 3+1, 2+1

    Spell component pouch: tufts of bulls hair, two pouches ruby dust (50gp each), leather thong, silver spoon (x3), miniature ivory portal (x3), small piece of polished marble (x3)

    Spells memorized

    Purify food and drink
    Read Magic
    Detect Magic
    Detect Magic

    Level 1
    Endure elements
    Entropic shield
    Cause fear
    Summon monster 1
    Hide from Undead

    Level 2
    Sound burst
    Bull’s strength x2
    Hold person
    Summon monster II
    Align weapon
    D Gem bomb

    Level 3
    Stilled, Silent, Summon Monster 1
    Create food and water
    Summon monster III
    Remove disease
    Meld into stone
    D Fly

    Level 4
    Death Ward
    Air walk
    Neutralise poison
    Summon monster IV

    Level 5
    Wall of stone
    Flame strike
    True seeing
    D Teleport

    Level 6
    Blade barrier
    Wind walk
    Summon Monster VI
    D True seeing

    Level 7
    Scrying, greater
    Summon Monster VII
    (D)Teleport Without Error

    Domain Powers
    Travel: For a total time per day of 1 round per cleric level you possess, you can act normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement as if you were affected by the spell freedom of movement. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies, lasts until it runs out or is no longer needed, and can operate multiple times per day (up to the total daily limit of rounds). This granted power is a supernatural ability
    Trade: Cast detect thoughts once per day as a free action against one target. Duration cha bonus in minutes.

    Chaos Strike, +3 Great Sword, Bane to Lawful outsiders (2d6 dmg, 19-20/x2)
    +3 Glamered Mithril Full plate (AC 8, Max Dex +3, Armor Check -2, Weight 25lb)
    Helm of comprehend languages and read magic
    Cloak of charisma +4
    Ring of sustenance
    Rod of Metamagic, extend
    Periapt of wisdom +4
    Handy Haversack
    Bracers of Natural Armor +2
    3 Cure Serious Wounds Potions
    Potion of neutralize poison
    Fishing net
    50’ Silk rope
    5 days rations
    Spell component pouch
    Ever burning torch
    Healer’s kit
    Sealing wax
    Signet ring
    10 sheets paper
    2 vials ink
    20 tindertwigs
    light warhorse
    saddle - military
    saddle bags
    Decanter of endless water
    Explorer’s outfit
    Silver Holy Symbol
    10 handfuls dust of tracelessness
    Elexir of truth x 5
    Necklace of fireballs type III

    Money 30pp 19gp 1sp

    Description Shariau has dusky brown hair, a hawk like nose and brown eyes. When traveling he is seen as wearing comfortable traveling clothes, leather boots and a wide brimmed hat, a sword strapped to his back. (The clothes are actually his glamered armor).

    Personality Quick to make a joke and befriend people, Shariau is a charming travel companion. He is quick to help those with whom he travels, believing that a pleasant journey will create more worship for Shaundakul. He is very prone to moving on, even when establishing a new shrine he is likely to build it and move on, never staying for too long in one place.

    Shariau was born Delzi ibn Heria, a Mulhorandi slave. His early life consisted of running to and from the well, bringing water to the house where the slaves cleaned and maintained their Masters. His father was rather privileged for a slave, as head of the house slaves he had better quarters, food and working conditions. He was also educated, doing the household books, negotiating with suppliers and keeping the daily records. So in between menial labour Delzi was educated in reading, arithmetic, simple business skills and in the Mulhorandi religion.

    Perhaps he would have found a comfortable life in Mulhorandi slavery, taking over from his father as steward when the time came but the invasion of Unther changed that. During the chaos of the invasion and its aftermath he fled. Never having been more than a mile from the house and the slave quarters, travel was new to him. He escaped as far as he could, making for the legendary city of Waterdeep, marking the miles he walked and reveling in the freedom of movement and no orders. Freedom was good.

    As he walked he passed many shrines on the way. One day he spotted a man building one of these shrines and making offerings. He enquired as to what deity this man worshipped, it did not fit in with any of the religious lore he had learned about the Mulhorandi deities. The man spoke to him about Shaundakur, the deity of travel. To Delzi it was a revelation, a deity devoted to what he had discovered as the greatest joy in life. He took to following the old cleric of Shaundakur, listening to the dogma, wisdom and stories of Shaundalkul. He heard of Shariau, the great champion of Shaundalkul who traveled the multiverse and built lanes of travel for all in the name of Shaundakur.

