Age of Mortals - The Knights of Solamnia Character Thread
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    Age of Mortals - The Knights of Solamnia Character Thread

    Character creation guidelines are listed in this thread.
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    Appearance: Shale has a lithe, attractive form, that manages to maintain a cat like grace even when wearing her armor. She stands 5'7", and weighs in at a athletic 123 lbs. Her brown hair falls below her shoulders framing her heart shaped face. Her enchanted armor is an heirloom of the Silvershield family, dating back to before the First Cataclysm, with family crests as well as a Sword, a Crown and a Rose on the chest.

    Personality: Shale is somewhat serious, while her service to the dark knights was somewhat forced, her conversion to goodness is complete, and she will do what she believes to be the best within the Measure that she can for everyone. She has a quick smile, and is rather forgiving considering her past, it makes a good deal of sense for her to be so. She seems to radiate confidence much like others who wrestle with the primal forces of Krynn to work sorcery, and it shows, she can be pretty charming, and it took all of that charm to win over the Solamnic Knights.

    History: Shale Blacksaber was born in the city of Palanthus, in the territory of the Blue Khellendros, in the Midst of the Dragon Purge when the over-lords were laying claim to territory, and shaping the climate to their will. She grew up under the rule of the Dark knights and their reborn vision, subject to their harsh laws. Her father was a Cleric of Paladine until the Choas War, and one of Goldmoons first students at the Citadel of Light, but he was slain shortly after her birth.

    Shale was always an athletic girl, and that, her beauty, and finally, her dawning ability to call upon Krynn's primal forces to cast spells called the Dark knights to her, and she was forced into squirehood, it was not truly against her will, she knew barely any difference between the three groups of knights, the gods they served were long gone before her birth. She was trained with her fellow squires, and then she was asigned to Thorn Knight Athreon Zala, for training in the ways of sorcery, and for sponsorship.

    During a journey, she and Atheron were confronted by a group of Solamnics scouting the area around Palanthus. Athreon was slain by he leader of the knights, a Rose knight named Galen Silvershield. Faced with overwhelming odds, Shale fought to the best of her ability, but at that point her training had focused on her sorcery, and she was no match for the party of knights. Silvershield downed her with the flat of his blade, and returned with her to the heart of the Solamnic lands with her as the prisoner. Over the first few months,she grew to respect Galen, suprised that he had spared her, the Dark knights never would have.

    Over the next few years, she grew and learned under Galen's tutelage, and when she begged him to be taken on as his squire, she was accepted readily, it was what the aging knight of the Rose had intended from the start, which he explained to her when she was raised to the Crown after years of adventure. Over the years of her training, Galen became a father to her, pushing her to live the Oath and Measure, to excel in everything. When he died in the Chaos surrounding the War of Souls, Shale was astounded to learn that she had been named the heiress to the Silvershield estates in preference to Galen's nephews, a pair of sychophantic gamblers. She had already been shocked when she was presented with an ancestral breast-plate first worn over 5 centuries ago by the families first female knight. Shale is trying to settle into the knighthood as well as running her enherited estates.
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    Thom uth Verran
    Male Human Ftr/Abj4, KoC/Abj1, KoC/Spellsword1
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight:180 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue

    Str 14 (6 points)
    Dex 14 (6 points)
    Con 16 (10 points)
    Int 18 (16 points)
    Wis 14 (6 points)
    Cha 12 (4 points)

    HD: 6d10+18 (68 hp)
    AC: 25, touch 12, flatfooted 23
    Melee Atk:
    Missile Atk: Spell, +8
    Saves: F+11, R+5, W+10

    Feats: Honorbound (1st)
    Eschew Components (human)
    Combat Expertise (Ftr1)
    Improved Disarm (Ftr2)
    Spell Focus: Abjuration (3rd)
    Improved Trip (Ftr4)
    Nonlethal Substitution (fire) (6th)

    Concentration +12 (9 ranks, +3 Con)
    Diplomacy +8 (5.5 ranks, +1 Cha, +2 synergy)
    Knowledge (arcana) +13 (9 ranks, +4 Int)
    Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +13 (9 ranks, +4 Int)
    Knowledge (religion) +13 (9 ranks, +4 Int)
    Ride +11 (9 ranks, +2 Dex)
    Spellcraft +13 (9 ranks, +4 Int)

    EQ: Shelter at Dusk, +4 twilight dragonmetal breastplate
    Verran's Bulwark, +2 dragonmetal large shield
    Iron Comet, +1 star metal light flail
    Cloak of Resistance +1
    Theribault, heavy warhorse
    Breastplate barding
    Military saddle
    Tent, bedroll, and mess kit
    The Star of Verran, family crest, a star sapphire, set in a platinum pectoral, surrounded by amethysts. Estimated market value 15000 stl.

    Spells: Save DC 14+spell level
    0th: Detect Magic, Message x2, Read Magic
    1st: Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missilex2
    2nd: Protection from Arrows, See Invisibility, Bull's Strengthx2
    3rd: Fireball (subdual), Haste, Protection from Energy

    Spellbook contains all listed above, plus
    0th: Resistance, Acid Splash, Detect Poison, Dancing Lights, Daze, Flare, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation
    1st: Protection from Evil, Identify, True Strike, Burning Hands, Enlarge Person, Magic Weapon
    2nd: Scorching Ray
    3rd: Magic Circle against Evil

    Appearance: Thom, like most Knights of Solamnia, cuts a striking figure. His gleaming silver shield, brilliant purple mail, and pure white cloak accentuate the fantastic family crest that rests on his breastbone. In the glory of his accoutrements, it is unsurprising that few remember his face, friendly but reserved.

    Personality: Thom is an idealist, a strong believer in the credo that "Good Redeems its Own." As such, he is reluctant to assume the worst of opponents, and avoids killing when he can do so in keeping with the Measure. He is outspoken amongst friends, but seldom stands out when dealing with strangers, only occasionally interjecting (apologetically) notes or questions.

    Background: The uth Verran family has lived in Palanthas almost since the city's founding, and have been strong supporters of the Solamnic orders throughout their history. At his birth, fearing that he would fall afoul of the Knights of Takhisis, Thom's parents smuggled him and the family heirlooms out, by way of Tanageryon, an elven wizard who had known Thom's great-grandfather. In Tanageryon's care, Thom learned the precepts of knighthood, but also was taught the ways of Solinari, patron of good wizards; the old elf maintained that the absence of the gods, like that of the Cataclysm before, would pass in time, and this belief was passed on to his apprentice. When he reached his age of majority, Thom was squired to a Knight of the Crown, and was accepted without qualms into the Order.

    Thom's devotion to Solinari is known to the order, but tolerated; though he intends to enter the Orders of High Sorcery, the ranks of the knighthood are for the most part convinced that his loyalty is foremost to the Oath and the Measure. The uth Verran scion's detestation of the Knights of Neraka exceeds that of many of his brethren, for he longs to be able to return to the family he's seen nothing of since barely before his birth. Aside this personal grudge, his political beliefs fall mostly along the official Order policy, as Thom trusts his elders to know what is best.
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    Aerion Turin Aelshien, The Peregrine Knight

    Aerion Turin Aelshien, The Peregrine Knight
    Male Half-Elf Gestalt Fighter-Rogue 4/KoC-Rogue 2
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 142 lb.
    Hair: Silvery-white
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 27

    Str: 18 (+4) [16 points]
    Dex: 17 (+3) [10 points, +1 lvl]
    Con: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Int: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Cha: 14 (+2) [6 points]

    Racial Abilties: immune to sleep and similar magical effects, +2 racial bonus on saves against enchantment effects, elvensight (low-light, darkvision 30 ft.), +1 racial bonus on listen, search and spot checks, +2 racial bonus on diplomacy and gather information, elven blood

    Class Abilities: fighter bonus feats; +3d6 sneak attack, trapfinding, evasion, trap sense +2, uncanny dodge; strength of honor 1/day, knightly courage, heroic initiative +1

    Hit Dice: 6d10+6
    HP: 56
    AC: 19 (+3 Dex, +6 Armor)
    Init: +4 [+3 Dex, +1 KoC]
    Speed: 30 ft
    Armor Check Penalty: -1

    Fort +6 [+5 base, +1 Con]
    Refl +8 [+5 base, +3 Dex]
    Will +4 [+2 base, +2 Wis]

    BAB: +6/+1
    Melee Atk: +12/+7 (2d6+8+1d6s, 17-20/x2, +1 keen merciful dragonmetal (+2) greatsword)
    Melee Atk: +10/+5 (1d4+4, 19-20/x2, dagger)
    Ranged Atk: +9/+4 (1d4+4, 20/x2, 20 ft, dart)
    Ranged Atk: +10/+5 (1d8+4, 20/x3, 110 ft, mw. comp. longbow)

    Skills (90sp, 9/4.5 max ranks):
    Bluff +11 [9 ranks, +2 cha]
    Climb +6 [2 ranks, +4 str]
    Diplomacy +17 [9 ranks, +2 cha, +4 syn, +2 racial]
    Disguise +9 [5 ranks, +2 cha, +2 syn]
    Ride +5 [2 ranks, +3 dex]
    Escape Artist +11 [8 ranks, +3 dex]
    Jump +15 [9 ranks, +4 str, +2 syn]
    Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +6 [4 ranks, +2 int]
    Knowledge (religion) +4 [2.0 ranks, +2 int]
    Listen +12 [9 ranks, +2 wis, +1 racial]
    Spot +12 [9 ranks, +2 wis, +1 racial]
    Sense Motive +11 [9 ranks, +2 wis]
    Swim +6 [2 ranks, +4 str]
    Tumble +14 [9 ranks, +3 dex, +2 syn]

    Honor Bound (1st level)
    Combat Expertise (fighter 1)
    Improved Feint (fighter 2)
    Improved Trip (3rd level)
    Improved Disarm (fighter 4)
    Quick Draw (6th level)

    Armor Proficiency (all) (fighter 1)
    Simple Weapon Proficiency (fighter 1)
    Martial Weapon Proficiency (all) (fighter 1)
    Shield Proficiency (all) (fighter 1)
    Hand Crossbow Proficiency (rogue 1)

    Common, Elven, Nestari, Solamnic

    +1 keen merciful dragonmetal (+2) greatsword (27050stl)
    masterwork composite longbow (Str +4) (800stl), 60x arrows (3stl)
    darts (10) (5stl)
    dagger (2stl),

    +1 dragonmetal breastplate (5200stl)
    2 locked gauntlets (16stl)

    Worn Equipment:
    headband of disguise (1800stl)
    periapt of health (7400stl)
    holy symbol of paladine (25stl)
    explorers outfit

