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    I cancel the catastrophe of Melkors.

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    I blast Forsaken`s One forces with great Negative Energy Weave, I may even throw few nukes at them if I still have any! Ha, take this, overgrown ants! But what I want to do is awaken their Red Goo, which should provide Red Armies with another 10 000 power level bonus!


    I never had more then 9PL!!!!! In there to crack the ground and the soil and to cause the earthquakes.


    (Maybe you hit some stuff around it since we aren't even concentrated with that 9 PL but spread out and causing as much havoc to our enemies as we can so maybe you actually hurt someone else but you certainly didn't hurt me there hihihihihi.)

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    Back again and sheesh, missed all the fun again.

    Re: The Red Army, The Coalition of Light and Shadow is not hiding. This isn't a threat you can hide from, it's something you have to face. So we'll be right in there with everything we have. We don't have the nukes or the 10th level magic, but we can still manage a little magical fire at least.

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    Black Omega & Edena:
    OOC- At least you weren't dumb enough to sacrifice 400PL for no effect. . Stopped me getting 11th level magic too. And Melkor can summon the elder ones everyday expending only the SAME 20PL. I am not happy about this. Its incredibly illogical and makes no sense at all.

    Are you just out for armegeddon Edena? If so can we know, so we can at least make the appropriate (offensive/research) decisions as oppossed to sacrifice ourselves for pointless if noble causes (as I just did)?

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    Posted by Kalanyr:

    I cancel the catastrophe of Melkors.

    You would have to know before I did it.

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    You know cascades of negative energy on a battlefield are pretty obvious. I think I would notice.

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    A catasptrohe is being casted and it takes a hell of a casting time and you can sense and see it building. You can attempt a counterspell at that time. Else you would never be able to cancel one because you would NEVER be able to see someone cast it since noone wuold be that stupid then... so please... don't say such things when you know they are stupid cause else cata's would be instoppable. But as PER THE RULES they are.

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    May I remind everyone of the fact that we are forgetting that there is a 3600 PL Dark Union out there and a certain someone named Acererak.

    And they will most certainly be around next turn and way way more powerfull 400 PL + advance for Ace and god know what for the DU and ow yeah that they'll have 11th soon.

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    Also how did Melkor nuke the Blood Waste, those nukes should have become Red Goo on contact with the Blood Waste.

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    OOC-Bah Humbug who cares about the DU and Ace? They were destined to win from the start of Turn 5, let em I say. Not like fighting or sacrifices by my side does anything except make the Red Goo stronger and usually increase whoever we attack in strength too.
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