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    It's been a while since the last update. Wholesale reorganization of the list is beyond what I have time for right now, but I will keep that in mind for later.

    Updated with:

    Revised Core: Base Classes (Afrodyte), Bard (die kluge), Druid (BAW, Greg K), Fighter, Sorcerer (Merlion)

    New Core: Aristocrat, Dark Druid, Defender, Elementalist, Epigone, Hunter (spider minion), Jester, Lorekeeper, Mage-Priest, Priest (spider minion), Professional, Red Mage, Stealth Sorcerer, Templar, Theurgist, True Druid

    PRC: Arcanthus, Avariel, Bearer of the Branch, Blade of Pure Thought, Dark Lord, Disciple of the Wudan, Exalted of Siberys, Hag Traveller, Halfling Hound Master, Hanri Guardian, Hanri Mage, Imperial Diplomat, Knight of the Imperium, Master Swordsman, Minotaur Paragon, Psi-Knight, Psychic Samurai, Ranged Soulknife, Shadow-Marked Elf, Shadowed Avenger, Sorcerer Imperial, Steam-Work Engineer, Stream-Work Wand Master, Steamer, Stormblade, Tempest, Vernomancer

    Races: Aelfborn, Bahabi, Bearmen, Cerebrate, Cog, Gnome (ForceUser, Shadowdragon), Goblin, Mohgori, Ogre, Troll, Vallen

    Templates: Big, Gargolic, Half Celestial, Render-Born, Slarcians



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    This is a great thread, I've already found some interesting Prestige Classes from the list I'll likely use for World of Kulan (hombrew).

    However, I always feel like I need to give back to the messageboard if I'm going to 'swipe' someone else's PrCs.

    Thus, the attached ZIP file that compiles all the revised/variant core classes listed on the front page of this thread (as of Ocober 10th, 2004).

    I'll likely do one for the new base classes as well, but I'm unsure whether or not I'm willing to tackle the other content listed on the front page. (There is just WAY TOO MUCh for me to consider going that far.)

    Anyway, hope you all enjoy the compilation. (You better, it took me all day to do.)
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    hey, craftrat, I have time on my hands, especially tomorrow. If the mods can make thread stickies for classes, races and templates, I can help out with the updates and whatnot.

    And what would really be nice is if the mods could make a seperate thread just for updates or addons from other players, that way, we wouldn't have to go hunting them down in the other threads and adding to the main stickies.
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    I'm currently revising my D20 Modern-based classes. Would you prefer I just edit the old thread or start a new one?
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    I contacted the mods, and we will try to work out the best way to organize this thread. Thanks to everyone for their help and offers of help, and I'll post again when we have something worked out.


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    Sorry for the delay in checking in -- I thought someone else was handling it, and they thought the same.

    How can I help?
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    This thread absolutely rocks. As a big fan of alternate classes as opposed to prestige classes, this has been a great help to me.

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    I thought this might be worth linking too (tooting my own horn)

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    Great work keeeping it all together though.

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