    Adventuring Equipment: masterwork manacles (2) (100stl), backpack (2stl), bedroll (1sp), 10 ft. of chain (30stl), 10 pieces chalk (1sp), flint and steel (1stl), grappling hook (1stl), belt pouch (1stl), 5x trail rations (2stl 5sp), 50 ft. silk rope (10stl), waterskin (1stl), whetstone (2cp), disguise kit (50stl)

    Outfits: 4 explorers outfit (30stl), 2 artisans outfits (2stl), entertainers outfit (3stl), cold weather outfit (8stl), 3 courtiers outfits (90stl), monks outfit (5stl), nobles outfit (75stl), peasants outfit (1sp), scholars outfit (5stl), 3 travelers outfits (3stl)

    Animals: Uros and Leos 2 light warhorses (300stl), Queras large (riding) dog (150stl), riding saddle (30stl), saddlebags (8stl), bit and bridle (2stl), 2x feed (1sp)

    Assets: small estate in Solanthus (stable, small house, garden, training yard) (15000stl)

    Appearance: Aerion is an idyllic picture, with silvery-white hair, hazel eyes and brownish-skin which harken back a couple thousand years to his kagonesti ancestry, he retains the elven mystique but within the more rugged frame of a human. His body is lean and cut like a dancers along with fine features like the point to his ears, the sharp cheekbone and jaw lines and the piercing hazel eyes catch many women's gaze. His hair is held up in a topknot with a leather band but easily reaches past his shoulders when down. When not wearing the finely crafted breastplate, he wears an assortment of Qualinesti garments of earth-tones which despite maintaining simplicity and functionality are of exceptional quality and aesthetic taste. The only piece of jewelry he wears is the finely worked chain of dragonmetal that he received from his mother with a small holy symbol of Paladine suspended from it. Across his back is a leather scabbard, dyed an earthen red, the hilt of a intricately carved dragonmetal greatsword stretches towards the sky.

    Personality: Aerion possesses a complex inner working, having grown up without a home, without a father, and feeling the prejudiced cruelty of his peers he connects very well with those who feel suffering, a compulsion to aid those in pain and need. He knows the world is harsh, he has felt it throughout his entire youth, slightly jaded he projects an aura of gruffness, of reluctance as if he has no choice but to help those in need. The gruffness that was once an act has become a general state for Aerion, one that he adopts subconsciously although he places others often far above his own person, taking the brunt of a situation despite consequences. He does not open up to anyone but Matelda, and when he is in the room with her the shift in his attitude is apparent, his gruff demeanor falls away and the warmth that is buried inside of him comes forth. His romantic interest in Matelda has rekindled itself but regardless of it being requited, her devotion to the Order and his entrance into the Order has put a damper on things and for now they remain close friends. The visions he has been having for about the past two years trouble his sleep still, but the final vision of Paladine has left him with a new found faith, something he has never before had and is learning to come to terms with. He has yet to learn any more of his father other than he disappeared from the Order seven years ago.

    Background: Aerion is the bastard son of Turin, Knight of the Rose, and Kieras, a kagonesti-qualinesti elf maiden. He grew up living within the displaced elven community, feeling the hardship of his people, many who treated him cruelly for his shared heritage. When Turin would return to see his son and illegitimate lover Kieras, Aerion began to subconsciously idolize and despise the figure who he knew as his father. A man of strength, honor and courage but also the man who left his mother and himself to the cruelty of those around him. Despite the treatment of his peers, he would stand up for those who had no one else to stand for them. By the time Aerion turned nineteen he was a strapping youth with the strength and agility of the wind, within his mind churned the stories of the Oath and the Measure and he longed for his father to once again return, to become a squire and enter into the Order.

    But his father never did return again, feeling abandoned, disheartened and without a home, he gave his mother his farewells. Before he left his mother placed about his neck a thin chain, forged of dragonmetal and inscribed with the tongue of the ancient elves wishing granting pure health to those of pure heart.

    As he began his travels he found others troubles falling into his lap constantly and despite his compulsion to seek out his father and the Order, within his heart he felt bound to those troubles which were before him, taking up the plights of those in need. For six years he traveled from the Blood Sea Isles to Sancrist, to lands in between; the depths of Qualinesti through the Desolation, to Icereach and Thorbardin. He had seen a great many things, tested his mettle and his honor, and in that time had earned a minor title as Aerion the Peregrine. In all of his travels he had inquired about his father, Turin, but until those last days he had heard no word of his travels until passing through Kalaman. An old wizened stranger at a tavern beckoned him closer and whispered a few words into his ear, "the name of your father lies lost." Before he could question further, a bar fight erupted and the stranger disappeared. Unnerved by the stranger, Aerion contemplated for a time of its meaning, without answers he abandoned thoughts of his father. On his way out of the city upon hearing "city of lost names" from a passerby he was struck by an epiphany of small-magnitude, taking up his horse and ventured north into the Northern Wastes.

    Days upon days of searching, his food gone, and still no luck before him he entered the ruins of what appeared to have once been a temple of sorts, approaching an altar within he collapsed in exhaustion. He had a number of visions; a horrific battle between dragonspawn and a knight of solamnia wherein the Knight perished; a battle between a platinum dragon and a five-headed chromatic dragon; many vicious sights of ancient battles but ending with a platinum dragon descending upon a temple, which seemed to waver between an ancient splendor and a decrepit state, within he saw the back of a Knight of Solamnia kneeling prostrate before an altar of Paladine. The platinum dragon turned into a knight in platinum armor and entered into the temple, laying upon the Solamnic Knight's prostrate hands a greatsword forged of dragonmetal. The visions disappeared and he awoke with a start. Collapsed before the altar he looked up and a magnificent work of art stretched across the ceiling of a platinum dragon in flight. He knelt before the altar and gave thanks thinking his father had been the only Knight he had seen in his vision, that he had perhaps found the place of his father's final resting place. Opening his eyes to the altar, there lay the greatsword he had seen in his vision. Taking up the blade carefully he took out what water he had left and poured it over the altar, a gift worth it?s weight in gold in the Wastes.

    He left the Northern Wastes, every night bombarded with the horrific visions of the past but always ending with the same final vision of the platinum dragon and the Solamnic Knight. Upon his return to civilization he quickly appropriated a new mount and left to finally claim a part of his heritage that he had felt was a part of him from birth. A romantic run-in with a Knight of Solamnia named Matelda Bretel a number of years past led him to Solanthus where he approached her once more with interest in entering the Order. Despite romantic tension between the Knight of the Rose and Aerion, they maintained a professional accord whenever they were not alone, and kept hedging the romantic interest out even in private trying to keep it from becoming an issue. Matelda took Aerion in and despite some questioning as too the honor of his father, Turin, from the council, he swore the oaths and was made a Squire, a year later he became a Knight of the Crown. A year has almost passed and he remains close to Matelda in Solanthus, having been granted a minor estate to live in, serving the Order in their bastion of resistance. He has sent word to his mother of his entering into the order, but has yet to hear back from her and hopes she is well.
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    Aleahea Nightsong
    Female half-elf
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Age: 19
    HD: 6d10
    HP: 55

    Class Build:
    1 fighter/mystic
    2 fighter/mystic
    3 fighter/mystic
    4 fighter/mystic
    5 KoC/mystic
    6 KoC/mystic

    Init: 2 [+1 Dex +1 Heroic]
    Speed: 60 ft. (unarmored with boots) or 50 ft. (armored with boots)

    STR 17 (+3) [13 pts]
    DEX 12 (+1) [4 pts]
    CON 14 (+2) [6 pts]
    INT 12 (+1) [4 Pts]
    WIS 18 (+4) [13 Pts +1 level]
    CHA 15 (+2) [8 Pts]
    [Total=48 points]

    AC: 21
    [10 base +1 Dex +10 armor]

    Fort +10 [7 base +2 Con +1 resistance]
    Ref +3 [1 base +1 Dex +1 resistance]
    Will +10 [5 base +4 Wis +1 resistance]

    ~ +2 (Cha) morale vs fear (Knightly Courage)
    ~ +2 circumstance vs breaking a promise, an oath, or a sworn duty (Honor-bound)
    ~ +2 saves vs. enchantment spells and effects (racial)

    Base Attack: +6/+1
    Grapple: +9 [6 base +3 Str]

    Winterís Kiss +11/+6 [+6 base +3 Str +1 Weap Focus +1 magic]
    Critical: 19-20/x2 (+1d10 cold)
    Damage: 1d8+4 (+1d6 cold upon command)
    (Deals double damage with a charge)

    MW Lance +11/+6 [+6 base +3 Str +1 Weap. Focus +1 MW]
    Reach: 10 ft.
    Critical: 20/x3
    Damage: 1d8+3
    (Deals triple damage with a charge)

    Concentration +11 [9 ranks +2 Con]
    Diplomacy +6 [2 ranks +2 Cha +2 racial]
    Gather Information +4 [0 ranks +2 Cha +2 racial]
    Handle Animal +7 [5 ranks +2 Cha]
    Knowledge (religion) +3 [2 ranks +1 Int]
    Listen +5 [0 ranks +4 Wis +1 racial]
    Ride +12 [9 ranks +1 Dex +2 handle animal]
    Search +2 [0 ranks +1 Int +1 racial]
    Spot +5 [0 ranks +4 Wis +1 racial]

    ~ Honor-bound (+2 saves vs breaking promise, oath, sworn duty)
    ~ Weapon Focus (longsword) (+1 to hit with longsword)
    ~ Weapon Focus (lance) (+1 to hit with lance)
    ~ Mounted Combat (Negate hits on mount with ride check)
    ~ Ride-by Attack (Move before and after a mounted charge)
    ~ Spirited Charge (Double damage with mounted charge)

    Racial Abilities:
    ~ Size: Medium
    ~ Speed: 30 ft.
    ~ Immune to sleep spells and effects
    ~ +2 saves vs. enchantment spells and effects
    ~ +1 Listen, Search, Spot; +2 Diplomacy, Gather Information
    ~ Elven Blood: Considered elven for all effect relating to race
    ~ Elvensight: Low-light vision, Darkvision 30í
    ~ Automatic Language: Common, Elven
    ~ Favored Class: Any.

