Storms of Change Rogues Gallery Part 3
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    Storms of Change Rogues Gallery Part 3

    Continuation of the Storms of Change game.

    Silentspace's PbP
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    Manzanita Sparrow

    Name: Manzanita Sparrow
    Class: Wizard (Universalist - no speciality)
    Race: Grey elf
    Size: Medium
    Gender: female
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Str: 10 +0 (4p.) Level: 2 XP:1884 
    Dex: 16 +3 (6p.) BAB: +1 HP: 9 (2d4+2)
    Con: 12 +1 (6p.) Grapple: +1 Dmg Red: 
    Int: 18 +4 (10p.) Speed: 30' Spell Res: 
    Wis: 12 +1 (4p.) Init: +3 Spell Save: +0
    Cha: 10 +0 (2p.) ACP: -X Spell Fail: 0%
    Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor: 10 +0 +0 +3 +0 +0 +0 13
    Touch: 13 Flatfooted: 10
    Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort: 0 +1 +1
    Ref: 0 +3 +3
    Will: 3 +1 +4
    Weapon Attack Damage Critical
    dagger +1 1d4+0 19-20x2
    Masterwork longsword +2 1d8+0 19/20x2
    Long composite bow +4(1d8) x3, 110ft 
    Languages: Common, Elven, Orc, Draconian, goblin, gnoll
    Abilities: Summon Familiar, scribe scroll
    Feats: Spell focus - enchantment
    Skill Points: 24 Max Ranks: 4/2
    Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Craft (Alchemy) 5 +4 +9
    Concentration 5 +1 +6
    Decipher Script 4+4 = 8
    Spellcraft 5 +4 +11 (+2 synergy w/knowledge arcana)
    Knowledge, Arcana 5 +4 +9
    Profession, lawyer 4 +0 +4
    Spot 0 +2+1 +3 (+5 w/familiar)
    Listen 0 +2+1 +3 (+5 w/familiar)
    Search 1 +6 +7 (cc)
    Equipment (on person): Cost Weight
    Masterwork long sword 4 lbs
    Long composite bow 3 lbs
    Backpack 2gp 2lb
    flint & tinder 1 0
    Spellbook (x2) 0 6 
    Spell component pouch 5 3
    20 arrows in quiver 3
    Explorer's Outfit 8 lbs (incl grey masterwork robes)
    1 flask of acid
    Total Weight: 33 lb (excluding what horse carries Money: 134gp 6sp 
    Light war horse:  Busephelous  230lbs light, 460 lbs medium
    Large Animal; CR1; HD 3d8+9; hp 22; Init +1; Spd 60ft; AC 14 (touch 10, flat-footed 13); Atk +4 melee (1d4+3, 2 hooves), +1 melee (1d3+1, bite); Face/Reach: 5x10/5; SQ Scent; AL N; SV Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6.
    Skills and Feats: Listen +7, Spot +7
    On horse:
    bedroll .1 5lb
    sack .1 .5
    2 torches .02 2
    bullseye lantern
    10 flasks of oil
    20 arrows in quiver 3 
    7 days trail rations
    7 waterskins
    military saddle, bit, bridal, saddlebags, studded leather barding
    1 vial of acid
    134 gold coins
    silver dagger
    spell writing supplies
    Weight:  269 lbs, medium
    Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push
    Max Weight: 33 66 100 XXX XXX
    Age: 150
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 110lb
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond
    Skin: golden
    Spellbook (29/100 pages). All cantrips, 1st level: burning hands, charm person, sleep, change self, expeditious retreat, shield, animate rope, comprehend languages, color spray, Magic missile.

    Second spell booK: (from Bandits) All cantrips, Magic Missile, Nystul’s Undetectable Aura, Shield, Shocking Grasp, and Sleep.

    Third Spell Book (from Hextorites): Level 0: All spells except those of the Conjuration School Level 1: Burning Hands, Color Spray, Magic Missile, Sleep, and True Strike

    standard spells prepared daze, detect magic, dancing lights, mage hand, sheild, sleep, charm person

    Appearance: Manzanita is an attractive elf, although the lines on her face would indicate that she doesn’t smile much. She was named after the Manzanita tree because of her golden complextion and blond hair. She wears a dark grey cloak and tunic of light grey.

