Audible Atmosphere.

That's what a lot of games lack. Since our game of choice is played on the field of the mind, there is much to be desired, at times, in the way of visual or audible aids. While it is easy enough to spend a few moments to make a map or two, sound is often neglected.

If you are like me, I'm sure you've experimented in the realm of sound-scapes for your games, and I would be interested in what you've used. Currently, my group has access to a CD/Tape player, but we don't even give it another thought (unless our bowl of popcorn is resting on it).

There are a few items to be purchased in this area (pre-made CDs and such), but one must always raise the bar and add their own personal touches.

Movie soundtracks are great sources (Dracula, WaterWorld, Muppets Take Manhattan) and even personally recorded sound bites are clever (burping, belching, passing the wee gas).

What have you folks used in the past or use now?