    Class Abilities:
    ~ Bonus Feats
    ~ Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Ride, Swim

    ~ One Domain Known
    ~ Spells known: 0th-3rd, see below
    ~ Spells per day (not including Wis): 6,6,5,3
    ~ Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (religion), Profession, Spellcraft

    Knight of the Crown
    ~ Strength of Honor 1/day (+4 morale to Str for rnds equal to 3 + Cha mod)
    ~ Knightly Courage (Cha to saves vs fear as morale bonus)
    ~ Heroic Initiative (+1 to Initiative)
    ~ Class Skills: Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (nobility & royalty), Knowledge (religion), Profession, Ride

    Languages Spoken:
    ~ Common [racial]
    ~ Elven [racial]
    ~ Solamnic [Int]

    ~ Comprehend Languages when hand is on Winterís Kissí hilt.

    Spells Known:
    0th Level: 7. (Castable: 6 +0 Wis = 6)
    1. Cure Minor Wounds (heal 1 point of damage)
    2. Detect Magic (detect spells/magic items within 60í)
    3. Guidance (+1 attk, save, or skill check)
    4. Light (object shines like a torch)
    5. Mending (make minor repairs to an object)
    6. Purify Food & Drink (purify 1 cubic foot/level)
    7. Resistance (+1 to all saves)

    1st Level: 4+d. (Castable: 6 +1 Wis = 7)
    1. Divine Favor (+1 per 3 levels on attk and dam rolls)
    2. Doom (target becomes shaken: -2 attk, dam, saves, and checks)
    3. Protection from Evil (+2 AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders)
    4. Shield of Faith (+2 deflection to AC, additional +1 per 6 lvls = current +3)
    d. Comprehend Languages (understand all spoken & written languages)

    2nd Level: 2+d. (Castable: 5 +1 Wis = 6)
    1. Hold Person (paralyzes one humanoid for 1 round/level)
    2. Cure Mod Wounds (cure 2d8 +1/level, max +10)
    d. Owlís Wisdom (+4 Wis for 1 min/level)

    3rd Level: 1+d. (Castable: 3 +1 Wis = 4)
    1. Prayer (+1 luck on attk, dam, saves, skills, foes -1)
    d. Locate Object (sense direction towards object)

    Domain Power:
    Meditation Domain
    1/day, cast 1 spell as if Empower Spell feat was applied, without increasing the level of the spell.
    This domain can be found on page 103 of the Dragonlance core book.

    ~ Winterís Kiss: This longswordís hilt is wrapped in bright white leather, and the steel of the blade constantly radiates cold, causing a hazy appearance to the blade.[/i] This +1 icy burst longsword can, once a day, blast forth an icy ray at any target within 30í as a ranged touch attack for 4d6 cold damage. Winterís Heart also grants the wielder the benefit of Comprehend Languages whenever her hand is upon the hilt.
    (As per Flame Tongue, but cold; 20,715 + continuous Comprehend Languages: (1*1*2,000)*1.5=3,000, *2 to add to existing item. Total cost: 26,715 gp)
    ~ Boots of Expeditious Retreat and Resistance +1
    (1*1*2,000)*2 = 4,000, + 2,000 for resistance = 6,000 gp)
    ~ Fullplate armor +2 (5,650 gp) Aleaheaís crest is emblazoned on this white-enameled armor.
    ~ MW Lance (310 gp)
    ~ Potion of Good Hope (+2 morale on saves, attacks, ability checks, skill checks, weapon damage rolls) (1,050 gp)
    ~ Potion of Heroism (+2 morale on saves, attacks, skill checks) (750 gp)
    ~ Potion of Resist Fire 10 (300 gp)
    ~ Antitoxin 1 vial (50 gp)
    ~ Holy Water 1 flask (25 gp)
    ~ Sunrod x4 (8 gp)
    Blanket, Winter (5 sp)
    Candle x2 (2 cp)
    Flint & Steel (1 gp)
    Ink 1 vial (8 gp)
    Inkpen x2 (2 sp)
    Parchment x10 sheets (20 sp)
    Lantern, Bullseye (12 gp)
    Lamp Oil x3 pints (3 sp)
    Belt Pouch (1 gp)
    Trail Rations x5 days (25 sp)
    Rope, Silk, 50í (10 gp)
    Signet Ring (5 gp)
    Sealing Wax (1 gp)
    Soap 1 lb (5 sp)
    Tent (10 gp)
    Waterskins x2 (2 gp)
    Whetstone (2 cp)
    Explorerís Outfit x2 (20 gp) For on the road when she is not wearing armor
    Courtierís Outfit x4 (8 gp) For when she needs to appear in high society
    Southern Outfits x6 (6 gp) For leisure time
    Jewelry (100 gp) To accessorize
    Cloak, Fine: Dark Blue silk and grey velvet (10 gp)
    Cloak, Everyday: Maroon lightweight (5 gp)
    ~ Mia, Heavy Warhorse. Mia is a dapple-gray heavy warhorse that only responds to commands in elven. Finely trained, she is very fond and somewhat overly protective of her mistress.
    Military saddle, dyed white (20 gp)
    Saddlebags, white leather (4 gp)
    Bit & Bridle, white (2 gp)
    Chainmail Barding. White-enameled with Aleaheaís crest emblazoned on the sides. (150x4=600 gp)

    Aleahea Nightsong is the daughter of an unusually accepting Silvanesti elf and a human. Her mother and father were married in an elven ceremony not long after they met, against the wishes of the elven maiden's family. Within three months, Tielisani was with child. When she informed her "husband", he cast her out of his home, spurning her, and declaring that the child could not be his. Weeping, she traveled back to her family's home.

    Tielisani was cold and unforgiving towards her offspring, blaming Aleahea for driving away her father. In addition, Aleahea's full-blooded kin wanted nothing to do with her, a "filthy half-breed". Her mother's second husband acted as if Aleahea did not exist, making for a very cold and lonely childhood.

    When Aleahea was 14, she left her home, never to return. Her leave-taking went without notice (for she had no friends) except by her mother, Tielisani, whose last words were "Good riddance." Her heart steeled to such treatment, Aleahea left without shedding a tear. All such tears had been cried out years ago.

    Questing for acceptance among her human kin, she searched out her father's house - only to find it burned to the ground long ago. Not knowing if he lived or died, Aleahea tried to ask such information of the neighbors - only to be turned away, curses heaped upon her, because of her heritage.

    Leaving the mystery of her father behind, she traveled the roads, training herself in the use of weaponry for protection (as it was painfully clear she could not rely on the kindness of strangers). She also meditated, searching for her own inner strength. This was how she became a mystic, relying on only herself for protection and purpose. Despite her treatment by many, she attempted to help those in need and forgive those who cursed her, positive that the first step in self-perfection was to forgive others for their transgressions.

    After traveling from town to town for two years, she met a human Knight of the Crown named Arthur Bloodstone. He invited her to share his campfire one night, which she did, albeit somewhat warily. They talked far into the night, and in the morning he invited her to travel with him, as "Two swords are better than one."

    Aleahea traveled with Arthur for six months, drawing strength and purpose from him. Learning all she could about the Knights, one day she quietly asked him if he would accept her as his squire. He accepted, having become very fond of the young woman he treated like a daughter.

    Now, at age 19, Aleahea has become a full Knight of the Crown in her own right. She is a quiet individual, tending to think situations all the way through before acting. She has a tendency to reserve judgment on others, preferring to make certain of all the facts first. She is a tall, willowy woman with hair so black that it has blue highlights and hazel eyes. She seems to have inherited her mother's unearthly beauty (save for her hair color), and grace. Her surname Nightsong was given to her by her mother, to name the haunting, sorrowful songs she often sang to herself as a child. Aleahea retains the name to remind her of where she came from.

    When not wearing the full armor of the Knighthood, Aleahea tends to dress in the simple (and slightly scanty) dress of one of the warmer region she had visited in her travels (perhaps the Plains of Dust). She continues her journey of self-discovery as a mystic hand-in-hand with her training as a Knight of the Crown, believing that the only true way to self-perfection lies within oneself. Despite her cool demeanor, she is passionate about the mission of the Knighthood, and never lacks time to help those who cannot help themselves.

    She owns a unusually intelligent heavy warhorse named Mia, who only accepts commands given in elven. Mia is very fond of her mistress, and it is not unusual to see the large dapple-grey mare following Aleahea about like an overgrown mastiff. Mia has also been known to attack those who threaten her mistress. Mia and her wardrobe are the sole things that Aleahea retained from the lands she was granted for service in the Knights; the wardrobe because of need for such frills when mingling with high society, and Mia because of genuine affection as well as a need for such a mount. The rest of her lands and assets Aleahea donated to various causes, professing no need for such things. Her house, for example, now serves as a home for orphaned and abandoned children.

    Aleaheaís crest is emblazoned on her white-enameled full-plate, as well as on Miaís matching chainmail barding. Her crest is a heart with a stylized rose in front of it, and a thorny circle surrounding the two.
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    Aurnia Shatterstone: Human/Female (Gestalt:Knight of Solamnia/Divine Bard)

    Character Name: Aurnia Shatterstone
    Character Race: Human
    Character Classes: Fighter/ Divine Bard 4; Knight of the Crown/Divine Bard 2
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5í8
    Weight: 135
    Eyes: Gray Blue
    Hair: Blonde, long and curly

    Experience Points (Current): 15,001
    Experience Points (Needed): 21,000
    Character Level: 6

    Known Languages: Common; Solamnic (RL); Draconic; Erogthian (DL); Camptalk; Dwarven; Elven


    Strength: 12 +1 (4 points)
    Dexterity: 16 +3 (10 points)
    Constitution: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Intelligence: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Wisdom: 14 +2 (6 points)
    Charisma: 19 +4 (16 points, 1st Ability Bonus)

    Point Buy: 48
    Bold: After magical enchantment

    Hit Dice: 6d10 + 12
    Hit Points: 62
    Armor Class: 27 [ BASE (10) + ARMOR (12) + DEX (3) + SHIELD (2) + DEFLECTION (0)]
    Flatfooted Armor Class: 24
    Touch Attack Armor Class: 13
    Spell Resistance: 0


    Armor Worn: Dragonmetal Full Plate +4 (26,500 STL)
    AC Penalty: -3
    Maximum DEX bonus: 3
    Armor Type: Medium
    Weight: 25 lbs.

    Shield Used: Dragonmetal Large Shield (1,020)
    AC Penalty: 0
    Maximum DEX bonus: 0
    Weight: 7.5


    Armor weight: 32.5 lbs.