    Background: Manzanita feels that she has suffered much. Her early life was peaceful enough, and she embraced the academic rigor of wizardry and law. Her exceptional intelligence allowed her to train in both. But when the wars started, the lands of the grey elves were not spared. She saw many of her people slain, and barely excaped with her own life when her town was assaulted. Now embracing only magic, as a weapon of vengeance and justice, she gladly accepted the strange note and rode off the meet the caravan.

    familiar "adder" tiny green tree viper
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    Filbert ‘Bert’ Wateryfoot
    Male Halfling Cleric 2nd level
    Alignment : N
    Experience : 2124
    Str 10 ..pts 4
    Dex 16 ..pts 6
    Con 14 ..pts 6
    Int 12 ..pts 4
    Wis 16 ..pts 10
    Cha 10 ..pts 2

    Hit Points 18 (current 17)
    AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 15 (armor +3, shield +1, dex +3, size +1)
    Init +3
    BAB +1, Grap -3
    Speed 20 (base 20, load 24/25, light armor)
    Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +7 (+9 vs. fear)

    +2 Melee, +6 Ranged, dagger, 1d3, 19-20/x2, 10’r
    +5 Ranged, light crossbow, 1d6, 19-20/x2, 80'r

    Small, 2'11" tall, 32 lb. wt, 28 yrs old
    Brown hair, light brown eyes, heavily tanned skin

    Speaks Common, Halfling, and Elven

    ACP : -2 (-1 armor, -1 buckler)
    +2 Climb (+2 racial)
    +6 Concentration (4 ranks)
    +7 Hide (+4 size)
    +2 Jump (+2 racial)
    +4 Knowledge (religion) (3 ranks)
    +5 Move Silently (+2 racial)
    +5 Profession (boater) (2 ranks)
    +4 Ride (1 rank cc)
    +7 Survival (4 ranks)
    +5 Listen (+2 racial)
    +3 Spot (0)

    - Track

    Halfling Traits
    - +2 Dexterity, - 2 Strength.
    - Small.
    - An halfling ’s base land speed is 20 feet.
    - +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.
    - +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear.
    - +1 attack bonus with a thrown weapon.
    - +2 racial bonus on Climb, Jump, Listen, and Move Silently checks.
    - Automatic Languages: Common, Halfling. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Orc.
    - Favored Class: Rogue

    Cleric Abilities
    - Turn Undead (Su) and Spontaneous Casting : Filbert channels positive energy and can use turn undead 3 times per day.
    - Domains : Luck (1/day reroll a roll), Travel (for 2 rounds per day, can act freely as if under the effect of a freedom of movement spell).

    Spells Prepared
    0th- Create Water, Light, Mending, Read Magic.
    1st- Longstrider (D), Magic Weapon, Obscuring Mist, Sanctuary.

    Small even for his race, Filbert’s height does not even reach 3 feet. His facial features are also small and delicate. This is somewhat hidden by his wide sideburns that he keeps untrimmed and wild. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail. He usually wears a dark green wool cloak, a shirt of the same color and dark grey pants, keeping his studded leather armor hidden underneath his clothing. He always keeps the symbol of his god around his neck, for every one to see.

    As a child and a young adult, Filbert used to assist his father and his two older brothers in the family business of carrying passengers and merchandises on boat, up and down the Tand river. Since they were travelers and halfling, they would ask for the protection of both Yondalla and Fharlanghn before undertaking every boat run. But in truth, their faith in either gods wasn’t really strong. One day the Wateryfoot family boat, the Small Lady, was attacked by a band of river pirates. As luck or the will of a god would have it, one of the passengers was a powerful priest of Fharlanghn, a human named Pellir. Using mighty magic, Pellir transported himself into the pirate ship, sabotaged their rudder, and then flew back to the Small Lady. The halfling ship made its escape and Filbert was really impressed by this display of power. He thought their demand for protection had been answered when the man revealed that he was a devotee of the Dweller on the Horizon. Later, with the help of the local militia, Pellir was able to put an end to the treat of this particular band of pirates. When the human came back to the Wateryfoot family to tell them that they had nothing more to fear, Filbert’s mind was set. He asked the priest if he would take him along, as an apprentice to learn the worship of Fharlanghn. Seeing the young halfling resolve, Pellir accepted, as long as Filbert had the agreement of his father. The Old Wateryfoot was sad to see his youngest son go but he too saw the resolve of Filbert and gave him his permission.

