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View Poll Results: Unusual Races played by your Group:

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  • Orc

    53 20.31%
  • Goblin

    46 17.62%
  • Kobold

    57 21.84%
  • Gnoll/Hobgoblin/Bugbear/Lizardman

    81 31.03%
  • Minotaur or Ogre

    96 36.78%
  • Drow

    93 35.63%
  • Aasimar/Thiefling/FR Elemental types

    144 55.17%
  • Half Celestial / Fiend

    79 30.27%
  • Lycanthrope

    63 24.14%
  • Never had unusual races / DM didnt allow

    35 13.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I would need "Other"

    The species that have been PCs in my games have included but are not limited to:

    Steel Golem (Long Before Warforged)
    Wood Nymph
    Ebuzz (A Homebrew race of Dog People)
    Rahkasha (A Homebrew race of Mystic Cat People)
    Wilder (A Homebrew race of Animalistic Halflings)
    Troll (More Norse Myth then D&D)
    Half-Quickling (Elf/Quickling)
    Half-Fire Elemental

    There are probably more that I just can't think of at the moment. These were not all in D&D, but most were. Also, I try to always say species unless I'm discussing subgroups (i.e., Drow, Sylvan and Grey are among the Elven Races)



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    This poll need an 'other' option.
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    This poll is three years old.

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    Wow. Dawn of the Dead Poll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustKim
    This poll is three years old.
    thats incredible - how'd it survive the server purge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggusGeekus
    Psionic lizard men? Anyone? Anyone?
    Yes I have - a telepathic reptilian race in a 'lost world' setting

    lots of Goblins, a gnoll, a ghoul a were-tiger and a wilowisp psion
    Quote Originally Posted by IcyCool
    Man, given the average Int of an Otyugh, I can just see the boss monologue now...

    PCs: "Before we fight, why don't you tell us your master plan?"
    Otyugh: "I like poop."
    PCs: "Umm, what?"
    Otyugh: "Do you have poop?"

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    All the above except Goblins. The only Ogres my PCs have played are High Ogres, otherwise known as Irda.

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    We usually just stick to the core races.

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    In all the different campaigns, we had:

    Aasimar (Blackguard of Bane)
    Gold Dragon
    Halfling Werecat
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    Erik Mona:
    Our new world is large enough to handle several styles of play, including this one.

    There's really no reason to force everyone into playing the same campaign. Every DM has different tastes, and a good campaign setting allows him to find something that speaks to him and to his play style.

    The Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting is all about options, not about dictating a single way to play D&D.

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    I played a pixie in the WLD.

    And once I ran City of the Spider Queen with a focus on Savage Species so almost everyone was something unusual. We had a treant, two trolls, a trumpet archon, and, two centaurs. Naturally, the person who was going to play a Blink Dog rogue instead showed up with.....an elf. Bleck.

    Fiery Dragon rocks!

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