College of Metahumans
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    College of Metahumans

    Okay, everyone, go ahead and post your characters here. Interviews regarding placement will begin within a few days.

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    Winter Hawk
    Real name: Watching Cloud Rice
    Appearance: 5'4", 105lbs; long, straight black hair; dark brown eyes; hint of Native American complexion.

    Str 10 (+0)
    Dex 14 (+2)
    Con 12 (+1)
    Int 12 (+1)
    Wis 20 (+5)
    Cha 14 (+2)

    Init +6
    Hero Pts 6
    Move 30', Astral move 50', Astral sprint 51,200'

    Dmg +1
    Fort +1
    Ref +2
    Will +10

    Base Attack Bonus +2
    Melee +2
    Ranged +4
    Mental +7

    Base Defense Bonus +3
    Defense 15
    Mental 18

    Feats: Assessment, Attractive, Heroes' Luck, Improved Initiative, Indomitable Will, Psychic Awareness, All-around Sight (limit: astral form only), Darkvision (limit: astral form only), See Invisible (limit: astral form only).

    Diplomacy (2) +4/+7
    Knowledge: History (focus Native American) (2) +3
    Language (Algonquian, English) (1)
    Perform (story telling, Menominee dance) (2) +4/+7
    Sense Motive (3) +8
    Spot (2) +7

    Astral Projection 10 [Flaw: Slow - 1 full action; source: mystical] (40pts)
    Mental Blast 10 [Flaw: Astral form only; source: mystical] (20pts)
    Telepathy 6 [Extra: Group link; Flaw: communication only; source: mystical] (12pts)
    Amazing Save: Will 5 [source: training] (5pts)
    Invoke Totem Spirit (variant Boost: mental stats) 8 [Extra: all attributes; Flaw: requires Hero Point; stunt - physical stats, can't be used concurrently with mental stat boost; source: mystical] (18pts)


    My story is a little bit different from that of your typical eighteen year old American girl’s. I am Watching Cloud Rice. Yes, that’s really my name, though most people just call me Cloud. I’m about one-quarter Menominee Indian, and my first name is my mother’s nod toward her cultural heritage.

    I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, a couple hundred miles south of the Menominee Indian reservation and just as far from its cultural influences. My mother gave me a cursory education in tribal lore, but it was mostly lost on me until I was eight years old. That was when I first started spending my summers in northern Wisconsin with my grandparents.

    While out fishing one day, I finally asked my grandfather what the name of his pet hawk was. I can’t explain how surprised he was that I could see the hawk, for it was a spirit animal – a totem. My grandfather thought he was the last of a unique bloodline tracing back to the Pe’kiki’kune (Winter Hawk) clan, of the Big Thunder phratry, a line that produced men with the ability to see and speak with the totem spirits. That I, a girl with little of the bloodline, possessed the ability both amazed and encouraged him.

    From that day on, we spent our entire summers together. He trained me in the lore of our people – the language, the history, the stories, and the secrets of dreamwalking. In dreamwalking, I surpassed his skill within a month, and never looked back. I was able to send my own spirit out into the world to visit distant places. I could call upon the totem animals to come to my aid. I even learned how to speak directly to the minds of others, something that was beyond my grandfather.

    My grandfather, though committed to our people’s heritage, knew full well that it was fading quickly. He passed on what he could in the time he had left in this world, but he had the wisdom to accept that I would have to adapt his teachings for another time and age. He encouraged me to be very careful about who I shared my gifts with. Even my mother, he warned me, had lost sight of what it meant to be a true Menominee, and might not understand these gifts I possessed.

    I am Watching Cloud Rice. I am Pe’kiki’kune. I am Winter Hawk. I am Menominee and American. I know who I am and I know there is more to become. I don’t know what this Greenwood Academy is, but I have hopes that it might be the first step on my path.

    Plot Hooks:

    The world could be rife with spirits that most people never notice. They can be both threats and allies with potentially very unhuman motives.

    Her grandfather has just passed away, shortly before her high school graduation. Grandmother may have some secret stash of his lore that she was instructed to give Watching Cloud when he passed away. This could unlock new powers, hint at new threats or immortal enemies, or present even greater mysteries.

    Watching Cloud's father, a non-Indian, was responsible for pulling her mother away from the Menominee culture - considering it pagan and uncouth. For this, Watching Cloud has resented him to no small degree, and this resentment grew the more she learned from her grandfather. Should her father learn of her powers, he might lash out at her in fear or turn her over to someone else.

    Native American lore is chock full of amazing stories of creatures, spirits, and the forces of the earth. In a comic book world, it is easy to envision the literal truth behind these tales. Plenty of source material to draw upon...history repeating itself in the modern age sort of deal.

    A spirit, possibly ancestral, takes affront at Watching Cloud for her willingness to combine ancient teachings and modern trappings. Might even be offended just because she is a girl or non-pure blooded Menominee. Could present continual harassment or, if truly vengeful, support her enemies.


    Watching Cloud is in many ways a typical American teenager - she has a keen interest in boys, clothes, music, and gossip. On the flip side, she is wise far beyond her years and it shows when she is among her peers. She takes the responsibility of her powers very seriously and considers herself to now be something of a champion for her people and heritage.

    Point Breakdown:
    Stats - 22
    BAB/BDB - 12
    Feats - 15
    Skills - 6
    Powers - 95
    (Unspent - 5)

    Total - 150 (155)
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    James Dunbar, aka Nighthaunt, PL 10.

    Appearance: 6'0", 170lbs; cropped and spikey jet-black hair; hard grey eyes; brooding, Batman-esque glower. Wears dark clothes, loose enough to kick ass in. Likes wearing a trenchcoat.

    Abilities (24 pp)
    Str 14 +2
    Dex 20 +13
    Con 14 +2
    Int 12 +1
    Wis 16 +3
    Cha 8 -1
    Hero Points: 5
    BAB +8 (24 pp)
    BDB +8 (16 pp)
    Def: 31, flat-footed 28, mental 21.
    Saves: Damage +15 (evasion), Fortitude +2, Reflex +15, Will +9.