    Save vs. Fortitude: 7 [BASE (5) + CON MOD (2)]
    Save vs. Reflex: 8 [BASE (5) + DEX MOD (3)]
    Save vs. Will: 7 [BASE (5) + WIS MOD (2)]

    Special Save Notes:
    +4 against fear effects

    Initiative Modifier: +4 (Heroic Initiative +1)
    Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1

    Melee Attack Bonus: +7/+2
    Ranged Attack Bonus: +9/+3


    Dragonmetal Flail Attacks: +9/+4 / 1d8 +3 / x2 / Bludgeoning / 2.5 lbs. (9308 STL)

    Range Weapon Attacks: +5 / 1dx / critical / Damage Type / x lbs. (xxxx GP)

    Weapon weight: 2.5 lbs.

    Honor Bound (Human)
    Endurance (1st Feat)
    Ancestral Relic: Flail (0 STL of 6,500 STL Spent) (2nd Feat)
    Improved Disarm (3rd Feat)
    Weapon Focus: Flail (1st Fighter)
    Combat Expertise (2nd Fighter)
    Weapon Specialization: Flail (3rd Fighter)

    Feats Notes
    # Honor Bound (Crown, Sword, Rose)
    Die Hard (Sword)
    # Endurance (Sword, Rose)
    Leadership - 4th Feat (Rose)
    Mounted Combat - 5th Fighter (Rose)


    Name/Total Mod (Ability) ** # Ranks taken 81 points total
    Balance / 8 ( Dex + 3, +2) 3 Synergy from Tumble
    Bluff 4 (Cha + 4) 0
    Concentration / 8 (Con + 2) 6
    Decipher Script / 9 (Int + 2) 7
    Diplomacy / 10 (Cha + 4, +2) 4 Synergy from Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty
    Gather Information / 8 (Cha + 4) 4
    Knowledge: Arcane / 4 (Int + 2) 2
    Knowledge: History 7 (Int + 2) 5
    Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty / 11 (Int + 2) 9
    Knowledge: Religion / 11 (Int + 2) 9
    Perform: Dance / 5 (Cha + 4) 1
    Perform: Oratory / 13 (Cha + 4) 9
    Perform: Sing / 10 (Cha + 4) 6
    Perform: String Instruments / 5 (Cha + 4) 1
    Ride / 5 (Dex + 3) 2
    Sense Motive /5 (Wis +2) 3
    Spellcraft / 4 (Int + 2) 2
    Speech Language /3
    Tumble / 8 (Dex + 3) 5

    [CC] Cross Class Skill

    Special Abilities
    3 Bonus Feats (Fighter)
    Bardic Knowledge: 10 (Bard)
    Bardic Music: Counterspell (Sing, Oratory); Fascinate (Sing, Oratory); Inspire Courage +1 (Sing, Oratory); Suggestion (Oratory)
    Heroic Initiative +1 (Knights of the Crown)
    Knightly Courage (fear effects)
    Strength of Honor 1/Day


    Equipment & Gear:
    Glasses of Comprehension: +5 competence bonus to decipher script (2500 STL)
    Bag of Holding Type III (7,400 STL)
    * Rope, Silk (50 ft )
    Explorer's Outfit
    * Grappling Hook, Collapsible
    Flask, metal: empty (2)
    Oil (flask) (2)
    Ink I oz
    Inkpen (3)
    Flint and Steel
    * Mess Kit
    Pouch, Belt
    Parchment (5 sheets)
    Sack (4)
    Everburning Torch
    Piton (10)
    Mirror, Small Steel
    Waterskin (x2)
    Case, Map
    Chalk (6 pieces)
    Sewing Needle
    * Crowbar

    Magical Item Slots
    Ring Left Hand:
    Ring Right Hand:

    EQUIPMENT WEIGHT: xxx lbs.
    ARMOR WEIGHT: 32.5 lbs.
    WEAPON WEIGHT: 2.5 lbs.
    TOTAL WEIGHT: xxx lbs.

    Carrying Capacity 12 STR Light: up to 43 lb. Medium: 44-86 lb. Heavy: 87-130 lb.


    PP: x
    STL: xx
    IP/BP: x
    SP: x
    GP: x
    CP: x

    Base Speed: 30 feet

    Spells: Divine Bard

    Zero level: 4
    1st level: 2 +1
    2nd level: 2 +1

    Divine Bard Spells Known
    Zero level: 6; Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Hygiene, Light, Mage Hand, Read Magic
    1st level: 4; Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Identify
    2nd level: 3; Cure Moderate Wounds, Heroism, Prayer

    Aurnia Shatterstone is strikingly attractive young lady who doesnít appear very knightly. She has none of the weathered appearance that seems to affect knights and others who spend a lot of time outdoors; this is due in no small part to her many hours of studies in libraries. However, this attractiveness is mainly lost on Aurnia. It doesnít really matter if she is off crusading or simply studying in a library, her long curly golden hair is usually done up in simplistic styles that helps to hide her natural beauty.

    In settings where Aurnia needs to appear as a lady, she dresses the part well, and those who know her are as shocked by the transformation as she is embarrassed by it. But on the battlefield she is more in her element. In her familyís breastplate and wielding their flail, she is an embodiment of knightly strength and battle prowess. She bears an elaborate shield of the Knighthood, showing a sword point down in the center of a crown, with a rose climbing it toward the sky.

    Personality and Background:
    Aurniaís place in the Solamnic Knights was conceived almost from the moment of her birth as she heard her first heroic knightly tale that very night. Though most Solamnic children grow up to these or similar stories few of them hear the tales of there own ancestors and their heroic deeds and actions, this had a profound impact upon the young Aurnia as it started her upon her destiny.

    Her destiny has been simple enough in her eyes as Aurnia has always wanted to be a knight, just like her father and her fatherís father before that, this lineage has gone on for nearly ten generations. Her family and others saw this as her birthright also and no one tried to stop Aurnia from her dreams of quest for knighthood and honor.

    To Aurnia the stories of old were not simply a means to get young children to sleep at night but instead were a source of inspiration. This belief lead to her studies of the knightly stories, where she collected those that had been written and she scribed those that had never been written. These writings soon accumulated from one volume to a series of volumes that continues to grow to this day.

    At nearly the same time she started collecting her tales, she also began to make some of her own. Joining the Knights as a squire, she spent as many hours perfecting her technique with her flail as she did in the library. While not as strong as some squires, she was intelligent and nimble-handed, learning how to rip the weapons out of her opponentís hands and leave him lying in the dust. Her dedication to the both the Knighthoodís past and present saw her knighted on her sixteenth birthday, a full two years ahead of most knights.

    Out in the wider world, she was often dispatched with older knights to gain experience and wisdom. Though she has attained the Crown, what she thirsts for is the Rose. To prove her worth, just must first pass into the ranks of the Knights of the Sword, before she can become a Rose Knight, as many of her ancestors were. To this end, she has thrown herself heart and soul into her duties, collecting her knightly tales in every town she passes, rendering fair judgment on those that deserve it, and showing bravery and steadfastness in battle.

    View of Knighthood:
    Aurnia lives the knighthood, being very mindful of the position of those around her and of her own position in the knights, her dreams of advancing to a Knight of the Rose are tied to her family history, where many have become Rose Knights, and to the belief of making generations past proud of her accomplishment and to hopefully add her own story to the history of the Shatterstone family.

    Knightly Virtues:
    [+] Journey of 500 miles and 30 days
    [-] Test of Generosity
    [-] Tests of Wisdom
    [-] Test of Compassion
    [-] Test of Combat
    [+] Restoration of something lost
    [-] Deed of Heroism
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    I Defended The Walls!

    Ý Block Jarval

    Ý Friend+
    Owain Theron
    Human Fighter/Ranger 4, Knight of the Crown/Ranger 2
    Lawful Good

    STR 16 (+3)
    DEX 16 (+3)
    CON 16 (+3) (including bonus stat point at 4th level)
    INT 14 (+2)
    WIS 16 (+3)
    CHA 12 (+1)

    Combat Stats:
    Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1
    Melee: +9/+4 [+6 BAB, +3 STR]
    Ranged: +9/+4 [+6 BAB, +3 DEX]
    Hit Points: 68 [50 (levels) + 18 (CON)]
    Armor Class: 22 [10 + 3 (DEX) + 8 (Hunter's Grace) + 1 (Two-Weapon Defense)]
    Initiative: +4 [+3 DEX, +1 Heroic Initiative]
    Movement Rate: 30 feet

    Attacks per round:
    Masterwork longsword (+8/+3 to hit, 1d8+3 dmg, Crit 19-20/x2) and Masterwork handaxe (+8/+0 to hit, 1d6+2 dmg, Crit 20/x3)
    Masterwork mighty (+3) composite longbow (+10/+5 to hit, 1d8+3 dmg, Crit 20/x3, Rng 110 ft)
    Dagger (+9/4 to hit, 1d4+3 dmg, Crit 19-20/x2, Rng 10 ft)
    Quarterstaff (+7/+7/+2/-1 to hit, 1d6+2 dmg, Crit 20/x2)

    Hunter's Grace (+4 silent shadow dragonmetal chain shirt) (+8 AC)

    Saving Throws:
    Fort: +8 [+5 base, +3 CON]
    Ref: +8 [+5 base, +3 DEX]
    Will: +5 [+2 base, +3 WIS]

    Track (bonus Ranger feat)
    Self-Sufficient (1st level feat)
    Point Blank Shot (bonus human feat)
    Mounted Combat (bonus Fighter feat)
    Two-Weapon Fighting (virtual Ranger feat)
    Two-Weapon Defense (bonus Fighter feat)
    Honor Bound (3rd level feat)
    Endurance (bonus Ranger feat)
    Mounted Archery (bonus Fighter feat)
    Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (virtual Ranger feat)
    Precise Shot (6th level feat)

    Climb +6 (3 ranks, +3 STR)
    Diplomacy +3 (2 ranks (cc), +1 CHA)
    Handle Animal +8 (7 ranks, +1 CHA)
    Heal +9 (5 ranks, +3 WIS, +2 Self-Sufficient)
    Hide +17 (9 ranks, +3 DEX, +5 Hunter's Grace)
    Jump +6 (3 ranks, +3 STR)
    Knowledge (religion) +4 (2 ranks (cc), +2 INT)
    Listen +12 (9 ranks, +3 WIS),
    Move Silently +17 (9 ranks, +3 DEX, +5 Hunter's Grace)
    Ride +11 (5 ranks, +3 DEX, +2 Synergy (Handle Animal))
    Speak Language (1 rank (cc))
    Spot +12 (9 ranks, +3 WIS)
    Survival +14 (9 ranks, +3 WIS, +2 Self-Sufficient)
    Swim +6 (3 ranks, +3 STR)

    Common, Ergot, Goblin, Giant, Solamnic.

