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    It might be me but isn't the blood waste bordering the DU lands on the east and there were only 1000 PL dead to defend there? And the DU lands were empty.. seems to me were gonna have a nice pool of red goo called the DU soon......

    You can't tell me they can just stay out of the fray here.... such a massive war and 1/3rd of the map is purple.. so you bet that they get hi.. if they don't get some serious hurt here I don't know how anymore.

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    Originally posted by Kalanyr:

    OOC-Bah Humbug who cares about the DU and Ace? They were destined to win from the start of Turn 5, let em I say. Not like fighting or sacrifices by my side does anything except make the Red Goo stronger and usually increase whoever we attack in strength too.

    You still don`t understand that evil is stronger, do you? You made a wrong choice, and you must pay for it!

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    OOC- Evil wasn't stronger, you were weaker and received protection and aid from mysterious sources (eg Aces 400 PL of undead a turn) until now , when you have the upper hand. Perhaps its our turn for mysterious aid?

    And on top of that you can summon the Elder Ones everyday for 20PL that comes back and I can't even do jack to the blood waste when Edena specifically stated a large enough sacrifice could. I also gave up 11th level magic for that sacrifice.

    So forgive my apathy and belief you are destined to win. Because it seems true. Eg:

    You-20PL - No 11th level magic- Free the Elder Ones
    Me-1280 PL - No 11th level magic - Can't even scratch the blood waste.

    I notice a disparity here.
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    Edena: How many Pls are the Red Goo armies that are attacking the Union of Oerth? They couldn't be very many, since Delrune shields us in the north and the battle is still raging in the blood waste.
    We will withdraw our forces, including the God-Emperor and Kas (unless Draco vetoes it) from the battles to deal with this new threat. 300 pls (from the quick responce force and our secret place) are sent to purge our territories from the invaders. They are shielded from red goo attacks and conversion in every way possible. We will only attack with magic, magical weapons and explosives (and whatever other ways are effective against the reds), we will not use tactics and weapons that have proven to be ineffective against that kind of creatures. The enemy will be engaged in open formations and guerilla tactics. We will only attack were the odds are in our favor (so as not to give them fresh recruits). Our superdragons and supertrolls should be immune to the Red Goo, if they would be useful we send them against the emeny (if they would prove worse than useless they will be immediatley sent back to stasis in our hidden base.)
    Our electricity golems and grenades will continue their attemts to electrocute the Red Goo army in the Blood Waste.
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    Hey Serpenteye
    Given my noble and pointless stupidity, and that of several other good powers who could get 11th level magic this turn, I guess we should give you the Winner certificate now. Congratulations.

    That is off course assuming we don't get a mysterious boost from nowhere, but I have the funny feeling that that only applied in earlier times (ie When EVIL needed it)

    Just goes to show:
    Evil will win because good .though unified, is hindered by morals and evil can do whatever they want.

    (Maybe I should hit the Blood Waste with Negative Energy Waves like Melkor was doing and kill you all as an interesting exercise in "Why making evil win when you have a rather temperamental and depressed good guy around is a Bad Thing." Nah, that would make me Evil. See there we have proof of my theory. )
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    An elven archer, fighting for the Delrunian Alliance, has taken cover behind a tree.
    An elven girl, awash in red light and transparent, beautiful as elves are, calls out:

    There is no escape. You shall join our ranks.

    The elven archer fires, his bow twanking, and two arrows sink into the red elven girl.
    But normal weapons won't hurt the Red Army.
    The red elven girl regards the two arrows sticking in her, then yanks them out, and casts them aside even as they slump into Red Goo.

    She then raises her bow, and fires. Two arrows thud into the tree protecting the elven archer.
    The tree collapses as it's trunk turns into Red Goo, and a rain of branches falls on the elven archer, pinning him, trapping him.

    The elven girl walks up, her long sword drawn, and regards him:

    Foolish boy. You know elves are the best of all archers, but what you probably do not know is that we are also the best swordspeople.
    But I will teach you personally how to truly fight.

    She runs the elf through with her blade.
    He slumps into Red Goo, becomes a Goo Monster, then reforms into a Red Elf.

    The elven girl smiles, and takes his hand:

    Follow me.
    For the sake of virtue, Sanctus will step up and free both of these individuals souls.