    Inspired, he changed his name to that of this great hero (and no one else seems to have heard of him does not phase him, obviously the name as been lost in the mists of time and thus it is up to him to resurrect it and bring it t the lips of all. As far as he can see the only other alternative is that the stories were apocryphal and thus it is his duty to go forth and do as the great hero did. And no, he will not consider the possibility that the stories were just made up!)

    As he has travelled, he discovered a love for summoning, bringing creatures from other places to walk the road and share some time with him, both for companionship and defense. His love for Shaundakur has never wavered, but for a while he spent much time studying the art of summoning, of bringing allies to him. In this he was aided by an aged Thaumaturge, he has mastered the skills of Thaumaturgy.

    He has been joined in his travels by Ili’koa, a Githzerai fighter that has decided to wander the planes and has been inducted into the faith of Shaundakur. They first met when Shariau rescued him when he was left stranded after a Rrakhmar went wrong and the forcy of Githzerai were attacked and wiped out in an ambush by the Illithids.

    Ili'koa swore himself to the protection of Shariau. He had been sent as his ally by Shaundakur and he believes this is his calling, to help Shariau spread the word across the planes of Saundakur and thus increase knowledge of him across multiple worlds and not just Faerun.

    The two often debate theology, especially since Shariau completed his Thaumaturgical studies and rededicated his life to the service of Shaundakur. While Ili’koa admires much of Shaundakur’s theology, he is not yet quite convinced of his relevance in the fight against slavery that Shariau conducts. Shariau tries to convince Ili'koa, his main argument being that slavery restricts movement and thus is abhorrent to Shaundakur as these people are not free to travelm the Githzerai is slowly coming over to this opinion but has yet to be convinced. Shariau believes that with time his friend’s final reluctance can be overcome and he sees him as a great future addition to the ranks of Shaundakur’s faithful.

    Shariau has dedicated his life to finding routes for others to travel, to building networks for trade and communication, to spreading the word of Shaundakur. He has traveled the realms and now seeks to travel the planes. He wishes to find routes for merchants and enhance travel, across the multiverse if he can achieve it. Spreading the word of Shaundakur and the stories of Shariau as he goes.

    Githzerai Humanoid, Extraplanar
    Fighter Level 9 (EL 11)
    Hit Dice: 9d10 +27 (77 hp)
    Initiative: +6
    Speed: 30 feet
    Armor Class: 26 (+6 armor, +6 dex, 4 inertial armor), Touch 16, Flatflooted 20
    Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+12
    Attack:Melee Greatsword + 14 (+9BAB, +1 Weapon, +1 Weapon focus, +3 Str) 1d10 + 6 crit 19-20/x2 (+1 magic, +2 weapon specialization, +3 str) Ranged Longbow +16 (+1 Weapon, +6 dex) 1d6 + 5 (+1 weapon, +1 Ammo, +3 str)
    Full Attack: +14 Greatsword dmg 1d10 +6, +9 Greatsword dmg 1d10 +6 OR Longbow +16 dmg 1d6 +5
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., psionics, inertial armor, SR 14
    Saves: Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +6
    Abilities: Str 16, Dex 22, Con 17, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 10
    Skills: Ride 12 (4 ranks +6 dex, +2 synergy), Handle Animal 6 (6 ranks), Climb 10 (4 ranks, +6 dex), Swim 10 (4 ranks, +6 dex), Jump 10 (4 ranks, +6 dex), Survival (CC) 4 (3 ranks, +1 wis), Knowledge (Planes) CC 4 (3 ranks, +1 Int), Craft (WeaponSmith) 3 (2 ranks, +1 int)

    Feats: Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Weapon Specialisation (Greatsword), Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind attack, Iron will, Power AttackAlignment: Chaotic neutral

    Psionics (Sp). 3/day Daze (DC9), feather fall (DC11)

    Languages: Githzerai, Common

    Mithril Chainshirt +1 (AC 6, Max dex bonus +6, Armor Check penalty 0, move as light armor, weight 13lbs)
    Silver Greatsword +2
    +1 Composite longbow (+3 str bonus)
    50 +1 Arrows
    Wand of charm person
    2 potions Cure Serious wounds
    Potion of neutralize poison
    Fishing net
    50’ Silk rope
    5 days rations
    belt pouch
    Sealing wax
    Signet ring
    20 tindertwigs
    light warhorse
    saddle - military
    saddle bags
    Explorer’s outfit

