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View Poll Results: Unusual Races played by your Group:

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  • Orc

    53 20.31%
  • Goblin

    46 17.62%
  • Kobold

    57 21.84%
  • Gnoll/Hobgoblin/Bugbear/Lizardman

    81 31.03%
  • Minotaur or Ogre

    96 36.78%
  • Drow

    93 35.63%
  • Aasimar/Thiefling/FR Elemental types

    144 55.17%
  • Half Celestial / Fiend

    79 30.27%
  • Lycanthrope

    63 24.14%
  • Never had unusual races / DM didnt allow

    35 13.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I've played a luminous from Mythic Races, a jungle troll from Manual of Monsers, a modified full orc race, and will be playing a giant from Arcana Unearthed.
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    In my very first D&D 3E campaign I ran a minotaur druid. Currently a fellow player is running a minotaur in a post-apocalyptic d20 Modern game. Yesterday he had his minotaur catch a yuan-ti monk on his horns and flip him off a balcony. Minotaurs rock!
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    The only races those in my group have played are dark elves (not drow), a satyr, a woodling human, and a goliath (from races of stone). (The dark elves in the Scarred Lands setting are not Drow, they are called Drendali, but they are similiar on the surface to Drow).

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    All of the above, save Lycanthrope. And that's just since Third Edition was released.

    And that was just me.

    Rest of my group tends to play Human exclusively, except for one guy who's got a thing for templates.

    As for "unusual PC races"... I consider most of the above on this poll to be standard. Only Ogres and Lycanthropes are that unusual. If you have that many sentient humanoids on one planet, you can't expect them to all be villains.

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    I come at this from a slightly different angle...

    I've been playing a Drow Ranger/Druid/Magic-User since 1Ed.

    However, the only unusual race played since the creation of my drow back then was my Minotaur Ftr/Mage based on Native American culture... I would have tried other races but have not been allowed to: No one else in my group plays or allows unusual races.

    I'd even go so far as to say if I designed a campaign without ANY of the PHB races, none of them would be interested in playing in it.


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    Just off your list: Orc, Goblin, Kobold, Lycanthrope (werebear, wererat, and werewolf specifically), Minotaur, Aasimar, Tiefling, and Ogre. We have had MANY more unusual races make a PC appearance over the years, however, like Nathri, Wookiee, Warforged, Rakasta, Lupin, Genasi (all types but water), and so on. Sometimes we just want to play something a little off-the-wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannyalcatraz
    I've been playing a Drow Ranger/Druid/Magic-User since 1Ed.
    This reminds me of one of my favorite utterly non-human characters.

    Chaotic Good, dual-scimitar-wielding Ranger, outcast from Drow society.

    ... of course, he was a Drider.

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    we had Orcs goblins, drow, driders, Cambions, golddragons, erynies, half celestials, halffiends, minautars, ogres, Trolls, Humans, Elves, Catfolk, Dorfs/dwarves, Tieflings, Mongrelmen, Halfgiants, Deathnights, liches, Demi-liches, GreatwyrmReddragondracoliches (oops ELC 70+) Mummies, Dreagloths, Halflings, Halfdragons, Were-tigers, were-wolves, were-direwolves, mindflayers, and i bet i forget soemthing.
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    The most unusual character we ever had in our game was a feral goliath necropolitan (I kid you not).

    We also ended up booting the player of that character for being a rules rapist and outright cheater.

    Come to think of it, the player was even more unusual than the character: he was simply the worst roleplayer I have ever seen.

    Still, I digress ....

    Our group has played aasimar, Deep Imaskari, drow, elan, half-dragons, orogs, and tieflings.

    Some of us are also contemplating playing grimlocks and mind flayers in my friend's upcoming campaign.
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