[POLL] Which Xanathar's Guide Cover Do You Prefer?
  • Poll: Which Xanathar cover do you prefer?

    [POLL] Which Xanathar's Guide Cover Do You Prefer?

    Xanathar's Guide to Everything releases this week to selected stores. There are two covers - that "standard" cover and the "special edition" cover. Which of the two covers do you prefer? Vote right here!

    Left standard; right special edition
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    1. Warmaster Horus's Avatar
      Warmaster Horus -
      I think it's awesome. It really pops out at you. IMHO it's better than JACP (Just Another Cover Pic).
    1. DracoKnight's Avatar
      DracoKnight -
      I like the limited edition cover, but I also like the regular one. They're about equal in this beholder's eyes.
    1. Mirtek's Avatar
      Mirtek -
      So far I liked none of the special covers. The standard covers look nicer to me
    1. lowkey13's Avatar
      lowkey13 -
      Don’t worry about it. Taste is subjective.

      For example, some people hate paladins, while other people truly despise them.
    1. Sacrosanct's Avatar
      Sacrosanct -
      Clearly it's an indicator that WoTC is getting lazy, and not listening to its gamer base. Anyone who thinks the cover is good is just an apologist for bad work.

      that's sarcasm, btw, in case it wasn't obvious
    1. dave2008's Avatar
      dave2008 -
      I prefer the standard cover as well.
    1. Phasestar's Avatar
      Phasestar -
      I think it's visually striking and a cool design that really helps it stand out, but I do prefer the standard cover overall.
    1. EthanSental's Avatar
      EthanSental -
      Same - standard cover for me. the special cover doesn't and was disappointed when I saw it after picking up the Volo special edition. unless a potential buyer has seen it advertised previously, a first time person looking at both covers on the shelf at a store wouldn't have a clue what the special cover is trying to convey in my opinion...just not beholder'ie to discern the graphics.

      looked at it again...look like eyes and not eye stalks...and again a first time would wonder why 8 eye balls are staying at a gold fish.

      the Volo special cover - a person can easily tell it's a mindflayer, Xanathar - not so much if at all.
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      I like the standard cover best.

      This should totally have been a poll!

      [Edit- added one!]
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Grrr. Aargh. Promoting it to a news poll replaced the OP. That was not intentional. Who originally started the thread?
    1. Warmaster Horus's Avatar
      Warmaster Horus -
      You need to see the cover in person to make this decision. There is some gorgeous metalification going on that may change your mind. The standard cover is just a shiny picture.
    1. pukunui's Avatar
      pukunui -
      Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
      Grrr. Aargh. Promoting it to a news poll replaced the OP. That was not intentional. Who originally started the thread?
      It was @Klaudius Rex
    1. alienux's Avatar
      alienux -
      I like them both, but prefer the special edition. I really like my Volo's special edition cover, and this will look nice next to that one.
    1. doctheweasel's Avatar
      doctheweasel -
      They are both great. I love the abstraction of the special edition, but the glee in Xan's eyes pushes the standard over the top.
    1. Rhineglade's Avatar
      Rhineglade -
    1. Zarithar's Avatar
      Zarithar -
      Standard. I love the fish.
    1. LordEntrails's Avatar
      LordEntrails -
      Standard, because the special edition is flashy, but makes little sense. I get the eight eye balls. I like the color scheme and the title, but that's a beholder in the middle? I don't see it.
    1. BookBarbarian's Avatar
      BookBarbarian -
      The Special Edition cover is great, but the standard edition might be the best cover I've seen in 5e.
    1. cbwjm's Avatar
      cbwjm -
      I prefer the standard cover.

    1. William Mize's Avatar
      William Mize -
      Standard cover. It scratches my everything looks nice when it's the same layout and font itch.
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