    Edena: How many Pls are the Red Goo armies that are attacking the Union of Oerth? They couldn't be very many, since Delrune shields us in the north and the battle is still raging in the blood waste.
    Heh, If I can block the 10,000 PL of red goo from coming at you, fine. Don't forget the Blood Waste could still overun you in the next... 8 threads...
    Red Hand of Doom: IC I, IC II, OOC, RG
    Princes of Elemental Evil: IC, IC II, OOC I, OOC II, RG I, RG II
    Storm King's Thunder: Waterdeep, Triboar, Goldenfields, OOC, RG
    Castle Illvithar: IC, OOC, RG
    Ashwell: IC, OOC, RG

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    Originally posted by Kalanyr
    Hey Serpenteye
    Given my noble and pointless stupidity, and that of several other good powers who could get 11th level magic this turn, I guess we should give you the Winner certificate now. Congratulations.

    Lol! Not bloody likely! My money's on Anabstercorian. Of course if Forrester really wants to he could easily conquer Oerth. And Alzem could easily summon 100 000 Pls of Angels whenever he's in danger of being defeated, William and the rest of the Oerth Alliance could easily do the same. Uvenelei could vaporize any army with his lightspeed cannons. Melkor can summon the elder ones every turn without penalty and all I can do is hide in a hole in the ground. Yeah, our victory is inevitable.
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    I suggest everyone goes ahead and evacutes everything living.

    ooc: semi back.


    *Fujishi Zuroji wakes up in the dark of night, sweat perls covering his body, slowly he stands and glances around the room, before going to the door glacing out at the sky, he turns and speaks to the guard by the door.*

    Go tell the military command we will be evacuating everything to safety. And tell the leaders of the nations of this world that they shall evacuate their people or die.


    Open letter to the leaders of the world nations.

    Since the war have turned so much in the disfavour of the people of Oerth, I have decided to make sure all fighting will stop immidiately, The sky shall be red and then the cold shall decend pray that we will archieve the highest level of magic to repair this damage.
    Therefor I urge everyone to shield the civilian and other important members of society deep beneath the ground, you have 7 days.

    -Fujishi Zuroji, Commander of the Eternal Union


    Since my help is so much desires here it is, and enjoy it.

    I will in 7 in character days (you just let it happened edena when the time comes unless I say otherwise) teleport 1 000 nuclear bombs to atmospheric explosion over the main continent (whatever it is called) in a fair tight pattern, another 2000 will be fired in a spread pattern 4 wave (500 bombs each time) over the major fighting areas, using my nice surprise type I designed earlier for dealing with anabstercorian's army of darkness. (they should be more refined now I guess).

    I should say that the atmospheric explosions are sure killers more or less, this is typically something you do not do with bombsbut heh PL 110 000 army is a really big thing I am sure they will take a serious hit from it, I guess we could say this is toril's ice age all over again. the four waves of bombs should also take their tool.

    of course I will hold the attack back if I am strongly urged to do so.

    Edena I will be using my force 1 to gather as much supplies and livestock as possible for a long long long time under ground hiding. And if I should be able to get so whatever is left of the elder ones for research do add that hehe, might be useful to study the biology of might.
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    Edena, as soon as our diviners detect Zouron's intention to nuke the Red Army, our best mages and psychokinetics will prepare to use powerful magic and psionics to keep the radiation from spreading using Control Weather effects.
    Additionally, those 40 Rockjammers should be hitting Oerth and the Red Army any minute now. Did I have any luck stealing those nukes?
    If those wouldn't do anything to the Red Army, I'll probably leave them alone and remain in hiding. After seeing what happened to the Elder Ones, my army isn't going anywhere NEAR Oerth's orbital defenses.

    OOC: Wow! Nice job on those Elder Ones. That was truly impressive - I just wish I had gotten some of that XP.
    Also, I'm going to be gone for the rest of the day, most likely - I'm going to be playing DnD and going to ChimeraCon. Edena, if you want, you can control Anabstercorian and the Army of Darkness in my abscence, but only if it would be fun for you.
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    My sacrifice

    Hazen will try to summon more Angels if possible. If all that can arrive are here, then Hazen has a question.

    Earlier, the God Emperor of Aerdi tried to free the Red Army when it was much smaller. Hazen has grown in power and compassion.

    Edena: I need to know if this would work. Essentially Hazen will try to do what he did earlier to free them. If it costs him his powers and his life and makes a big difference, he will do so. The goal is to free the Red Army and save Oerth. Hazen communicates his idea to the Angels and asks their opinion. Will it work? I am prepared to die for Oerth.

    Kalanyr: A lot of people can still win. I think your sacrifice should be rewarded. Hopefully, Edena will rule that you can still get 11th level magic. Remember, the turn is a year and you only spent a brief time in the Red Goo.

    Zouron: Prepare to use the bombs if needed. 10th level magic can prevent a nuclear winter. Alzem, Spoof and Forrester have 10th level magic. My civilians are now on Hope Island on Toril. I suggest people begin evacuating their civilian populations.

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