    For 6 years, Filbert traveled far and wide with his new mentor, learning the way of Fharlanghn. Recently, Pellir told him that his training was completed and tould him that he had to find his own road. He decided to head north, toward the unknown, toward the Duchy of Rogan. Things quickly went bad for the cleric however. These are dangerous times we live in and a lone halfling on the road is an easy target. He was attacked by a band of bandits and barely made his escape using a couple of spell to mask and accelerate his retreat. But luck was again with Filbert as he soon met a squad of mercenaries who were also making their way to Duchy of Rogan but were delayed by the fact that they were carrying a few wounded collegues. Once again making use of his spells, healing the wounded soldiers, as best as he could. In exchange, they accepted to escort him for the duration of the trip to Rogan. But now, Filbert is afraid to leave Rogan alone, remembering the bandit attack. He has been spending most of his time in inns and shrines of Fharlanghn (which are sometimes one and the same) spending the last bit of his funds.

    Filbert is usually quick to smile and he always tries to see the bright side of things. But adventuring is dangerous business and he is (let’s face it) a bit of a coward. When doing his duty for Fharlanghn, he can find some courage. He also tries to keep his word, as much as he can. He likes being on the road, like any good worshipper of Fharlanghn should but sometimes his halfling heritage shows as he also enjoys the comfort of a soft bed and a warm meal.

    Possessions (all Filbert’s things are small sized, unless otherwise noted)

    Studded leather armor (worn, 10 wt)
    Explorer's outfit (worn, 2 wt – doesn’t count)

    Buckler (on backpack or arm, 2.5 wt)
    Dagger (belt left, 0.5 wt)
    Dagger (belt front, 0.5 wt)
    Wooden case of 7 bolts (belt right, 0.5 wt)

    Light Crossbow (left shoulder, 2 wt)
    Backpack (center back, 0.5 wt)
    Wooden holy symbol (around neck, 0 wt)
    2 scroll cases (1 leather, 1 bone with symbols of Hextor)

    Wand of CLW (?? Charges left, 6 used) (backpack)
    Waterskin (backpack, 1 wt)
    Dagger (backpack, 0.5 wt)
    Hooded lantern (backpack, 2 wt)
    2 oil (backpack, 2 wt)
    Flint & Steel (backpack, 0 wt)
    Healer's kit (9 uses) (backpack, 1 wt)
    Wooden case of 10 bolts (on backpack, 0.5 wt)

    Riding dog (Braveheart) with military saddle and saddlebags (19 wt*) dog load (with rider) : 95/100, light load, without rider : 36/100
    Traveler’s outfit (dog, 1.25 wt)
    Bedroll (dog, 1.25 wt)
    Fishing stuff (dog, 1 wt)
    Tent (dog, 5 wt)
    Trail Rations - 8 days (dog, 2 wt)
    Water for 7 days (dog, 7 wt)
    * I made the assumption that riding gear weights 1/2 for the medium mounts

    Coins : 48 gp, 9 sp, 10 cp (pouch, 1 wt)

    Last EDIT : level up and switch to 3.5
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    Mirena (NPC)

    Mirena female human War1/Ftr1; CR1; Medium-size humanoid (human); HD 1d8+2 + 1d10+2; hp 17; Init +6; Spd 30ft; AC 17 (touch 12, flat-footed 15); Atk +5 melee (1d8+1/19-20, longsword), or +4 ranged (1d8, 19-20/x2, light crossbow); AL NG; SV Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +0; Str 13, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 10.
    Skills: Handle Animal +5, Knowledge (Geography) +1, Profession (cook) +2, Ride +8 (including +2 synergy from handle animal)
    Feats: Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (longsword)
    Possessions: Masterwork chain shirt, small wooden shield, masterwork longsword, heavy crossbow (on horse), light crossbow, 20 bolts, everburning torch.
    Note: Mirena’s shield is typically slung across her back, allowing her to wield her crossbow two-handed. When in melee, Mirena wears her shield and fights with her longsword in one hand. Shield is included in AC above.