    Skills (17 pp)
    Acrobatics +18 (5 ranks, 13 dex)
    Balance +20 (5 ranks, 13 dex, 2 syn)
    Drive +14 (1 ranks, 13 dex)
    Hide +16 (3 ranks, 13 dex)
    Listen +11 (8 ranks, 3 wis)
    Move Silently +16 (3 ranks, 13 dex)
    Spot +11 (8 ranks, 3 wis)
    Swim +3 (1 rank, 2 str)

    Feats (24 pp)
    All-Out Attack
    All-Around Vision
    Attack Finesse
    Heroic Surge
    Iron Will
    Lighting Reflexes
    Rapid Strike
    Throwing Mastery

    Powers (60 pp)
    Amazing Save [Will] +4 (Power Stunts: None; Extras: None; Flaws: None; Source: Super-Science; Cost: 1 pp/rank)

    Combat Sense +10 (Power Stunts: None; Extras: None; Flaws: None; Source: Super-Science; Cost: 1 pp/rank)

    Regeneration +5 (Power Stunts: None; Extras: None; Flaws: None; Source: Super-Science; Cost: 2 pp/rank)

    Strike +10 (Power Stunts: Dual Damage; Extras: None; Flaws: Full Power Only; Source: Super-Science; Cost 1pp/rank)

    Super-Dexterity +8; (Power Stunts: None; Extras: None; Flaws: Duration [Sustained] Source: Super-Science; Cost 3pp/rank)

    Weakness (-10 pp)
    Vulnerability (Electricity)

    Abilities [24]
    BAB [24]
    BDB [16]
    Skills [17]
    Feats [24]
    Powers [60]
    Weaknesses [-10]
    Total [155]

    James was a perfectly normal kid until the age of 8. He had a loving family, good friends, and a comfortable life. However, all that was destined to change. On their way to the airport for the annual summer holiday, he, his parents and his younger sister were involved in a car crash. James’s parents died in that crash, and the children were sent into the care of the only other relative of the family whom the state could locate; Professor Owen Maxwell, one of James’ uncles. To the world, his uncle appeared to be a respected scientist, who was prominent in the field of genetics. However, in private, his uncle harboured dark ambitions. He sought to breed the perfect soldier, a fighting machine of consummate power, and then sell the program to the highest bidder. His work had recently stalled due to the necessity of finding a test subject…and the car crash couldn’t have occurred at a more opportune time. With two young and healthy children to perform his twisted experiments on, the Professor was in heaven.

    For nearly ten years, James endured a living hell. He and his sister were injected with experimental drugs, subjected to chilling radiation treatments, had bizarre implants tested on them, and worse. Yet the Professor had under-estimated the speed at which the subject’s powers would develop, and did not know precisely what abilities his experiments would unlock. This proved to be the depraved doctor’s undoing. Amelia, James’ sister, had begun manifesting mental powers, whilst James had begun manifesting increased physical potential. Yet the two managed to mask the extent of their development from the Professor. Yet it wasn’t until nearly James’ 18th birthday that an opportunity to escape presented itself. It was an opportunity that would cost much. In the midst of another experimental procedure, Amelia spontaneous manifested incredible ferro- and electro-kinetic abilities. With her new powers raging, their might increasing at an exponential rate every second, Amelia acted. She destroyed the laboratory, shattering the containment chamber that the two of them were confined in, destroyed the Doctor’s robotic guards, overloaded the computer banks and messily ended Professor Maxwell’s life with a variety of very sharp metal objects before slipping into a coma. Scooping his unconscious sister up, James fled the small facility as it exploded into chaos behind him. A few weeks later he quietly claimed his parent’s money, with evidence that the Professor had been killed in a freak accident, and documentation stating he was old enough not to need a guardian.

    Since then, James has been living in the slums of New York, doing odd jobs by day..but at night, dressed in dark clothes and a balaclava, he has been fighting crime under the name of Nighthaunt. The Professor’s experiments have left James with a variety of strange powers, and he intends to use them for good. Yet a secret desperation lies behind his actions; Amelia lies in a hospital, checked in under a false name, the majority of James’ money going to pay for her care. For since the day they escaped their insane uncle, Amelia has never woken from her coma. When the message arrived for him, James was shocked and surprised, yet also intrigued. Perhaps at such a school, there might be those who could help his sister? And perhaps, they could even help him escape the times in the night when he wakes, retching violently, feeling a strange pain burning in his veins..the times when the side-effects of the mad doctor’s schemes become apparent.

    Oh, because I haven't mentioned it: Amelia is three years younger than James. The two of them look very similar, and are obviously related.

    Appearance and Demeanour: James is 6’0” tall, and is muscular without being over-defined. Small, pale scars crisscross his torso, back, arms, and legs, which he generally hides with long-sleeved t-shirts or a trenchcoat. He never wears shorts or goes bare-chested, even in summer. He has cropped and spiky jet-black hair, and grey eyes. His gaze seems far older than his 19 years. James used to be a friendly and likeable person, but ten years can change someone, especially after they’ve been through what James’ been through.

    With the huge number of worries pressing on his mind; his body’s reaction to the experiments, the fact his sister’s in a coma, the fact that despite his best efforts he’s running out of the money he needs to keep her receiving care, James is taciturn and moody. When he talks to people he’s surly, unhelpful, unfriendly, sarcastic, overly blunt to the point of cruelty and irritable. Inside, he’s scared by all the responsibility he suddenly has, and he doesn’t know what to do. No-one’s yet managed to get past his unfriendly façade to discover this, though; and he intends to keep it that way. James is content to leave others alone if they leave him alone, and ignores insults. Anyone who insults his sister, though, is getting a trip to the hospital at the very least.

    James is toting a lot of guilt over what happened to his sister, believing he should have done more, and mentioning her is the one guaranteed way to get James to flip out. James is a good man, doing what he thinks is right, but he’s constantly asking himself why he helps these people that have never helped him, questioning the point of his actions. In short, James is carrying round a whole shed-load of turmoil, guilt, anger and unhappiness, and sometime soon, something’s going to have to give.