    Money 2187 gp 9sp

    Ili'koa grew up outside of the protection of the Githzerai monasteries. Living with a wild tribe of Githzerai in the chaos of Limbo he very quickly learnt self reliance. Early in his teens his wild tribe was found by one of the monasteries of Githzerai and they were invited in. For many of his relatives this was a dream come true, the protection of their kind seemingly a perfect scenario. Ili'koa on the other hand seethed at the rules and continual impositions on his actions and time - for him the monastery was a nightmare of rules and labyrinthine beauracracy. So every opportunity he got he travelled.

    It was on of these trips that he first met with a cleric of Shaundakur. Intrigued byt the idea of a god devoted to travel and the finding of paths, Ili'koa saw this as a perfect way to live life and journied with the cleric for a while, long overstaying his pass from the monastery. On his return he was severely reprimanded, especially when he refused to reveal what he had been doing (he knew well enough that admitting to worshipping Shaundakur would likely get him killed and wisely hid his new faith).

    He continued to venture forth whenever he could, building shrines to Shaundakur when he could do so safely until the fateful Rrakkma in which all his companions were slain. Shaundakur used the opportunity to send him to Shariau as his companion and bodyguard. In the time since the two have grown close, agreeing on many points of theology, but disputing others - not at all unusual amongst the followers of a chaotic god. Since their agreements are greater than their differences they get along well and often offer their prayers together as the early morning winds rise.
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    Durindal si’ Tempus
    Half-Celestial 4 Human Rogue 2 / Sorcerer 1 / Fighter 2 / Paladin 3 / Templar 1 [Outsider]

    Alignment: Lawful good
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Bald
    Skin: Dark tan

    STR: 20 [14 base (6 points) + 4 template +2 enhancement]
    DEX: 18 [14 base (6 points) + 2 template +2 enhancement]
    CON: 20 [14 base (6 points) + 4 template +2 enhancement]
    INT: 16 [14 base (6 points) + 2 template]
    WIS: 18 [14 base (6 points) + 4 template]
    CHA: 26 [16 base (10 points) + 4 template +2 level +4 enhancement]

    Hit Dice: 2d6 +1d4 + 6d10 + 45 [9 + 2 + 30 + 45]
    HP: 86
    AC: 24 [+4 Dex, +7 Armor, +1 Natural +2 Deflection] flatfooted [20], Touch [16]
    Initiative: +8 [+8 Dex +4 Improved Initiative]
    BAB: +7
    Melee: +12
    Ranged: +11
    Speed: Land 30’ [30’ base]
    Speed: Air 60’ Flying, Good maneuverability [Wings due to half-celestial]

    FORT: +23 (+8 base + 5 Con + 8 grace + 2 resistance)
    REFL: +18 (+4 base + 4 Dex + 8 grace + 2 resistance)
    WILL: +19 (+5 base + 4 Wis + 8 grace + 2 resistance)

    Save Conditionals: Acid, Cold, Electricity and Disease Immunity, Evasion, Mettle, +4 vs. Poison, +2 vs. Poison, Spells and Spell-like effects [Belt of Dwarvenkind]

    Spiked Chain +15 [+12 Melee, +1 Weapon focus, +2 Enhancement]
    2d4 +14 piercing damage [+5 Str x 2, +2 Specialization, +2 enhancement] crit 19-20 x2
    Composite Longbow +12 [+11 missile +1 Masterwork]

    Damage Conditionals: Divine Might +8 Damage, +1d6 sneak attack, Power Attack, Two-Handed Power Strike

    Race & Class Abilities: Simple and Martial Weapon Proficiency, Light Medium and Heavy Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Lowlight Vision, Darkvision 60’ [Belt of Dwarvenkind], Stonecunning, +4 to charisma checks vs. dwarves +2 vs. Halflings and gnomes, –2 to all others, Sneak attack +1d6, Evasion, Detect Evil, divine grace, lay on hands [24 hit points], Divine health, Aura of courage [Immune to fear], Smite evil [+8 to hit, +3 damage], Remove disease 1/week, Turn Undead [11 times/day as 2nd level cleric], Summon familiar, Mettle [from Templar],

    As Half-Celestial [at 9th level caster ability]
    Daylight [at will], Protection from evil 3/day, Bless, Aid, Detect Evil, Cure serious wounds, Neutralize poison, Holy Smite, Remove disease, Dispel evil

    As Templar [one 1st lvl spell]
    Bless, Cause fear, Command, Divine Favor, Entropic shield, Magic Weapon, Mount, or Shield of Faith.