    Mirena is a pretty human woman in her twenties, with long auburn hair and blue eyes. Her family was killed by an orc raiding party five years ago, and she has been a caravan driver ever since, with Glendrake’s caravan. Glendrake made her drive the last wagon because she asked what his cargo was. She has left the caravan to follow Filbert as his hireling.

    Mirena is friendly and helpful, curious and easily impressed. She takes her responsibilities very seriously, and tends to be rather harsh on herself for any failings, real or imagined.

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    Rowyn Elwick Doublelock Daergal Scheppen III

    Female Gnomish Bard 2

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Deity: Fharlanghn
    Size: Small
    Age: 63
    Height: 3'3"
    Weight: 40#
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Fair
    Skin: Nut brown

    Str: 8 (-1) (2 pts.)
    Dex: 14 (+2) (6 pts.)
    Con: 10 (+0) (0 pts.)
    Int: 14 (+2) (6 pts.)
    Wis: 10 (+0) (2 pts.)
    Cha: 18 (+4) (16 pts.)

    Hit Dice: 1d6+0
    HP: 9

    Speed: 20' (base 20')
    AC: 16 (+3 Armor, +2 Dex, +1 Size)
    (Flat: 14, Touch: 11)
    Armor Check Penalty: -1
    Initiative: +2
    BAB: +1
    Grapple: +1
    Fort: +0 (+0 base, +0 Con)
    Ref: +5 (+3 base, +2 Dex)
    Will: +3 (+3 base, +0 Wis)
    Melee: +1
    Ranged: +4

    +8 Decipher Script (4)
    +8 Diplomacy (4)
    +8 Disguise (4)
    +8 Gather Information (4)
    +7 Hide (5)
    +6 Knowledge (history) (4)
    +7 Listen (5)
    +8 Perform (ballad, epic, lute, storytelling) (4)
    +2 Spot (2)
    +8 Use Magic Device (4)

    XP: 1690

    Racial Traits
    Low-Light Vision
    Weapon Familiarity: gnome hooked hammers as martial
    +2 saving throws v. illusions
    +1 DC for saving throws of cast illusions
    +1 attack v. kobolds and goblinoids
    +4 dodge bonus to AC v. giant type
    Spell-Like Abilities (1/day, caster level 1, DC 14): speak with animals (burrowing mammal only, 1 minute duration), dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation

    Class Abilities
    Bardic music, bardic knowledge, countersong, fascinate, inspire courage +1


    Spells cast: 3 0-level & 1 1-level per day
    0-level known: Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Read Magic, Resistance
    1-level known: Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds

    Common, Gnome, Goblin, Draconic

    Sabala (riding dog)
    Dusky brown in color, similar to a dark-haired golden retriever
    Medium-Size Animal; CR1; HD 2d8+4; hp 13; Init +2; Spd 40ft; AC 16 (touch 12, flat-footed 14); Atk +3 melee (1d6+3, bite); SA Trip; Face/Reach: 5x5/5; SQ Scent; AL N; SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +1; Str 15, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.
    Skills and Feats: Listen +5, Spot +5, Swim +5, Wilderness Lore +1 (+4 when tracking)
    Possessions: military saddle, saddle bags, rations x7 (1-3/4#), waterskin x7 (7#)

    Studded leather (+3 AC, armor check penalty -1, 10#)
    Short sword (1d6, 19-20/x2, 1-handed, slashing, 2#)
    Light crossbow (1d8, 19-20/x2, 80', piercing, 2#)
    Entertainer's outfit, small (0#)
    Explorer's outfit, small (4#)
    Backpack (1/2#)
    Waterskin (1#)
    Trail rations x 1 (1/4#)
    Bedroll (1-1/4#)
    Flint & steel (0#)
    3 torches
    Case with 10 crossbow bolts
    Lute (common)
    Spell component pouch
    28 GP, 25 SP, 8 CP

    REDDS the Third comes from a gnomish settlement somewhere near the Severin Forest. Where exactly, she isn't saying. She spent most of her life there, doing dutiful gnome things and living the life handed to her. Fortunately, she didn't mind and it was a difficult decision to leave home. However, after the events of the past three years or so, the gnomes decided it was necessary to leave home and explore the outside world. While some of them had left on their own accord in previous times, it was now quite vital to learn who their neighbors and enemies were. REDDS the Third was volunteered to go, since her skills as a bard were renowned among her people. Her ability to easily learn and remember made her quite fit for the job. Several other people in the burrows were chosen as well, and all eventually saw the necessity and agreed. For REDDS, the decision was, as it has been said, quite hard. She has a husband and two young children back in the burrows, and while they are all three capable, she hates to be away from them.

