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    Angelika cannot wait any longer.
    "Army of the Emerald Order, we attack! We're going to aid the Angels!"

    I am sending all my PL left to aid the angels.

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    That is a GOOD question, Melkor, and I will not reveal the answer.

    If Lord Melkor's Avatar slays himself to summon the Elder Ones, it might only kill his Avatar.

    Or, it might kill the God himself ... forever.


    I am going offline for a while.
    I think all the other players need a chance to read what has happened, and to respond.
    Don't you think so?
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    Screw it!

    I continue to occupy Iuz lands with the dragons and dwarves of greyspace. But...

    I leave the Lortmils and charge from the West with everything I have (minus the dragons and dwarves of course), a total of 390 PL. Which consists of:

    Dwarves, Elves and Humans
    Polynesian human, polynesian demihuman from AnaKeris
    even my NPCs

    I try not to get into hand to hand combat but use range attacks and other means to attack.

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    Edena, I think you have overlooked what I posted, Armies OF Shade joined battle on the side of Red Army, City Of The Shade Reborn appears on the battlefield, I free souls from my Red Goo suplies.

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    With a sad look on his face, Ho Skoteinos ask the Diviner (who seems to be good at his job): "Are you *certain* that the Angels are failing? You have the fate of millions in your hands, so answer carefully..."

    The Diviner lets out a sigh "Yes. Yes, I am 100 percent certain that the Angels are failing. If nothing is done, the Red Army will move on."

    "Very well then. You have made our dicision, for the fate of Oerth is more important than the fate of a million people. If everybody else is relunctant to act, we must do it."

    He then proceeds with contaction two other leaders telepathically:

    <<O Thanate, the situation has changed, and not to our advantage. We must strike against the Red Army. Take back the orders to re-equip with normal weaponry, this is a fight we can only win with Red Steel.>>

    <<O Deine, it seems that today we will sacrifice ourselves for Oerth. Take every man, woman, Construct, Monster, Planar and worm and attack the Red Army. Save the Angels, win their respect, and maybe we will be rewarded in the Afterlife...Good Luck, and may the One Eyed bless you and your brethren...>>

    200 PL is going to aid the Angels.

    Between the conflicting orders about Red Steel only a couple of hours (at the very most) have passed, so I think I can easily re-equip my troops.
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    This is more than going all the way, Edena; you left the way behind you miles ago. Now you're trailblazing a whole new way.

    Aurican and his dragons will aid the angels. "For the Bright Lord! For Oerth!!!"
    20 PL of dragons + whatever Aurican is worth now.

    Also, I'll take a test shot against the Red Army with a Groundpounder. If it's effective, then all of them that I have come bearing down on the Red Army.

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    Posted by Edena:

    That is a GOOD question, Melkor, and I will not reveal the answer.

    If Lord Melkor's Avatar slays himself to summon the Elder Ones, it might only kill his Avatar.

    Hmmm, it would mean I wouldn`t be able to witness my revenge on Forrester, Kalanyr, Anabstecorian and others, but nevertheless..

    After many blows being exchanged between them, Melkor and Mina stop for a moment, exhausted, to regain their strenght. It gives Lord Melkor a chance to check situation:

    -Ha! Torillian scenario repeats itself! All powers put aside their diffrences against common evil, defeat it, and then live in peace! But it won`t happen this time!

    -Elder Ones, hear me! You are Lords Of The Void, like I am, you understand my hatred, and desire for oblivion, you understand Power OF The Unmaking! I invite you to this world, come through me, I shall be your portal!

    Yes Edena, I AM making the sacrifice.

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    Iuz looks to the chaos around him and smiles... "So it begins... Malachai aid me... fulfill your duty..." Iuz and Malachai charge at the red gnomish leader Malachai using his blade and Devoted Defender abilities of Epic capability to good use while Iuz buff him upo and then wards himself in protections and Prismatic Spheres upon Prismatic Spheres...

    Iuz charges forth his staff in one hand a Wicked Greatsword in the other sclaed to his massive size.... "I will kill you and take command of your host... you pathetic thing... I alone among these beings understand the powers within you..." Iuz charges into the fray his own forces committing there all to defeat the Red Leader...

    Iuz sends a mental message to the Demons... "Destroy it all... nothing must live... from the ashes will come a glorious reich..."
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    Now that Iuz is realizing his mistake Sanctus Punitor looks over at him, with the many red arrows streaming at him (Assuming Sanctus is in visual range of Iuz while trying to stay away from Red Goo Fighting but providing ample swordsmanship to slay Demons whom are especially victimized by his sword).

    "I told you so, ignorant fool. Your heart has no place in the afterlife, at least when we restore these souls you MIGHT stand a chance of acceptance into a half decent plane of existence. As for right now I doubt you deserve anything less than the 483rd level of the abyss."

    The forces on the Eastern Front will begin to attack Iuz again, with ranged weapons at the least. He is using catapults (Range around 1000 yards at most) against my Artillery (Probably around 5000 yards) so I think I have the Range advantage.

    Edena, If I am still losing against Iuz after all my thinking last night and his misfortune with the Goo, I think I have no other choice than to beg Kessel for some nukes when he starts tele-nuking the hell out of these bastards.

    Heh... I just realized that at least the Elder ones believe in something, as apposed to the Red Goo and Melkor. I wonder...

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    The attack of The God Emperor

    __________Edena wrote:
    Yes, the Devils take advantage of this.

    A devil army erupts into the bedlam that was the battle between the Red Armada, Iuz, and the Angels.
    A devil army equivalent in strength to the demon army already there.

    Now, there are formians, demons, devils, Iuz and his humanoids, firelanders, Angels, and of course the Red Armada, all there at once, and the DM-knows-not-what-else, is also there ... and EVERY side is fighing against all the other sides.

    The devils, attack the demons.
    The demons, attack the Angels.
    The formians, attack the Red Armada.
    The Red Armada, attacks the formians.
    The Angels, attack the Red Armada.
    The Angels, attack the demons and devils.
    The formians, attack the devils.
    The devils, attack the formians.
    The firelanders, attack the devils.
    The humanoids, attack the devils.
    The formians, attack the humanoids.
    The formians, attack the firelanders.
    The firelanders, attack the formians.
    The ... (this list goes on for about 3 pages.)

    The God Emperor stares in disbelief on the battlefield from the ninth layer of Hell. Disbelief and growing hatred. He rises to his feet and turns once again to the Nine Lords of Baator and now his contempt is obvious:
    "Is this all that remains of the fabled Baathezu strategies of war? Rushing in like Tana'ri, attacking everything in sight, thinking only on the slaughter, spreading chaos and madness? What have you become?"

    He glances towards the battlefield again and exclaims, "Fvck! Melkor, what the hell are you doing?"

    He once again turns to the Dukes of Hell "Lord Melkor is summoning the Elder Ones, beings of pure chaos and madness! He must be stopped or the Multiverse is lost and chaos will devour all! Aid me!"

    The God Emperor teleport to the battlefield, ready for combat. Without a word he blasts Melkor with all the destructive energies he can channel, trying to disrupt the summoning or kill Melkor permanently.
    A telepthic order goes out to a significant part the rapid strike force of the Union of Oerth (150 Pls of high level characters, Gem Dragons and the elite of the Githyanki army) to immediately teleport to the battle and help the God Emperor after they prepare themselves with spells.
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