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    And through the forest the seelie glow with this new power, the entire might of Vesve forest turned against the Red Army. Unlike other factions, for the Seelie there is no retreat to Toril if things go badly. The fae left there some time ago...this is a good a time for a final stand as any.

    Once the area is cleared of the Red Army, we'll move on to help our nearest allie in trouble, turning those 10th level magic, pumping up the oerthblood and using it for magic, armor and weapons. Valkys, Forsaken, let's work together on this and let everyone know why fae kick butt, both light and shadow.

    Additional thought. Hey..is there a way to use 10th level magic track down what glop of red goo is Iuz?
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    I confess, I'm confused at why nuking the Red Army is okay, but throwing molten core-of-sun at the Red Army is NOT okay.

    It seems to me that the latter would do more damage, and leave less radiation.

    Edena -- I think Anabstercorian might have the right idea here. So, I'll join him in the middle of the sun, with a good 6000PL of buffed-up Torillian troops, and help him with the Teleport Without Error action.

    And I'll counterspell (using 10th level magic) any Wishes that others use to counter the Teleport Without Errors.

    Bye-bye, Red Army.

    Oh. Gee, while I'm there, I suppose I might as well check to see whether Anabstercorian is trying to figure out some way to DESTROY THE SUN while he's STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF IT.

    Not that I have any reason to be suspicious. He's always been a gentle soul.


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    New temporary thread

    Edena went offline. I created a temporary thread. Please post there.

    (Forrester: Good to have you back. I will copy what you wrote and add a suggestion to it.)


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    attack? not a chance!


    Actually I am not a member of the Union of Worlds, I rfused to give military assistance and I refused Mina's leadership. I did say we would be willing to trade and that Mina could preach in our territory on equal with anyone else since we do not surpress religious belief.


    The Eternal Union will use its forces to clean up the destructions, building shelters, and somewhat off the coast the wizards will be creating walls of force at regurlar intervals (basically super strong magical wave breakers) to avoid the worst of the next tsunami.

    Also there will be cast acid fog spells high in the air to clean it of super heated ash, and various small scale air elementals will be used to guide as much as possible of the ashes etc away.

    We will not be launching an attack against Anab, but will be ready for one.

    (posted both here and in the temp thread)

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