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    I just wanted to say


    This is truely awsome!!

    It had been so darned long since I played 1e, 2e I almost forgot about these!!!
    Show me the way to go home,
    I'm tired and I want to go to bed.
    I had a little drink about an hour ago,
    And it's gone right to my head.
    Wherever I may roam,
    On land or sea or foam.
    You will always hear me singing this song:
    Show me the way to go home
    Song: Show me the way to go home
    By Irving King, 1925

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    I don't think glass steel ever made anything as hard as mithril but I think it works.

    Anyway Turanil you might want to mention that weight stays the same.

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    I think I missed something... why the XP cost for this spell?

    As far as the caster of the spell, I see no reason for them to be required to have any sort of craft proficiencies at all. As far as the spell itself is concerned, either the glass is thee or it is not. If it is, the spell can be cast. If it is not, then obviously, the spell cannot be cast.

    If the glasteel spell changed the shape of the object as well as composition, it would be another matter.

    Oh, and in Races of Faerun, the spell was turned into an alchemical process.
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    The XP cost is because the caster is creating a special material with special properties through the use of magic. This is a permanent item that can be further magicked. By requiring the caster to have the skill to make the item; I encourage specialization for more than combat skills. Since their primary stat is Intelligence, wizards can afford to spend points on extra skills (I realize that this is an 8th level spell requiring at least an 18 Intelligence to cast). Sorcerers have never been played IMC. I don't know why except that my players have all been playing since 2e and wizards get spell levels faster and usually have a much bigger choice of spells when memorizing.

    This also goes to the means of specialization IMC: fighters have PrC's that require lots of feats and can weild a variety of weapons; rogue's PrC's require lots of skills; Clerics specialize in some area of their special abilities (healing/inflicting, turning/rebuking, combat/support, summoning, or artillery); wizards require strange knowledge and/or a few (strange) skills to specialize with PrC's and/or spells.

    I've built PrC's, spells, materials, and even a class or two to maximize their choices and ability to specialize. It is useful to note that almost all spellcasters IMC have made up some of their own spells; adding to the campaign. Several characters (who have since gone on to their final reward) have left a legacy of scrolls with their personal spells on them that I can occasionally add as random treasure. They had to spend the XP to make them though. Those players are still around and really enjoy finding a scroll made by one of their previous characters containing a spell their new character would never have thought of but can find useful still.
    Should a material object; when made of magically created material not require an XP cost? The item will last a lot longer than any other spell. If made into armor, a weapon, or a shield; it will probably be further enchanted to give it greater abilities (other than immunity to rust, dispelling, and magnetism).

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