The 7th Sea Explorer's Society Roundup
  • The 7th Sea Explorer's Society Roundup

    Welcome to the 7th Sea Explorer's Society Roundup! Created from the final stretch goal of John Wick Presents' 7th Sea 2e Kickstarter campaign, the Explorer's Society is an option to distribute and/or sell official 7th Sea crowd-sourced content. Setup within DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, the model is similar to the DMsGuild (Dungeons & Dragons) and the Storyteller's Vault (World of Darkness) in that individual creators can share their 7th Sea 2E content as long as it conforms to the content guidelines for the Explorer's Society, which can be found here.

    Let's explore Andrew Peregrine's Sharper than any Blade: Rules for Social Combat in 7th Sea, a 10-page rules expansion for the 7th Sea 2e ruleset. Looking for a way to encourage role-playing while maintaining roll-playing? Want to formalize your players' style of talking their way into and out of situations and include some dice rolls? Sharper than any Blade has some elegant, system-specific ideas for improving the role side of the house with social combat rules that keeps the dice rolling. "This [book] adapts the dueling rules to allow battles of wits that might do more damage than any duel of steel."

    The war of words is real in the 7th Sea settings and your character's reputation can decide their fate. Within 7th Sea's high society, pulling a sword is not the answer to every dilemma, sometimes diplomacy is needed. But, there are times when diplomacy fails yet the situation has not progressed to the level of bloodshed, for those moments this product offers the option to let your wit cut like a knife. Not to inflict physical wounds, but to inflict social and psychological ones. Andrew's design for social combat gives the dozens in-game rules. Modeled on 7th Sea 2e's physical combat system provides a framework that does not hinder the flow of the game since it's the same system with a twist. Once you know physical combat, the language lessons required to adapt to social combat are easy and obvious.

    "I would take you on in a battle of wits, but as a gentleman I could not attack an unarmed man."

    Talking your way into a bad situation is some of the fun of role-playing games and it acts as the foundation for many characters. Having an option to verbally duel can not only lead to additional encounters but also elevate your campaign's story possibilities. With this book, you can have the encounter where you and your nemesis are at the same soiree and you'll have the ability to in-game hurt both the enemy's reputation and their self-worth. These skills add dimensions to the game.

    "So shall we fight with blade or wit? I suggest for your sake we choose steel, as you can at least borrow a blade."

    So why is this product so good? Andrew Peregrine. He's worked for Cubicle 7 (Doctor Who/Victoriana), Onyx Path (Vampire 20), Margaret Weis Productions (Leverage/Firefly), and, most importantly here, AEG (7th Sea). As to be expected from someone with his level of resume, this product is professional-grade. Yet, it's not just professional, it transcends being a third-party product (3PP) and feels like a lost chapter of the core rulebook. Where words end, blood will be shed and that's normally what players are racing towards – dice rolling. Sharper than any Blade provides so many levels of satisfaction as you can roll- and role-play and get every possible benefit of a RPG from this rules addition. If it bleeds, it leads and this is the product that lives up to that cliché.
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