    Plot Hooks o' doom:

    1) His sister's defenceless in a hospital and he's running out of money to keep her in there. If that's not a big neon sign saying 'token loved one in DANGER', I don't know what is.

    2) Was his uncle *really* working alone? Was someone else perhaps providing him with financial backing? And if would they react to have their investment run off into the night?

    3) Is James' occasional night sickness merely a temporary side-effect of the treatments he was exposed to, or something worse? Could his body be rejecting what the doctor did to him? And if so..will James end up like his sister?
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    Cosmic Power

    Name: Mai Hoshiko
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 98 pounds
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Occupation: Student

    STR 11 0
    DEX 18 +4
    CON 12 +1
    INT 14 +2
    WIS 12 +1
    CHA 12 +1

    DMG +3/+6
    FORT +3
    REF +6
    WILL +3

    INIT +4
    SPEED 30/60/120
    FLIGHT 35/70/17920

    BASE DEF 4
    DEF 19
    FLAT 14
    MENTAL 15

    BASE ATT 3
    MELEE +3
    RANGED +7
    MENTAL +4

    Acrobatics* [10/6]
    Balance [10/6]
    Bluff [1]
    Concentration [1]
    Craft [2]
    Diplomacy [3/2]
    Disguise [1]
    Escape Artist [4]
    Forgery [2]
    Gather Info [1]
    Hide [5/1]
    Intimidate [1]
    Jump [2/2]
    Knowledge: [2]
    Languages [1]: English (Japanese is native tongue)
    Listen [1]
    Medicine* [5/4]
    Move Silent [5/1]
    Perform [1]
    Science (untrained) [2]
    Search [5/3]
    Sense Motive [4/3]
    Spot [3/2]
    Survival [1]
    Taunt [1]

    The first seven immunities come from my powers
    Immunity (Super) (suffocation, pressure, heat, cold)
    Immunity (Super) (electricity, radiation, starvation)
    Immunity (Super) (critical hits) Linked to force field only
    Identity Change (Super) (can switch to hero form)
    Darkvision (Super) (can see in total darkness)
    Evasion (use ref save instead of dmg save)
    Dodge (+1 def, or +2 def to one opponent)
    Instant Stand (standing up is a free action)
    Greater Fortitude (+2 fort save)
    Iron Will (+2 will saves)
    Lightning Reflexes (+2 ref saves)
    Toughness (+2 to damage saves)

    Power is based off of Cosmic Power, with the excluded flaw taken for things that didn't fit the concept.
    Black Star Magic [+7]
    .base: energy blasts (stun) [+7]
    ..stunt: dazzle [+7]
    ...extra: dazzle burst [+7]
    ..stunt: snare [+7]
    .base: force field [+7]
    .base: flight [+7]
    ..stunt: super flight [+7]
    ..stunt: space flight [+7]
    ..extra: maneuverability (3) [+7]
    .base: immunities [+7]
    .flaw: transmute not available
    .flaw: cosmic sense not available
    .stunt: energy field [+7]
    .stunt: healing [+7]


    abilities [19]
    base att [9]
    base def [8]
    skills [14]
    feats [19]
    powers [82]
    weakness [0]
    total [155]
    unspent [4]

    Mai Hoshiko is a young woman heralding from Japan. Her family lived in one of the many fishing villages along the coast, where her father worked as a fisherman and her mother as a seamstress in a local factory. Hoshiko is their only child, born during a clear night under a star filled sky while the family vacationed.

    Despite her humble beginnings, Hoshiko showed great promise, both as an athelete, where she excelled as a gymnast in her teen years, and later as a student, where she wants to continue on to practice medicine. Her skill in both have earned her many scholarships and grants to continue her education, most of that being had in the big city, away from her family. But while this sounds normal enough, her life took a drastic change when she was young.

    While attending a hot spring on vacation, Hoshiko wandered off alone, finding a secluded spring to bathe in. It was here that an old woman found her, and told her of a legend of old, of a girl who received great magical powers from the cosmos. The girl had borne witness to the black star, a thing of cosmic beauty that only a rare few could witness. Looking up at the night sky, the woman asked if Hoshiko could see it, and looking up and following the woman’s gaze, she found a star, pitch black against the dark purple-black sky. The entire pool became hazed in shadow, the sky seemed to vanish until all she could see was that star. And when the darkness lifted, she was again alone.

    Her powers manifested themselves soon after.

    She found her physical abilities raised to a new level. Her body seemed changed; faster, stronger, more healthy. Even her mind became stronger. She could see in perfect darkness, did not seem to need to breath or eat, and seldom felt any pressure changes where her ears would normally pop under water or climbing a mountain during vacation. And then things started to get weird.

    Sometimes, her body completely changed, taking on an obsidian hue filled with tiny motes of light, like winking stars. In this form, she could perform amazing feats! She could fly like a bird, use dark energies to protect herself in a swirling sphere that protected and could harm, and even project beams of darkness from her eyes to harm, entrap, or blind other creatures. And most joyous to her, her very touch could heal. But how to conceal the strange power and the strange look she undertook upon it manifesting.

    Just thinking those thoughts cause the powers to recede, still at her beck and call, but hidden away. She began to experiment with her powers, and fueled by comics and television heroes she began a dual life; one as a gymnast and student, and another as a night-time vigilante, hidden behind her other persona. Now, just turned 18, she has received an invitation to a private school, one that promises to greatly advance her education in many ways, including her secret powers as a metahuman, something she thought very few new about. This is an exciting thought for her, since she knows virtually nothing of the power that inhabits her.

    Appearance and Personality
    Hoshiko is a very thin japanese girl with straight, waist-length, black hair and rich brown eyes. She has a very athletic build and tends to dress in conservative fashion. She has a very positive outlook on life, enjoys helping others and wants very badly to become a doctor.