    Special Abilities:
    Bonus skill point at every level (4 at 1st).
    Bonus Feat at 1st level.
    Favoured Class: Any.
    Bonus feat at 1st level and every even level. (Fighter)
    Favoured Enemies: Humanoid (goblinoid) +4, Giant +2. (Ranger)
    Track. (Ranger)
    Wild Empathy (+9). (Ranger)
    Two-weapon combat style. (Ranger)
    Endurance. (Ranger)
    Animal Companion (as 3rd level druid). (Ranger)
    Improved two-weapon combat style. (Ranger)
    Strength of Honor 1/day. (Knight of the Crown)
    Knightly Courage. (Knight of the Crown)
    Heroic Initiative +1. (Knight of the Crown)

    Spells per day: 2
    DCs: 14
    Level 1: Pass without Trace, Speak with Animals.

    Bag of holding type III (7,400 stl):
    - Bedroll
    - Blanket, winter
    - 2 explorer's outfits
    - 7 day's feed
    - Fishing net, 25 sq. ft.
    - Flint and steel
    - Grappling hook
    - Healer's kit
    - Nobleís outfit (plus set of jewelry that doesn't quite match the clothes)
    - 150' silk rope
    - Spade
    - Tent
    - 20 torches
    - 14 day's trail rations
    - 4 full waterskins
    - Whetstone
    - The Theron Imperial Armour (see Wealth, below)
    Efficient quiver (1,800 stl):
    - 60 arrows
    - 18 javelins
    - Masterwork mighty (+3) composite longbow (700 stl)
    - Quaterstaff
    - Shortbow
    - Spear
    Wearing / Carrying:
    - Explorer's outfit
    - Signet ring
    - Hunter's Grace (+4 silent shadow dragonmetal chain shirt) (24,600 stl)
    - Masterwork longsword (315 stl)
    - Masterwork handaxe (306 stl)
    - 2 daggers
    - 28 stl, 8 sp, 3 cp

    Total Weight Carried: 59 lb
    Load: Light

    - Lands and house in Northern Ergoth. (The house is rather run down but expansive, set amid a large acreage of farmland unfortunately close of goblin territory...) (10,000 stl)
    - The Theron Imperial Armour. (Very ornate armour and shield bearing the Theron coat-of-arms and the Ergoth Imperial seal. Masterwork full plate armour and heavy steel shield both inlayed with small amounts of gold and silver.) (5,000 stl)

    Current XP:
    Current: 10352
    Next Level: 15000


    Light Warhorse: CR: 1; Size: L; Type: Magical Beast; HD: 3d8+9; hp 22; Init: +1; Spd: 60 ft; AC: 14 (flatfooted 13, touch 10); BAB/Grapple: +2/+9; Attk: Hoof +4 melee (1d4+3 dmg), Full attack 2 hooves +4 melee (1d4+3 dmg); SQ: Low-light vision, Scent; AL: N; Sv: Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6.
    Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4.
    Feats: Endurance, Run.

    Carrying: Bit and bridle, Horseshoes of a zephyr (6,000 stl), Military saddle, Saddlebags: (100 arrows, handaxe, lance, longsword, longbow). Total Weight: 74 lb.

    Total weight carried (including rider): 301 lb. Load: Medium


    Riding wardog (animal companion): CR: 1; Size: M; Type: Magical Beast; HD: 2d8+8; hp 25; Init: +2; Spd: 40 ft; AC: 19 (+3 Dex, +6 natural) (flatfooted 16, touch 13); BAB/Grapple: +3/+5; Attk: Bite +7 melee (1d6+3 dmg); SA: Trip; SQ: Low-light vision, Scent, Link, Share spells, Evasion; AL: N; Sv: Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +2; Str 16, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.
    Skills: Jump +9, Listen +5, Spot +5, Swim +3, Survival +2*.
    Feats: Alertness, Track, Weapon Focus (Bite).

    Trip (Ex): A wolf that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip the opponent (+1 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the wolf.
    Skills: Riding dogs have a +4 racial bonus on Jump checks. *Riding dogs have a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks when tracking by scent.


    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 168 lbs
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 24

    Appearance: Owain is a less imposing figure than many Solamnic Knights, due both to his relatively short stature and his taste for practical clothes in muted colours. He wears his shoulder-length brownish-blonde hair in a ponytail to keep it clear from his face. His skin is tanned from years spent outdoors, and his forehead carries the lines developed from squinting in bright sunlight. The only feature of his dress that distinguishes him as a nobleman rather than a hunter or gamekeeper is his signet ring, bearing the arms of the Theron family.

    Personality: A naturally quiet man, Owain is uncomfortable in the company of large group of people. His childhood gave him little contact with people outside of his own family and servants, and he tends to rather reserved with new acquaintances. However, he's warm and friendly when in the company of those he knows and trusts, with a generally cheerful outlook on life.

    Background: Born in Northern Ergoth to an established noble family, Owain is second of the Theron family's four children. The Therons hold lordship over a large but rather wild estate who's borders abut with the spine of mountains that run the length of the island country. Frequent goblin and ogre raids on the farmlands have given the Therons a militaristic outlook on life, an outlook all their children are expected to share. Owain proved no exception to this, gladly taking training in arms with the Theron's guard captain Brandok, and developing a strong friendship with the estate's gamekeeper Everet.

    Both men had a lasting effect on Owain. Brandok taught Owain how to handle sword, mace and lance, how to carry the hundred-weight of metal that comprises a full suit of armour, and the importance of honour. Everet taught him how to shoot a bow, a two-weapon fighting style both unorthodox and toughly disapproved of by Brandok, the use of stealth and ambush to fight the goblins, the vital wound points on an ogre, respect for the lands, and vital nature of loyalty to your cause.

    It was in Owain's 19th year, while out riding the borders of the family's lands with Everet that they heard the sounds of battle issuing from the wooded foothills to the east. Quickly, the two men dismounted and crept through the trees, until the looked out across a sizeable clearing. Within, a tall man dressed in blood-splattered ornate plate mail fought with two ogres and a handful of goblins. The corpses of another ogre and three goblins already lay on the ground, but the armoured man was clearly growing tired. Owain and Everet shot a hail of arrows into the clearing, felling three of the goblins, and sorely wounding an ogre. The remaining ogre and goblin fled, pursued by Everet, while Owain stopped to question the man.

    "Sir Haldwin Wilyard, at your service." The man replied, removing his helmet to reveal an expansive mustache and a head of jet-black hair. Owain noted the crown, sword and rose insignia decorating Sir Haldwin's armour, but did not recognise their significance.

    Everet returned at that moment, dragging the head of the ogre behind him with a grim smile. The gamekeeper raised an eyebrow on getting a clear sight of Sir Haldwin's armour, but said nothing other than: "We'll be taking you to see his Lordship, then?"

    On returning to the manor, Everet escorted Sir Haldwin inside, quickly followed by Brandok. Owain stabled the horses and made his way to the hall, where he found his father, Brandok, and Everet deep in conversation with Sir Haldwin. Owain's father waved for him to come over and join them, something Owain (driven not least by curiosity) was glad to do.

    "Ah, my other saviour! Your son, I presume?" Sir Haldwin asked.

    "Yes, he's a good lad, a credit to the family name." Owain's father smiled warmly at his son, and Owain swelled with pride. "Owain, this is Sir Haldwin Wilyard, Rose Knight of Solamnia. We may be able to help him."

    "Help me more, you mean. Lad's already helped keep my skin in one piece."

    Sir Haldwin was passing through the Theron estate while in a search for the lost tomb of one of Huma's companions. A sizeable band of goblins ogres had ambushed him while he made his way across from Hylo. Three days of near-constant harassment and attacks had lost him his mount and much of his equipment, until the dwindled remainder of the band had caught up with him.

    "And it was then that your lad and your gamekeeper came to my aid. A most fortuitously timed occurrence, and some damned fine shooting from the pair of you!" Sir Haldwin's praised. "Now, if I could have a quick word with the boy about what we discussed?"

    Owain's father nodded, leading Brandok and Everet out of the room, his expression of pride matched by Brandok's. A little baffled by his normally stern tutor's approval, Owain took a seat opposite Sir Haldwin.

    "So, I find myself in need of some help. Most kindly, your father's already offered me the use of a horse and his armoury, but I find myself in need of a traveling companion. How do you feel about helpin' me out with my search lad?"

    Owain leapt at the chance, and in the morrow he and Sir Haldwin left the Theron house to continue the knight's search. As they rode each day, Sir Haldwin would tell Owain of the Knights of Solamnia, the gods, and tales of honour and good's victory over evil.

    After two months and many further encounters with the goblin tribes that plague the region, they eventually found the tomb. Sir Haldwin briefly entered the tomb, and returned with an item heavily wrapped in cloth. By now, Owain knew well enough that Sir Haldwin would inform him of what he found when the knight saw fit and not before, so refrained from questions.

    "So lad, how'd you like to be a knight?" Sir Haldwin asked as they sat around the camp fire, a day's ride away from the Theron manor. "We could use a few more lads like you, and I can't see anyone rasin' any objections to your family. Good people, every one."

    "Sir, I'd be honoured." Owain replied, almost overwhelmed by the notion. Sir Haldwin shook him firmly by the hand, smiling broadly.

    On arrival at the Theron manor, Owain and Sir Haldwin were greeted by the family, along with Brandok and Everet. As Sir Haldwin was lead indoors, Brandok and Everet took Owain to one side.

    "So, did he ask you, boy-O?" Everet asked.

    "How can he not have asked?" Brandok joked cheerfully. "Between us, and sometimes in spite of you, we made a knight out of the boy."

    Everet made a good humoured obscene gesture at Brandok, then turned back to Owain, awaiting his answer.

    "Yes, I'm to be a Knight." Owain's answer prompted cheers from both of the men.

    "Better go in and tell the rest of the family, boy-O."

    The celebrations lasted well into the night. Late the next morning, Owain's father took him to the castle armoury, and unlocked a small room behind it. Inside stood a suit of amour and a rather plain looking leather sack.

    "Both gifts given to my great-great grandfather on winning these lands from the ogres." Owain's father explained. "The most skillfully crafted armour his smiths could make, and another treasure of equal value, despite it's appearance." Taking the bag down from its stand, he passed it to Owain. The young man opened the bag to find it empty, despite its weight.

    "Put the armour into it. It'll fit, trust me." His father said with a smile. Owain proceeded to do so, marveling as the bag grew no heavier as the armour was added.

    "Magic." Owain breathed.

    Two weeks later, Owain found himself on a ship bound for Solamnia, and within two years he had been initiated into the Knights of the Crown. He has taken well to the life of a knight, although he still favours both lighter armour and Everet's twin-blade style over the more traditional plate mail, sword and shield wielded by many others of his order. As for the future, who knows? Time and events are changing the face of Krynn again, and now is surely on of the most exciting times to be a Solamnic Knight...


