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    DARK•HERITAGE -- 16 installments to date, updated April 20th

    Banner courtesy of shadowlight.

    Now that my Dark•Matter Story Hour is complete, and done, I thought it'd be fun to start one up on the campaign I'm currently running, the Dark•Heritage Campaign. Dark•Heritage has been a fun game for me so far, although we're still only a few play sessions into it. I hesitate to call the game D&D, as there are so many changes to the rules that it's almost unrecognizable (the link above explains the changes, for those interested in those kinds of things.) Basically the setting assumes a lower level of magic than core D&D, at least in terms of what characters have access to, as I've replaced most of the classes with classes that do not have access to spells. The setting is intended to be a high-octane swashbuckling type of game, though, with flying ships, floating islands, flintlock pistols, and occasional odd steamtech devices. Imagine a combination of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying with Pirates of the Caribbean and John Carter of Mars and you've got a pretty good idea of the setting.

    My players are all members of the boards here: Quickbeam, shadowlight and Stockdale. All of us are in our early to mid thirties, we're married, we all have kids; so we end up not playing quite as often as I'd like to, but after we get through the summer, and our various vacation schedules, we may improve in that regard, with any luck.

    The story hour itself is not a faithful game log, in some ways. I'll be adding interludes and cut scenes from time to time, I don't really recall much of the specific dialogue or combat actions or that kind of detail anymore, so I'll be recreating most of that from scratch. However, other than that, the story hour will be pretty faithful to the actual course of the game, as much as possible. It's quite likely, and indeed I hope so, that my players may pop in and comment from time to time as well.

    Without further ado, let's get this party started!
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