    In the form of Black Star, Hoshiko’s skin and clothes meld to her, and she takes on the form of a taller, more statuesque woman composed of darkness and starlight. Her clothing melds to her and she appears jet black with motes of light winking on and off within her. Her lips are purple, as hare her eyes, with black stars for pupils. Her hair takes on the same appearance as her body, black with winking starlight within.

    All of her powers manifest themselves with similar affects. Her energy blasts and dazzle effects come from her eyes, black jets of power laced with white sparkles. Her snare power emits from her hands, liquidic jets of blackness that bind opponents. Her area affect dazzle is a summoned, crackling ball of energy that she hurls at opponents. Her force field is a clear field of stars that surrounds her in a globe, very obvious, though she can allow objects to pass throug it at will so that it does not hamper her at all. She can bring an energy field up around her body which crackles lick black electricity. When she heals, her power mainfests in a black glow around the subject. Her flight powers leave a trail of darkness behind her for five seconds.

    Family and Friends
    Mai Hani – Her mother, who is supportive of her daughters scholastic achievments, but very much not supportive of her extra-curricular, meta-human activities.

    Mai Tanaka – Her father, who wishes Hoshiko was a boy. He dotes instead on her younger brother, also named Tanaka.

    Mai Tanaka Jr. – Her younger brother and brat who loves tormenting Hoshiko. Despite this, he is the only member of her family to revel in her secret super-powers, and encourages her to use them.

    Hoshimora Kenji – Her best friend in Japan. She is a brilliant student, studying medicine as well, but at a much higher level than Hoshiko. She’s two years older, and the two became fast friends when Hoshiko rescued her from an assault in Tokyo and discovered Hoshiko’s secret identity.
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    ø Block Keia

    ø Friend+
    (Marcus Stevens)
    PL 10

    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 167 lbs
    Eyes: Blue-Grey
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Tanned

    Attributes: [Cost 32 pts.]
    STR: 20 +5
    DEX: 20 +5
    CON: 16 +3
    INT: 12 +1
    WIS: 14 +2
    CHA: 10 +0

    Defense: 23 [10 + 5 Dex + 8 Purchased ] [cost 16 pts.]
    Initiative: +5 [+5 Dex]
    BAB: +8 [cost 24 pts.]
    Melee: +13
    Ranged: +13
    Speed: 30’ [30 Base] / 40’ Flight

    Damage: +9 [+3 Con + 6 Power]
    Fort: +3 [+3 Con]
    Reflex: +5 [+5 Dex]
    Will: +2 [+2 Wis]

    Hero Points: 5

    Flaw: Naive: -5 to Sense Motive (Marcus is a little too trusting of people)


    Density Control: 10 Ranks, Stunt: None, Flaw: No Immovability [Source: Mutation, Cost 40 pts.]
    Shrinking: 10 Ranks, Extra: Mighty Mite, Flaw: Linked to Density Control, Only in increase [Source: Mutation, Cost 10 pts.]
    Energy Control (Magnetic): 8 Ranks, Stunt: Energy Blast, Extra: Flight, Flaw: Full Power Only [Source: Mutation, Cost 18 pts.]

    FEATS: Dodge, Heroic Surge, Power Attack, Rapid Strike, See Invisible [Cost 10 pts.]

    Skills: [Cost 10 pts.]

    Acrobatics +7 [2 ranks]
    Computers +2 [1 rank]
    Escape Artist +7 [2 rank]
    Gather Information +1 [1 rank]
    Hide +6 [1 rank]
    Language +1 [1 rank]
    Listen +3 [1 rank]
    Open Lock +6 [1 rank]
    Search +2 [1 rank]
    Sense Motive +1 [4 ranks - 5 Flaw]
    Sleight of Hand +6 [1 rank]
    Spot +6 [4 ranks]

    Final Cost: 32 points (Abilities), 16 points (Defense), 24 points (Offense), 68 points (Powers), 10 points (Feats), 10 points (Skills) –10 (Flaws)= 150 points

    History (Origin): Like his father before him, Marcus had made his way through life with his muscles. That was all that his parents were concerned about, at least as far as he knew. His father had been a successful wrestler, but a freak accident had prevented him from going on to college with a wrestling scholarship. They insisted that he do well in sports to get a good scholarship and go to college . . . and maybe the Olympics. All other aspects of his life were downplayed. At times, Marcus felt like a show dog more than a son.

    With perseverance, Marcus made his parents dream come true. One full ride scholarship to State University, primarily due to winning State Championships in his weight class the last two years. College Wrestling was much more time consuming and hectic, though. His teammates made fun of him and he was the butt of many a practical joke. The topper was a hazing incident which required that Marcus sneak into a nuclear power plant and steal something as proof.

    Marcus didn’t think this would be too difficult as his father worked at the plant. Marcus stole his father’s badge and entered the plant on the designated night. He entered without a problem and looked around for something that was unique to the plant. Just when he entered an odd looking room to swipe a lab coat hanging there, the alarms went off and everything went nuts.

    Before he knew it, his father was with him saying he had to get out of there. The door sealed and even with both their strength, it wouldn’t budge. Weird glowing light permeated the room and Marcus felt funny. He looked to his father and saw the skin melting away from his face and arms. Horrified Marcus slammed the door with renewed strength removing the door from its hinges. Marcus fled the plant, the lab coat still in hand – he didn’t even realize that he was a quarter of his original height. When he was somewhat safe the shock slowly wore off and Marcus realized his predicament – experimenting he discovered his density, shrinking and strength.

    Later that night, at home, Marcus and his mother got word that there was an accident and his father was killed at the plant. The same accident that had given him his wondrous powers had cost his father’s life. There wasn’t even a body for the funeral. The wrestling team passed on the proof considering what happened to his father – after all of that they didn’t even want the lab coat. Marcus kept the coat as a reminder of that day . . . and what price he had to pay for the powers he received.

    He spent some of that time trying to redeem himself, using his powers to help others anonymously. He had thought of a code name if he even wanted to go public with them . . . Proton. He was considering whether to do that or not when he received the letter. Obviously, someone had already found out about him.

