Hi there!

In the campaign I'm playing, we'll soon have some downtime. As such, each and every one of us wants to settle and we are looking for building costs. We saw the costs for houses in the DMG (p. 151) from which we'll be able to extrapolate the cost for the houses we want. However, the fighter would like to also have a blacksmith shop, and we can't seem to find the cost for this sort of "special" buildings anywhere. Does such information exists? If so, where? I haven't seen anything the like in WotC's stuff, but I may well have overlooked it. Alternatively, how much do you think it would cost?

Thanks for any help...

PS : I don't know if such a post belongs here, but I don't think it really fits any other forums precisely... The mods may feel free to move this if they do not agree (as if they would ask me anyway )