    REDDS has been in town for a fortnight or so, wandering around, meeting and entertaining people, and listening, listening, always listening. She is very companionable and easy to talk to when she likes a person (which is almost always), and is reasonable with those she dislikes. She had planned on gathering information from a town closer to her home, but the people were unfriendly and suspicious, and she did not learn much there.

    REDDS can normally be found in a middle-class tavern, entertaining the masses. She wears almost-gaudy clothing, with colors that don't quite clash, and lots of costume jewelry. Upon speaking with her for more than a few minutes, most people realize she's playing up the "gnome entertainer" role, and that she knows exactly how horrible she can be.
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    Dunathar Without Name

    Dunathar Without Name
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Rogue/Ranger
    Level: 1/1
    Alignment: NG
    Experience: 2124 xp.

    AGE: 65
    HGT: 4´1´´
    WGT: 140 lb
    SEX: Male


    STR: 12 (+1)
    DEX: 16 (+3)
    CON: 14 (+2)
    INT: 14 (+2)
    WIS: 14 (+2)
    CHA: 8 (-1)

    HP: 16 (1d6+1d8+4)



    Spot +7 = 5 ranks +2 Wis
    Listen +7 = 5 ranks +2 Wis
    Search +7 = 5 ranks +2 Int
    Hide +8 = 5 ranks +3 Dex
    Move Silently +8 = 5 ranks +3 Dex
    Tumble +7 = 4 ranks +3 Dex
    Balance +5 = 2 ranks +3 Dex
    Climb +4 = 3 ranks +1 Str
    Open Lock +9 = 4 ranks +3 Dex +2 Misc
    Disable Device +6 = 2 ranks +2 Int +2 Misc
    Pick Pockets +5 = 2 ranks +3 Dex
    Appraise +6 = 4 ranks +2 Int (+8 when stone or metal objects)
    Survival +4 = 2 ranks +2 Wis


    -Nimble Fingers



    Combat stats:

    AC: 16 (+3 MW Studded Leather Armor; +3 Dex) (+4 against Giants)

    Speed 20 feet.

    Initiative: +3 (+3 dex)
    Attack: Melee: +2, ranged +4 (+1 against orcs and goblinoids)

    MW Morningstar: +1, Damage 1d8+1, Critical x2
    MW Light Crossbow: +3 Damage: 1d6 Critical: 19-20/x2
    Dagger: +1 melee, +3 ranged Damage: 1d4+1 Critical: 19-20/x2

    Special qualities and class features:

    Bonus with metal and stone items
    Resistant to poison
    Resistant to spells and spell like abilities
    Sneak attack +1d6
    Favored Enemies (humans) (+2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot and Survival checks when using these skills against creatures of this type. +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against such creatures)


    Dagger x3
    Silver Dagger
    MW Morningstar x2
    MW Light Crossbow
    MW Studded Leather Armor

    Backpack with:
    -one day´s trail rations
    -Explorer outfit

    Light warhorse
    -standard bit and bridle
    -military saddle
    --7 days rations and 7 waterskins
    -studded leather barding

    Case with 20 crossbow bolts

    134 gold coins.

    Dunathar was a member of the clan Steelhammer, a proud family of miners and artisans, living embodyment of the most pure dwarven way of life: hard work, respect for elders, and loyalty to the clan. Dunathar turned to be the family´s black sheep; though talented, his capacities were oriented to the wrong kind of things. That things were, well, himself. As he grew up, his distaste for the clan´s laws did the same: not that he thinks they are stupid or not useful, following them blindly is. This kind of personal philosophy finally clashed with the rest of the clan and he was stripped from his family name and exiled. Now, he sees a way to amass as much money as he can, with the secret hope of being allowed back if he becomes rich enough.

    Dunathar looks like your typical dwarf, except for the lack of heavy armor and weapons and that he carefully trimmers his black beard and tries to show as much wealth as possible.