    Gregor Theron - Owain's father, and current lord of the Theron lands. A warrior's build conceals an aging man. Blunt, to the point, and unshakably cheerful, Gregor is perhaps the most popular lord the estate has had.

    Olivia Theron - Owain's mother. Nine years younger than her husband, Olivia is an active woman, regularly joining the hunting parties organized by Gregor. While this is not considered entirely proper for a woman of her station, none can dispute that she is one of the best shots with a bow in Ergoth. She also has a rather greater understanding of diplomacy than her husband, subtly handling many of the more delicate negotiations that present themselves to the family.

    Victor Theron - Owain's older brother by two years. Very much his mother's son, Victor is a skilled diplomat, and a fair hand with both the sword and lance. A strikingly handsome man, he's considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Northern Ergoth, despite his somewhat "rustic" family.

    Alexandra Theron - Owain's sister, younger than him by a year and six months. While Victor takes after his mother, Alexandra is of similar stuff to her father. A soldier and officer to her core, Alexandra has not let her gender stand in her way. Perhaps surprisingly given Brandok's rather old-fashioned sensibilities, he's done nothing by encourage Alexandra, recognising her raw talent at arms. After several successful attacks on goblin encampments too close to the family lands (and Brandok beating sense into some of the more bullheaded guardsmen), Alexandra has earned the respect of the local militia.

    Regina Theron - The youngest of the Therons, Owain's sister is eight years younger than he. By far the most studious of the children, Regina is rarely found outside of the manor's library. A quiet and reserved girl, she has a tendency of posing questions to her family relating to books that haven't been read in several generations. Given the more metaphysical nature of some of Regina's recent questions, it's quite possible she's found some tomes on the arcane arts...
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    Merritt Stone

    Name: Merritt Stone
    Class: Gestalt Clrc/Rogue 4, Ranger/KoC 2
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: LG
    Deity: Mishakal
    Str: 14 +2 (06p.)     Level: 6        XP: 15,000
    Dex: 14 +2 (06p.)     BAB: +5         HP: 55 (4d8+2d10+12)
    Con: 14 +2 (06p.)     Grapple: +7     Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 19 +4 (16p.)     Speed: 30'/20'  Spell Res: -
    Wis: 16 +3 (10p.)     Init: +3        Spell Save: +0
    Cha: 12 +1 (04p.)     ACP: -3         Spell Fail: 25%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +11    +0    +2    +0    +0    +0    23
    Touch: 12              Flatfooted: 23
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      7    +2          +9
    Ref:                       7    +2          +9
    Will:                      6    +2          +8      +1 vs fear
    Weapon				Attack	Damage	Critical
    Stoneheart			+9	2d6+3	19/x2
    Guantlet			+7	1d3+2	20/x2
    Shortbow, Comp +2		+8	1d6+2	20/x2
    Truncheon			+8	1d6+2*	20/x2
    *deals nonlethal damage
    Languages: Solamnic, Common, Gnome, Kenderspeak, Camptalk, Nerakese
    Rogue:  Sneak Attack +2d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +1, Uncanny Dodge
    Cleric: Divine Spellcasting, Domians: Healing (+1 caster lvl),
    	Community (calm emotions 1/day, +2 comp Diplomacy), Turn Undead
    Ranger:  Track, Favored Enemy: Human, Two-Weapon Fighting
    Knight of the Crown:  Strength of Honor (+4 STR 4/rounds 1/day),
    	Knightly Courage (CHA bon vs fear), Heroic Iniative
    Feats: Urban Tracking, Honorbound, Ancestral Relic (Sword of Stone),
    Skill Points: 113       Max Ranks: 9/4
    Skills			Total	Ranks	Mod	Misc
    Bluff			+6	5	+1	
    Diplomacy		+9	2	+1	+6
    Disable Device		+11/13	7	+4	/+2
    Gather Inf		+10	7	+1	+2
    Heal			+5/7	2	+3	/+2
    Hide			+12	8	+2	+2  
    Religion		+9	5	+4	
    Local			+9	5	+4	
    Geography		+9	5	+4	
    Nobilty			+6	2	+4	
    Listen			+11	8	+3	
    Move Silently		+12	8	+2	+2
    Open Lock		+10/12	8	+2	/+2
    Ride			+6	4	+2	
    Search			+12	8	+4	
    Sense Motive		+8	5	+3	
    Slieght of Hand		+11	7	+2	+2
    Spot			+11	8	+3	
    Survival		+9	6	+3	
    Turn Undead: 4/day, 1d20+1 check, 2d6+5 damage
    Merritt's Daily Spells:
    Clc 4  0/5 1/5 2/4
    General List
    Detect Magic x2
    Read Magic x 2
    D:Cure Light Wounds
    Comprehend Languages
    Divine Favor x 2
    Shield of Faith x 2
    D:Sheild Other
    Bull's Strength x 2
    Cure Moderate Wounds
    Hold Person
    Court List
    Detect Magic x 2
    Detect Poison
    D:Cure Light Wounds
    Comprehend Languages x 3
    Detect Chaos
    Detect Evil
    D:Cure Moderate Wounds
    Augury x 2
    Eagle's Splendor
    Owl's Wisdom
    Equipment:			Weight
    Disk of Mishakal, Silver	1
    3 Manacles, mstrwkd		6
    Signet Ring			-
    Thieves Tools, mstrwkd*1	2
    Nightwhisper			25
    Stoneheart			8
    Goggles of Elfsight
    Hat of Disguise			-
    Shortbow, Composite +2, mstrwkd	2
    20 Arrows			3
    Truncheon, mstrwd (sap)		2
    Backpack			2
    -Messkit			1
    -3 Mapcases and maps*2		1.5
    -Fishing gear*3			5
    Shave kit, mirror (stl)		1
    Flint & Steel			0
    7 Trail Rations			7
    Sealing Wax			1
    Soap				1
    Whetstone			1
    Warhose, heavy
    -Military Saddle & pack
    -Tent; 3 Winter Blanket; Bedroll; Clothes*4; Healers kit; 2 rope, silk;
    	5 Waterskins, 20 arrows
    Horse, Heavy
    -Pack Saddle
    -20 waterskin; 14 Feed; 2 Winter Blankets; Canvas 10sq'; 20 Pitons;
    	Hatchett/Hammer; 10 Sacks; 300stl in trade goods*5
    *1 The tools are hidden under his armor
    *2 various maps of Solamnia and Nightlund
    *3  Fish hooks, line, cork, sinkers, and a net
    *4 4 Traveler clothes, 2 Courtier's Outfits w/Jewerly, Winter gear
    *5 Spices, Salt, Bolts of clothe, small steel tools (needles, knives,
    	scissors, etc)
    NightWhisper  Dragonmetal Fullplate +3, shadow, silent moves
    	AC: +11 DEX: +3 ACP: -3 SpellFail: 25% WT: 25lbs COST: 27,000st
    Stoneheart  Starmetal Greatsword +1,  Ancestral Relic
    	DAM: 2d6 CRIT: 19/x2  WT: 8lbs TYPE: Slashing COST: 5,050
    Goggles of Elfsight
    	The lenses of this item are made of dark crystal. Even though the
     	lenses are opaque, when placed over the eyes of the wearer they
    	enable him to see normally and also grant him lowlight vision.
    	Both lenses must be worn for the magic to be effective.
    	COST:  ?
    Hat of Disguise
    	This apparently normal hat allows its wearer to alter her
    	appearance as with a disguise self spell. As part of the disguise,
    	the hat can be changed to appear as a comb, ribbon, headband, cap,
    	coif, hood, helmet, and so on.  COST:  1,800
    Total Weight: 68.5lb, 42 without pack
    Money: 20pp 100st 1sp 8cp
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	58	116	175	175/350	875
    Age: 29
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 225lb
    Eyes: Blue Grey
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Caucasian, pale


    Tall and gangly. Out of his armored shell he seems very clumsy. He never looks comfortable, as if the world is too small. He almost has an elvish appearance, accentuated by his clean shaven and vaguely youthful face. It is often said that because of their fair features, odd eyes, and trouble growing facial hair (even mustaches are beyond them) that the Stone family must have Elven blood in their history somewhere.


    Merritt is a joyful person. One of those annoying people who always see the bright side of the darkest situation, and always strive on. Naturally gregarious, Merritt has an easy way with most people. However his blunt and direct manner, coupled with his intense singlemindedness, tend to put some off. Okay, it puts alot of people off. His focus is can be so intense, he will miss meals, sleep, and forget how much time has passed. This coupled with his youthful appearance, often causes his experience to be overlooked.


    Born under the Dragons claw, Merritt never knew a time of peace or freedom. Granted in having spent his early years in Sancrist; in his families holdings just outside of Gavin; his understanding of the problem was slightly different than most. After all the ones most affected by the coming of Pyrothraxus, seem to most enjoy having the great wyrm around. Merritt grew in carefree aboundance. His family was rich, but frugal. He never went without, but never had more than was needed. He was his father's squire from the time of his birth, as were his older brothers. He spent his days either learning to take care of armor and weapons, learning history, or learning how to ditch out and wander the small city.

    As he taught Merritt the ways of Knighthood, Lord Stone grew tired of countless council sessions while younger knights, including his eldest sons were sent of of to quest. Although he understood his days of questing were behind him, he yearned to do once again. His fellows in council told him to retreat into the Glade to ask the absent Gods for council. A faithless man, he believed it would yeild him no answers, but he tried anyway. After three days vigil he beheld a vision. His youngest son would one day be chosen a God, and Arbrinius would lead his family to the ancestral home, in the Southern Dargaard Mountians, in Nightlund. Suffice to say Lord Stone was shaken and forcefully placed no faith in the visions. However they haunted his sleep for years, and tempered his ambitions for renewed youthful glories.

    On Merritt's ninth birthday his squirship was passed on to another Crown Knight, his Father's friend, Brother Calamus. He was a Questing Knight, a warrior-monk of Majere, and a Justicar of the Crown. Together Calamus and Merritt travelled over the face of Southern Solamnia, keeping the peace, and investigating rumors of corruption. They occasionaly ventured out into other territories, but only to hunt Nerakian Knights who had bounties upon their heads, and only with a posse at their backs.

    On his fourteenth year, on Calamus' insistance and his Father's politicking, Merritt was raised to Knight of the Crown. He continued travelling with Brother Calamus, as his apprentice. Since Justicars by nature work outside the Orders Circles; and are reviled by many on the inside; Merritt's advancement was slowed forever more.

