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    Iuz ignites into his fireform... as he rushes forth in his war form... using the new techniques learned from his allies...

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    :):):):). o.o (IMPORTANT POST!!!)

    Warning: Elder Ones released
    Warning: Elder Ones released
    Warning: Elder Ones released
    Warning: Elder Ones released
    Activating panic button

    Anabstercorian does something that no one has EVER seen him do when he sees Melkor start to implode, to warp, to dissolve in upon himself in to a gate of pure nothing.

    He loses control of his bladder. The dwarf looks at him with shock and almost giggles, before he realizes what this means.

    Anabstercorian, Prodigal Heir of Ilsensine, the Warrior King of the Illithid, has just peed his pants in absolute terror.

    << We LEAVE. NOW. Everyone, every rockjammer, get to the edges of the crystal sphere and prepare to fight for your very lives! We'll have to collapse the crystal sphere if we want a universe left to save. >>

    The others pull away, confused, and stare at the slowly expanding portal. With a cry of anger Anabstercorian snuffs out the scrying pool before his lieutenants see something they shouldn't see.

    << We must be very swift if we are to salvage this situation! >>

    He points to the Drow in charge of black operations. << You! Evacuate all of our soldiers from forty of our rockjammers and send them at the Blood Waste! I want the very earth to boil where they hit. We don't have nukes, but just hitting it should be enough. >>

    Zouron, this next bit is REALLY IMPORTANT to you!

    He cracks his knuckles. << I am visiting the Eternal Empire base - They have nuclear weapons that we'll need to stop this. Freadar! >> He whirls and faces an illithid who glows with psionic power. << Can our people create a whirlwind around the Blood Waste? The nuclear fallout will be immense - If we can keep the it isolated in the Blood Waste we'll save countless millions of potential slaves. >>

    Freadar nods. << It will be difficult, but we can isolate that portion of the atmosphere to a limited extent, oh honored Chosen. >>

    Anabstercorian nods. << Good. Everyone, get going NOW. >>


    OOC: Darn. So much for summoning them on my own time.
    Zouron, I am visiting your Eternal Empire base and demanding you give me access to your nuclear arsenal for an emergency strike against the Elder Ones. If you refuse me, I will beat people up and take them.

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    "Grrrr! Don't you hate it when idiots ruin a perfectly decent plan!"

    "Well since our research is curtailed by our pointless nobility. We go to aid the angels. Charge!"

    If Kalanyr is still alive he goes to kill Melkor. He may not be a god but he's rather mad at Melkor for demonstrating such supreme idiocy and killing a large part of his army.

    Catastrophe: Upper Planes Energy at the Red Army and the Demons and the Devil.
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    Anab ooc:

    sorry I am not giving you jack try kessler or soemthing or get something to give you the greenlight that I trust.

    and if you think you can take me down by beating up folks you are in for a surprise I will rather blow everything to kingdom kong then allow someone to take what is mine by force... even if it means killing everything.

    I specifically stated I would not take any action while I am sick go bother someone else, I mean the above , go bother someone else until I am back!
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    "Hello there miss Mina, Lord Serpenteye, and hello there Lord Melkor." Hellmaster gives a grin, appearing outof thin air as he watches the concentrating avatar..."I guess this world is pretty dull so i'll help you Lord Melkor like I always have..." Hellmaster brings up his blade and turns to the rest and smiles, "Then again...I can't let you do this." Hellmaster as he reverses his enchanted blade, stabbing it into Melkor, not stopping there, continuing to do his best to rip Melkor into several hundred pieces with his claws-magically enhanced with a 9th level equivilant greater magic fang. "I am Hellmaster Phibrizzo, I cast the spells and slash with my claws that make the people DIE!!!"

    (Sorry there Melkor, can't let the IR end, 1000+ hits a round should help Miss Mina and Serpenteye win, and I presume even Lord Melkor's speed is a bit off for a betrayal, Hellmaster will use one of the strongest swords in the arsenary of the League of Warlords and Delrunian Alliance to help him get past Melkor's damage reduction...Though, despite the outcome, Hellmaster will attempt to salvage any body parts or similar from Lord Melkor, looking for the Ring of the Master as well and bring them back to his hideout.)
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    Darn it, Zouron!

    You're the only heavily nuke-capable active player! We're going to have Elder One's up our asses in about three minutes unless you start throwing nuclear bombs all willy-nilly.

    Edena, since Anabstercorian was repelled from their base, he's going to attempt to steal a nuclear warhead from GnomeWorks! I know that GnomeWorks isn't present to engage in diplomacy, so I'm not going to bother with that.

    That said, GnomeWorks, I'd love to have you back soon. God knows Turn 7 is going to be friggin' amazing, thanks to Edena.

    Edit: Edena, good luck DMing this enormous conflagration. I'd like to try and steal a nuclear - Wait. Gnomeworks is in his Secret Retreat, isn't he? If he is...
    I'm not sure what I'll do. Without my DreamGuns I'm not half the threat on a battlefield I used to be. Same with my Sunbusters and Dreamedge, not to mention all my other ph@t l3wt. And I don't want to get anywhere NEAR the Red Army.
    What the hell. If I can't borrow that nuke, I'll start rampaging through any unprotected population centers I can, causing mass destruction but not actually killing any civilians. I'm trying to build a fearsome reputation so I can manipulate the frightened populace at a later date.
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    Kas (with his sword of course) is going to go help slay Melkor's Avatar. Nobody betrays the Union of Oerth like that and lives.

    Also, the remainder of our quick-response force is going to go and assist the angels fighting at the blood wastes. As soon as Melkor has been defeated, Kas (after quick healing) will go and assist the battle at the blood wastes.