    Personality: Marcus is a horribly shy freshmen in the local college. Only his superior strength and Dexterity (he is a workout freak) have kept him from hiding in corners. When interacting with women, he blushes furiously, and sometimes for no apparent reason – simply nervousness. His shyness isn’t helped by the fact that he is the subject of numerous practical jokes and pranks (as he easily goes along with whatever people tell him). When trying to decide who are leaders and who are followers, Marcus is definitely a follower.

    Appearance: Muscular, yet not overtly so, Marcus walks with a confidence in his body. The development of his powers (in secret), has only enhanced his confident. He dresses well for a nineteen year old, wearing Abercrombie or Eddie Bauer as the mood suits him.
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    ø Friend+
    Jonn Birkey
    PL 10

    Age: 24
    Gender: male
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde, short buzz or flat top
    Skin: Tanned

    Attributes: [Cost 32 pts.]
    STR: 14 +2
    DEX: 16 +3
    CON: 16 +3
    INT: 14 +2
    WIS: 16 +3
    CHA: 16 +3

    Defense: 17 [10 + 3 Dex + 4 Purchased ] [cost 8 pts.]
    Initiative: +3 [+3 Dex]

    BAB: +5 [cost 15 pts.]
    Melee: +7
    Ranged: +8
    Speed: 30’ [30 Base]

    Damage: +5 [+3 Con +2 Feat]
    Fort: +3 [+3 Con]
    Reflex: +3 [+3 Dex]
    Will: +4 [+2 Wis +2 Feat]

    Hero Points: 5

    Element Control-Earth: 10 Ranks, Included: Telekenisis-Earth, Extra: Elemental Shield, Shape Element, Flight, Stunt: Create Element, Destroy Element, Elemental Blast, Elementla Snare, Suffocate, Flaw: None [Cost 60 pts.]
    Protection: 5 Ranks[Cost 10 pts.]

    FEATS: Point Blank Shot, Ricochet Attack, Iron Will, Toughness [Cost 8 pts.]

    Skills: [Cost 17 pts.]
    Acrobatics +7 [4 ranks]
    Climb +4 [2 ranks]
    Concentration +7 [4 ranks]
    Drive +5 [2 ranks]
    Jump +4 [2 ranks]
    Knowledge Culture +4 [2 ranks]
    Language +2 [Spanish, German]
    Medicine +7 [4 ranks]
    Move Silently +5 [2 ranks]
    Repair +4 [2 ranks]
    Science: Geology +4 [2 ranks]
    Spot +5 [2 ranks]
    Survival +7 [4 ranks]

    Final Cost: 32 points (Abilities), 8 points (Defense), 15 points (Offense), 70 points (Powers), 8 points (Feats), 17 point (Skills) = 150 points


    Jonn Birkey enjoyed his time in the National Guard. It was honestly the most meaningful thing in his life. He had been through a series of mediocre, low-paying jobs that just did not fulfill him. But the National Guard was different, he was doing something good and useful and in the long run he was helping others. He had thought about joining up full time but just never got around to doing it.

    He had just finished his two week summer rotation in Germany and really enjoyed it. His unit had been supporting an Army unit that was stationed there and it was a pretty good time. Better than working as a lifeguard, bouncer or basketball coach. Jonn had started thinking real hard about his life and where he was headed. That is why when he got back to the states he took some time off and rented a car to drive home cross country and think about what he should do about his life.

    Of course, half way into the middle of nowhere his rental car broke down and his cell phone had no signal. He decided not to walk since he had no idea how far the next town was and he ended up camping for the night in his car. After a few hours of sleep he woke up to a loud whistling noise. Suddenly, a meteor shot out of the sky and plunged into the earth just a few hundred feet from Jonn and his car. The impact overturned the car and threw Jonn, knocking hm out.

    Jonn came to the next day in an Army hospital. The military had sent troops to investigate the crash and they had found Jonn and rushed him back to base. He was given a clean bill of health, having come away with only minor bruises, bumps and scrapes. The army arranged transportation and got Jonn back to the city and back to his normal, everyday life.

    A few days later Jonn was working on a construction site trying to figure out why he could not bring himself to enlist full time. It was a great experience and gave him an incredible sense of purpose and belonging. He was brought out of his self reflection by a sudden panic on the job site. A large piece of digging equipment had started to topple off the side of a pit it was working on. Johh froze. He was in shock and had no idea what to do. If only there was something he could do to move the large equipment. Suddenly, the ground seemed to move right before everyone’s eyes! It actually moved up under the digger and supported it! No one could believe it! After all of that Jonn had gotten a massive headache and went home for the day.

    He wasn’t sure how but somehow Jonn knew he had moved that dirt back at the work site. Once at his apartment he became desperate to prove he was not going crazy. He went to his apartment window and focused on the upturned sidewalk below. After a few moments, the sidewalk outside the building shifted and flattened itself out. This was unreal!

    Jonn immediately packed his things and left for a week of camping. Out in the secluded wilderness, Jonn spent his time learning to control his new powers. He was amazed at what he could now do and the more he worked at it the better he got. The time away also helped clear his thoughts. He realized the sense of belonging and purpose he had been searching for was finally within his grasp.

    First thing Jonn did when he got home was to fashion a costume together. A pair of desert camouflage pants and combat boots, a web belt and some equipment pouches, a black t-shirt and weight-lifting gloves finished off by some Oakley ski goggles to keep the dust out of his eyes. Not the best look a super hero had ever had but far from the worst.

    After about a month, Jonn had assisted in several major incidents. He had stopped a car-jacking, captured escaped prison inmates, smothered a house fire and a few other cases that quickly got him into the news as a local super hero. The problem was his name. He had started off calling himself Rumble. It sounded pretty cool and tough. But somehow the news decided to call him anything but Rumble. Every time he was in the news they were calling him Quake or Sandrock or Sandblast or Landslide or Avalanche. He had no idea how to fix the problem. He could not recall Superman or Captain America ever being called, “Hey, Mr. Super Guy!”