    During his 16th year in a small town in just south of Lytburg, Merritt awoke with a vision. It was simple, the people of the town were being robbed. This feeling was so strong he immediately awoke the older Knight and donned his armor. He crept out into the street with Calamus' curses behind him. By the time Calamus had joined him, Merritt had found the bandits and had waded in to battle. The two made quick work of the theives, who had meant to sneak and steal, and had come ill prepared for armed resistance. The following day the older Knight dismissed Merritt's insistance that it was work of the Gods, afterall the Gods were gone, had been for over twenty years. The Priests hadn't been talkin of them being back, so Calamus put it off to intuition.

    Then it happened again a few months later, and again, and again. Always in a town or city, always the visions leading them to rescue or protect. Finally Calamus agreed it must the Gods work, but it was 'damned -eyed'. Calamus told Merritt, "Here our paths part. You must go find someone who ken answer yer questions, an' I've got bounties that need tendin."

    Merritt spent years travelling and talking to Mystics, clerics, priests, and madmen. He finally found some answers in a Temple of Mishakal. The old Priestess confirmed that a few, scattered around, here and abouts, were indeed hearing from the Gods. But it was not much, it was only in places that the Gods once had worship, or true power, and the Priestess believed it was only the echoes of the God's wishes. She confirmed Merritt must have been called to the Goddess, but unfortunately all that was left were but faded memories of glory.

    Merritt stayed with the Sisters, learning of Mishakal and ways of Healing. After four or so years of learning from the Priestesses and helping defend their Abbey, Merritt returned home. He had rather lost track of the time.

    His father had heard from his friend Brother Calamusof Merritt's vision, but he desperately placed no faith in them. When Merritt returned home, full of stories of his learning and travels, Lord Stone was quick to dismiss any hint of divinity. He was just glad at least one of his sons were safe, as the others had gone missing, just as Merritt had.

    At the next council session (Winter council 416Ac), Merritt was brought up on charges of dereliction of duty. Primarily for disappearing for almost a decade and not reporting his whereabouts. Once again his Father's expert politicking was called in. However a chance visit from the a Justicar of the Sword is what actually saved Merritt. The Knight knew Brother Calamus, and knew of him sending young Merritt off on his own. They apparently had discussed the visions and feelings Merritt had been having. On the Knights word, Merritt was vindicated, but it left many with the feeling that the young Knight was, 'unfit'.

    Merritt has spent the last four years fighting an uphill battle to gain recognition. His only victories so far have been his inclusion into the ranks of the Justicar, and what few trials have been recognized.

    His Father on the other hand spent those years secretly trading favors, money, power, and in the end even their holdings in Gavin for the means to retake the ancestral lands in Nightlund. With fall of Dark Lord Soth, The Lord of Stone saw his chance. He and Merritt have spent the last year conquering the mountian keep and pacifying the valleys of once fertile farmlands. As the Gods returned to Krynn, and Merritt's powers grew, The old Lord became more zealous. The men in their command saw miracles occur before their eyes and pushed harder. What Lord Stone believed would be a five year campaign was finished by the years end. Workers are beginning the rebuilding of the keep and the mercenaries have taken lands, and begun the ardous task of beating swords into plowshares (not literally!). Having a moment of stability, Lord Stone has sent Merritt back to report the progress, attend the next Court, and try to spread the encouraging word.

    Religous and Political

    Merritt is a disciple of Mishakal. He is very devout, but has an unnerving tendency to resort to violence in the protection of communities. He swears it is only when diplomacy fails, but diplomacy fails him alot.

    The Stone family has spent most of its last political token, and is hanging on by a thread. Only the reclamation of the their ancestral lands have given them any sway at all at this point. The family has always had a rough time, far too many Stone have fallen into disgrace, a fair few are current Knights of Neraka, and to the families shame, at least one was amongst the first Knights of Takhisis. Only their political savy and might have kept them from expulsion or censure. In the last years of the Age of Despair, when many knights became corrupt and decadent, the Stone family rose in prominence. They kept a slow climb up, during the early Age of Mortals, many claim they used 'dirty' means, although nothing could ever be proven, rumors persisted.

    However this is almost all gone. The family has spent its 'ill gotten' power in this last, final attempt to regain lost honor.

    Family of Stone

    Lord of the Crown Arbrinius Stone Once Senior Knight of the Crown, Landed Noble of Indeterminent Standing (he prefers the term 'Baron'). Father Born 350AC-

    Lady Katherine Stone Knight of the Crown, Mistress of Sheilds. She cares little for Titles or Landings, and leaves all that to Arbrinius. Mother Born 354AC-

    Evirritt Stone Knight of the Crown, Quest Knight, Dayshield. Missing in the Wastes, presumed dead. Born 370AC -Dead ? 404AC.

    Dasen Stone Knight of the Crown, Sheild Knight, Commander. Died fighting the Army of the 'One God'. Born 379AC-Died 419AC

    Travan Stone Knight of the Crown, Sheild Knight. Missing off and on most his life, however missing for last 3 years. Still presumed questing. Born 382AC -

    Merritt Stone Knight of the Crown, Justicar. Born 391AC -

    Lucius Stone Knight of the Thorn, probably something-something titles. Great Uncle Born 365AC
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    Ý Block Lichtenhart

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    Tristram uth Rhys

    Class Levels
    Fighter 1 / Mystic 1
    Fighter 2 / Mystic 2
    Fighter 3 / Mystic 3
    Fighter 4 / Mystic 4
    Knight of the Crown 1 / Mystic 5
    Knight of the Crown 2 / Mystic 6

    Str: 16 (+3) [ 8 points, +1 4th level]  
    Dex: 18 (+4) [10 points, +2 enhancement]
    Con: 14 (+2) [ 6 points] 
    Int: 14 (+2) [ 6 points]  
    Wis: 16 (+3) [10 points] 
    Cha: 15 (+2) [ 8 points]
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Race: Human
    Hit Dice: 6d10+12
    HP: 62
    AC: 23 [+4 Dex +6 armor +3 shield]
    Init: +5 [+4 Dex +1 Heroic]
    BAB: +6/+1
    Grapple: +9
    Melee Atk
    Glimmer of Hope [+12/+7, 1d8+5 good (+2d6 vs evil creatures), 19-20x2]
    Glimmer of Hope (charging) [+14, 1d8+5+2d6 good (+2d6 vs evil creatures), 19-20x2]
    Ranged Atk
    Longbow [+11/+6 (+12/+7 pbs), 1d8+3 (1d8+2 silver, +1 pbs), 20x3, 130']
    Speed: 30ft
    Encumbrance: Light load (25lb/26lb)

    Fort: +10 [+7 base +2 Con +1 resistance]
    Ref : + 7 [+2 base +4 Dex +1 resistance]
    Will: + 9 [+5 base +3 Wis +1 resistance]
    Skills                               [45 skill points]
    Concentration                    +11 [9 ranks +2 Con]
    Diplomacy                        +10 [6 ranks +2 Cha +2 synergy]
    Handle Animal                    + 7 [5 ranks +2 Cha]
    Heal                             +10 [7 ranks +3 Wis]
    Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty  +10 [8 ranks +2 Int]
    Knowledge: Religion              + 8 [6 ranks +2 Int]
    Ride                             +10 [4 ranks +4 Dex +2 synergy]
    Armor Check Penalty: -2
    (H)  Endurance
    (1)  Honor-bound
    (1f) Mounted Combat
    (2f) Point-blank Shot
    (3)  Disciple of the Sun
    (4f) Weapon Focus: Longsword
    (6)  Die-hard
    Class Features
    Sun Domain: Turn Undead (5/day, check 1d20+4, damage 2d6+8) [level 6]
    Strength of Honor 1/day (+4 morale to STR, 5 rounds)
    Knightly Courage
    Heroic Initiative +1

    Common, Solamnic, Dwarven, Elven

    0)6 1)7 2)6 3)4

    Spells Known
    0)Create Water            [V, S, 12 gallons]
      Cure Minor Wounds       [V, S]
      Detect Poison           [V, S]
      Light                   [V, DF, 60 minutes]
      Mending                 [V, S]
      Purify Food and Drink   [V, S, 6 cu. ft.]
      Read Magic              [V, S, F (crystal lens), 60 minutes]
    1)Divine Favor            [V, S, DF, +2 luck bonus]
      Lesser Vigor            [V, S, 16 rounds]
      Nimbus of Light         [V, S, DF, 6 minutes, 1d8+6]
      Ray of Hope             [V, S, 6 rounds]
    d Endure Elements         [V, S]
    2)Lesser Restoration      [V, S]
      Resist Energy           [V, S, DF, 10 points, 60 minutes]
    d Heat Metal              [V, S, DF, Save DC 15, 3 creatures]
    3)Vigor                   [V, S, 16 rounds]
    d Searing Light           [V, S, 3d8/6d6/6d8/3d6]
    Glimmer of Hope (Dragonmetal Longsword +1 Holy) [27,015stl/2lb]
    This sword has served the Shatterstone family for generations. This words are engraved on its hilt: "As long as the heart who wields me knows no defeat, neither shall I". It has been a gift from Cadman when he decided to sponsor Tristram into full knighthood.
    Righteous Fury (Dragonmetal Chainmail +1 'Charging') [6150stl/20lb]
    Tristram won this golden hued chainmail at a tournament in Sancrist. It strenghtens the wearer's determination, allowing him to deal 2d6 more points of damage on any successful charge attack, including a mounted charge.
    Swift Gauntlets (Gauntlets of Dexterity +2 and Resistance +1 [6000stl]
    These gauntlets belonged to a knight that left no heirs after his death in Sanction. As many other relics, they were assigned to a surviving knight, so the honor of their last wielder could live on.
    Dragonmetal Heavy Shield +1 [2020stl/8lb]
    When Cadman gave Rhys some dragonmetal so Tristram could bear something forged by the father, the blacksmith put in this shield all the art he couldn't put in his everyday work. It displays a unicorn rampant with a crown around its neck, a sword between its front legs, and a rose in its mouth.