    Edena, the quick response force going to the blood waste is going to be using the Lightning grenades, bombs, and golems. I figure that since the red-form army originally came from the red-goo, they must be still connected to it in some way, and that means, electrocute one of them, electrocute alot of them (like people standing in water, run electricity through the water, and electrocute them all).

    Also, construction of the double statues will be hurried further (the two huge statues of the God-Emperor and Kas).

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    Iuz looks to the leader and then bellows out to the Red Army, "After I destroy your leader... and send his scattered remains to the four winds... recognize the true power here... if you wish to destroy then do so... but do not make the mistake your soon to be late masetr has made and turn against me... for the alternative I assure you will make the souls writhe in eternal pain for all time... festering in the pits of their own iniquity... whaling against the absolute horor that is Oblivion... when you stand on the precipice on godhood... total and ulitmate ascension... why settle for destroying one world... when I can lead you on a grand Crusade across the Multiverse... all shall know your passing... all shall bow... and all will know the power that we... the Crimson Order can wreak upon it... I offer you Godhood... along with Oblivion!!!!" Iuz then resumes kicking arse... with Malachai flanking all the way... along with his personal retinue...

    OOC: So did I ever travel by Goo to the Blood Wastes or am I still on the battlefield... by the way...
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    (You may resume e-mailing me, everyone)

    Mina plunges her sword into Melkor's vanishing shape.
    The God Emperor plunges his sword into Melkor's vanishing shape.
    Phibrizzo plunges his sword into Melkor's vanishing shape.
    And others take their revenge on his shrinking and dissipating form.

    It is too late.
    Melkor destroyed himself to accomplish something.

    That something, is accomplished.

    A great explosion occurs from where Melkor was.
    This explosion is not in the Prime Material Plane, but rather in the Ethereal, yet it can be seen from the Prime Material, for it permanently shifts the light spectrum there into the purple.

    As the shock wave passes across Oerth at trans-light speed, and flashes past the two moons, everything turns purple, or grey, or black, or a dullish white.
    The sun glows a dim purple in the mauve sky, shedding heat but little light.
    Purplish leaves hang from greyish limbs.
    Purple light reflects from mauve waters, echoes off of towers and battlements, reflects off the darkened snows of the mountains.
    As the blast wave passes through Greyspace's sun, the spectrum changes forever.

    The drow will always be comfortable on the surface now.
    So will the illithid ... the weak, wan sunlight in it's purple and mauve colors bothers them not at all.
    Oerth and it's moons reflect the purple sunlight back in ghastly dim hues of lighter purple and deeper purple, black and grey, looking ghoulish and ghostly.

    Even the stars in the sky become faint, purple echoes of what they were.

    This is permanent.

    The shock reaches the Crystal Sphere, but the Phlogiston outside is not affected ... the blast wave was almost entirely in the Ethereal Plane, and for some reason it has no manifestation in the Prime Material outside of Greyspace (which may well be renamed.)

    The shock passes outward, through the Ethereal Plane, travelling faster and faster, exceeding lightspeed by thousands, then millions, of time, until it reaches places that few have ever heard of, and fewer have ever gone to.

    Finally, the shock reaches the very remote Ethereal, where nobody has been for millions of years.
    It passes into the Border Ethereal of that remote area, and at the edge of the Border Ethereal, just where it meets the Prime Material Plane, is a wall.

    This is a wall made of material similar to what Crystal Spheres themselves are made of.
    It is unbreakable; it was made to be unbreakable, and for good reason.
    The Ancients who made this wall, made it to keep what was behind it well imprisoned.

    Up until now, for millions of years, that Wall has held, although What Lies Behind It has been using every effort to breach it, using means mundane and magical.

    The blast wave hits that Wall.
    The Wall, cracks.
    The crack, widens, and from behind the Wall comes a maddening roar of exultation.
    Then, the crack expands remorselessly, each new branching weakening the wall further and further, while What Lies Beyond smashes at it from the other side.
    With one titantic explosion, a large section of the Wall erupts outward into the Ethereal, shattered rock scattering back through the Ether towards Greyspace.
    And, somehow, creating a Bridge, through all the vastness of the Ethereal, directly to Greyspace.

    The Wall is magical, and has the power to repair itself.
    Indeed, it has had to do so before, and What Lies Behind It cannot stop it from repairing itself and sealing them back in.
    However, it takes the Wall several minutes to do that.
    Several minutes to reseal itself.
    During those several minutes, They come through the breach, and They cross the Bridge into Greyspace.

    They come. Nobody knows how many there are, nobody will ever know. It is best not to know.
    To even look upon Them means insanity.
    Only the greatest of mortals can hope to fight even one of Them, and win.

    They descend upon the world of Oerth from all directions, coming down towards every continent.
    The two moons, Luna, and Celene, each have their own invasion force.

    They realize the illithid are servitors of their own kind, and ignore them.

    Those that Came are the Elder Race, and the goal is to diffuse the very reality of Oerth itself, taking apart all substance atom by atom, and then taking apart the atoms themselves.

    The Lortmil Technomancy and the United Commonwealth of Toril both have Deep Space Radar, and both Radars detect the beings that are incoming.
    Then the radar systems overload, start to burn, then explode, shattering into burning fires and superheated scrap metal.

    The Angels, engaged in their life and death battle with the Red Army, see what is coming, and stop fighting.
    The Red Army, sees what is coming, and stops fighting.
    Mina's Dead, stop fighting.

    A look of awe spreads over the maddened faces of the Red Army; awe and terror.
    The Dead, cringe in fear, slinking down as if they would hide in the imagined safety of the Oerth itself.
    The Angels look upward, where the stars are blotted out by the ranks of What Is Coming, and they openly weep, knowing It's strength and purpose.
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    (GnomeWorks and Forrester stated they were still in the IR. You need to contact them, now.)
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