    Aside from his identity crisis, Jonn was enjoying his new role in life. It just made life a little better knowing he had something extra to offer those around him. It did make finding a steady job tough. It wasn’t easy to find a job you could leave at anytime to go stop a bank robbery. He often wondered how all those other heroes managed to make it all look so easy.

    That is when he got the envelope. He had no idea where it came from or how anyone found him, but he had the envelope none the less. And what an invitation! A college where he could learn more about his powers with other super powered people. He had never heard of anyone named William Pike however, he was very eager to hear more. Things were finally coming together for him...
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    Destroyah G-1 (Maxwell Helmdig)

    PL 10

    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 220 lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: White

    Attributes: [Cost 28 pts.]
    STR: 14+2
    DEX: 18+4
    CON: 18 +4
    INT: 14+2
    WIS: 12+1
    CHA: 12+1

    Defense: 18 [10+4 Base,+4 Dex]; flatfooted 14 [4 Base]; mental 15 [4 Base, 1
    Initiative: +8 [+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative]
    BAB: +7 [Cost 21 pts.]
    BDB: +4 [Cost 8 pts.]
    Melee: +9 [+7 BAB,+2Str}
    Ranged: +11 [+7 BAB, +4 Dex]
    Speed: 30' [30 Base]

    Damage: +6 [+4 Con, +2 Toughness]
    Fort: +4 [+4 Con]
    Reflex: +6 [+4 Dex, +2 Lightning Reflexes]
    Will: +3 [+1 Wis, +2 Iron Will]

    Hero Points: 5

    Superpowers: [Cost 80 pts.]
    Disintegration +10 (Power Stunts: None; Extras: Disruption; Flaws: None;
    Source; Mutation; Cost: 3 pp/rank) 30 pp.

    Force Field +10 (Power Stunts: None; Extras: Affect Others, Deflection,
    Immunity [Critical Hits, Electricity, Fire, Ice, Kinetic, Light, Magnetic,
    Radiation, Sonic, Pressure; Flaws: None; Source: Mutation; Cost: 4 pp/rank)
    40 pp.

    Amazing Save (Damage) +10 (Power Stunts: None; Extras: None; Flaws: None;
    Source: Mutation; Cost: 1 pp/rank) 10 pp.

    Weaknesses: (+10 Points)

    Quirk - Phobia : Hurting Innocents – Max will do EVERYTHING in is power to avoid hurting innocents. If he does hurt someone, even by accident, he must make a Wis. Check (-1 for each person hurt after the first) or become overcome with grief. Even if he is successful at the check he still questions if he did everything he could and is distracted ( -1 to Wis. and Int.) for at least a week.

    Feats: [Cost 12 pts.]
    Iron Will
    Lightning Reflexes
    Rapid Healing
    Improved Initiative
    Surprise Strike

    Skills: [Cost 11 pts.]
    Knowledge (Engineering) +10
    Spot +6
    Diplomacy +6

    Abilities [28]
    BAB [21]
    BDB [8]
    Skills [11]
    Feats [12]
    Powers [80]
    Total [160 – 10 Weakness = 150]


    Max had a complete normal childhood until his mutant power
    manifested itself. Then things just seemed to get even better. It was fun being able to make things crumble with a touch and generate a force field so no one could hurt you. He was real popular at school and the football team thought it was neat to use him during practice. They could hit him as hard as they wanted without worrying about hurting him. This was all kept secret from the coaches of course, Max was too cool of a secret to let the adults in on it.

    After high school Max took a few years off. During that time he learned a lot about himself and how people perceive him. He also picked up a few skills that he was able to turn into a career.

    Max now works in construction, demolitions to be specific. With his Engineering knowledge and his mutant power he can just go into a building, disintegrate a few choice support beams, let the building fall on him while protected by his Force Field, and walk out to collect a pay check. It’s cheaper and safer than normal demolitions.

    Max also has a presence in the “Super-Hero” community, but not much of one. As Max finds helping people more important than fighting crime he tends to fight disasters. He travels around the country to places that need his help, then hangs around after the danger is over to help with the reconstruction. He does not keep a secret identity but when asked what his code name is by the press he always responds “Destroyah G-1”. No one gets it, but then most reporters aren’t Godzilla movie fans like Max.

    Currently, Max is helping in a small South Carolina town that is rebuilding from some minor damage from a recent hurricane. While Max tends to get a lot of mail asking for his help he just received a letter that seems a little different …

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    Rinea Silverstar
    PL 10

    Apparent Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Eyes: Grey with flakes of silver
    Hair: Shoulder length red, with blonde streaks
    Skin: Pale white

    Attributes: [Cost 24 pts.]
    STR: 10 +0
    DEX: 16 +3
    CON: 16 +3
    INT: 12 +1
    WIS: 14 +2
    CHA: 16 +3

    Defense: 23 [10 + 3 Dex + 10 Purchased ] [cost 20 pts.]
    Initiative: +3 [+3 Dex]

    BAB: +5 [cost 15 pts.]
    Melee: +5
    Ranged: +8
    Speed: 30’ [30 Base]

    Damage: +3 [+3 Con]
    Fort: +3 [+3 Con]
    Reflex: +3 [+3 Dex]
    Will: +4 [+3 Wis]

    Hero Points: 5

    Cosmic Power: 10 Ranks, Flaw: Uncontrolled [Cost 70 pts.]
    Comprehend: 1 Rank [Cost 2 pts.]
    Precognition: 1 Rank [Cost 3 pts.]
    Postcognition: 1 Rank [Cost 3 pts.]
    Immunities [Aging, Disease, Pressure, Starvation, Suffocation, Cold, Radiation, Light, Darkness, Gravity]

    Feats: Durability, Attractive, Radio Hearing, Ultrahearing [Cost 8 pts.]

    Weaknesses: Naive [Cost -10 pts.]

