CypherCaster: A Magazine For Numenera/The Strange Fans
  • CypherCaster: A Magazine For Numenera/The Strange Fans

    I have seen - without exaggeration - hundreds of e-zines come and go over the 16 years I've been writing these news updates. Some good, some bad. Heck, I've been responsible for three of them! This one is the first for Monte Cook Games' Cypher System - Numenera, The Strange, and No Thank You, Evil, plus their upcoming Cypher System core rulebook. It's bi-monthly (as in one every two months; the next is in July) and contains a variety of articles and news about upcoming Cypher System products.

    You can get it for $4 from DTRPG.

    The first issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

    • MCG Spring/Summer product preview
    • Shotguns & Sorcery interview with Matt Forbeck & Robert Schwalb by Andrew Cady
    • Exploring Cypher Space by James Walls
    • “Shapes in the Salt”, Numenera short fiction by Jim Ryan
    • “Hunting for Krofwarten”, a Numenera adventure by Chris Fitzgerald
    • “Estate Files” covering a Norse Mythology recursion cluster for The Strange by Marc Plourde
    • “Holstenwall — A Recursion of Gothic Fear” by Scott Robinson
    • MCG Fan Related News

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    1. Mason4444's Avatar
      Mason4444 -
      Sounds interesting, but it's not free.
    1. jimmifett's Avatar
      jimmifett -
      Need to finish reading it, but liking what i'm seeing for a first outing.
    1. Gaea Games's Avatar
      Gaea Games -
      It looks interesting enough, and like it has enough content for the price tag. Numenera/The Strange is pretty fun, anyway. I'm actually in a game on RPOL that combines options from both (but squarely in the former's setting).
    1. Stacie GmrGrl's Avatar
      Stacie GmrGrl -
      While I am not a fan of Numenera I do want to say I support this idea of having a magazine for the Cypher system and I hope it does great.
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