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    Glassteel for those who miss it.

    Please excuse this if it has already been done.

    Transmutation [Earth]
    Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    Components: V, S, M, F, XP
    Casting Time: 1 full round
    Range: Touch
    Effect: One metallic item
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: No
    By means of this spell, the caster transforms a quantity of non-magical glass or crystal into a metallic object. The caster must have the proper craft skill in order to form the glass into its new shape (Craft (glassblowing) can substitute for any metallic craft skill). Difficulty checks are dependent on the quality of the object. Most objects need to be of at least masterwork quality. See Materials below for details on the material. Items made of glassteel are neither magnetic nor subject to rust. Magical glass items can not be affected by this spell.
    Material Components: A substantial quantity of glass (double the amount needed for the item) and a small piece of steel.
    Focus Component: A miniature glass sculpture of the item to be crafted.
    XP Component: 50 xp/pound (or portion thereof) of glassteel to be created.

    Material Type: Glassteel
    Hardness: 15
    Hit Points/Inch: 30
    Weight: As steel
    Item----------------Market Price Modifier
    Light Armor-------------------+2,000 gp
    Medium Armor-----------------+5,000 gp
    Heavy Armor------------------+10,000 gp
    Shield-------------------------+500 gp
    Weapon Damage up to 1d3-----+500 gp
    Weapon Damage 1d4 or 1d6----+1,500 gp
    Weapon Damage Other---------+2,500 gp
    Other Items-------------------+500 gp/pound

    Special Abilities: Created by the spell, glassteel. Requires a Craft (armorsmithing), Craft (weaponsmithing), Craft (blacksmithing), or Craft (glassblowing) check appropriate to the type of item (see the craft skill description in the SRD). Finished products must be masterwork quality if possible. The resulting material is transparent and colorless; appearing much like clear volcanic glass. The weight of the item is as normal for an item of that type. Items made of this material are not subject to being dispelled. This material is subject to neither magnetism nor rust.

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