    Skills: [Cost 15 pts.]
    Concentration +6 [2 ranks]
    Knowledge Alien Culture +6 [5 ranks]
    Listen +15 [13 ranks]
    Spot +12 [10 ranks]

    Final Cost: 24 points (Abilities), 20 points (Defense), 15 points (Offense), 78 points (Powers), 8 points (Feats), -10 points (Weaknesses), 15 point (Skills) = 150 points


    Rinea Silverstar is the child of Thalose and Divera Silverstar of Duramnia. The planet Duramnia is in the Davinia system, on the outer rim of the Torbin galaxy. To an Earthling, Rinea is very odd, in many ways like a typical teenage Earth girl, but in many ways very alien. She does not consciously realize that she has power within her. Things just happen. If she wants a snack, one is there for her to eat. She has a hard time understanding humans motivations and desires because of this. The human concepts of fear, greed and power are as alien to her as compassion and desire.

    When Rinea first awakened in her ice cocoon on planet Earth, a young man called Max met her. “Planet Earth…” she paused for a long moment, thinking. “I have never heard of Earth. That is good, it means we are far away from the Affinity.” When Max mentioned that he had never heard of the Affinity, she looked shocked, and pleased at the same time. “The Affinity are invaders who came to my planet. We tried to fight, but they took over everything. I was able to escape with a few others…” she looked around. “Are they here?”

    Things on Earth were strange. Most common everyday items were a foreign concept to her. Upon seeing a car, she expressed her amazement at such a device. She walked around it a few times, before climbing up onto the roof and looking in through the windshield. “Amazing! You can see this beast’s insides through its eyes!”

    Max had questioned her about herself. She related this story: “We were fleeing the Affinity, my family and I. We did not know how long the trip would be, so we all went into a cold sleep. But I do not know what happened to our ship… or to my family.” She looked down at her hands, which were folded in her lap. She then gave Max a small smile. “Thank you.” She looked at Max for a long moment, before smiling. “My name is Rinea. Rinea Silverstar.”

    Max tried to explain about Earth. “It all sounds very mysterious,” Rinea said, after listening to his story. When he asked about her, she paused for a moment, thinking. At last, she spoke. “I am from the planet Duramnia, in the Davinia system. It was a small planet, but it was home. Not long ago, it was invaded by the Affinity, strange grey creatures. Though we tried to fight, we were overrun. They started to change our planet in some way, but my family tried to leave before we could learn how.” She hesitated because the story did not make much sense to her either.

    Max asked about the ice ship. “The ice? No, it is not the way we usually travel. It was something my father had been working on, to help escape the Affinity’s scanners. Max asked her draw an Affinity soldier. Rinea took the pad and paper into her hands and began to draw. As she did so, she answered his other questions. At last, the drawing was complete, and she showed it to him. It was clear that she was not an artist, but Max was able to get a general idea of what it looked like. The creature looked very similar to the stereotypical alien: bipedal, with two long, spindly arms, a head that seemed too big for its body. Its only facial features were large, black eyes, and a thin, lip-less mouth. “This is what they look like, but they can take the form of any person they’ve met before.”

    The next day, she went with Max to meet some people. Rinea was excited, because she liked to meet new people. As they made their way toward the building, Rinea was quite fascinated with the bustle of the city. She stopped several times to examine items that interested her, including once in the middle of the street to look at an oncoming bus. Max, her new friend, ‘saved’ her from being hit by the truck. What odd social customers these people have.

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    (Viktor Schmidt)
    PL 10

    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Skin: Tanned
    Nationality: German

    Attributes: [Cost 22 pts.]
    STR: 10 +0
    DEX: 14 +2
    CON: 14 +2
    INT: 20 +5 (+15 w/Super-Int)
    WIS: 14 +2
    CHA: 10 +0

    Defense: 22 [10 + 2 Dex + 10 Purchased ] [cost 20 pts.]
    Initiative: +2 [+2 Dex]
    BAB: +0 [cost 0 pts.]
    Melee: +0
    Ranged: +2 [dex +2]
    Speed: 30’ [30 Base]

    Damage: +4 [+2 Con + 2 Toughness Feat]
    [+10 more when wearing Armor]
    Fort: +5 [+2 Con + 3 Amazing Save] [cost 3 pts.]
    Reflex: +5 [+2 Dex + 3 Amazing Save] [cost 3 pts.]
    Will: +5 [+2 Wis + 3 Amazing Save] [cost 3 pts.]

    Hero Points: 5

    Flaw: Alchoholic (needs to lose consciousness periodically) [cost -10 pts.]

    Attacks: +5S Blaster Pistol [when pulled from Utility Belt]

    Scientific Genius: 10 Ranks, Stunt: Mathematical Genius, Stunt: Speed Reader, Extra: Utility Belt, Extra: Clever Inventor, [Source: Mutation, Cost 34 pts.]
    Super-Intelligence: 10 Ranks, Extra: Linked to Super-Senses [Source: Mutation, Cost 30 pts.]
    Regeneration: 2 Ranks [Source: Mutation, Cost 4 pts.]

    Gadget Pool: 60 point pool from Scientific Genius
    - Armor +10 [Protection: 10 ranks, Flaw: Device] [10 pts.]
    - Universal Translator [Comprehend Feat - Flaw: Device] [1 pt.]
    - Repair Kit [Lightning Repair Feat linked with Resurrect Device Feat - Flaw: Device] [2 pts.]
    - Neural Jack [Data Link Power: 1 rank, Flaw: Device] [1 pt.]
    - Global Satellite Locksmith [ESP Power: 10 ranks, Extra: Datalink, Flaw: Device,
    Flaw: Limited - Outside Only, Stunt: Radio Broadcast, Stunt: Radio Hearing] [12 pts.]
    [see GG Pg 98]
    - Rebreather [Immunity (Suffocation) Feat, Flaw: Device] [1 pt.]
    - Blaster Pistol [+5S, see MM Pg. 113] [5 pts.]
    - Invisibility Suit [Invisibility Power: 1 rank, Flaw: Device, Stunt: Infrared, Stunt: Radar,
    Stunt: Ultraviolet, Stunt: Scent] [10 pts.]
    - Anti-Grav Belt [Flying Power: 1 rank, Flaw: Device] [1 pt.]
    - Nightvision Goggles [Darkvision Feat, Flaw: Device] [1 pt.]
    - Combat Awareness Serum [Super-Dexterity: 5 ranks, Flaw: Device, Flaw: Limited - no
    DEX check bonus, Flaw: Tiring] [5 pts.]
    - Matter to Energy Converter [Alter Form Power (electricity): 1 rank, Flaw: Device]
    [includes Incorporability except vs. water, Flight, Energy Blast] [cost 4 pts.]
    - Med Kit [Healing Power: 5 ranks, Flaw: Device, Flaw: Degrading] [5 pts.]
    - "Dick Tracy" Watch [Radio/TV Broadcast Feat linked to Radio/TV Hearing feat,
    Flaw: Device] [2 pts.]