    As Sorcerer [5 cantrips / 5 1st]
    Cantrips: Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sounds
    1st lvl spells: True Strike, Shield

    Feats: Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency – spiked chain, Weapon focus-spiked chain, Improved initiative, power attack, Two-handed power Strike [from Quint. Ftr], Divine Might [from DotF], Combat reflexes. Weapon Specialization [from Templar]

    Skills: 102 points
    Balance +5 [-1 Armor, +2 Synergy-Tumble]
    Bluff +13 [5 ranks]
    Climb +8 [4 Ranks, -1 Armor]
    Concentration +11 [6 Ranks]
    Diplomacy +20 [8 Ranks, +2 Synergy-Sense Motive, +2 Synergy-Bluff]
    Disguise +10 [+2 Synergy-Bluff]
    Gather Information +13 [5 Ranks]
    Handle Animal +10 [2 Ranks]
    Heal +3 [1 Ranks]
    Hide +8 [4 ranks, -1 Armor]
    Innuendo +7 [1 rank, +2 Synergy-bluff, +2 Synergy-Sense Motive]
    Intimidate +10 [+2 Synergy-Bluff]
    Jump +7 [+2 Synergy-Tumble, -1 Armor]
    Knowledge Arcana +5 [2 Ranks]
    Knowledge Religion +11 [8 Ranks]
    Knowledge War +7 [4 Ranks]
    Listen +7 [5 ranks]
    Move Silently +8 [4 ranks, -1 Armor]
    Read Lips +8 [5 ranks]
    Ride +5 [1 Rank]
    Search +8 [5 Ranks]
    Sense Motive +7 [5 Ranks]
    Spellcraft +9 [4 Ranks, +2 Synergy-Use Magic Device]
    Spot +12 [5 Ranks, +5 Competence]
    Swim +9 [4 Ranks]
    Tumble +8 [5 ranks, -1 Armor]
    Use Magic Device +13 [5 ranks]

    Languages: common, celestial, draconic, dwarven [from Belt of Dwarvenkind], elven

    Eyes of the Eagle [2,500gp]
    Phylactery of Faithfulness [1,000gp]
    Mithral Breastplate +2 [8,350gp]
    Vest of Resistance +2 [4,000gp]
    +4 Cloak of Charisma [16,000gp]
    +2 Keen Spiked Chain [18,325gp]
    Ring of Protection +2 [8,000gp]
    Ring of Sustenance [2,500gps]
    Bracers of Strength +2 [4,000gp]
    Belt of Dwarvenkind [14,900gp]
    Boots of Speed (15 rounds per day) [12,000gp]
    Quiver of Ehlonna w/80 arrows [1,804gp]
    MW Mighty +4 Composite Longbow [800gp]
    Wand of CLW (50 charges) [x3] [2,250gp]
    Brooch of Shielding [1,500gp]
    Pearl of Power (1st lvl) [1,000gp]
    Daggers (3) [6gp]
    Net [20gp]
    Scimitar [15 gp]
    Heavy mace [12 gp]
    Ranseur [10 gp]
    Tanglefoot bags (4) [200gp]
    Scroll (See Invisibility) x2 [300gp]
    Wooden holy symbol [1 gp]
    Hemp rope (50ft.) [1 gp]
    Flint and steel [1 gp]
    Explorer’s Outfit [0 gp]

    GP remaining: 509 gp

    Durindal bounced around in his youth and learned the ways of the street. As an orphan, he grew up the hard way and learned the ways of the street-rat or rogue. Somehow, though, he never fell to stealing or hood-winking others. Muscle, observations, and charm were his ways. This charm lead to the discovery of hidden power by a sorcerer within the thieves guild. Durindal learned a little of the trade and probably could have been an amazing sorcerer had he keep to it.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, the clerics of the god of war found him and claimed him as their own. They discovered that he was the off-spring of an angel of the god of war and a human female. They helped to bring out this talents and upon adulthood, Durindal sprouted a pair of wings. The clerics took this as a sign of favor and taught him in the ways of the warrior. Durindal climbed the ranks of the church hierarchy, becoming a paladin and finally a templar recently.
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