The Paizo Roundup For 10/18/2017
  • The Paizo Roundup For 10/18/2017

    Would you look at the space on my wrist, it’s time for another PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! That’s right, folks, you are already blessed with another one, so sit back and strap in for another update on your favorite gaming company.

    We have the breathing room this go-round to bring up some general Paizo news straight from Tonya Woldridge, the Organized Play Manager - and I think someone in the head office likes my style! The end of the summer season of conventions and organized play events brings with it the freshly-minted 5* (five-star) GMs of the Pathfinder Society. To earn this prestigious recognition, GMs must run at least 150 games with no less than 50 unique scenarios and 10 special scenarios. This often takes over 600 hours of playtime! Sounds like a normal weekend to me, hah!

    In seriousness, congratulations to these fine folks and props for your dedication to the craft: Milan Badzic, Trevor Burroughs, Jim Crase, Gustavo Cruz Mellado, Mike Eckrich, Joshua Hubbell, Rich McKean, Bradley McTeer, Everett Mitola, Mitch Mutrux, Alison Ooms, Greg Rebelo, Derek Schubert, Nathan Schwalm, and Jay Zicht.

    That’s not to say that Paizo conventions are done for the year, oh no! The golem keeps going and there ain’t no stopping it. That post also includes a list of upcoming conventions running organized play events, with events in such far-flung places like Matamata, NZ; Barcelona, Spain; and Copenhagen, Denmark! Check it out to see if there is an event near you.

    Now, on to the games you love. Straight from one of the Developers herself, Crystal Frasier, comes a spooky look into the creepy magic and bloodlines of witches and hags. The Blood of the Covens Player Companion comes just in time to start a haunting and dangerous game for the witchiest time of year. This supplement dives into the least well-known and most dangerous source of magic to date: witchcraft.
    Both players and GMs can look forward to exploring the rituals and curses explored in this dark tome. Players will also appreciate the plethora of archetypes for bloodragers, clerics, investigators, and witches that tie them to the danger of hags. Even the names for these new archetypes are weird and wonderful and spooky: the wish-granting vellemancer, the curse-spewing arakineticist, and the hag-hunting hexbreakers.

    This book includes an expansion of the changeling race. Changelings can now form covens, much like their hag mothers. Some changelings embrace their heritage, enhancing the hag magic and nature that flows in them. And no two changelings are quite the same: players can choose from 10 different subraces relating to the different types of hag. Something wicked this way comes, indeed…

    How about some space fantasy instead? Owen KC Stephens gives us another peek inside the Alien Archive, the upcoming supplement for the new Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Not only does the book include a multitude of species and monsters for use against hapless players, but it also has 22 species with the traits for character creation. Take a spin as a dragonkin, drow, formian, gray (of Roswell fame), reptoids, or a witchwyrd, just to name a few. And yes, you can be a space goblin.

    And what could be better than a book full of monsters than the loot you can get from their corpses? Literally, in some cases: some monsters can be harvested to craft weapons and gear from their parts. Some monsters have created a whole different kind of technology, like the maze-core technology made by the enigmatic nuars. Other monsters have advanced items to be pried from the cold, dead hands of members of specific new races. Say hello to the memory expunger!... I mean… what was I saying?

    Oh! Right! Starfinder. Alien Archive! Which also finally delivers the summon creature variable-level spell. Available to mystics and technomancers, this spell allows characters to summon angels, devils, elementals, shadow creatures, and other critters from the Alien Archive. Mystics also have access to powerful beasts from the First World, but technomancers can summon ROBOTS! Now THAT’S power. Even on top of that, a number of simple templates ensures that each caster can keep things fresh each time they reach into the extraplanar bucket.

    That seems to be about it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! Keep an eye on this space for future updates from the golem; we’re letting our little news gremlins run a little wider so we can bring you even more juicy details. More to come, and soon!

    contributed by Ben Reece
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