    Masterwork mighty +3 dragonbone longbow [800stl/3lb]
    Arrows (20) [1stl/3lb]
    Explorer's kit [(8lb)]

    Backpack [2stl/2lb]
    --Small steel mirror [10stl/0.5lb]
    --Soap [5sp/1 lb]
    --Bullseye lantern [12stl/3lb]
    --Oil flasks (5) [5sp/5lb]
    --Waterskin [1stl/4lb]
    --Trail rations (10 days) [35sp/7lb]
    --Silvered arrows (20) [40stl/3lb]
    --Whetstone [2cp/1lb]

    Belt pouch [1stl/0.5lb]
    --Healer's kit (10/10) [50stl/1lb]
    --Magnifying glass [100stl]
    --Signal whistle [8sp]
    --Chalk pieces (10) [1sp]
    --Flint and steel [1stl]
    --Cold iron dagger [4stl/1lb]

    Blackwind (Warhorse) [400stl]
    Curiously black-dappled, this mighty solamnic steed owes his life to Tristram. His mother, one of the finest mares of the Shatterstone stables, would probably have died during the delivery had Tristram not put all his efforts and everything he learned from his father to work. After a terrible night, both the mother and the cold were safe. To thank him for his dedication, Cadman gave Blackwind to his squire, so that he could train him to be one day his mount. The two never separated ever since.
    Type:                  Animal
    Size:                  Large
    Hit Dice:              4d8+12 (30 hp)
    Initiative:            +1
    Speed:                 50 ft. -> Medium load: 35 ft.
    Armor Class:           18 (–1 size, +1 Dex, +4 natural, +4 armor)
                           touch 10, flat-footed 17
    Base Attack/Grapple:   +3/+11
    Attack:                Hoof +6 melee (1d6+4)
    Full Attack:           2 hooves +6 melee (1d6+4) and bite +1 melee (1d4+2)
    Space/Reach:           10 ft./5 ft.
    Special Qualities:     Low-light vision, scent
    Saves:                 Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +2
    Abilities:             Str 18, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 6
    Skills:                Listen +5, Spot +4 (armor check penalty -4)
    Feats:                 Endurance, Run
    Known Tricks:          Come, heel, stay, work
    Carrying Capacity:     Light load up to 300lb, medium load 301–600lb,
                           heavy load 601–900lb, drag 4,500lb.
    Encumbrance:           Medium load (180lb or 354lb/600lb, medium barding)
    --Scale mail barding [200stl/60lb]
    --Bit and bridle [2stl/1lb]
    --Military saddle [20stl/30lb]
    --Saddlebags [4stl/8lb]
    ----Tent [10stl/20lb]
    ----Bedroll [1sp/5lb]
    ----Grappling hook [1stl/4lb]
    ----Silk Rope 150' [30stl/15lb]
    ----Courtier's outfit [30stl/6lb]
    ----Winter blanket [5sp/3lb]
    ----Arrows (20) [1stl/3lb]

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 174lb
    Hair: Ash blond
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin: Fair, with no freckles
    Age: 21

    Tristram is in the flower of youth, and all the training he devoutedly put himself through shows in his lean body, in his martial gait, in his ready muscles, not so heavy to hinder him, but able to sustain him through long toils. Those he doesn't win with his looks, he wins with his quiet and always courteous manners, with his bright smile, with his caring, never proud eyes. He is comfortable in his armor, which he wears over simple clothes, handy for riding, and in court he usually wears equally simple but more refined clothes, embroidered with the unicorn he choose as his coat of arms, but no jewel.

    Since he was a child, when being a knight was just an impossible dream, Tristram listened in awe to the tales of the Knights of Solamnia, of the Oath and the Measure, and the great heroes of Ansalon. Now that he is one of them, he has not forgotten that little child, and sometimes he still feels like he's living in a dream. So great is the power this dream bestows upon him, that he always surprised his friends and teachers for he never seems to run out of energy and force of will. The Measure, whose weight crashed many weaker willed applicants, never felt like an heavy burden to him; he always seemed to muster enough energy to help a comrade, if only with a few sincere encouraging words, for one last effort, for another forgiving smile in turn for an angry word. "I owe it to my fathers." he always answers when asked about it. "They deserve no less." Tristram is a quiet man, for he has learned that his actions speak much louder than his anger, so he saves all his fury for those that truly deserve it. Since he never neglected any part of his training, it's easy to mistake him for a noble, a mistake he humbly corrects when it happens. He has no envy for nobles, though it has happened that he felt discriminated because of his humble origin; he loved his father, that allowed him to be what he is, and he wouldn't have changed him with anyone else.

    When you had a problem with horses, Rhys was the man you had to look for: he was a blacksmith, but also a bit of a healer, he knew horses, how to deal with them, and could always find your stallion or filly a good mate. He was also a good listener, and the people who knew him loved to talk with him, for he listened to your problems attentively, and tried to come up with some good piece of advice whenever he could. Many a knight leaving Solanthus stopped by him for trusty irons for their mounts and a last, pleasant chat before a dangerous mission.
    So he listened to all those tales of adventures and valor, and at night he used to climb the stairs to the little room above the stable, where someone was eagerly waiting for them. Rhys got married only once, because he loved only one woman, and before she got carried away by a cruel winter, she gave him a beutiful child, with hair like straw. Tristram, this was the name of the child, every night waited for his father to come and tell him a story about knights, those knights that protected the innocents, saved poor people from the abuses of overbearing scoundrels, and faced dragons and other terrible beasts. Those tales colored the child's fantasies, and he dreamed to be one of those knights of justice and honor, made brothers by the same Oath, as he drifted into sleep.
    Then a night came, when the boy could not sleep. The city was caught in a dreadful snowstorm, and the wind howling over the roof reminded him of the night his mother died. Feeling lost in the dark, he grabbed the wooden sword his father made for him, he reached for the courage he knew was deep in his heart, and commanded the shadows to go away. And the shadows did, as the darkness was swept away by the light that came from his toy sword, that shone like a torch. From that night Tristram knew that deep inside his heart there was enough energy to conquer all his fears. The boy called that energy the 'warmth' because it reminded him of the sun's caress on the skin, only within.
    When he was twelve, Cadman Shatterstone, an old friend of Rhys, came to visit him. His aged, yet faithful steed was wounded in a fight; Cadman did his best, but without the power of the gods behind his hand, there was little he could do to help him. When he realized the wound had become infected, he went to Rhys, so he could put an end to the poor animal's suffering. Tristram heard it all from behind the door, and before they could do anything, he rushed in and begged them to let him try one last thing. Both men were quite suprised as the boy approached the horse, whispered a few soothing words in its ear and began to slowly stroke its mane, concentrating on a strange murmuring song. Suddenly the horse let out an high whinny, the wound opened and began to secrete clean blood, then it slowly closed itself, leaving only a thin scar and no infection. Rhys could only stare with open mouth, as the exhausted boy slumped to the ground, but Cadman knew what happened: the 'warmth' the boy could feel, was the newly discovered power of mysticism, and the boy showed a good potential in it. The two men sent Tristram to bed so he could rest, and stayed up nearly all night talking. In the morning, the boy could still notice that his father wept during the night. They sat at the table , and the blacksmith told his son that the knight was interested in having him as his squire. "It would mean for you to follow him to the isle of Sancrist, Tristram, which is very far away, and I cannot go with you. But he says you have the potential to become a knight one day, and I can't offer you anything better, my child. I love you too much not to let you go, Tris, so go with him and make your father proud."
    The boy's last day in Solanthus was full of tears and hugs, as he gathered his few things and prepared to leave. Cadman was very kind, and waited for them to be ready. When they finally were, he shook the blacksmith's hand repeating his promise he would care after the boy like Rhys would. Then he turned to the boy, stooping to look straight in his eyes and said: "I am Cadman Shatterstone, Knight of the Sword. You did me a great service in saving Everwind, my horse, and I want to do one for you. I'd like you to be my squire, to become a Squire of the Crown, so I could teach you all you need to know to become one day a great knight on your own. It will be hard, but I spoke with your father, and he assured me you are a tough and clever boy, and I am sure you can make it through. The only problem is that I'm supposed to return to Castle uth Wistan, in Sancrist, and I am probably already late, so I have only time for your first lesson. And it's this: a knight must decide on his own. I can't decide for you, nor can your father, Tristram. So I ask you: will you come with me?"
    Tristram decided to go, and he would never forget the image of his father slowly waving his hand as he rode away with Cadman, clenching his armor's back. The trip seemed to never end, and he fell asleep many times, clinging to the knight that never seemed to get tired. When he was awake, though, they talked a lot, since the knight was as eager to teach as the boy was eager to learn. They talked about horses, weapons, war, old tales, but more than anything of the Oath and the Measure, that guide a knight even through the darkest nights. When they arrived at the sea the boy knew his life had changed forever.
    Cadman brought the boy to his family holdings, and introduced him to everyone, especially his daughter, Aurnia. Tristram was afraid the girl could have been jealous, because with time the knight treated him more and more like his own son, but slowly, bashfully, their common passion brought them together, and as they trained together they became friends and more than that, like they really were brother and sister. When she became a squire too, Tristram always sparred with her, his sword against her flail, and after long hours in the library they shared the stories they researched. They helped each other so well, they both were accepted into knighthood ahead of time.
    The day Tristram pronounced his Oath was the happiest day of his life. Cadman had arranged for Rhys to come to Sancrist, so as he gained the badge of Crown, he could see the pride in both of his fathers' eyes.
    But dark clouds were already gathering on the horizon. Soon, magic began to wither, and Tristram's 'warmth' was no exception. Then the shadows of the dead began to appear, the army of the One God gathered and started to conquer Ansalon, the academy and the citadel were destroyed, and, at last, the War of Souls broke out. Tristram was with the Knights, with his sword, his bow, and the little magic he still had to help the wounded and the dying. He was there when Solanthus fell, and he saw his father for the last time, and in Sanction, when the gods finally returned.
    They weren't back soon enough for Cadman, though, who died in Tristram's arms before magic could come back to rekindle his 'warmth'. He went away in peace, knowing he had upheld his Oath till his last breath, and with his last words he asked the weeping boy to care after Aurnia, to always protect her, since he could no longer. Tristram promised, and Cadman's eyes closed forever.
    He helped fight the Dark Knights, and when he finally arrived in Solanthus he found the city free, but not Rhys, who died as a hero among the ranks of the Liberation Army. Tristram wept long days on his tomb, then sold all his possessions in the city, the forge, the stables, gave everything to the families of the orphans and the widows of the war, and, carrying only what could fit on his horse, headed back to Sancrist, for now Aurnia and the Knights were all the family he had left. He began to train and test himself to be accepted in the ranks of the Sword, and maybe one day into the Rose, for he owes it to his fathers, and they deserve no less.

    Knightly virtue
    [+] Journey of 500 miles and 30 days
    [+] Test of Generosity
    [---] Tests of Wisdom
    [-] Test of Compassion
    [-] Test of Combat
    [-] Restoration of something lost
    [-] Deed of Heroism
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