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    Alyssa Moonshadow

    Alyssa Moonshadow
    Class: Ranger
    Level: 2 EXP:1134
    Race: Elf
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Deity: Ehlonna
    Size: Medium Size
    Age: 124
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’10”
    Weight: 90lb


    Str 14 +2
    Dex 18 +4
    Con 10 +0
    Int 12 +1
    Wis 12 +1
    Cha 12 +1


    Fort +3 (Base +3)
    Ref +7 (Base +3, Dex +4)
    Will +1 (Base +0, Wis +1)

    HP: 14
    AC: 16 = 10 + Armour 2 + Dex 4
    Initiative: +4 = Dex 4
    Speed: 30ft

    BAB: +2

    Melee Attack Bonus: +4 = BAB 2 + Str 2
    Ranged Attack Bonus: +6 = BAB 2 + Dex 4

    Longbow + 7, 1d8 piercing, x3, range inc 100ft
    Longsword + 5, 1d8 + 2 slashing, 19-20


    Hide +8 = 4 Ranks + 4 Dex
    Move Silently +8 = 4 Ranks + 4 Dex
    Spot + 8 = 5 Ranks + 1 Wis + 2 Elf
    Survival + 6 = 5 Ranks + 1 Wis
    Listen + 7 = 4 Ranks + 1 Wis + 2 Elf
    Jump + 4 = 2 Ranks + 2 Str
    Knowledge (Geography) + 2 = 2 Ranks
    Knowledge (Nature) + 5 = 2 Rank +1 int +2 Survival synergy
    Swim + 3 = 1 Rank + 2 Str
    Ride + 7 = 1 Rank + 4 Dex +2 handle animal synergy
    Handle Animal + 6 = 5 Rank + 1 Cha


    Weapon Focus (Longbow)
    Wild Empathy (+5) (+2 level, +1 chr, +2 handle animal synergy)
    Favoured Enemy – Outsiders (Evil) + 2
    Low-Light Vision
    Immunity to Sleep Effects
    +2 On saving throws vs Enchantments.
    Two weapon fighting

    Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

    GEAR: 25 gp, 9sp

    Light Warhorse (Aelestrius)
    Longbow (3lb)
    Quiver (1lb)
    40 arrows
    Masterwork Longsword (4lb)
    Backpack (2lb)
    Masterwork Studded Leather Armour (10lb)
    4 days trail rations (4lb)
    1 fine bottle of wine (1 ½ lb)
    Flint and Steel
    50ft Hemp Rope (10lb)
    Whetstone (1lb)
    Waterskin (4lb)
    Bedroll (5lb)
    5 Tindertwigs
    Masterwork large wooden sheild
    Physical Description: Alyssa has very fine, delicate features, beautiful by human (though perhaps not quite by Elven) standards. She has straight, shoulder length light blonde hair and bright, vibrant green eyes. She dresses in simple, non-descript traveller’s clothes underneath her leather armour and a grey travellers cloak and hood which is usually drawn up.

    Personality: Alyssa is a very gentle, easy-going person. She is generally very calm, and always prefers to stand back and review the facts before diving into a situation. When her passions are roused, however, she becomes utterly determined and almost impossible to divert from her course.
    She believes that freedom is the right of all creatures, and she does not understand those who feel the need to impose their will, or indeed their moral standards, on to others. She holds herself to high standards, but does not necessarily expect the same from others. Above all, she believes that everybody is just trying to find happiness in their own way and that it is not her place to interfere with that unless they begin to inflict their ways on others. She herself is driven always by an insatiable wanderlust and curiosity, a feeling that all the answers to the trials and tribulations of life lie just beyond the horizon. As to the trials and tribulations, for her they normally take the form of a certain melancholia, a mood of destructive introspection, that occasionally seems to consume her – although generally it is fairly short lived.

    Background: Alyssa is generally a very open and forthcoming person, but she refuses to speak of her background to anybody. It occasionally seems to trouble her, but whatever demons she has from her past seem as if they will remain entirely within her own mind. Possibly this is a product of her natural self-reliance, or possibly there is something darker than that, something horrible within her past that she cannot bring herself to speak of. That would certainly explain her occasional bouts of depression, not to mention her seeming lack of any roots or family.

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