    Hover Bike (vehicle from feat): 50 points
    - Hover Movement: 9 ranks [512 max MPH] [cost 9 pts.]
    - Maneuverability: 9 ranks [4 base from size + 5 purchased] [cost 10 pts.]
    - Move Silently: 9 ranks [cost 9 pts.]
    - Invisibility: 9 ranks [cost 9 pts.]
    - Immunity (suffocation) [cost 1 pts.]
    - Immunity (heat) [cost 1 pt.]
    - Superior Handling (+2 to Drive skill) [cost 2 pts.]
    - Shrinking: 9 ranks [small to fine size] [cost 9 pts.]
    - Size Small [no cost]
    - Hardness: 9 [no cost]

    Utility Belt (from Scientific Genius power): 20 points of gadgets from pool on person,
    don't need to declare until used [usually uses 10 points for Armor for combat mission or
    10 points for Invisibility Suit for stealth mission]

    FEATS: Technical Analysis, Photographic Memory, Immunity (fatigue), True Sight, Penetrating Vision, Vehicle, Talented (Drive & Pilot), Toughness, Durability [Cost 18 pts.]

    Skills: [Cost 22 pts.]

    Computers +35 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]

    Craft (Mechanical) +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Craft (Electronics) +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Craft (Weapons) +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Craft (Armor) +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Demolitions +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Disable Device +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Drive +9 [5 ranks] [cost 2.5 pts.]
    Forgery +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Knowledge +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 5 pts.]
    [Sub-Skills: Science, Trivia, Culture, Current Events, Geography]
    Language +1 [English] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Language +1 [French] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Listen +17 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Pilot +8 [4 ranks] [cost 2 pts.]

    Read Lips +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Repair +35 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]

    Science +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 5 pts.]
    [Sub-Skills: Physics +35, Engineering +35, Chemistry +30, Geology +30, Math +35]
    Search +30 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]
    Spot +17 [15 ranks from Super-Intelligence] [cost 1/2 pt.]

    Final Cost: 22 points (Abilities), 20 points (Defense), 0 points (Offense), 68 points (Powers), 18 points (Feats), 22 points (Skills), –10 (Flaws)= 150 points

    History (Origin): Viktor Schmidt was always brilliant. From an early age he found that he had an affinity for all things mechanical and especially technical in nature. He could strip a car engine at the age of five (only needing help lifting the heavy parts) and could put it back together quickly with it running better than it had ever run before. It was at the age of eight, when he was finishing up his secondary schooling (years ahead of his peers), when he was caught hacking into the national power grid. Everyting had been going smoothly up until the time he entered a secure site called Vogt (steward). The Vogt protocols were fairly complex but nothing really challenging for Viktor until suddenly there was an incredible backlashing power surge. Viktor was hurled backward across the room of the internet cafe by what bystanders described as bolts of electricity coming from the monitor. Viktor laid unconscious in a hospital bed for several days while his burns healed at an astonishing rate. The doctors described his recovery as miraculous. Even before being released from the hospital, his criminal court case for hacking was being tried. The evidence was overwhelming and the court sentenced him to complete lack of contact with computers until his 18th birthday. Viktor initally took it well and his parents weren't too hard on him since they recognized that he was a gifted child from an early age. The situation however began to trouble him soon afterwards when he found that he began to excel intellectually at an ever increasing rate. Mathematical problems that used to take him minutes to solve now took mere seconds and he seemed to be able to recall everyting he read even if it took him only moments to read an entire book on the subject. His technical prowess was even further shown in his affinity for producing an amazing variety of gadgets that possessed incredible abilities. At first Viktor was thrilled at his newfound abilities but he soon realized that he required less and less sleep as time went by. Although this allowed him extra time to work on his 'toys', it also separated him from his friends and family socially since they became annoyed with him when he would wake them in the middle of the night to show them his new creations. Day after day, week after week, and month after month of sleeplessness began to take its toll on Viktor and he began to experiment with ways in which he might regain some of his life's normalcy. He began to experiment with drugs and alchohol as a temporary way to lose consciousness and soon became addicted to them. Although his body's restorative abilities prevented them from taking a toll on him physically, he began to depend on them psychologically and eventually, not a week went by that he wasn't found in an alchoholic stupor by his parents. Finally it got so bad that they kicked him out of the house at the ripe old age of 18 and he has been drifting throughout Europe ever since. He travels from town to town fixing up old cars, motorcycles, and appliances to pay his bills and his alchoholic habit.
    While surfing the internet and hacking interesting computers, Viktor came across shipping orders for some very superhigh-tech computer components with a delivery destination of the Metahuman college. Being curious and in the area, he decided to hack the college's student database and register himself as a student there. He is registered for classes and even has a dorm room and roommate. The thing that peaked his curiosity is that there are no classes or labs on record at the college that would utilize such high tech computer components. Hmm...

    Personality: Viktor is a fairly laid back individual who tries to get along with everyone. His addiction to alchohol is a psychological neccessity rather than a physical craving and he can go several days if neccessary without a drink. When he does drink, he drinks hard and fast so he can pass out as soon as possible. When not drunk, he tends to talk over people's heads, not out of a sense of superiority, but because he doesn't understand that they have no idea what he's talking about.

    Appearance: Viktor wears whatever is clean, be it blue jeans, tee shirts, or a tux, whatever is lying around. He is often uncombed and unshaven due to his lack of understanding of social graces.
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