Check out These STARFINDER Standees From GAMA
  • Paizocon News: Demon Lords, Adventure Paths, and...

    Continuing the news coming out of Paizocon this weekend (see this article for the Starfinder version of this post) I continue to report on Wolfgang Baur's live photos of the banquet presentation. In this article we see the Book of the Damned (hi Orcus!), Two new...

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    Unknown Armies Asks "What Price Will You Pay...

    Back in the days of yore known as the late-90s, a role-playing game called Unknown Armies, written by John Scott Tynes and Greg Stolze, fired gamers’ imaginations with its heady blend of post-modern occultism and transcendental horror. Now Unknown Armies is back in a brand-new third edition. Stolze is this time joined by a raft of...

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    Age of Sigmar RPG Coming From Cubicle 7

    Following up from the (long known but) recently announced Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 4th Edition game coming later this year, Cubicle 7 has announced that they will also be producing a Warhammer Age of Sigmar game. Age of Sigmar is an "epic tale of heroes, gods and monsters fighting a desperate battle for the fate of the Mortal Realms". The two games won't be...

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    Starfinder News From PaizoCon - Core Rulebook,...

    Every year, Kobold Press' Wolfgang Baur attends the banquet at Paizocon, which always features a slideshow and presentation of new products and announcements. And every year, Wolfgang snaps photographs live and shares them, and every year I post 'em (along with his comments) here. So, another year, another round of the Paizocon Banquet! In this post, I'll show the Starfinder related...

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  • Check out These STARFINDER Standees From GAMA

    The GAMA trade show is going on right now. Paizo is there, and has four awesome standees showing off their upcoming Starfinder game. These standees show a human, an android, a Ksatha, and a Vesk (a newly revealed lizard alien - like a Gorn!)





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    1. Connorsrpg's Avatar
      Connorsrpg -
      Those look great. Actually on a bit of a post-apoc and sci-fi kick ATM. Recent purchases/reads = Coriolis, Fragged Empire & Mutant:Year Zero and have been impressed by all of them, so looking forward to this too.

      If for nothing else, than to just 'steal' the aliens for my other settings. I love new races/aliens and adapting them to other settings.

      Running a post-apoc world ATM which was invaded by Saurians of different species, so that Vesk pick will be great.
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Connorsrpg View Post
      Recent purchases/reads = Coriolis, Fragged Empire & Mutant:Year Zero and have been impressed by all of them, so looking forward to this too.
      Now, now. Don't make me cry!
    1. Connorsrpg's Avatar
      Connorsrpg -
      Oh, I forgot WOIN in the above. :P Loved the free PC PDFs. I will be purchasing the books for that too. So many good 'systems' around that i want to try. Currently playing 3 Cypher System games, but dying to try new systems.
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