Acidic hallucigenia from Dragon #204(first conversion)
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    Acidic hallucigenia from Dragon #204(first conversion)

    (for those who aren't familiar with the hallucigenia: go here.)

    Original stats:
    AC 5
    MV 4
    HD 5
    THAC0 15
    No. of attacks: 13(7 pincer spines, 6 front legs)
    Damage/attack 1d4 (x13)
    SA: Acid jet(save v. breath, 2d8 acid, line)
    Size: L(8")

    Converted stats:
    Hallucigenia, acidic
    Large Abberation
    Hit Dice: 5d8+10
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 20 ft
    AC: 16 (T 12, FF 13)
    Attacks: 7 pincers +5, 6 legs +5
    Damage: Pincer 1d6, leg 1d4
    Face/Reach: 10ft by 10 ft/10ft
    Special Attacks: Acid jet
    Special Qualities: Tremorsense, immune acid
    Saves: Fort +3, Reflexes +4, Will +6
    Abilities: S10, D16, C14, I3, W14, Ch5
    Skills: Spot +6(4 ranks +2 Wis), Listen +5(3 ranks + 2 Wis)
    Feats: Weapon Finesse, Combat Reflexes
    Climate: Moist underground
    Organization: Solitary
    CR: 3
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Neutral
    Advancement: 5-7(Large) 8-16 HD(Huge)

    A bizzare wormlike creature with pincer-tipped tentacles and sharp spines shambles towards you, filling the air with a faint acidic smell.

    Acidic hallucigenia live near subterranean waterways, looking for live prey to dissolve and consume.

    Tremorsense(Ex): An acidic hallucigenia can detect and pinpoint any creature or object within 60 feet in contact with the ground.

    Acidic hallucigenia use their tremorsense to detect potential prey; the rhythmic motions associated with the somatic components of certain spells will often draw a hallucigenia's attention.

    Once in combat, a hallucigenia will use its array of pincer-tipped tentacles and spiked legs to attack until its opponents are unable to retaliate. Then, the hallucigenia will use its acid jet attack to dissolve its prey, absorbing nutrients through the pincer-tentacles on its top side. If a hallucigenia is seriously wounded, it will use its acid jet attack on living opponents.

    Acid jet(Ex): 3 times per day, in addition to its normal attacks, the hallucigenia can make a +5 ranged touch attack that deals 2d8 points of acid damage.
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    I like it, although the formatting isn't exactly standard. And 3 looks about right for the CR. Personally, I'd make the spines a primary attack and the legs a seperate secondary attack (and replace Combat Reflexes with Multiattack), but that's just me.

    Oh, and since hallucigenias aren't bipeds and don't have tentacles, I'd say that their space/reach is 10ft/5ft, not 10ft/10ft.

    Demiurge out.

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    I like it too... although since hallucinigenia were real creatures, I think that animal or (more likely) vermin is more appropriate than aberration, despite how bizarre they were.

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    I saw "acidic hallucigenia" and clicked the link and was severely disappointed.

    Very cool conversion, none-the-less

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    Alright, I've redone the formatting to something a bit more standard. Thanks to those who responded with suggestions:

    Demiurge: I'd like to replace Combat Reflexes with Multiattack because of the sheer number of attacks, but would that require I drop the attack on the legs to +3 instead of +5? Also, while I am in complete agreement on the 10 x 5/5 thing, doesn't 3.5 require all Large creatures to be 10 x 10 with 10 ft reach?

    Filby: I suppose one could make a case for hallucigenia being vermin because they actually existed, but it fits the abberation definition so well: "An aberration has a bizarre anatomy, strange abilities, an alien mindset, or any combination of the three." I can't help but think that the hallugenia's ridiculous number of attacks and strange anatomical features qualify it for Abberation status. Plus, I like aberrations.

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    That would mean the attack bonus on the legs would drop.

    Also, there are two space/reaches for large creatures in 3.5. "Long" large creatures, like horses, tigers and presumably the hallucigenia, have space 10ft by 10ft and reach 5ft. "Tall" creatures, like ogres, have 10ft by 10ft space and reach 10ft.

    Demiurge out.

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    Cool, is that size accurate? Or was it much smaller?

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    The real hallucigenia was, oh, maybe 2 inches long. Tops. Also, as far as we know they didn't excrete acids.

    Demiurge out.
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    I'd use Aberration for the spinewalking version.

    Based on the appearance of those initial fossil preparations, the first restoration made in 1977 presented us with an animal walking along the bottom on spiny stilts, waving 7 dorsal tentacles from its back. Not only that, those tentacles on the "back" seemed to have a mouth at each tip, and were believed to be the feeding aids. The animal appeared to look like the creature shown here at the right, so you can easily see why Hallucigenia got its curious name.

    But the actual version would be merely a vermin.

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